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Sunday, December 7, 2014

1985 - Alien Abduction of Whitley Strieber

1985 - AlienAbduction of Whitley Strieber

Strieber Alien Abduction - Unknown Country

It is an accepted fact in the UFO community that very few scientists will entertain the idea that UFOs are real. To take this one step further, it is even rarer that an educated, professional person would delve into the dark, puzzling world of alien abductions. Author Whitley Strieber is one of those rare individuals. His book, "Communion," is a must read for anyone interested in the subject. Strieber is an abductee himself, and his abduction is one of the most bizarre on record.

Isolated Cabin:
Strieber was already a well-known author when he was vacationing with his wife and son over the Christmas holidays in 1985. His strange abduction would take place in an isolated cabin in the northern part of New York state. The lonely setting of the cabin caused him to have concerns for this family's safety, and he had only recently had a cutting edge security system installed.
Creature in the Bedroom:
Strieber had activated his system at about 11:00 PM on December 26, and his family began to retire for the evening. A few hours later, he heard a strange sound, which woke him from sleep. Thinking that he might have a burglar who had set off the alarm system, he went to check it out. As he did, he was shocked to see a creature standing in his bedroom.

Seeking Help:
The next thing that Strieber knew, he was sitting in the woods that encircled his cabin. He was at a loss to explain what had happened, and how he had gotten from the bedroom to the woods. His memories were lost, and he eventually sought the help of Dr. Donald F. Klein. Klein would perform regressive hypnosis on Strieber in an attempt to recover the lost time. The sessions would be helpful, and enable him to recover many of the details of what had really happened on the night of December, 26, 1985.

Four Types of Aliens:
Strieber recalled being floated from his bedroom to a UFO, which was waiting somewhere above the thick woods. He would see several different types of alien beings on the ship: one a little robot type, another was a short, stocky humanoid, the third type was very thin and frail with haunting black, slanted eyes, and the last had smaller, button-type eyes. He would undergo a number of medical procedures on the UFO.

Medical Procedures:
One of the harrowing procedures was the insertion of a long needle directly into his brain. The aliens also inserted a tool into his rectum, and took a blood sample from his finger. Because many of the details of his alleged abduction were so bizarre, Dr. Klein diagnosed Strieber as having "temporal lobe epilepsy." One of the most common effects of the condition is the onset of hallucinations.

Temporal Lobe Epilepsy:
According to, temporal lobe epilepsy can be explained this way:

The features of seizures beginning in the temporal lobe can be extremely varied, but certain patterns are common. There may be a mixture of different feelings, emotions, thoughts, and experiences, which may be familiar or completely foreign. In some cases, a series of old memories resurfaces.

Hallucinations of Voices:
In others, the person may feel as if everything including home and family—  appears strange. Hallucinations of voices, music, people, smells, or tastes may occur. These features are called auras or warnings. They may last for just a few seconds, or may continue as long as a minute or two.

Diagnosis Unacceptable:
It is interesting to note that Strieber would not accept Dr. Klein's diagnosis, and believed that all of the events he recalled in regressive hypnosis really happened. He would form a support group for abductees, and writes extensively on the subject. He maintains the Unknown Country web site.

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