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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Triangle Follows Motorists in West Virginia

Triangle Follows Motorists in West Virginia

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Here is a very recent sighting report from West Virginia. It is somewhat frightening as the four witnesses claim that the UFO followed them, and they were in fear of being abducted. This case involves another sighting of the triangle-shaped UFO. 

Oak Hill, West Virginia - 11-26-14
A giant levitating triangle followed our car with four people inside from Stone Cliff to Oak Hill. I was taking an evening drive with my sister and our two friends. Around 6:00 pm we drove to Thurmond to look at the stars and watch the night sky, which was clear at this time. We stopped the car and got out at the Stone Cliff sand bar. We sat and watched the sky for around 30 minutes before we noticed a very bright, bouncing light up on the ridge line across the river. 
Then we noticed there were two other dimmer lights that moved as a unit with the bright light, this is how we realized it was triangular. The lights on the craft became very dim at times, but then they would brighten.
Stayed with Us as We Drove
We got in the car and drove up on the bridge at Stone Cliff to get a better view. This is when we noticed the craft stayed parallel and kept up with us as we drove, though it was still across the river and hovering up over the ridge line relatively far away from us. It moved and rotated very quickly, faster than any plane, helicopter, or satellite and it was also very large, but completely silent. 
We drove toward Thurmond near the ranger station and pulled over again, and this is when we noticed the craft crossing the river and hovering toward us. The triangular shape became larger as it neared us; it hovered over the tree line and stayed behind us. We were fearful at this point and began driving back toward Oak Hill. The craft followed the road, hovering above the tree and ridge line, while maintaining a close distance to our car. At one point the giant, levitating triangle was directly above us.
On the drive home from Thurmond we pulled over several times (at Red Star and Hilltop) and got out of the vehicle in order to view the triangle. The craft stayed within our vicinity most of the drive back to town, but I lost sight for a short time. I regained sight of the craft when we came to the intersection at route 19, because I saw it hovering far above the road, and the lights on the craft seemed to be bouncing again. 
Hovers Just Above Tree Line
As we neared the lights of Oak Hill I lost sight of the triangle once more, but when we arrived at my house the craft had followed us there. The triangle was closer to the surface of the earth than it had been before, hovering above the tree line.
We stood on my drive way and I showed my mother and other friend the craft. The time was around 8:00 or 8:30 pm at this time and clouds had begun moving in and the craft had become very dim. The craft moved to a clearing in the clouds above my house, at this time my friend had no trouble viewing the craft, as its lights had become bright again.
As Many as 6 Witnesses
All witnesses agree that we saw an extraordinary levitating triangle in the sky, though it was clearer and brighter at times. Only 4 of us witnessed the triangle at Stone Cliff, but 6 people (that I know of) saw the triangle when it was in Oak Hill. The whole sighting lasted around 2 hours, most of the viewing at Stone Cliff and Thurmond, but it hovered over our neighborhood for a quite a while (until we lost sight due to cloud coverage).
I know this is an incredibly long UFO sighting, and strange because the triangle noticed and followed us. I believe it could have easily abducted us if had it wanted to, but the triangle only observed us without interaction.

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