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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Yucatan Hall of Records - The Atlantis Connection (video)

Publicado a 23/10/2014

UFOTV® Accept no imitations! (Please vote thumbs-up!) World Renowned Psychic - Edgar Cayce believed the Atlanteans created three Ancient Halls of Records believed to be located in Egypt; the Bahamas; and the Yucatan. Join researchers on an amazing journey to exotic locations as they uncover tantalizing artifacts, in search of the ancient Yucatan Hall of Records and ultimately concrete evidence of an extraterrestrial connection to our ancient past. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Antes de morir, científico hace increíble confesión sobre aliens

Antes de morir, científico hace increíble confesión sobre aliens

Desde su lecho de muerte, el científico Boyd Bushman manifestó en un video que trabajó en la base ultrasecreta llamada Área 51, en Nevada, Estados Unidos, donde supuestamente se estudiarían naves y cuerpos de alienígenas capturados.

En la extensa grabación poco antes de morir en agosto, el hombre cuenta cómo fue su experiencia allí y muestra unmaterial fotográfico de aliens, que afirma que fueron tomadas con cámaras desechables en instalaciones militares.

Si bien esto suena bastante a ciencia ficción, no son pocos los que creen que el mencionado sitio de verdad existe. Al menos así lo creía Bushman, el cual aseguraba haber visitado esa misteriosa zona.

De acuerdo con el tabloide británico MetroBoyd Bushman fue un importante científico retirado de Lockheed Martin. Su carrera abarca más de cuarenta años, ha desarrollado numerosas patentes y ha trabajado con contratistas de Defensa, como Hughes Aircraft, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin y Texas Instruments.

En el video, grabado el 7 de agosto de este año, asegura que en Área 51 existe una nave extraterrestre y que está siendo analizada por los expertos que trabajan allí de forma secreta.

La confesión está salpicada con supuestas imágenes de cuerpos de extraterrestres.

Afirma que hay dos grupos de aliens capturados. Una especie, asegura en la grabación, tiene dedos largos, los pies palmeados, y provienen, dice, de un planeta conocido como Quintumnia.

El video, en inglés, a continuación:


Monday, October 27, 2014

UFO Video archives -- October 24 + 25, 2014

UFO Video archives -- October 24 , 2014

Paris France UFO October Night 2014

UFO,s Day Partial Sun Eclipse Tijuana mexico▬OVNIs Dia Eclipse Parcial de Sol 23/10/2014

UFO Video archives -- October 25, 2014

Boyd Bushman - His Last Interview: A Documentary on Area 51 and UFO's over Tucson, Arizona

UFO passes Fast In Italy☻OVNI pasa Veloz En italia 23102014

UFO Lou - October 2014 - Sky Watch Footage

UFO vídeo archives – October 22

Star-like UFO in Rural West Virginia

Breaking NEWS! The blue portal appeared over the Mexico city, Possible Alien abduction accoured19 1

Implante "Extraterrestre" en Chile caso Marta Cristina▬Alien Abduction & Implant in Chile

UFO News: Massive UFO Sighting In Devizes Somerset, Great Britain.

NEW: Two objects appear at ISS.

10 mile spacecraft & 120 mile highway appear in 1968 moon photo

140,000 Year Old UFO Discovered – The Baltic Sea Anomaly

Publicado a 25/10/2014
A “UFO-shaped” object, found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea last year, has puzzled many. And a Swedish expedition that plunged into the deep eventually surfaced with more questions than answers.

Covered in soot, with little “fireplace”-like structures and lying at the end of a 300-meter “runway” – this is not something you would expect to find sitting on the sea floor. And whatever you think about extraterrestrial life, “the thing” is still there and there has to be an explanation. So what could it be?

On June 19, 2011, a team of Swedish treasure hunters was exploring the bottom of the Baltic Sea with their sonars when they noticed a bizarre, disc-like structure at a depth of 90 meters. Back then, international experts failed to explain the sonar images. In 2012, after months of preparation, the Ocean X Team, as they call themselves, went back in order to unveil the mystery.

“We've heard lots of different kinds of explanations, from George Lucas's spaceship – the Millennium Falcon – to ‘It's some kind of plug to the inner world,’ like it should be hell down there or something,” The Daily Mail quoted one of the founders of the Ocean X Team, Peter Lindberg, as saying.

The massive object rises three to four meters above the seabed and is about 60 meters in diameter. Members of the expedition describe it as something round, with rugged edges and concave sides – resembling a “huge mushroom” or, if you will, the Millennium Falcon spaceship from Star Wars.

The central part of the object has an “egg-shaped hole” leading inside. Surrounding the hole, they found odd-looking circular rock formations which looked almost “like small fireplaces” with stones covered in “something resembling soot.”

“Since no volcanic activity has ever been reported in the Baltic Sea, the find becomes even stranger,” said Lindberg in a press release at “As laymen, we can only speculate how this [could be] made by nature, but this is the strangest thing I have ever experienced as a professional diver.”

Another observation that the crew made in person was the 300-meter-long “trail” that they described as a “runway or a downhill path that is flattened at the seabed with the object at the end of it.”

The diving team noted a 300-meter “runway” leading up to the object, implying that it skidded along the path before stopping
The group says that they passed samples from the object to scientists for further examination. Other experts are studying the sonar images and processing the rest of the data from the ship. It is worth mentioning though, that sonar-based imagery has been known to become a source of confusion, when natural rock formations have been taken for foreign objects.

Being the scene of numerous battles in the past and remaining a busy maritime route, the Baltic Sea is a renowned treasure trove for shipwreck hunters. An estimated 100,000 objects are thought to rest on its floor.

"Landing spot". The exact coordinates of the object have not been released, but it is confirmed to be at the bottom of the Botnia Gulf in the Baltic Sea, between Finland and Sweden.

Baltic ‘UFO’: New dive, new details (PHOTOS)

Published time: June 17, 2012 05:58 

Edited time: June 17, 2012 11:29

Image from
Image from
Covered in soot, with little “fireplace”-like structures and lying at the end of a 300-meter “runway” – this is not something you would expect to find sitting on the sea floor. And whatever you think about extraterrestrial life, “the thing” is still there and there has to be an explanation. So what could it be?A “UFO-shaped” object, found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea last year, has puzzled many. And a Swedish expedition that plunged into the deep eventually surfaced with more questions than answers.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

UFOs And The Breakaway Security State: Black Budget & ET Politics - Joseph Farrell & Dark Journalis

Publicado a 21/10/2014

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Join Dark Journalist and his special guest Oxford scholar and prolific author Dr. Joseph Farrell as they reveal the hidden dealings of a secret breakaway group operating inside the national security state with covert knowledge of UFOs, black budget finances, advanced technology, and occult rituals. 

Dr. Farrell's work focuses on what he refers to as a "Tower of Babel" moment as he uncovers the obscure trail of hidden warfare between ancient humans who were technologically advanced and interstellar travelers referred to as 'The Watchers" who interfered with humanity in esoteric science and genetics and put a space quarantine in place to prevent earthlings from rising into the heavens again. 

Are the extraterrestrial watchers back to see if their human cousins are engaged in dangerous technological development and building a new Tower of Babel?

Black budget financing, advanced nazi bell technology, UFO sightings, alien contact, secret moon bases, and occult symbolism in crop circles are just some of the controversial subjects in this intense and highly informative Dark Journalist episode!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Earth calling: A short history of radio messages to ET

Earth calling: A short history of radio messages to ET
Advertising our existence (Image: Jess Alford/Getty)

·         18:00 20 January 2010 by Michael Marshall

·         For similar stories, visit the Histories and Astrobiology Topic Guides

The human race first deliberately advertised its existence on the outer panels of space probes, some of which were engraved with codes and images containing information about itself. These immediately prompted arguments about how much we should give away about ourselves.

However, if we really want to break the ice with our cosmic neighbours, it will probably be by sending messages that travel at the speed of light, not at the speed of a Pioneer probe.

A lot of effort has gone into some of the messages, with some researchers even developing an artificial language called Lincos – which so far has not been used in any actual messages.

As part of our special feature marking the 50th anniversary of the search for extraterrestrial life, we round up humanity's radio messages to the stars.
1974: Arecibo message
The first message to be transmitted in the hope of contacting an alien civilisation was quite short, containing just 1679 "bits" of information. This figure was used deliberately: it is the product of two prime numbers, 23 and 73, and if the message is displayed as a 23-by-73 grid it shows a series of simple pictures.

The message was transmitted by the Arecibo radio telescope. It was sent, just once, to the globular cluster M13, where it should arrive in the year 26,974.

UFO Discovered In 16th Century Painting - Craft Shown Emitting Smoke

Friday, October 24, 2014
UFO Discovered In 16th Century Painting - Craft Shown Emitting Smoke
Hovering 'UFO' found in Monastery Painting From The 16th Century 

A strange disc pouring smoke and hovering over buildings has been found in a Romanian monastery wall painting thought to date from the 16th century.

A strange disc is seen hovering over a monastery in Romania
UFO researchers claim it is just one of many old paintings which seem to show evidence of visitors from another world. 

The image is painted on the wall on a 14th century church in Sighisoara - thought to the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, the historical figure on whom the Dracula legend is based.

The photograph was taken by a tourist, Catalina Borta, and sent to UFO experts at the Israeli Extraterrestrials and UFOs Research Organization (EURA).

The caption on the painting says, ‘Israel, put your hope in the Lord,’ and the image is thought to date from just after 1523, when the Bible was first translated into German.

UFO experts have drawn a comparison with other well-known paintings which seem to depict flying saucers, such as the 1710 painting Baptism of Christ by Aert de Gelder.

1710, by Aert de Gelder 'The Baptism of Christ'

Officials Believe Aliens Responsible For Fires in Italy

Friday, October 24, 2014
Officials Believe Aliens Responsible For Fires in Italy

Officials Say Aliens Caused Fires in Sicily

Aliens were responsible for a series of unexplained fires in fridges, TV’s and mobile phones in an Italian village, according to an Italian government report.

Canneto di Caronia, in northern Sicily, drew attention three years ago after residents reported everyday household objects bursting into flames.

TV news footage at the time showed electrical appliances as well as cookers, a pile of wedding presents and furniture smoldering.

Dozens of experts including scientists, electrical engineers and military boffins, arrived in the village 60 miles east of Palermo to investigate the phenomenon.

Arson was quickly ruled out and at one stage an amazed scientist was interviewed after he described how he saw an unplugged electrical cable burst into flames.

Locals were quick to blame supernatural forces and at the time the Vatican’s chief exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth backed up their fears and said: "I’ve seen things like this before. Demons occupy a house and appear in electrical goods. Let’s not forget that Satan and his followers have immense powers."

Now in an interim leaked report published by several Italian newspapers it has emerged that the Civil Protection Department has concluded the most likely cause was "aliens".

The report was ordered by the Italian government and brought together dozens of experts including a NASA scientist. Their two year investigation has cost an estimated £1 million.

According to the report the fires were "caused by a high power electro magnetic emissions which were not man made and reached a power of between 12 and 15 gigawatts."

The report also detailed a possible UFO landing close to the village, citing "burnt imprints which have not been explained were found in a field."

Two Police Officers Give Chase To UFO Over New York In 1974

Thursday, October 23, 2014
Two Police Officers Give Chase To UFO Over New York In 1974

After two separate patrol cars saw “a bright light in the sky without the markings of a normal aircraft,” one car followed the light because one of the deputies in the car was “curious, more or less.”

"2 Livingston deputies give chase to a ‘UFO’."

“Two Livingston County sheriff’s deputies said they followed a ‘bright round object’ in the sky for about half an hour early today from Geneseo to near Warsaw before giving up the pursuit.”

The object described by Deputy Nicastro as a ball of light a little smaller than the full moon, increased speed as the the patrol car speed up and decreased speed when the officers slowed down. 

Deputy Ni Castro said he and deputy McDonald spotted the object 50 - 100 feet overhead while patrolling the southern edge of Geneseo.

Paris France UFO October Night 2014 -- VIDEO

Paris France UFO October Night 2014

Publicado a 24/10/2014

In this video a young girl was recording group of friends people having a good time at the famous Eiffel Tower. In the background along the horizon, you can see three UFOs flying to frame. These UFOs were not noticed in person. As the person recorded was focusing in on the group of friends enjoying themselves. These UFOs are fast flying and were only noticed by the person recording much later when viewing the video. The first UFO seems like it could be a plane, but clearly, the UFOs move fast and behaves differently when flying. These objects do not appear to be planes flying about in the night sky. To the far right one UFO seemingly falls and flies erratic as it heads down to the right side of the Eiffel Tower. The UFO almost appears to be floating down. The other UFOs veer off to the left of the famous tower, and they seemingly begin to fizzle out. This UFO video is very interesting. Special thanks to our french friends who are loyal viewers of LookNowTV, we appreciate the continued support by submitting such mysterious footage! 

We welcome contact with several UFO enthusiasts from around the world, so that we may gather more further data on each UFO sighting. While many people are skeptical when it comes to the topic of UFOs, we really believe they exist, and we want to keep spreading UFO awareness. If you have any original UFO sightings caught on video, feel free to simply add a youtube video link in the comments section below. We review many UFO sightings sent in to us every week. We want to bring the most interesting UFO videos to the public right here first.

We put every UFO video we want under intense scrutiny and close analysis before releasing them to you. If someone is telling you that a certain video is fake, and you feel the UFO video is real, please do not be influenced by anyone. You decide for yourself. We encourage you to formulate your own opinions on the subject of Ufology. We want to continue to build a UFO community that is positive in our never ending quest for possible Disclosure. We are happy to present this UFO sighting to you for the very first time here on LookNowTV. As always, you decide. Thank you for watching and sharing!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Documents Obtained in 1979 Lawsuit Show CIA Involved In UFO Surveillance

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Documents Obtained in 1979 Lawsuit Show CIA Involved In UFO Surveillance

New York Times 1-14-79 C.I.A. PAPERS DETAIL U.F.O. SURVEILLANCE -- Agencies Secret Studies Convince Arizona Research Group That Flying Saucers "Are Real" 

PHOENIX, Jan. 13- Documents obtained in a lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency show that the agency is secretly involved in the surveillance of unidentified flying objects and has been since 1949, an Arizona based U.F.O. group. 

The C.I.A. has repeatedly said that it investigated and closed it's books on U.F.O.'s during 1952, according to Ground Saucer Watch, a nation-wide research organization of about 500 scientists, engineers and others who seek to scientifically prove or disprove the existence of U.f.O.'s, but 100 pages of documents obtained under a freedom of information suit, show "the Government has been lying to us all these years," it said. 

Embassies Gather Information 

Mr. Spaulding an aerospace engineer with Airesearch, one of the largest producers of aerospace components, said the documents show the United States embassies are used to help gather information on U.F.O. sightings and that the information "seems to be directed to the C.I.A., the White House and the National Security Agency." 


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