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Friday, August 28, 2015


Incredible Beam Of Light Photo Taken By NASA Space Station Live Feed

Friday, August 28, 2015

Incredible Beam Of Light Photo Taken By NASA Space 

Station Live Feed

Witness: I was on the NASA ISS live feed, about 5 minutes after watching a sort of portal, wormhole or beam of light like object appeared above the earth and in seconds yet from one side of the earth to the other.

I managed to capture one screenshot before NASA cut the live feed. I continued to wait for the feed to come back hoping for another chance to see the object, but it was gone when the feed came back up.

However, about 10 minutes after the feed was up again, another swirling object appeared but then the feed changed again.
I have questioned NASA and everyone that I could in regard, to the object with no response. 

I feel these objects are very significant and need to be shared. Mufon case 69795, Date: 2015-08-26.

The UFOs Didn't Come In Peace! Astronaut Sets Record Straight On ET Nuclear War

The UFOs Didn't Come In Peace! Astronaut Sets Record Straight On ET Nuclear War

Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon, accuses a British paper of fabricating a story about ETs saving America.

"I don't know where The Mirror got the story," Mitchell, 84, said in an email to The Huffington Post, accusing the paper of fabricating his quotes and denying that an interview for this story ever took place.  

The sixth man to walk on the moon has been outspoken over the years in his belief that extraterrestrials have visited the Earth and the moon -- and that the government is withholding vital information about UFOs. Still, Mitchell insists the Aug. 11 Mirror story has no basis in the truth and disavows the information in it. 

In the story, the Apollo 14 veteran allegedly told the tab that "military insiders" had seen the "strange crafts" over missile bases and the White Sands facility in Las Cruces, N.M., where thefirst nuclear bomb was tested 70 years ago on July 16. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Child Claims He Was 'stalked by UFO for two weeks' Has Footage of Craft

Child Claims He Was 'stalked by UFO for two weeks' Has Footage of Craft

UFO Stalks Child
Published: 1:54 PM 8/26/2015

The UFO is flying high in this clip...

By Kelly-Ann Mills

After seeing the clip, which the boy captured on the parent's mobile phone, the concerned parents sent it to "experts" for verification.

This odd footage was recorded by a nine-year-old boy who claimed a UFO had been following him every day for weeks. The youngsters parents, who had never seen the craft initially didn't believe the boy.

But he then managed to film the bizarre object, which flies around, changes direction and eventually seems to vanish in mid-air.

After seeing the footage, which the boy captured on the parent's mobile phone, the concerned parents sent the footage to "experts" for verification.

The "experts" claim this is proof alien craft are following children and camouflaging themselves from their parents, in a bid to abduct the child.

Claims that have left the parents shaken and concerned. In the footage uploaded to Youtube one of the experts comments on what is seen.

Triangle UFO Spotted in New Jersey

Triangle UFO Spotted in New Jersey

 UFO Depiction

UFO Depiction
Published: 2:15 PM 8/26/2015

never seen anything move as quickly or change direction as abruptly...

Wildwood Crest, New Jersey - 08-12-15

9.PM - Last night I, and a few of my family members, observed 2 flying objects, triangular in shape, one much larger. We were watching the sky to observe the meteor shower.

The smaller of the 2 joined together with the larger and then abruptly changed direction and proceeded to circle around one another flashing white and reddish lights. The light flashes looked like communication as they would alternate flashing, but also flash in unison at times.

They continued to hover and make small circles next to each other for over 1 hour.

About 35 minutes after this began, I saw 3 more smaller flashing objects come together at a high rate of speed, and then form a straight line perfectly equidistant from one another.

Two Star-like UFOs Maneuver over Tennessee

Two Star-like UFOs Maneuver over Tennessee

UFO Depiction

UFO Depiction
Published: 2:28 PM 8/26/2015

same fast speed but this one increased in brightest...

Manchester, Tennessee - 08-25-15

My husband and I were outside having a smoke and looking at the moon when we noticed 2 star-like objects very high in the sky directly over our head.

The first one was traveling at a high rate of speed, much faster than a plane, but not as fast as a meteor or shooting star.

We noticed it making a fast sharp turn a few times (as if it was searching) and then it quickly went back on path and out of our field of vision.

About a minute later, another came along on the same path, same fast speed but this one increased in brightest a couple of times and then would disappear altogether for a second and then reappear.

Also it slowly dimmed off and on (like on a dimmer switch) a couple of times. Both objects were about the same brightness as the star Canopus for the majority of the time all the other things they were doing as described in my description happened pretty fast.

There were a few planes in the sky before and after we seen the 2 objects but they were flying at the usual altitude, speed and direction as with any other night. The 2 objects we witnessed were very high up, IF they were stationary we would have thought they were just stars.

I checked the ISS tracker just to rule that out and it was not in the area at the time, plus the ISS does not make sharp turns nor does it travel at that speed. We get email alerts when the ISS is going over our area and have seen it numerous times.

The time of the event was around 9 PM. They were both white in color just like a star in the sky.

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The object vanished shortly after it was sighted...

Black Knight Satellite Caught on Video

UFO called Black Knight
Published: 3:52 PM 8/25/2015

UFO called Black Knight

The object vanished shortly after it was sighted...

By Sam Adams

UFO hunters claim the satellite is an object approximately 13,000 years old of extraterrestrial origin which orbits Earth.

The footage reportedly shows the so-called' Black Knight Satellite' flying through the sky above the US.

UFO hunters claim the satellite is an object approximately 13,000 years old of extraterrestrial origin which orbits Earth. It comes after the satellite was recently reportedly filmed moving past the International Space Station and moon.

In shuddery footage posted on YouTube, a large, black object was filmed over Jacksonville, Florida.

The bizarrely-shaped structure is shown with three smaller black objects hovering close to it. The objects then suddenly vanish. The object vanished shortly after it was sighted.

A woman who filmed the strange-looking object initially believed to be a kite.

Tyler Glockner, who runs Secureteam10, which posted UFO videos online said: "This craft looks mysteriously similar to the 'Black Knight Satellite' which is also believed to have been caught in a set of 1998 Nasa images.

"It is of extraterrestrial origin and is orbiting us right now in near-Earth polar orbit.

"The resemblance of the 'Black Knight' to the craft that was recorded over Jacksonville begs the question that the Black Knight is not only real, but has the ability of coming out of its Earth orbit to visit us down here on the surface for an unknown purpose."

'Black Knight satellite' is dismissed by many as hoax dreamed up by conspiracy theorists.

The story is thought to have originated in 1954 when newspapers in the US ran stories attributed to retired naval aviation major and UFO researcher Donald Keyhoe.

He allegedly said the US Air Force had reported detecting two satellites orbiting Earth. No nations had the technology to launch satellites at that point.

But this video adds to a growing amount of evidence that UFO-hunters claim point its existence.

Nasa pictures purportedly showing the satellite were released following the 1998 Endeavor Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station (ISS).

UFOs are No Strangers to South Dakota

UFOs are No Strangers to South Dakota

UFO Depiction

UFO Depiction
Published: 3:42 PM 8/25/2015

local sheriff did not buy into the outer space belief...

Teri Fiegen

UFOs have been reported across the United States and the World for many years. One of the most famous sightings is near Roswell, New Mexico. In 1947, many claim to have seen, witnessed and even helped covered up the UFO crash site.

The military investigators claimed the crash site was nothing more than a weather balloon.

South Dakota is not immune to UFO sightings. Several sightings have already been reported this year. Objects described as cylinder shaped, disk shaped, or flashing lights in a diamond formation have been reported.

Object with Black Band Observed over Tennessee

Object with Black Band Observed over Tennessee

 UFO Depiction
UFO Depiction
Published: 4:07 PM 8/25/2015

it had NO WINGS, but it did have a black band around it...

Tennessee - 08-24-15

I came out of the garage at 10:05 A.M. with a lawn chair. There was a clear sky.

I looked up and saw the shiny object which looked like an aircraft, but odd in some way. I went back in to get the binoculars.

I went out the back door to relocate it. I looked through the binoculars to verify that it had NO WINGS, but it did have a black band around it where the wings should have been.

This could have been some new or experimental blimp that I am not aware of, but what I saw matches exactly to what others have seen.

Its diameter was maybe 10'or more; as long as a commercial jet.

It moved steady but not in a hurry. It was just moving. It was on course as if it knew exactly where it was going; very much as a jet airliner, only much slower.

I do not have any feelings on this subject. It is what it is. It traveled out of sight.

This is the second time in two weeks it has been seen by me. My wife and I both saw it at 7:30 p.m. two weeks ago. I reported it then also.

Reported by a retired school teacher, 62 years of age.

Three Strange Light UFO Orbs Caught over Le Planestel, France

Three Strange Light UFO Orbs Caught over Le Planestel, France

UFO Depiction

UFO Depiction
Published: 5:05 PM 8/24/2015

glowing balls can be seen floating from left to right.

The Huffington Post UK | By Eve Hartley

Three strange lights have been spotted over a rural area of Le Planestel, France in a recent UFO sighting caught on camera. Mystery surrounds the observation of the small spherical glowing orbs, and the film-maker remains unidentified.

As the camera positions itself at the nights sky the glowing balls can be seen floating from left to right.

The footage then focuses on the hovering balls of light, tracking them and zooming in as they move across the screen.

However, although the sighting seems extra-terrestrial, the term UFO simply qualifies an object that we can't identify and the glowing dots could simply be a plane.

Another explanation for these sightings that does not rely on the existence of little green men, could simply be cloud formations.

Lenticular clouds are often mistaken for being UFOs and are usually created by gravity waves

NSW Skywatcher who Filmed UFOs Says He was Quizzed by Men in Black

NSW Skywatcher who Filmed UFOs Says He was Quizzed by Men in Black

Trailer: Australien Skies

Trailer: Australien Skies
Published: 3:48 PM 8/22/2015

had no interest in UFOs or staring up at the heavens...

Tim Barlass, Senior writer

A documentary film that explores the sightings of unidentified flying objects and the people who witness them within Australia.

There's a movie being screened in Sydney next week that is sure to polarise its audience. It's called Australien Skies.

It's a documentary about some of the unexplained stuff seen by people who call themselves skywatchers. The timing is good. Earlier this month Russian billionaire Yuri Milner announced he would spend at least $US 100 million ($138m) to see if there really is anything "out there". Australia will contribute to the effort using the CSIRO's Parkes radio telescope.

There is an intriguing story in the documentary from Kiama told by Liam Freaney. He's a builder, married with two kids and is a pretty regular kind of guy who, two years ago, had no particular interest in UFOs or staring up at the heavens.

But in March 2013, he and a workmate saw in the daylight, bright stars gathering around a ball of white light which disappeared and reappeared before being approached by what he describes as a F18 Super Hornet. Then everything vanished.

A few months later he started seeing objects regularly and bought a video camera to film them. But then things, he says, took a slightly sinister turn. Helicopters started hovering low over his house.

"I would see and film an object then directly afterwards I would get home and a helicopter would show up and sit over the house," he said. "So I started filming the helicopters as well as the unidentified flying objects. It happened over and over again, 20 or 30 times at least.

"When they hover the height of a lamp post above your house and lean out the window it's definitely not military training."

"These things will go invisible in front of you then reappear then shoot across the sky into a pinprick and then come straight back in front of you at incredible speed. Maybe I have filmed something I shouldn't have. That's a possibility."

He got in touch with Damien Nott and with Mariana Flynn, president of UFO Research NSW. She said they had reports of black helicopters flying over numerous homes.

"There have been reports of people leaning out of the helicopter with a camera and filming," she said.

Mr Freaney was last year going to give a talk about his experience to her UFO group. The event had been publicised on the internet. It was two weeks before the talk and he was near home when he noticed a car behind him.

"It had flashing lights inside the front grill. It was a black car. I stopped. Two guys got out of the black Holden Statesman with a Canberra plate.

"One approached the window and he said: 'Good day Liam, how are you?' I said 'This is really strange.' He said: 'Yep, but you know what it is about. We'd like it if you didn't do your talk.' They said it would be better off for me to keep my mouth shut and to have a good day and then left."

He decided it might be wise not to give the talk. Now he has changed his mind.

"I am well aware of the situation I am putting myself in," he said. "The purpose of this whole two and a half years of contact that has happened to me I believe is for me to pass on the message that it is happening and that it is real. The only thing I have got out of it is to tell people what I am seeing."

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Rectangular-shaped Unknowns Seen over Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Rectangular-shaped Unknowns Seen over Lake Havasu City, Arizona

UFO Depiction

UFO Depiction
Published: 5:25 PM 8/24/2015
I could see the craft as clear as day...

Lake Havasu City, Arizona - 04-06-15

I was standing outside my house with my sister when both of us saw a rectangular shaped craft fly straight over our heads.

She went inside because she was scared; I stood outside for 10 more minutes and saw a second craft fly over to my left.

So there are two rectangular shaped objects; they made no sound as they flew over and they had like round vents.

The object was approximately hundred foot above us and I could see the craft as clear as day; they didn't scare me I was curious where they were heading.

I watched for a bit and then they disappeared. I wished I would've had time to take some pictures; it was the most incredible thing I've ever seen.

I think the craft was either extraterrestrial in origin or maybe some extreme technology from our own base Area 51.

UFO ‘100 Mile Mothership’ Seen on Moon Looming over Lunar Surface, UFOlogists Claim — See Photos

UFO ‘100 Mile Mothership’ Seen on Moon Looming over Lunar Surface, UFOlogists Claim — See Photos

UFO Depiction

UFO Depiction
Published: 4:01 PM 8/22/2015

a monstrous object can be seen, appearing to protrude from the moon’s surface...

A massive UFO “mothership” was photographed looming over the surface of the moon last month — a ship that appears to be 100 miles long — at least according to analysis of the images by a prominent UFO researcher, who took a long, hard look at a YouTube video that claims to show “weird lunar flashes or pulses” along with “many weird anomalies [that] dart through frame.”

But at the 3:55 mark of the video, according to top online UFO expert Scott C. Waring of the popular UFO Sightings Daily blog, a monstrous object can be seen, appearing to protrude from the moon’s surface, or perhaps from behind its horizon.

Waring isolated the images from the video, which was posted on July 28 by a well-known YouTube UFO archivist who goes by the screen name Crow777.

So what is the strange, and strangely phallic, protuberance seen in the moon images? Here is how Waring sees it.

“At 3:55 into the video, Crow777 catches a long tubular object hovering over the edge of the moon. This is a mothership,” Waring wrote in a Thursday entry on his blog.

“This ship is several hundred miles across and seems to sit there for a while. He also catches flashes of light heading toward the moon. These small flashes or cloud like objects are really alien ships slowing down from light speed. That is why it’s slower and looks like a cloud,” Waring wrote.

Of course, the gigantic “mothership” is far from the first alleged UFO spotted by online researchers on or above the surface of the moon. In one recent example, about one month ago, a UFO researcher examining NASA moon photos found what appeared to be a rock mysteriously floating in space over the lunar surface.

The apparent breakaway rock was actually a camouflaged interstellar spacecraft, according to Waring.

“They create ships and buildings that blend into the environment,” Waring wrote of the “race” behind that particular UFO, when he publicized the find on his blog.

Skeptics say that this and other photographic “evidence” of UFOs on the moon are nothing more than imperfections in the pixelated images — or natural formations on the lunar surface that are misinterpreted by untrained observers.

Sometimes, however, the claims go beyond simple photographic evidence. Earlier this year, several other UFO-related online publications claimed that a NASA “whistleblower,” a Dr. Eric Norton — identified on one UFO blog as “an outside consultant for the NSA and NASA for the past 12 years” — was reported to have observed a UFO “fleet” advancing toward Earth from a position on the far, or “dark” side of the moon. Could the “mothership” be related to this “fleet?” UFO researchers are likely already looking for evidence to support that hypothesis.
[Image: NASA]


NASA Brings Scientists & Theologians Together To Prepare World For Extraterrestrial Contact


A couple of months ago top US astronomers gathered in front of Congress to let them know that extraterrestrial life exists – without question. They cited the sheer size of the universe as their most important proof, emphasizing that there are trillions of stars out there, with one in every five most likely harbouring an Earth-like planet (though it is important to keep in mind that planets do not have to be “Earth-like” in order to harbour life). You can read more about that story here.

“The number of habitable worlds in our galaxy is certainly in the tens of billions, minimum, and we haven’t even talked about the moons. And the number of galaxies we can see, other than our own, is about 100 billion.” – Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at California’s SETI Institute (source)

This time, NASA and the Library of Congress have teamed up to bring together scientists, theologians, philosophers and historians from around the globe for a two day symposium in order to discuss how to prepare the world for extraterrestrial contact, whether it be microbial organisms or intelligent beings.

“We’re looking at all scenarios about finding life. If you find microbes, that’s one thing. If you find intelligence, it’s another. And if they communicate, it’s something else, and depending on what they say, it’s something else! The idea is not to wait until we make a discovery, but to try and prepare the public for what the implications might be when such a discovery is made. I think the reason that NASA is backing this is because of all the recent activity in the discovery of exoplanets and the advances in astrobiology in general. People just consider it much more likely now that we’re going to find something — probably microbes first and maybe intelligence later. The driving force behind this is from a scientific point of view that it seems much more likely now that we are going to find life at some point in the future.” – Astronomer, symposium organizer and former chief NASA historian, Steven J. Dick. (source)

One of the theologians present was Brother Guy Consolmagno, who is the new president of the Vatican Observatory Foundation. This is what he had to say:

“I believe [alien life exists], but I have no evidence. I would be really excited and it would make my understanding of my religion deeper and richer in ways that I can’t even predict yet, which is why it would be so exciting.” (source)

He is urging the public not to be surprised when extraterrestrial life is discovered, because it is inevitably going to happen. He even said that he would be happy to baptize them, if it’s intelligent extraterrestrial life that’s discovered. The Vatican has been very open to the idea of intelligent extraterrestrial life, and they’ve expressed these views for a very long time.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Galileo Galilei

Corey Goode and David Wilcock -- Episode 3: Lunar Operations Command

Monday, August 24, 2015

This week Corey and David discuss the Lunar Operations Command and the history behind the SSP Alliance. They also discuss what the intention of this group is, and what the world may look like should their goals come to fruition. There are several key points about the relationship between the Sphere Beings and the SSP alliance which has caused confusion of late. Hopefully this will help make things more clear to those wondering about an ET savior scenario.

For other summaries click 

Most of the content covered here can be found Goode's websites: and his older blog

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The summarized notes will be in black, with our commentary in [green brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

  • DW - We're discussing the secret space program disclosures with Corey Goode. I want to warn you this information is highly controversial. I have researched this field for many years, and had conversations with several insiders with classified clearance. And my conclusion is it does appear that our solar system, and beyond, has been industrialized for many years, by the government or military. Seems like from what you're saying Corey, that the LOC, Lunar Operations Command, is a focal point for how Earth is connecting out to the greater space program and the cosmos in general. Can you tell us more about the LOC? What's it like when you fly into it?

Monday, August 24, 2015

UFO PORTUGAL -- OVNI na direcção do Hospital Amadora Sintra

Ufo Portugal
domingo, 23 de agosto de 2015

OVNI na direcção do Hospital Amadora Sintra

Por: Paulo Teixeira Silva

Depois da filmagem de quase 1 minuto só sobrou isto.

A bateria da maquina de filmar ficou avariada e quando tentei passar o filme que estava no mini DVD para o PC este avariou e nunca mais ligou.

Num outro PC depois de varias tentativas lá consegui ficar com estes 3 segundos de gravação.

Este video é verdadeiro, não sei o que é, mas foi gravado da minha sala em direcção ao hospital Amadora Sintra há 4 anos.

Quando tentava aproximar a imagem via-se um clarão e ela desaparecia.

Resolvi partilhar neste grupo porque talvez já tenham visto o mesmo.

Abraço a todos e até sempre.


x way live

“Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth

Peace, Good Will toward men.”

This Christmas, Give Peace.



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