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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mexico: UFOs Near Uxmal

Mexico: UFOs Near Uxmal

UFO Depiction
Published: 4:45 PM 8/20/2015

over 10 reports have come to me from this area...

Source: SIPSE and Planeta UFO

Jorge Moreno/SIPSE Merida, Yucatan - To my surprise, I learned that part of the Mérida-Uxmal Federal Highway had become a site for "UFO watching," or at least this is what a group of citizens from Merida and Ticul have been doing since they met earlier this year during the "Alerta Ovni" (UFO skywatch).

Miguel Medina and Antonio Poot are natives of Merida and for a few months now have been meeting every 15 days with three others from the capital city and four youths from Ticul, heading to the Muna on-ramp (near the Yac Chal falls) to try and see UFOs.

"We have been told that UFOs can be seen in this area, and since it's a quiet area, we have already gone several times, inviting others who share our liking for extraterrestrial craft, people whom we met during the first and second skywatches held recently," Antonio said.

For the time being they have only been able to see satellites and shooting stars. They say they're patient and hope to see a UFO soon. The federal highway leading to Uxmal, from the segment that includes the local police station at Yaxcopoil to the municipality of Muna, has practically become a "UFO sightings corridor" since over 10 reports have come to me from this area, on different days and times.

The most recent of these incidents occurred in late July last year, when a family from Merida visited the Uxmal archaeological site one Sunday.

"We left Mérida very early, around 7 a.m., since we wanted to have breakfast at Muna before getting to Uxmal. Around 8 a.m. we were going past the town of Abalá, it was already daylight, when we suddenly saw three spheres travelling single-file," said Zenaido Rodriguez, the father of the family, who was at the wheel.

"My wife was in the passenger seat. She saw them first and told me about it. Next, my son, my niece and my brother, who were in back, also saw it. I even stopped and put on my blinkers to be able to look at it carefully. In fact, they were three white orbs moving slowly, looking like they do in the UFO documentaries on TV. They looked metallic on their undersides and somewhat darker. Yes, they were flying rather high, but were clearly visible if you stared at them. My son tried to take a photo with his cellphone, but there was nothing to be seen, as the objects were flying sunward and couldn't be made out," he explained.

"They kept moving until they vanished. I think we'll never forget this trip, and although we had fun that day and afternoon at Uxmal, I think we'll remember it more for the UFOs than anything else, since my family is interested in the subject and we had never seen one. We couldn't have imagined, though, that we'd have a sighting together," he concluded.

Only months earlier, a couple heading for Ticul was driving along that very same highway but only some kilometers before, near the Yaxcopoil Estate. Both saw a spacecraft which characteristics that differed from the previous report, since it was a single craft and physically elongated. It was also travelling at higher speed and they only saw it for an instant."

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Jorge Moreno (SIPSE) and Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO)]

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