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Sunday, August 14, 2016

I witnessed invasion of US-made flying saucers -- Pavel Poluyan, PhD. Krasnoyarsk, Russia

I witnessed invasion of US-made flying saucers

by Pavel Poluyan, PhD. Krasnoyarsk, Russia 

The first “flying saucers” could not cover long distances, and Americans had to use submarines to deliver those saucers to the Russian shores. The Pentagon was testing the third generation of flying saucers when the Soviet Union just started development of similar machines.

Recent publications on the CIA website (, and talks on UFO by John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's assistant ( ), suggest that the time has come to reveal the secret of this technology: it was created by people on our planet!

I am going to break the conspiracy and publish a real story by UFO. In the late 1980s and early 1990s the USSR experienced an invasion of unidentified flying objects. Some of the “visits” were particularly curious. In December 1989 a police officer in the Siberian City of Krasnoyarsk observed “some dark apparatuses with colored lights” which were manipulating on a power line going to a local aluminum plant. Another witness told a story about flying objects over the Yenisei River and Krasnoyarsk.  I have seen a UFO earlier, April 26, 1989 in the Ural Region. “Where did these strange machines come from? ” - I thought, but no doubt that they were made by humans. I have researched this problem for many years. Today I know the truth about flying saucers - all trues about UFO.

In a documentary about the history of aviation one can see an aircraft with strange device resembling a huge motorized umbrella. This umbrella can twitch up and down, and can even hover an aircraft off the ground for a second when twitching down. Inventor Pitts has experimented the umbrella plane in America in 1926: ( ).

This device is an ancestor of contemporary flying saucers. Umbrella plane looks funny but it is unlikely that the American inventor spent money on making the machine just for fun. The basic flight principle of generating compression under a vibrating plane is no worse than the flight principle of traditional airplanes. When the device has been built, engineers realized that it would create high lifting power. Step by step during the tests it turned out that the device could perform a flight if the oscillation frequency was measured in megahertz and the amplitude of oscillation in millimeters. But at that time there was no technology to reach the right power of vibration and achieve supersonic frequency. The Chance Vought aircraft building company cooperated with the US Navy Department. The Skimmer flying saucer that appeared after WWII was a result of that cooperation. It is believed to be an experimental version of a propeller-driven airplane. However it was not ruled out that Chance Vought made the model especially for running tests of the aerodynamic lift of electrokinetic engines.

In the late 1940s first flying saucers appeared in the US. They resembled telephone loudspeakers: impulse electromagnets made by one or several huge membranes beat the air at a megahertz frequency. A flying saucer could not generate any lifting force until it threw something off like rockets did. This was a ring whirl: it did not leave vacuum to intake a flying saucer. It was necessary to keep a saucer on the ring whirl just for a couple of microseconds, the period within which a new whirl was generated.

Flying saucers with impulse electromagnets were heavy and could not cover long distances. So, Americans had to use submarines to deliver them to the Soviet shores that inspired some stories of UFOs emerging from under water. Later devices had no electromagnetic field to shake a propelling membrane. Piezo ceramic was used for the bodies of such devices and vibration was made as a result of piezoelectric effect (piezoelectric tweeters make the sound in electronic alarm clocks and mobile phones).

The new generation apparatuses were no longer saucers but spheres, ellipsoids and other shapes haloed with ionized gas. The USSR got UFOs of its own in the 1960s-70s. Once, Soviet Academician Shklovsky was interviewed by the popular news channel Vremya (Time) and stated that there were no other creatures besides earth dwellers in the Universe. It sounded like an official statement of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party that no aliens ever existed and all reports about witnessing UFOs were misinformation. Special committees immediately started censoring mass media and deleted everything that could be connected with UFO visits and aliens.

By that time Americans already had the third generation of flying saucers - dark objects with few glowing zones on them.

Those were whirl activators: the glow on the bottom to make the object fly and the glow on the side (so-called illuminators) to make it move to the sides. Special motor panels are in use now. They are similar to a plasma TV screen built with micro cells but their cells are different: they are tiny rail launchers i.e. plasma accelerators. Plasma sparkles leave tubes of rail launchers with a frequency of several times per second to create a flow of toroidal flux rings. This flow it drives the apparatus.

Flying saucers are not in fact fantastic aliens with antigravity machines but quite earthly apparatuses with electrokinetic engines that take off and move due to created vortex rings. This is absolutely unusual idea to us. Does it? However, as far as we believe in the existence of aliens we should also recognize a new flight technology that was invented some time ago and has been kept in secret until recently. With clear explanation, the principles of the technology are quite understandable and not fantastic. We know that vortexes are also very important in generating the lifting force of flying insects, take a dragonfly, for instance. Because we know the principle of flight of flying saucers now, we can trace the development of this technology.


Despite the fact American military are not going to declassify that technology. Nowdays UFOs can be often seen in Iran and China - it proves that US keeps on employing its secret apparatuses.

Big question: why the break-through transport technology has never been declassified and officially used? In fact, application of the revolutionary technology will inevitably result in transformation of our entire civilization and infringe upon the interests of a great number of people. Such machines could be more popular than transport using gas which would mean bankruptcy of oil tycoons and automakers. And the key reason of the secrecy in this situation is the fact that the use of such flying saucers contradicts the international law; these machines cross governmental borders without notification of authorities - a cherished dream of terrorists and drug dealers. So, the advantages are worthy of keeping the invention in secret for so long. The story about the secret of UFOs says it is time to say goodbye to a nice legend about aliens no matter how we like it.

Even «The Economist» makes it clear that in flying saucers sit ordinary people only.


Christopher Buckley in his book "Little Green Men" demands the President of the United States to end the mystery of UFOs, behind which lies the secret military activities.

I support this demand.

Pavel Poluyan, PhD. Krasnoyarsk, Russia.  May, 2016.
My publications and a film on this subject:


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