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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Generation 3 night vision setup "resolution power".


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Generation 3 night vision setup "resolution power".

Publicado a 28/07/2015
Best viewed in HD. Redland FL 33187.

In the same way that stars are masked by the sky scattering of visible light in daylight any small object in the atmosphere is also masked. This masking effect is lower in the infrared portion of the spectrum and even lower in the short radio wave portion, so scanning the sky in the infrared or in the short radio wave(radar) portion of the spectrum is a lot more effective than scanning the sky in visible light. Dual optical systems exploit this fact: Dual optical systems are to anomalies what microscopes are to microorganisms.

After observing anomalies systematically the idea that they are living beings is a natural one.

Some anomalies respond with bright flashes to direct light signals in daylight or at night. Some anomalies had responded by morphing into digit shapes correlated to the signals sent to them:

From a scientific point of view the strongest possible evidence for any fact or theory is observational data consistent/recurrent across multiple independent observers, anomalies have plenty of that, so the reality of anomalies is based on very solid scientific grounds, the fact that this reality have not been acknowledged still by "scientific circles" is really irrelevant, they will be forced to recognize that sooner or latter in the same way that the Church was forced to recognize the heliocentric worldview.

Seeing UFOs as "crafts" is a myth nurtured by people expectations and media abuse of that expectation. There is also a widely believed myth of only or bigger nighttime UFO activity.
The time of calling UFOs to glowing dots in a black background without knowing the structure behind the dot is long gone, but old habits dye hard and many people still do that keeping the myth alive.

Two cameras used:

1- A modified LG camera, 1/3"CCD, standard definition, with 16-160mm motorized lens and 950nm pass IR filter. Magnification up to 26x.

2- An unmodified IP camera, 1/2.5" CCD, 5MP high definition, on a 1300mm Telephoto no filters, fixed focus. Magnification: 180x

) is used as a viewer/recorder of the three side by side viewing windows and to overlay on the footage in real time the current date/time of recording and the azimuth/elevation position. All footage is time stamped in real time, PC synchronized using Dimension 4.

I use the word "Anomaly" to denote unidentified objects that behave in an "anomalous" way, i.e. in a way that appears to defy known ideas/concepts. I am not a "UFO believer" but I am not a "close-minded" debunker either. I only deal with observable facts in our atmosphere or near space.

This channel is directed to active observers or people with little or no preconceived ideas, debunkers/science types with a very simplistic, dogmatic, cartoon-like view of the world will not feel comfortable here, this is also an uncomfortable place for ufo believers, the mechanical artifacts that they want to find are nowhere to be seen. I am using this channel as an output for my observations and ideas in this topic, this is a free Ads channel.

If you are looking for Hollywood style entertainment you are in the wrong channel.

Anybody using foul/vulgar/personal attacks language in this channel will be banned without any warning.

This footage and any footage in the raw video archive is exclusively copyrighted for this channel, you can not use it without asking for permission.



 Published on 28/07/2015

Preview of upcoming SPECIAL REPORT by Linda Moulton Howe for COASTTOCOASTAM Radio featuring Dark Journalist and Watergate Lawyer Douglas Caddy. Major revelations about the involvement of Covert UFO Group Majestic Twelve in the JFK Assassination because he was going to reveal the secret of the "Alien Presence." 

Includes never before heard testimony by close associate of CIA Super Spy E. Howard Hunt and fascinating details that implicate the National Security State in JFK's murder!

Monday, July 27, 2015

UFO Portugal -- Estranho fenómeno em Aveiro
Ufo Portugal
Sábado, 25 de julho de 2015

Estranho fenómeno em Aveiro

Relato enviado por André Teixeira...

Moro numa aldeia chamada Vilarinho, em Cacia, Aveiro.

No dia 22 de Julho de 2015 fui fazer a minha caminhada habitual com a minha avó e a vizinha dela. Eram 20:46h quando olhei para o céu e vi um objecto em forma de disco e pensei que fosse um avião porque estava um bocado longe.Continuei a olhar e ele estava a ir para Sul quando, de repente, virou para Este e depois desapareceu. Achei estranho.

Mas o mais estranho foi ontem, dia 23 de Julho de 2015. Fomos fazer a caminhada como é habitual e às 21:08 avistamos um objecto enorme parado no céu em forma de disco que tinha uma luz branca intens. A minha avó disse que podia ser a lua mas não tinha nada a ver e a lua estava do outro lado do céu. Não podiam ser nuvens porque o céu estava limpo e as nuvens não produzem uma luz assim.  Além disso era quase noite e o sol já quase tinha desaparecido.

Continuamos a olhar estupefactos quando, de repente, aquele objecto desapareceu como por magia.

Tem acontecido coisas estranhas como estes objectos aqui em Vilarinho e tem-se falado muito sobre uma nuvem que tinha várias cores e que apareceu no início desta semana às 13:00, pelo que se tem falado.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Learning Ufology -- English: Nighttime observers Masters of Misidentification.


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Nighttime observers Masters of Misidentification.

Jeremy Thomas 

Publicado em 23 de jul de 2015
The poor quality and very low optical magnification had lead nighttime observers to be masters of misidentification.

They have been like microbiologists using lupes in the dark to observe microorganisms, when the right tool for that is a microscope with a lot more optical magnification.
They are really far behind in this quest, trapped in myths and preconceptions. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Aliens ahoy! Massive mothership ‘the size of Idaho’ caught in NASA images, say ufologists

Aliens ahoy! Massive mothership ‘the size of Idaho’ caught in NASA images, say ufologists

A massive alien spacecraft, around the size of the US state of Idaho, has been spotted near the sun by ufologists in recent NASA pictures. They say the object definitely has a structure.
The video released by Youtube user Streetcap1 shows the original NASA image of the sun captured by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) on July 15, 2015.
“This UFO is awesome! Every time I try to ask NASA about these UFOs on Twitter, they ignore me. They have never answered me and refuse to talk about these giant UFOs near our sun,” said a statement from the UFO Sightings Daily, a website devoted to possible UFO detections on or above our planet.
According to the website, whose slogan is “the truth is within our grasp” (echoing the X-Files' “The Truth is Out There”), the alleged alien craft is about the size of Idaho (216,000 square kilometers).
UFO Sightings Daily cited an eyewitness who said the object, which is definitely not a space rock or a piece of space junk,“has structure and for NASA to dismiss it as nothing is an insult to people's intelligence."
“If they post data then they must expect UFO hunters to find anomalies and share them.”

Schauble e os extraterrestres -- Francisco Mourão Corrêa

Schauble e os extraterrestres

Onde há fumo há fogo. E que os OVNIs também são claramente um problema político

Texto de Francisco Mourão Corrêa • 22/07/2015 - 11:08


Durante décadas (e ainda hoje), os OVNI (objectos voadores não identificados) e fenómenos associados, foram sempre ridicularizados, menosprezados, pelos menos oficialmente, uma vez que para além dos estudos que mencionei num outro artigo (A Arrogância do Desconhecido), só os "excêntricos" é que se interessariam por este tipo de fenómenos e a hipótese de sermos visitados por seres vindos de outros planetas.

Ora, a partir dos anos 70, com a implementação, nos EUA, da lei de liberdade de informação, que permitia ao comum cidadão solicitar acesso a documentação que não fosse de domínio público, foi tornado possível aos investigadores obter informação sobre OVNIs, até então, confidencial.

Friday, July 17, 2015

UFOs Captured in Photograph from France - video

UFOs Captured in Photograph from France

 Publicado a 17/07/2015

Pic de Bugarach, France, c.2003

I was given this photograph by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. The friend has exceptional moral standing due to his lifestyle choice, which I cannot disclose. He was in France sometime around 2003, photographing birds. He heard what he thought was the sound of two birds of prey as they swept past. He didn't see anything with his eyes but took a photograph anyway.

Later that day he was reviewing his photographs from his digital camera and saw the two disc like objects in the photo. I have since with the help of a friend who has a P.H.D in machine vision ascertained they are on a direct heading towards mount Bugarach in the Languedoc-Rousillon region of France.

I know it perplexed my friend who around the time of the occurrence gave his brother the photo took analyze. In my opinion the interesting details emerged once I had loaded the image into GIMP program and begun non selective area enhancements.
I have found the experience unnerving at times and strange.

I am aware the dates on the media supplied do not match up with the dates supplied in this form, irrelevant as I only know the year that this happened.

Monday, July 13, 2015

LEARNING UFOLOGY --Método à prova de bala para reconhecer anomalias. -- Jeremy Thomas


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Bulletproof method to spot anomalies.

Método à prova de bala para reconhecer anomalias.

0.01– Bulletproof method to observe anomalies.
0.01 - Método à prova de bala para observar anomalias.

0.11 -This will describe a method that is like a mathematical proof for showing clearly the existence and observing the “structure” of anomalies, this is a bullet procedure that will satisfy almost everybody. It is based in the documented fact that many objects in the atmosphere are not visible to the naked eye in daylight, similar to the stars. The reason for that is the sky scattering of visible light.
0.11 - Iremos descrever um método que é como uma prova matemática e que mostra claramente a existência e a observação da "estrutura" das anomalias.  É um procedimento à prova de bala que irá satisfazer quase todos. Baseia-se no facto documentado de que muitos objectos na atmosfera não são visíveis a olho nu durante o dia, igual ao que  acontece com as estrelas. A razão para de tal acontecer é devida à  dispersão da luz visível pelo céu.

0.37 – But many of these objects can be spotted using a camcorder with a with a night shot or a modified security camera and a 850nm or 950nm infrared pass filter.YT user colourufo have plenty of footage showing how effective is this simple setup for detecting many objects not visible to the naked eye.
0.37 – Mas, muitos desses objectos podem ser vistos se usarmos uma câmera de vídeo para filmar à noite ou uma câmera de segurança modificada e  um filtro de passagem de infra vermelhos com 850nm ou 950nm. O usuário YT colourufo tem muitas imagens mostrando o quão eficaz é essa configuração simples para a localização de muitos objectos não visíveis a olho nu.

Now using that setup in daylight in a clear day, scan the sky looking for “suspicious” objects, like the one in the following segment where a certain glowing pulsation can be appreciated.
Agora, ao usar esta configuração à luz do dia, num dia luminoso, fazer a varredura do céu à procura de objectos "suspeitos", como o que aparece no segmento seguinte, onde se pode verificar uma certa pulsação.

1.20 - Then to each one of these objects that are not visible to the naked eye but visible through the IR camera send light signals to them using a mirror, a 12 x 12 mirror will be enough. This may take a while, several days maybe, but sooner or later on of these objects will flare in such way that they will come visible to the naked eye as Venus in daylight. At that point you will know it is not a mundane object, no mundane will “respond” in that way.
1.20 - Em seguida, enviem para cada um desses objectos que não são visíveis a olho nu, mas que são visíveis através da câmera de IR (infravermelhos), sinais de luz em direcção a eles usando um espelho. Um espelho de 12 x 12 será suficiente. Poderá levar algum tempo, talvez vários dias, mas mais cedo ou mais tarde, um desses objectos vai brilhar de tal maneira, que será visível a olho nu, como Vénus à luz do dia. Nesse momento, irão saber que não é um objecto mundano (da Terra), pois nenhum objecto mundano irá "responder" dessa maneira.

1.50 – This is the same reaction observed at night if a laser pointer or powerful flashlight is used.
1.50 – Esta reacção  é a mesma se observarmos à noite, quando é usado um feixe laser ou uma lanterna potente.

So at this point we know that this is not a mundane object, even without seeing any structure in this object, the non mundane/anomalous nature of that object is independent of its structure or configuration, let me repeat that: independently of the object appearance/structure/configuration, the object is an anomaly.
Então, nesse momento, sabemos que este não é um objecto mundano/terrestre, mesmo sem ver qualquer estrutura desse mesmo objecto. A natureza não terrestre/anómala desse objecto é independente da sua estrutura ou configuração, deixe-me repetir: o objecto é uma anomalia, independentemente da aparência/estrutura/configuração.

2.21 – Once we observe that reaction from these objects we know that anomalies are real, they are real even if a Nobel Prize may say otherwise.
2.21 - Uma vez que observamos esta reacção desses mesmos objectos, sabemos que as anomalias são reais. São reais, mesmo que um Prémio Nobel possa dizer o contrário.

Now the only remaining part is to observe the structure of these anomalies. For that a scope with high optical magnification can be placed aligned with the IR camera. You will be surprised with the structures, forms, configurations that these anomalies will reveal, but that is reality and cannot do anything that but accept it.

 Agora, a única parte restante é observar a estrutura dessas anomalias. Para tal, uma aplicação com elevada ampliação óptica pode ser colocada alinhada com a câmera de infravermelhos. Irão surpreender-se com as estruturas, as formas e as configurações que estas anomalias irão revelar, mas esta é a realidade e não podem fazer nada, senão aceitá-la.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ovnis en el Popocatépetl y la actividad volcánica del coloso. 2da Entrevista a Nefi de Aquino -- video

Ovnis en el Popocatépetl y la actividad volcánica del coloso. 2da Entrevista a Nefi de Aquino

Publicado a 10/07/2015

Una extraordinaria entrevista con el encargado de reportar cualquier anomalía a las autoridades estatales sobre la actividad volcánica y fenómenos de tipo ufológicos en el Popocatépetl y en el Iztacihuatl. Es el vigilante del Popocatépetl el Sr. Nefi de Aquino. Don Nefi es el encargado de reportar cualquier cosa que suceda en el Popocatépetl, incluso fenómenos muy extraños, como los fenómenos de tipo ufológicos. Es un vigilante que lleva el registro de toda su actividad en el Popocatépetl, los invito a que escuchen con atención esta segunda entrevista a Don Nefi de Aquino. Don Nefi es descendiente de un General que peleo al lado de Emiliano Zapata en la Revolución Mexicana

Experiencias con Ovnis y Puertas Dimensionales. Entrevista a la escritora Victoria Avalon

Experiencias con Ovnis y Puertas Dimensionales. Entrevista a la escritora Victoria Avalon

 Publicado a 09/07/2015

Una muy enriquecedora entrevista a la Periodista Victoria Avalon, que nos cuenta algunas de sus experiencias de joven y ya de casada y donde su esposo a sido testigo de esa serie de eventos por demás muy interesantes y que nos hacen conocer el lado amable, y espiritual de una buen amiga, y las experiencias que han nutrido su ser desde hace mucho tiempo.

Una vida de experiencias increíbles, desde la niñez con ovnis y seres. Entrevista a Itzen Caan

José Luis Rueda - CIRCAC

Una vida de experiencias increíbles, desde la niñez con ovnis y seres. Entrevista a Itzen Caan

Publicado a 16/06/2015
Itzen Caan, nos cuenta una serie de experiencias increíbles que le ocurrieron a su familia y a su persona a lo largo de su vida, y en ocasiones muy específicas cuando su familia se encontraba en algún peligro o con alguna enfermedad. Toda una vida de aprendizaje que le ha ayudado a entender la simbología de nuestros antepasados y culturas que se estuvieron desarrollando en México y otras partes del mundo. Una entrevista muy recomendable a nuestra amiga Itzen Caan. Disfruten esta enriquecedora entrevista.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Mexico: "Webcams Mexico" Cameras Pick Up UFO Over Colima's Volcán de Fuego


Source: Periodista Digital and Planeta UFO
Date: 07.09.15

Mexico: "Webcams Mexico" Cameras Pick Up UFO Over Colima's Volcán de Fuego

It is cylindrical in shape, moves from right to left in an ascending position, and no one knows what it is.
The State Civil Protection Unit asked the general population to avoid any activity in a five kilometer radius of the crater.

The object was picked up by fixed-position cameras belonging to Webcams de Mexico on Saturday, July 4 2015. These cameras record activity around Colima's Volcán de Fuego.

Volcán de Fuego expelled incandescent material on Saturday night and early Sunday morning. Activity at the colossal volcano began around 22:00 hours on Saturday and remained constant during the early hours of Sunday.

In previous days, the State Civil Protection Unit asked the general population to refrain from any activity in a five kilometer radius around the crater on account of ash falls, and to avoid staying in the canyons near the volcano.

Civil Protection cautioned that while Volcán de Fuego remains in an active phase, there are instruments that enable identifying in advance if an event of greater magnitude should come about.

Mexico: Truckers Startled by UFOs in Yucatán

TUESDAY, JULY 07, 2015

Source: SIPSE and Planeta UFO
Date: July 3, 2015

Mexico: Truckers Startled by UFOs in Yucatán

In Eastern Yucatan, UFO encounters are common among tractor-trailer operators who drive the Mérida-Tizimín Route.

BY JORGE MORENO/SIPSE - Mérida, Yucatan - A few years ago we published an eyewitness account by a tractor-trailer driver who witnessed a UFO along the Mérida-Tizmín Federal Highway in the vicinity of the San Antonio Cámara police station, a story which is not unique. In January 2015, as well as last month, two other sightings also occurred and were reported by tractor-trailer operators following the same road.

The latest cases were reported by Sebastián Robles, who became an eyewitness in January. In June, it was one of his co-workers who brought a new case to his attention, which was surprising, as it took place at the very same site.

He says that he stopped at that segment of the highway to have dinner and buy a coffee in late January. The time was around 11:00 p.m. and as he boarded his trailer (it was parked from West to East, in other words, facing Tizimin) he saw a strange light through his rear view mirror.

"It caught my attention, because the light appeared to be moving. It went by very quickly. I turned around and caught a glimpse, and several ideas crossed my head - a sort of excitement, because I'd always wanted to see a UFO, and now I'm certain it's what I saw."

He adds: "When I saw it in the mirror for a moment, I thought it was a shooting star, but upon seeing it directly, I realized that its movements were irregular: it went up, came down, until it picked up more speed and vanished into the horizon, heading west."

More lights are seen in the sky.

"What's more, I recalled that some co-workers had told me the same some months earlier, about UFOs having been seen along this stretch of road. The excitement was considerable. The truth is I do believe in that. My dad and granddad would tell me that back on the ranch (in Villahermosa) they had the chance to see them at least three times."

It should be noted that when I visited the scene, only one person confirmed that seeing UFOs was common a long time ago, "but many people, especially those who live around these parts, see it as a natural thing. They're not afraid or distressed by them. On the contrary, I remember a time when some tourists came to eat here at the luncheonette and when they went to the restrooms, exclaimed in surprise that they were seeing those craft, three of them in a single row, and even took photos of them. Who knows if the photos came out? It was nighttime, but they were clearly visible," he recalled.

These reports are very similar, in fact, to the ones I covered in Temax, a community located nearby, and the dates also match. This makes it very likely that the same unidentified flying object (UFO) was involved.

I was told in San Antonio that a person from the community of Dzoncauich (some 10 kilometers distant) had videotaped a UFO, but we couldn't find him. In fact, no one knew his name and no one in this town could provide any information about this.

I interviewed several people from nearby sites, and as a curious side note, a lady from San Antonio approached me, curious as to why I was interviewing people. When she learned that the subject involved UFOs, she crossed herself and quickly went away, as if it involved devilry.

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Jorge Moreno (SIPSE) and Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO)]

Argentina: 50th Anniversary of the Argentinean Antarctic UFO Sighting

Source: Clarin (Argentina)
Date: July 4, 2015

Argentina: 50th Anniversary of the Argentinean Antarctic UFO Sighting

The UFO That Paraded Across the Antarctic and Triggered the Argentinean Psychosis
By Guillermo dos Santos Coelho

It had all of the ingredients. An exotic locale, experienced witnesses and a season that was ripe for fostering the imagination, shortly before man’s arrival on the Moon. It is for this reason that the UFO which paraded across the Antarctic 50 years ago was a landmark that had pride of place in the covers of all of Argentinian dailies, triggering a collective psychosis that lasted that entire winter and a little longer.

Tomorrow will mark half a century since the main sighting. While it was later learned that previous episodes existed, it was on July 3, 1965 when a small number of people, the only ones for hundreds of miles around, found themselves staring at the skies in fascination.

The Argentinean base – Decepción – held fewer than 20. At 19:40 hours that Saturday, the night had been clear and peaceful for a good while, and it was then that the weatherman noticed it. The Navy communiqué would subsequently speak in terms of a “lenticular mass” – two concave surfaces stuck together, like a lentil.


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