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Now its come to light that a great many (unseen) UFO files and research documents were kept and preserved by his family at his home in Tucson,Arizona for over twenty five years: 


The voluminous UFO research files of a fearless scientist. Dr. James E. McDonald, have lain in a special "UFO room" at his home in Tucson, Arizona for twenty-five years, lovingly protected by members of his family. McDonald was a high-profile contributor to scientific UFO research, beginning in the Spring of 1966 and continuing until his tragic death in June 1971. 

Jim McDonald was a top atmospheric physicist. His official title was "Senior Physicist" at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

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From the MUFON Journal, January 1997, Number 345

by Ann Druffel

The voluminous UFO research files of a fearless scientist. Dr. James E. McDonald, have lain in a special "UFO room" at his home in Tucson, Arizona for twenty-five years, lovingly protected by members of his family. McDonald was a high-profile contributor to scientific UFO research, beginning in the Spring of 1966 and continuing until his tragic death in June 1971.

1952, San Jose, California-Two Scientists Reports Sighting Discs

April 25, 1952. Dr. W (biochemist) and Dr. Y (bacteriologist), both employed by a private company, about 11:00 a.m. were driving to their office when Y saw something odd overhead that seemed to be moving against the wind.

They entered the company parking lot and got out of the car to look. Directly over a building across the street was a small, metallic-looking disc, tilted at about a 20 degree angle and rotating around a vertical axis, wobbling "like the motion of a disc in a water meter".

The distance was estimated to be about 50 ft, and the disc appeared to be 4-5 feet in diameter The wobble allowed them to judge the thickness as about 1.5 feet as the disc proceeded directly over their heads, continuing to rotate and wobble.

No sound or exhaust emission of any sort was detected. It moved in an arc about 40-50 feet overhead very slowly, perhaps 8-10 m.p.h. When it neared some railroad yards, the disc curved around and made a fairly distinct turn, heading back toward them.

At this point Dr. Y suddenly saw something else overhead, which Dr. W also then saw: a black object at high altitude hovering motionless under an overcast (later determined to be about 10,000 ft). It was round, and apparently much larger than the silvery disc, perhaps 100 ft in diameter

As they watched, two identical objects came into position as if they had dropped out of the cloud overcast, and the three objects jittered around like boats in a stream".

About this time the small disc had neared again, still moving slowly. Suddenly it stopped spinning, hung motionless for a moment, then rapidly climbed towards the NNE in the general direction of Mt. Hamilton. At the same time that the small disc began its climb, one of the three black objects left the formation and headed in the same general direction. The black object and the climbing disc seemed to be on a converging course, when suddenly both seemed to disappear into the overcast.

The remaining two black objects maintained their original position for another minute or so, then one of them headed off to the north and out of sight, while the other went directly up into the clouds and disappeared, terminating the incident at about 11:15 a.m. The two scientists immediately went into their offices and dictated accounts of the sighting for a permanent record.

Dr. W felt obliged to make an official report and placed a call to Moffett Field. While waiting on the line for someone to be found to take his account, he had second thoughts about exposing himself to personal ridicule and hung up, so no report was made to the Air Force or other agencies.

Special significance: In addition to the observation by scientifically trained witnesses, and loss of an official report due to the ridicule factor, the scientists' reaction is instructive. They had found it "a most disturbing experience:' They had been forced to the conclusion that they had seen some objects of such unusual propulsion characteristics that it was difficult to think of it as anything other than extraterrestrial.

As Dr. W said, " utilized some propulsion method not in the physics books." He had been "worried ever since," mentioning historical evidence that inferior civilizations tend to go under when contacted by more advanced technologies.

Source: Interview with Dr. W by Dr. James E. McDonald; complete account including names and identifications in author's files.

Dr James E. Mcdonald was probably one of the most important figures ever in the history of Ufology - he was also the Senior Physicist at the Institute for Atmospherical Physics and Professor at the Department of Meteorology at the University of Arizona. 

Theres an interesting biography below detailing his work and research into the UFO subject - 
it also mentions his feelings about the reliability (and intellectual honesty) of certain 
'government conclusions and explanations' regarding specific UFO incidents: 

Privately, McDonald analyzed all Project Blue Book case files, convincing him that the Air Force had performed an entirely inadequate investigation, which appeared to have been more concerned with internal politics rather than real science. He also reviewed the cases of the Air Force's sponsored University of Colorado UFO study, and concluded that many of their explanations were not well founded either. 



Dr. James E. McDonald (1920-1971)
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James Edward McDonald received his Ph.D. in physics from Iowa State University in 1951, then worked there as an assistant professor in meteorology. He was a research physicist in the University of Chicago's department of meteorology (1953-54). In 1954 he joined the University of Arizona faculty, first as an associate professor (1954-56), then as a full professor in the department of meteorology (1956-71). McDonald was also a senior physicist in the University's Institute of Atmospheric Physics, and served as both associate director (1954-56) and scientific director (1956-57). He also advised numerous federal agencies, including the National Science Foundation, The Office of Naval Research, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Environmental Science Service Administration.

During the mid-late 1960s, McDonald became intensively involved in UFO research, interviewing hundreds of UFO witnesses and lecturing widely on the subject to professional societies. His talks emphasized the need for a serious scientific study, adding that he considered the best reports to be evidence of extraterrestrial visitation. He also played an important role in Congressional UFO hearings in 1968.

Privately, McDonald analyzed all Project Blue Book case files, convincing him that the Air Force had performed an entirely inadequate investigation, which appeared to have been more concerned with internal politics rather than real science. 

He also reviewed the cases of the Air Force's sponsored University of Colorado UFO study, and concluded that many of their explanations were not well founded either. McDonald left no book but privately published many monographs based on his lecture presentations, some of which are included below.

Science in Default - 22 Years of Inadequate UFO Investigations  
The Problem of Unidentified Flying Objects  
Meteorological Factors in Unidentified Radar Returns  
UFOs And The Condon Report - A Scientist's Critique  
Statement on UFOs - Hearings Before The Committee on Science and Astronautics Committee on Science and Astronautics, "Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects -- Hearings Before The Committee on Science And Astronautics," U.S. House of Representatives, 19th Congress, Second Session, July 29, 1968.
McDonald Credentials compiled by Val Germann 

Born: Duluth, Minnesota, May 7, 1920. 
B.A., Chemistry, University of Omaha, 1942. 
M.A., Meteorology, M.I.T., 1945. Ph.D.,  
U.S. Navy, Intelligence & aerology, 1942-45.  
Instructor, Physics, Iowa State University, 1946-49. 
Physics, Iowa State University, 1951. 
Assistant Professor, Physics, Iowa State University, 1950-53.  
Research Physicist, Cloud Physics, Univ. of Chicago, 1953-54.  
Associate Prof., Physics, Univ. of Arizona, 1954-56.  
Full Professor,, Physics, Univ. of Arizona, 1956-57.  
Senior Physicist, Inst. of Atmospheric Studies, 1958 - 1971.  
Member, Weather Modification Panel, NAS, 1965 - 1971.  
Member, Navy Stormfury Advisory Panel, 1966 - 1971.  
Member, NSF Weather Modification Panel, 1967 - 1971.  
Member, AAAS, American Meteorological Society,  
Sigma Xi, American Geophysical Society, American Society of University Professors. 
Married, Six Children
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NICAP Home Page

VIDEO: Is This a 'Putin secret missile test' or 'weirdest UFO ever caught on camera?'


UFO Depiction

UFO Depiction
Published: 1:12 AM 5/30/2015
... it then splits into two and then three or more separate objects.

By Jon Austin

BIZARRE footage of a 'UFO' in Russia's night sky has sparked fears the country's leader Vladimir Putin has secretly ordered testing of long-range missiles.

Either that or aliens really are here on Earth, according to one online viewer who said it was "the wierdest UFO recording I have ever seen."

The video, posted online, shows a bright object leaving an enormous, marrow-shaped vapour trail, which then slow rises into the sky.

Unknown Object Quickly Dims and Disappears over Boca Raton

UFO Depiction

UFO Depiction

Published: 1:24 AM 5/30/2015

... a vanishing bright whitish point of light in the sky in the South Florida area.

Boca Raton, Florida - 05-26-15

I was leaving my front door for a walk and looked up at the sky (as I often do) to check out the stars and planets.

I saw what I thought was a planet, perhaps Venus because it was so bright. But I only saw it for about a second when as I was looking at it, it dimmed quickly and vanished.

It reminded me of the International Space Station or some such satellite moving into Earth's shadow. But I had only seen it for a very brief moment before it disappeared and so I was not able to detect much motion.

It seemed like it was moving eastward. But it is hard to tell with such a brief observation.

Governments Strategic Operating Manual on Crashed UFOs and Their Extraterrestrial Occupants

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Secret Government Document SOM1-01

This new episode of Hangar 1 does an excellent job exposing the top secret  U.S. Government document that details how to secure crashed UFOs and their extraterrestrial occupants.  The manual is the Strategic Operating Manual (SOM1-01). This is a fascinating material.

Hanger 1 contains a vast archive of over 70,000 files of UFO reports collected by the Mutual UFO Network for nearly 50 years. MUFON is the most respected private organization devoted to the investigation of UFO reports. Hanger 1: The UFO Files will reveal some of the files and look for patterns and connections between some of the reports.

Hanger 1: The UFO Files - S02E08 - The Smoking Gun - Full Episode

Large Colorful Triangular UFO Filmed From A Car - Seattle, Washington

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Large Colorful Triangular UFO Filmed From A Car - Seattle, Washington

Triangular-shaped craft filmed from a car. Seattle, WA

Historic UFO Sighting Over New York State - 200 Ft Long With Double Antennas

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Similar shape UFO to the 1989 sighting

Late October 1989, the weather was seasonal for Syracuse; in other words it was cold and windy. It was a little after midnight, Mark’s dog Ranger wanted a short walk before bedding down. Mark decided to have one last smoke before bed as well. As man and dog leisurely had their midnight stroll, under a clear sky, as Mark was puffing on his cigarette, he became aware of a sound that was increasing in volume.

“It wasn’t too loud but it was gradually increasing in volume. It sounded like a clothes washer.”

Mark looked up and saw a disk-shaped object with two antenna-like assemblies on each side of the object.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

CIA Chief Roscoe Hillenkoetter on UFO Cover-up in New York Times

CIA Chief Roscoe Hillenkoetter on UFO Cover-up in 
New York Times


From a New York Times Article
“It is time for the truth to be brought out in open Congressional hearings. Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense. To hide the facts, the Air Force has silenced its personnel.”
- Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, First Director of the CIA
Link to New York Times Article:

This astounding 1960 article on a former CIA director being "soberly concerned" about UFOs is available in the New York Times archives. Click here to confirm. We provide a copy of the article below. Bold typeface has been added to aid in finding the quote from former CIA Director Hillenkoetter demanding that the truth be brought out about UFOs. To see other key witness statements on the UFO cover-up by astronauts, military officers, and other top leaders, click here.

Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter was the first director of the CIA when it was originally created in 1947, serving as its director until 1950. 

The revealing New York Times article below interestingly was buried on page 30 of the Sunday edition that winter day over 50 years ago. You can easily verify this by going to the New York Times archives webpage for the article at this link. Immediately under the title, you will see descriptors for the article: "February 28, 1960, Sunday, Page 30, 418 words."


Pamphlet by the Inspector General Called Objects a 'Serious Business'

WASHINGTON, Feb. 27 (UPI)–The Air Force has sent its commands a warning to treat sightings of unidentified flying objects as "serious business" directly related to the nation's defense, it was learned today.

An Air Force spokesman confirmed issuance of the directive after portions of it were made public by a private "flying saucer" group.

The new regulations were issued by the Air Force inspector general Dec. 24.

The regulations, revising similar ones issued in the past, outlined procedures and said that "investigations and analysis of UFO's are directly related to the Air Force's responsibility for the defense of the United States."

Friday, May 29, 2015

1951, The Fort Monmouth UFO Case

The Fort Monmouth Case. By Wendy Connors and Mike Hall

The Fort Monmouth Case began with a watershed event which took place at 11:18 A.M. EDT on a clear morning in September 1951. It was Monday the 10th. The place was a radar facility near the coastline at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.

A young student Army Signal Corps radar operator, PFC Eugent A. Clark, had just picked up an unknown low-flying target moving faster than the automatic setting mode on his AN/MPG-1 radar set could plot.

As a matter of coincidence, a number of visiting Army officers happened to be standing behind Clark at the time, witnessing the strange event unfold. They watched in amazement as in just moments the curious radar blip traversed the coast line at an estimated speed of at least 700 miles per hour. It was lost off the scope near the Sandy Hook coastal peninsula, not far south of New York City.

This radar tracking caused a lot of excitement. In 1951, although jets had reached such speeds in special tests, they flew nowhere near those velocities on a routine or even sustained basis.

Seventeen minutes later, the story became even more bizarre. Just south of Sandy Hook, at 11:35 A.M. EDT, a T-33 jet trainer piloted by Lieutenant Wilbert S. Rogers, with Major Edward Ballard Jr. in the rear seat, encountered a completely unrecognizable object. They were flying northward at 20,000 feet over Point Pleasant, New Jersey headed toward Sandy Hook.

1951, Gander, Newfoundland UFO Case (Bethune)

Depiction of UFO

Newfoundland, Canada - 1951

On February 10, a US Navy flight, Atlantic - Continental Air Transport Squadron one, located at USN Air Station, Patuxent River, Maryland, was out of Keflavik, Iceland at 49-50 degrees north latitude and 50-03 degrees west longitude about 150 kilometers [90 miles] west of Gander, Newfoundland out over the Atlantic Ocean.

The aircraft was probably bound for Gander to refuel judging by its position and course of 230 degrees true, though the report does not mention this.

US Naval Reserve Lieutenant Graham Bethune, co-pilot of Flight 125, was occupying the captain's seat on the left side of the cockpit in the passenger plane when he first sighted a huge object [at least] 300 feet in diameter on a near collision course with their aircraft.

The co-pilot stated in his official report,... I observed a glow of light below the horizon about 1,000 to 1,500 feet [330-470 meters] above the water. We both [the pilot as well] observed its course and motion for about 4 or 5 minutes before calling it to the attention of the other crew members...

Suddenly its angle of attack changed.

Its altitude and size increased as though its speed was in excess of 1,000 miles [1,670 kilometers] per hour. It closed in so fast that the first feeling was we would collide in midair.

Strange lights sparks UFO mystery in Shropshire

Strange lights sparks UFO mystery in Shropshire

It was a straight line of bright lights – and it has become the latest UFO mystery to strike over the skies of Shropshire.

The strange lights in the sky captured by the Edwards’ CCYV
Stephen and Adele Edwards were today asking for help in figuring out whether they might have captured footage of a UFO flying over their home.
The couple, who live in Nobold, Shrewsbury, have been left puzzled after spotting this pattern of lights on footage from their CCTV over the weekend.
Mr Edwards said: “Our CCTV camera in our garden caught an image of what looks some rather strange lights in the sky.
“I used to be in the RAF and at first I thought that the lights may be from flares, but they are not – I have checked with some friends in the RAF who have confirmed that there was no military activity in Shropshire over the bank holiday weekend.
“The lights seem to be at a distance of approximately half a mile from the back of our property in Nobold and at approx 400 feet altitude, although it is difficult to tell from the image.
“I have checked various applications to see if any aircraft were present in the area at the time and none were. I have also asked West Mercia Police if their police helicopter was operating around this time and they have confirmed that it wasn’t.”

7 quite recent videos from 8 hours till 2 days ago -- May 29,2015 at 18:00 GMT

The most recent UFO videos at

7 quite recent videos available at the main page

from 8  hours till 2 day ago

Thursday, May 28, 2015

OVNI visto em Alcácer do Sal - Alentejo

Ufo Portugal

quarta-feira, 27 de maio de 2015

OVNI visto em Alcácer do Sal - Alentejo

No dia 26 de Maio pelas 22:00h fui levar os cães à rua quando subitamente uma luz a grande distância me despertou atenção!

Esta luz parecia dançar.... Levantava, baixada e andava para os lados numa velocidade incrível num espaço de segundos desaparecendo por detrás das árvores segundo me parecia pela altitude vs distância.
Estava no Bairro da Quintinha no meio do Olival virado no sentido Comporta, Setúbal, quando este fenómeno ocorreu.

Ainda fiquei por breves minutos no local na esperança de voltar a ver esta misteriosa luz o que acabou por não acontecer!

Já no dia seguinte 27, preparei a câmera juntamente com o tripod de forma a conseguir uma boa estabilização de maneira que pudesse compensar a perda de qualidade que a Fujifilm S1600 têm em filmagem nocturna.

Já pelas 22:00h, exactamente a hora em que observei esta misteriosa luz, estava com a câmera pronta e direccionada para o local de observação do dia anterior.

Esperei alguns minutos e consegui ver novamente esta luz, que voava relativamente a cima da copa das árvores, o que era extremamente difícil a câmera conseguir registar, mas que era perfeitamente visível aos nossos olhos.


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Peace, Good Will toward men.”

This Christmas, Give Peace.



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