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Monday, May 18, 2015

Western Australian Sightings With Overseas Observations

Compiled by Brian Richards

After a very quiet winter and spring, an increasing number of reports are coming in from various parts of Western Australia, Perth, and surrounding areas.  Most of the sightings are unusual nocturnal lights that cannot be recognised as anything conventional.  The problem is, such sightings tell us nothing of the makeup, origin, and purpose of these illuminated interlopers.  We may reason from all this that visitations are still occurring worldwide.  

The frustration is that the ‘authorities’ and/or science are still not taking them seriously?at least not openly? leaving us to wonder if we are getting any nearer to the truth.  What makes solving the problem more difficult is our own technological advancement.  Could many of these sightings be nothing more than advanced stealth-type aircraft?  Are huge silent craft or lights nothing more than holographic images beamed from satellites or secret bases on Earth?  Why you may ask would any government undertake such bizarre testing?  

As proposed for future warfare, multiple holographic images of tanks, guns, men and military hardware could fool the enemy into believing their foe was vastly superior.  To attempt an onslaught against such firepower would seem to be sheer suicide.  This theory doesn’t explain away UFO sightings as such.  It may suggest a test of public reaction to images of this kind.  Or the sightings could be of real extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional, Earth-based or time-warp intrusions.  The hologram theory may have been introduced as disinformation to allay the public’s fear of the unknown.

What we do know is that a paradigm shift is occurring in our thinking about life beyond Earth.  As the frontiers of space forever expand with the eyes of Hubble, Cassini and the numerous deep space probes sent out over the years, it is now thought that life may exist under the ice of Europa, fed by thermal vents.  New planets are also being discovered orbiting distant suns, all of which gives rise to the question of whether life exists elsewhere in the universe.  

Twenty years ago such thinking would have bordered on heresy.  But is it not unreasonable to assume that life on Earth is a reflected microcosm of life elsewhere in the Universe?  

Life on Earth is diverse, and found in huge concentrations such as Mexico City, London, Beijing, Bombay, or scattered in tiny pockets across arid deserts where nomads seek out food and water, or affluent cities and small towns where everything is in abundance.  Such might be the case in the wider universe.  Some vast areas teeming with life, then millions of light years of desert.  Scattered civilisations with great distances between, and ‘galactic oases’ with more diversity.  Life.  No life.  More life.  Endless and timeless repetition, but varied beyond belief.

It is interesting to listen to Paul Davies and other respected astronomers and physicists discussing life in the universe.  Most suggest that there are primitive cellular-type organisms ‘out there’.  Little is said about advanced civilisations and, if it is, there is no support for faster-than-light or instant-transferal travel is ever given.  

Cosmologists currently theorise that the universe started about twelve to fifteen billion years ago in what they call the Big Bang.  But maybe there were many Big Bangs, some still occurring at the edge of forever.  And how can anyone accept a theory that does not clearly explain where all the energy for the Big Bang came from in the first place?  

What was the source and cause of it, and how did that original energy eventually produce complex stars, solar systems, vast galaxies and nebulae?  But we digress.  Few scientists in the public eye allude to UFOs and the possibility of Earth being visited, in spite of the vast amount of supportive evidence.  But at least there is a change in thinking amongst the establishment.  

It’s a pity that ufologists and like thinkers won’t be given credit one day for having had the foresight to know that Earth is only an oasis in the scheme of things, but special enough to attract visitors from beyond.  Or maybe we should have a shift in thinking.  Perhaps we ourselves were originally the extraterrestrial visitors to Earth who, for a million years now, have become firmly established as permanent residents.


Sunday 20 February 2000, 9pm.  Golden Bay, Western Australia.  The witness would not leave his telephone number, name or address, but insists he saw something very unusual.  

Two red/orange balls of light (OBOLs) glowing like hot coals were seen to the south-west over the ocean.  The leading sphere stopped, allowing the other to catch up.  It did not catch up by travelling in a straight line, but zig-zagged left and right in a very erratic manner.  The two spheres remained stationary together for a while before moving away to the south-west and at the same time rising up into the night sky, increasing speed until they appeared as two star-like dots before disappearing altogether.

Sunday 13 February 2000.  Mr Herbig, a retired mining engineer, related an incident from 1967.  He and three colleagues were near Dampier in north-west WA (then King Bay), when a huge, bright, white, moon-shaped object came in from the ocean to the west and stopped over them for a while.  It then flew back from whence it came.  No sound was heard.

Thursday 10 February 2000, 4.30am.  Gosnells, WA.  The witness, Peter, was looking east when he saw a bright, white, stationary light at forty-five degrees.  The object then moved erratically up and down and side to side and assumed a bluish tinge with a haze around it.  There appeared to be a black spot in the central area which was not well defined.  The witness watched the object for about ten minutes before it faded out.

Sunday 6 February 2000, 9.15pm.  Greenwood, WA.  Emmet reported an orange/red fireball with a long tail travel from south-west to north-east in ten seconds.  There was no sound or sparkle from the object.

Thursday 3 February 2000, 10.07pm.  John of Currumbine, WA, thirty-five kilometres to the north of Perth, was looking south-west.  There was a flash and the witness noticed an unusual ‘star’ at about forty-five degrees.  It moved north towards the witness, then east before resuming a northerly direction and back east before disappearing, flashing all the while.  Later that night John saw an unusually dull meteor streak from north to south, parallel to the ground.

Sunday 30 January 2000, 12.05am.  Kununurra, WA.  Steven was at the Lakeside Resort on security duty.  He watched a very bright orange light approach Kununurra from the north-west.  He described it as, “like an incandescent street lamp.”  It traveled very fast and was about the size of a Australian two dollar coin (20mm) at arm’s length.  The object slowed down and stopped north-west of Kununurra.  It appeared to be enveloped in a sparkling substance.  Burning, bright orange/red stuff was falling straight down from the object, like wax from a candle.  

The object slowly rotated and the witness noticed a darker central area on what appeared to be a sphere.  After about a minute the sphere moved to the right (north-east) and then headed east-south-east and was lost from view.  Apparently the same or similar object was seen in the same area in the early hours of Saturday 15 January, also shedding burning debris, and around Christmas time was reported twice at 11pm and 2am when it split in two and flew in opposite directions.

Friday 28 January 2000, 9.35pm.  Rockingham, WA.  The witness, Trevor, watched a very bright light with a bluish tinge, half the size of a full moon, drop down from a forty-five degree angle.  He described it as a ‘beamless searchlight’.  It could have been a meteor except the object did a complete double-back (turn) on the spot and shot up into space.  It traveled faster than anything the witness had ever seen or could imagine, disappearing in less than two seconds.

Thursday 27 January 2000, 8.10pm.  Mt Masura, near Armadale, WA.  Erica and a friend were facing west.  A very bright star-like object  dropped down from almost overhead, dimmed and disappeared.  It reappeared to the right (north), dropped down again, before shooting up at great speed and vanishing.  The witness saw a silver disc when she was twelve and has psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance.

Wednesday 26 January 2000, 10.50pm.   Bibra Lake, WA.  Greg and a friend watched a single white light travel from south to north-east.  Some distance behind, three more lights were following two hand-spans at arm’s length behind, one lower than the other two.  The second light was larger than the third and the fourth which faded out.  Another caller named Greg, also of Bibra Lake, reported the same sighting at the same time, although he thought the following lights were a reddish colour.

Wednesday 26 January 2000, between 10.30pm & 11.30pm.  Halls Creek, WA.  Warren, the witness, forgot to record the exact time, but described a very bright, white light travelling north-east from the south-west.  Bits seemed to be falling off the object.  About twelve smaller lights were following close to the main light and were ‘peeling away.’

Saturday’s West Australian newspaper of 29 January 2000 ran a story of this sighting.  It seems the object described as a fireball was seen from Albany and Esperance in the south-west heading north-east, crossing Halls Creek, Kununurra and Wyndham on the north-east WA/Northern Territory border.  The Perth Observatory’s director, Dr James Biggs, believed the object was either a meteor travelling one hundred kilometres up, or a Russian Molniya satellite, launched in 1986, breaking up.  The following lights described by witnesses could have been bits of the satellite breaking off and continuing on a similar trajectory for a while.  As this is only speculation, more investigation is needed.

Monday 24 January 2000, 8.04pm.  Mosman Park, WA.  Russell, a resident of Wellington street, was looking west and watched four lights travelling north to south, following the coast.  What made the lights unusual was their configuration?a Southern Cross.  The trailing light was blue and the other three white, with one flashing.  There was no sign of wings, tail or fuselage.  The witness thought he could hear the roar of engines (This may have been a military jet on night exercises: BR).

Thursday 13 January 2000, 8.42–8.57pm.  Spearwood/Munster area, WA.  Mark and three friends watched an OBOL travel from east to west at about seventy degrees.  There was no sound and an orange flame came out the back of the object, flickering and fluttering like a candle.  The witnesses calculated they must have sighted it over a sixty kilometre distance before it disappeared over the Indian Ocean.

Saturday 8 January 2000, 11.30pm.  Hamilton Road, Coogee, WA.  Scott reported an OBOL travelling south to north in a seven minute period.  It was very bright and the witness, using a twenty magnification gun-sight, observed ‘veins’ or fine lines running through it.

Saturday 1 January 2000.  Southern River, Armadale, WA.  Looking east, Kelly reported two balls of light, one pink, the other white.  At first, what appeared to be an unusually bright, white ‘star’ started to move south.  Then in one jump, moved left or north.  A huge pink ball of light materialised and started to move erratically up and down, disappearing and reappearing several times in different locations.  The larger pink light was joined by the smaller white light, hovered for a few moments and (both) disappeared.  Total sighting time was fifteen minutes

Friday 17 December 1999, 3.50–4pm.  Julia of Lansdale, WA, saw a small silver speck very high up to the left of a three-quarters full moon.  Through a pair of binoculars she could see four more similar objects? spheres or ovals without any appendages.  They appeared to be dropping like falling leaves with a side-to-side motion and were lost to view behind some trees.

Sunday 12 December 1999.  A woman phoned to relate an experience her father had had fifteen years ago whilst working in the North-west.  He had not spoken of the event to anyone until recently.  Her father had tripped over one evening.  In his horizontal position he saw the cause of his predicament.  A small picket fence formed a compound.  Within this area were tiny people and a fleet of miniature buses going about their business.  (Shades of Gulliver’s Travels!)  His following memory is vague, but for several years a series of five vertical lines like a bar-code remained on the witness’s forehead until they finally faded away.

Monday 6 December 1999, 9.25pm.   Martin of Hilton, WA, watched three white lights in a triangular formation head north-north-east from the south-west.  They faded away with distance.

Saturday 4 December 1999, 10pm.  Rosanna watched a glowing red object fly overhead to the east of Joondalup, WA.  The object came down and was burning on the ground.  The witness was too frightened to approach the object and drove away as fast as (legally) possible.

Thursday, 28 October 1999, 11.30pm.  Wally, a taxi driver, was near Mt Henry Bridge, Perth, when a fireball went overhead south-east to north-west.  The unusual feature was its cylindrical shape.  Flames were discharging from the rear of this ‘cylinder’, yet no sound was heard.

Sunday 5 September 1999, 9.05pm.  Ken of Singleton near Mandurah, WA, reported seeing, through binoculars, a star-like object moving north from the area of the Southern Cross.  It was flashing intermittently and jumping about in a most unusual fashion.

Monday 30 August 1999, 8.45pm.  Frank was east of Mt Newman, WA, when he spotted an oval object travelling east to west over a ten minute period.  He took photos, but the images were too small to analyse.

Wednesday 25 August 1999, 10.15pm.  Melissa was leaving a house in Shelley, WA, where she had been visiting friends.  With friends and neighbours she saw a bright candle-shaped object (three centimetres at arm’s length) with a yellow glow travelling west to east horizontally.  It was travelling quite fast and rising.  It grew smaller by distance and disappeared.

Sunday 1 August 1999, 6.30pm.  Ron and Cathy of Rivervale saw three star-like objects very high up zig-zagging about erratically.  They watched for ten minutes until the objects disappeared.  The witnesses, along with scores of others, had seen an illuminated cigar-shaped object, complete with portholes, over Perth in 1968.

Thursday 29 July 1999, 5.55pm.  Drysdale Crossing, Kimberlys, WA.  A report was made of a bright, blue fireball with tail travelling south to north-north-east.  Stuff was falling off the object as it passed overhead.  At 6pm a possible impact explosion or sonic boom was heard from over the horizon.

Monday 26 July 1999, 9pm Glendalough, Wembley, WA.  The witness, Matt, looking east, reported seeing a milky-white, cigarette-shaped object travelling fast and silently from north to south.  The duration of the sighting was three to four seconds.

Sunday 18 July 1999, around midnight.  Rockingham, WA.  The two witnesses, Dave and Virginia, saw a large, green, tailless fireball cross the sky from north to south. 

Shortly afterwards the witnesses saw two luminous spheres the size of grapefruit on their back patio.  Virginia tried to lift one up, but her hand went straight through the object, which then disappeared.  She felt a sort of pressure/energy within the object which left a sooty residue on her hand.  Unfortunately none of this residue was kept for analysis.  There seemed to be no negative after-effects from this experience.

Saturday 10 July 1999, 5.50pm.  Huntingdale, WA.  A man reported what looked like a wing or plane on fire moving from east to west.  The bright orange/red object was moving about seventy kilometres per hour.  It rose, did a half-circle manoeuvre and continued on its way.

Thursday 24 June 1999, 7pm.  Welshpool, WA.  Peter was ‘freaked out’ by a very bright, orange/red object travelling silently below cloud from east to west.  He described it as being, “Brighter than the brightest star” (Possibly a fireball: BR).

Tuesday 15 June 1999, 5.30pm.  Bindoon, WA.  Fiona and three witnesses watched a contrail, or what appeared to be a vaporous streak, at twenty degrees to the north.  From this ‘vapour’ emerged a rocket or bullet-shaped, dark object.  The vapour trail turned an orange colour (The setting sun? BR) and both the trail and object continued northwards at great speed.

Wednesday 9 June 1999, 10am–3pm.  Esperance, WA.  This is not a UFO report in the true sense.  It relates to a fall of white, filamentous, web-like substance, sometimes referred to as ‘Angel Hair’.  The witness, Peter G was some ninety kilometres east of Esperance.  At 10am he noticed thread-like substance falling out of a clear sky.

  There was no wind.  He traveled west, and near Esperance the stuff was still falling and continued to do so till 3pm.  Trees, bushes and power lines were festooned with threads up to four and a half metres long.  The ground took on a sheen as the stuff settled.  Reports came in from the north, east and west, from Gibson’s Soak, Condonup and Munglinup, covering a 10,000 square kilometre area.  The local paper ran a story, and an Esperance resident, Marilyn Burnet, collected a sample.  I had some of that sample analysed spectrographically and with electron microscopy.

  Copper, aluminum, zinc, iron, sodium, manganese, silicon and a number of other minerals were found in it, which eliminated the spider’s web theory.  It appeared to be some sort of extruded inorganic/organic polymer.  No UFOs were reported at the time, although between three and five contrails or chemtrails were seen over Esperance that day, one with a spiral formation.  This is mentioned because there have been similar occurrences in the USA and elsewhere, which are believed to cause a lot of sickness through respiratory problems.  This is purely speculation here; there may be no connection.  But, for more information on this disturbing phenomenon, type ‘chemtrails’ or ‘contrails’ into your Internet search engine.  You’ll be in for a surprise.

Monday 7 June 1999, 6.40pm.  Beldon, WA.  Graeme and family watched a bright-red, flaming object travel north-west to south-east very low and silent.  The witnesses thought it was an aircraft on fire about to crash and watched it for ten minutes before losing it from view.  A second independent witness, in Padbury, saw a very bright, orange object approach from the north.  At first it was the size of Venus or Jupiter, but as it got closer it grew bigger.  She described it, “like a Cessna on fire.”  The object stopped over her house for three minutes.  The witness raced inside to get her binoculars.  When she returned, the light had gone much higher, dimmed, and moved to the north-east.  After another three minutes it grew brighter and moved south-east in a series of zig-zags and jumps before fading from view in the distance.

Sunday 6 June 1999, 10.30am.  Wanneroo, WA.  Sylvia reported a metallic, cylindrical object moving slowly from the north-east to the south-west.  High above were two white stationary specks.  The witness averted her gaze for a moment.  When she tried to re-locate the objects, they had gone.

Sunday 30 May 1999, 7.30pm.  Gosnells WA.  Mark J reported a flaming, red ball travelling north to south in seven minutes.  It was lost to view by distance.

Saturday 29 June 1999, 9pm.  Armadale, WA.  Sian and friend reported two OBOLs to the south, one above the other.  The lights moved over the couple’s house and remained stationary.  The male witness grabbed a video camera and started filming.  As soon as he did this, the tape got chewed up and no record was made.  The lights then moved south and were lost by distance. 

Friday 28 May 1999, 8pm.  Gosnells, WA.
  Kim, looking north-east, saw five orange lights travel north-east to south-west in a group.  Two of the lights disappeared, the other three formed a diagonal line before dimming out five minutes later.

Friday 28 May 1999, 11.30pm.  Terry, a ranger covering the Jarrahdale and Bedfordale areas in WA, watched three lights in a triangular formation moving south-east at the back of Wongan Dam.

Saturday 22 May 1999, 10am.  North of Gingin, WA.  Shanon and a friend were travelling north.  They claimed a disc-shaped object dropped out of the sky some two kilometres in front of them.  It paced their vehicle, keeping the same distance ahead along the Brand Highway.  After a few minutes the object accelerated ahead and disappeared.

Saturday 22 May 1999, 5.30pm.  Gingin/Dongara area, WA.  Pat S and her mother were south of Cataby in the Gingin/Dongara area travelling north.  They noticed an orange/red oval object travelling in a north-east to south-west direction leaving a visible trail.  It appeared to be dropping down, but after twelve minutes it leveled off and sped away to the east.  Pat shot a full two minutes of video, but accidentally erased all but a few seconds of the trail.

Monday 17 May 1999, 6.30pm.  Scarborough, WA.  Sandy was looking south towards Perth.  Three stationary orange/red lights appeared in a straight, horizontal line spaced equally apart.  They blinked out and were not seen again.  The witness insisted that it was not a conventional aircraft.

Saturday 15 May 1999, 8.45pm.  Noranda, WA.  Andrew B and four witnesses described three stationary lights in a triangular formation over Perth to the south-west.  They did not move or flash, but faded out after three minutes.  They were spaced equally apart, ten centimetres at arm’s length.  A conventional aircraft flying nearby had a flashing red light.

Tuesday 11 May 1999, 3.30pm.  Perth, WA.  Doug M’s daughter, aged nine, described a black cylinder with flames coming out the back travelling silently from east to west at the same speed as a light aircraft.

Monday 3 May 1999, 11pm.  Kingsley, WA.  John was lying on his bed.  He watched a very bright yellowish/white light approach from the south and stop over his house.  He noticed it wasn’t one light but two, close together and oval in shape.  To the north of these bright lights he could see a cluster of star-like lights moving about.  After a while all the lights headed upwards and disappeared.

Saturday 24 April 1999, 11.30–11.45pm.  Heathridge, WA.  Andre was driving along Marmion Avenue and noticed a very bright, red, stationary light some distance to the south.  As he watched, a smaller white light came out of the red light, then another, which dropped straight down.  He then lost sight of the object.

Wednesday 21 April 1999, 10.30pm.  Armadale, WA.  Kevin C was looking west towards the coast.  An orange/red light appeared and divided into two.  One half was round.  The second diamond-shaped object was surrounded by five or six white lights that lit up the clouds.  What appeared to be cloud, vapour, or steam was being sucked into the diamond shape.

Friday 16 April 1999, 4.30pm.  Inglewood, WA.  Andrew M watched two metallic-looking spheres head west.  Both were rolling over and over or tumbling as they accelerated out of sight.

Wednesday 14 April 1999, 1.15pm.  Joondalup, WA.  Shane watched a very high flying object.  No appendages were seen.  It appeared round or oval moving west.  It changed course heading north and stopped and moved north again disappearing very rapidly.  No sound was heard.

Monday 12 April 1999, 10pm.  Kalamunda, WA.  Geoff reported a large star-like object to the north at seventy degrees flashing every three seconds.  An orange glow appeared around the light for about four minutes.  It faded out after eight minutes.

Monday 5 April 1999, 8.05pm.  Leederville, WA.  Megan watched a silent, yellow/white fireball with a long tail travel north to south in six seconds.  It was very bright.  Bits were falling off as the object made its pass.  The same object was also reported by Luigi of Noranda at 8.05pm.  He described it as, “white with a long tail going north-east to south-west”.  Joe in Mundaring thought it was bluish/white with a long tail going north-east to south-west.  Des W of Langford saw it at 8.04pm as blue/green with a very long tail going north to south-west.

Saturday 3 April 1999, 7.35pm.  Mandurah, WA.  Debbie and seven other witnesses watched an OBOL travel south to north.  It was four times brighter and bigger than the brightest star/planet and although not deviating from its course appeared to move up and down (Possibly a satellite, the orange colour being sun reflection: BR).

Sunday 21 March 1999, 11pm.  Chidlow, WA.  Shelley watched a ‘clump’ of light to the north shaped like a kangaroo with rainbow colours.  It was drifting westwards.  Later, in the early hours of Monday 22 March, a group of five star-like objects, two white, three gold, performed aerial maneuvers for one and a half hours before fading out.  ?

It seems that the enigmatic flying triangles won't go away.  They continue to be seen in many parts of the world often flying very low, silently, and at speeds that would stall a conventional aircraft.  Lights are often observed at each point and beneath the craft.  Sometimes a beam of light from the triangle scans the sky above, or the ground below.  Witnesses have been filled with mixed emotions.  Are these alien craft keeping one step ahead of our own technology, or at least appearing to? 

Such claims were made when alluding to the great airship flap across the United States from November 1896 to April 1897, when scores of intelligently controlled 'dirigibles', more often than not flying against the wind, caused much concern and fiery debate fuelled by the popular press of the day.

If the flying triangles of today are our own secret advanced technology, then the secret is out.  Flying such test aircraft over heavily populated areas would risk a mishap.  The repercussions from such an accident would be hard to contemplate.  No such incident has yet been reported.  If these craft are so safe as to be accident proof, then a really advanced propulsion system is being operated – so advanced in fact that further manufacture of conventional aircraft should be stopped immediately.  This cutting edge technology must be introduced now for the benefit of all.  But don't hold your breath! 

Peru is in the throes of a UFO flap.  Hundreds of reports are coming in from all over the country and UFO buffs everywhere are trying to secure the videos which show numerous flying objects.  

Thanks to Mike Farrell, director of Project GUFONE '99 for the following reports which are just a few of the many compiled:

Wednesday 3rd March 1999 For forty minutes, five glowing discs flew over Lima, the capital city of Peru.  Two OVNIs (objeto volante no identificado: the Spanish acronym for UFOs) flew off by themselves and performed manoeuvres whilst the remaining three darted away to the east.  Home videos taken of the overflight were broadcast on Canal (Channel) 2 Television Frequencia Latina following the incident.

Tuesday 2nd March 1999, 6.30pm Two OVNIs flew over Pucallpa in the Amazon, 600km north-east of Lima.  "Plenty of witnesses saw them cleave through the cloudy sky", Alfredo Mendiola reported.  "They were bright enough to shine through the mists.  In the sector of the city, they appeared as a bright dot.  Others reported seeing the light change colour from white to yellow, red and blue." 

Home videos were aired on the local TV station in Pucallpa.  "The video showed an object in the form of a spinning and humming top with a surrounding light (aura) and clear brown colour tones.  Another showed a cone with a point coming to a rise.  A helicopter of the Policia Aeria tried to chase the OVNIs, but the pilots lost radio contact with the ground, which seems impossible because they have high frequency radios." 

Towards the end of February in Andacolla in the Neuquen district south of Lima,
residents watched glowing UFOs "that moved in a zigzag.  We watched them cross the sky with lights in the front.  There was also another OVNI like a great luminosity that pulsated as well." 

 In Lindera, 440km south of Arequipa near Peru's border with Chile, local residents were astonished to find several crop circles in a field of wheat.  The crop circles were described as 'tripods' (three circles joined by straight lines).  There were sections of the circles where the grain was squashed flat but not broken.

Six UFOs Seen By Hundreds Near Monterrey, Mexico.  Sunday 28th February 1999.  Canal (Channel) 12 of the city of Monterrey, (924km north of Mexico city) in Coafiuila state, aired home video of six UFOs flying over the La husteca section of the city, heading for Las Pampas mountain.  Hundreds reported the overflight which lasted several minutes.  The video showed six luminous triangular objects flying westward in formation, with the camcorder focus set on 'zoom'.  (Thanks to Marco Reinoso Ballesteros y Guillermo Alarcon for this report).

Flying objects of the unidentified kind remain a fascinating area of study, but such studies remain forever shallow because of the very elusive nature of the objects.  UFO experts there are not, but UFO case study experts there are.  What is generating much interest at this time are the accounts/experiences of ordinary people, or personal contact experiences (PCEs).  Brave individuals are coming forward without fear or favour, and recounting extraordinary stories of personal interaction with unknown life-forms or 'energies'.  The events are often recalled without hypnosis and invoke fear and loathing, love and adoration, confusion – a whole range of emotions.

To get regular reports of such accounts, e-mail Citizens Against UFO Secrecy' in the USA
or go to their website:  

  by Brian Richards
Monday 21st June 1999 9pm. Karl of Northbridge reported an unusual orange light  travelling from North to South. No sound was heard and the light was constant rathr than blinking or flashing. It faded out after about three minutes.

Sunday 20th June 1999 6.45pm.  Ian and a friend watched a bright star-like object in the Southwest with revolving colours: white, blue, red and green. They claimed it was jumping about and dropping down over a twenty minute period. The witnesses phoned the following evening to report the object's return.. I would suggest this is the bright star Spyker  often mistaken for a UFO as are the similar stars Regulus  and Capella. I suggested to the witness that he look for the object on the third consecutive night. If seen, this would almost certainly be the star in question. Cloud cover and rain on Tuesday 22nd June has prevented confirmation of this.

Tuesday 15th June 1999 5.50p. Near Bindoon, WA. Fiona H and three witnesses saw a streak of something in the sky at a twenty degree angle. Out of it appeared a black rocket or bullet shaped object which moved to the North. The streak which had turned bright orange (setting sunlight?) moved away with the object and disappeared.

Wednesday 9th June 1999 Esperance area, WA. Peter G phoned on Wednesday evening, somewhat incredulous to what he had seen. From 10.30am to 3pm over a 1000 sq km area tonnes of white threads drifted down from at least a thousand feet, covering trees, hedgerows and paddocks.. Overhead power lines were festooned with the stuff hanging in great shrouds up to 30 metres in length. The ground itself took on a sheen as layer  piled upon layer.  A Cessna was seen flying through the stuff at varying heights, and later the pilot claimed his aircraft was covered in dead insects.  Three contrails were observed much higher up, one with a spiral in it. 

The witness collected some of the web-like material which was not sticky but  had 'evaporated' by the next day. He also searched for more of the stuff the following day without success, and was unable to report seeing one spider at any time. The Esperance Express of 15th June ran a feature quoting Albany Agriculture Western Australia entomologist Phil Michael who said his car was covered with a couple of hundred spiders. 

""They (the spider's) spin and disperse copious amounts of webbing as part of their massive colonization program across the Southeast region. They often do it on a warm day with light winds. It was just a magnificent day," said Mr Michael. An Esperance resident Alan Longbottom thought these could be Orb-weaver and Wolf spiders utilising warm rising currents of air to execute their migration, basically every year. 
One farmer, 50 kms to the North in Munglinup said he had never seen anything like it in forty-one years. Was this some of  the enigmatic Angel Hair   reported world-wide since the Forties? This case certainly raises more questions than answers as Peter G has pointed out in his own local enquiries. 

He insists the stuff was:  NOT COTTON,  NOT STICKY,  NOT WEB.

It would take more than a warm day to lift webs and spiders off shrubs and bushes. There was no wind. Masses of grounded web would have to be everywhere to be lifted skyward in the first place. None was reported until the massive fall. Where was all the web (and spiders) the following day? None could be found. Don't spiders hibernate at this time of the year? A four and a half hour fall of threads  over a 10000sq km area or more belies belief if we accept the spider theory. Remember one witness reported lengths 20 to 30 metres long, hanging in shrouds off overhead wires. Would someone please identify the spider capable of such 'posterior production?!' 

An exhaustive search the following day revealed nothing, not even an exhausted spider. 

Wednesday  9th June 1999 8.20pm Rockingham, WA.  Peter and two friends watched as two lights just above the Western horizon behaved strangely, zig-zagging about sideways and up and down. (Could be thermals/cloud/moisture causing visual distortion to stars in the area. BR.)

Monday 7th June 1999  6.30pm  Beldon WA. Graeme and family members watched a bright red flaming tail-less object travelling from NW - SE, very low with no sound. Witness thought it was an aircraft on fire about to crash (Where have we heard this before!?) and watched it for about  twenty  minutes until lost from view.

Monday, same date same time. a witness in Padbury reported an object, initially the size and brightness of Venus head in from the North. 

It was very bright, silent and a glowing orange. She thought it was a Cessna on fire and watched with alarm as it approached. To her amazement, it stopped over her house for about three minutes. She raced inside to get binoculars, and seconds later when she emerged, the object had moved away to the North East, was much higher and dimmer. After another three minutes it moved to theSouth east in a series of rapid 'jumps' or zig-zags and was 
lost from view.

Sunday 6th June 1999 10.30am Wanneroo, WA.  Sylvia reported a metallic cylindrical object, very high up, moving from NE - SW. Even higher were two stationary  silvery-white specks. The witness looked away for a second. 
When she returned her gaze, the objects had gone.

Tuesday 1st June 1999 1.55pm - 2pm Cattaby, WA. The two witnesses, one a mining engineer, the other an ex- aeronautical engineer saw a tadpole-shaped object with a silver dome and a short tail moving from North - West in a clear blue sky. The object accelerated away at great speed and went out of sight. They had never seen anything like it. Several months ago at 7pm, the same two men had seen a silent, delta-wing aircraft  in the same area, moving fast, North to South. Its underside glowed orange and carried a single white light at the rear.

Monday 31st May 1999. 1.55pm - 2pm. Catterby, WA. James B. and a colleague - a mining and aeronautical enginer watched amazed as a tadpole shaped object with a short tail and silver dome on top moved slowly from east to west. 
No sound. They had never seen anything like it. The object literally vanished before their very eyes. 
Several months previous to this (date not recorded) the two men watched a fairly low flying delta winged craft move from north to south. Its underside was bathed in orange light. At the rear shone a very bright white light. The silent object moved quite fast and disappeared through distance.

Sunday 30th May 1999 7.30pm. Gosnells WA. Mark J. and four witnesses reported seeing a bright orange/red sphere at about 200ft flying from north to south. Flames appeared to be coming off the top of the object. They watched it for about seven minutes as it headed south and was lost from view. (possibly a hot air balloon of the garbage bag type -BR)

Saturday 29th May 1999 9pm Armadale WA. Sian and her partner were driving towards Armadale. They witnessed two orange lights one above the other to the south ahead of them. They followed the lights for some distance as they headed home. On reaching their house, Sian's partner raced indoors and grabbed the video camera. As he started filming the objects, the tape got chewed up, something that has never happened before. The lights, which had been more or less over their house at this time continued south and were lost to view by distance.

Friday 28th May 1999 Bedfordale, WA 11.30pm. One of the rangers telephoned to report three white lights over the Wongan Dam forming a triangle. One of the lights was very large, the other two small. It was not possible to determine which was the leading edge/point or trailing edge of the craft, if that's what it was.

Saturday 22nd May 1999 North of Gingin, WA 10am. Sharon and a friend were heading north in the Gingin area. Coming down from the clouds 1-2 kilometres ahead of them appeared a disc-shaped object. I descended to about 500ft, leveled off and headed north in front of the witnesses following the Brand Highway. 
They watched it for about five minutes until the object sped away and was lost from view.

Monday 17th May 1999. 6.30pm Scarborough, N. Beach. WA A man reported seeing three orange lights in a horizontal line over Perth about six kilometres south. The lights simply vanished or 'switched off' as they watched. Witness insists these were not stars or any conventional aircraft lights.

Saturday 15th May 1999. Noranda, WA 8.45pm. Andrew B. and four witnesses could not explain what they saw some kilometres away over Perth, towards the southwest. Three bright red/orange lights in a triangular formation seemed to hover stationary in the night sky. They appeared to be about 4" apart at arm's length, and were not blinking or flashing.As the five puzzled witnesses watched the lights they suddenly disappeared. An aircraft seen in the vicinity of the lights had a flashing red light, highlighting the difference between the two or four objects as the case may be.

Tuesday 11th May 1999. A person phoned to report a sighting, but gave very few details. He just said his daughter in the Perth area had seen a black cylinder, belching flames from its rear, travelling from east to west between 3.30pm and 4pm

There are no earth-shattering sightings to report, but there are some interesting ones.  Accounts are down on previous years, but February 1999 appears to have been a busy month.  I was diving on the Pandora (1791) wreck in far-north Queensland for the four weeks, so thanks to Mike Jordan for dealing with the all-hours phone calls and compiling February's report.

26th February 1999, 8.10am.  Jeremy phoned from Albany to say that he was travelling to Mt Barker on the previous night with his brother, when at about 9.15pm they saw a white light with smaller white lights appearing to move around it up and down like a yoyo.  The sighting lasted from ten to fifteen seconds.

21st February 1999, 8.45pm Eric of Mirrabooka reported seeing a bright flash of white light with a blue afterglow, followed by another such display.  He said they were like sheet lightning, but there was a clear sky and no clouds anywhere.  There were four other witnesses with him.

19th February 1999, 9.45pm.  A man (a farmer) rang, but did not leave his name.  (Judith took the call because I was at a meeting).  He said that, as he was returning to York, he saw a strange white and red light which came closer and he saw it pick up another car.  He would not give details to Judith but said he would ring me in the morning.  He did not call.

16th February 1999, 3.10pm.  Phillip of Booragoon said he and his wife had seen two white lights moving across the sky about 7.55pm.

15th February 1999, 8.15pm Tania of Rockingham phoned to say she and two other witnesses had seen two white lights moving at the same time (not parallel), travelling south at about 8pm.  She said they were not planes, and had no coloured lights and no noise.  Larger than stars, they moved in different directions across the sky.

13th February 1999, 7.20pm.  Colin of Wilson (not Colin Wilson!) said that he and his wife were lying on their trampoline looking at the stars, when a bright light approached and then turned on its side revealing a huge box-shaped or "it could have been a triangular shaped craft."  It then shot up into the sky at great speed.  He said he was a sceptic and didn't believe in UFOs, but was now re-thinking his situation.

11th February 1999, 10.45am A woman phoned to say that at 1am the previous night she was putting her sewing away, her husband and child were asleep, when an object making a very loud whooshing sound passed very close over her house.  She said the sound lasted for a few seconds, it was definitely not a plane or helicopter and left her shaking and unable to sleep for a few hours.  I did not catch or recognise the name of her location, but she was north of Perth.

11th February 1999, 10.12am.  Richard, a social science graduate, was fishing in a dam nearly 200km north-east of Perth when he and friends saw a blended white and red light stopping and zigzagging for approximately two minutes.  The blurred reflections of the light could be seen in the dam.

11th February 1999, 5.05am.  Brian D called from his mobile phone from approximately 100km north of New Norcia.  He and his family were travelling from the North-West by car.  He reported that they saw a white light behaving in an erratic flight pattern before disappearing.  Then a large red glowing light was seen in the bush.  There was no noise and it was not a plane or helicopter.  Brian said they were listening to the ABC Radio and their brief news bulletin reported the sightings of UFOs over WA.

Thursday 21st January 1999, 2–3am.  Casuarina, WA.  A man, Jason L, reported hearing a humming sound, a low drone.  Utensils were rattling in the kitchen.  The witness went outside the house and noticed a very bright light to the NNW at about sixty degrees.  This object was moving about in a zigzag fashion and appeared to be spinning.  Two other star-like objects appeared, one either side of the larger one which allegedly shone a laser-type beam to each of the smaller lights.  At this time Jason reported their microwave oven was arcing, the radio and stereo were affected, as was the power supply to the house.  Jason also claimed beams were being shone into the house, which he avoided.  I suggested this may have been light from the bright stars Regulus or Capella, but this does not account for the erratic aerial manoeuvring, or the humming noise.

Tuesday 12th January 1999, midday.  Denmark, WA.  A man, Roger C, reported seeing twenty-five or thirty dark objects moving east to west over the sea at twenty-five to thirty degrees.  The objects appeared to stop at one stage before moving on.  The witness was adamant they were not birds.

Friday 25th December 1998, 9.30pm.  Rockingham, WA.  Four witnesses were watching Jupiter in close proximity to a new moon.  A very bright object appeared about one hand-span (at arm's length) to the left of the moon, flashed three times, then headed south very rapidly.

Monday 21st December 1998, 11.40am.  Belmont, WA.  Fred H and his daughter had just left Bott's Chemist when they saw a very bright white metallic object moving slowly from SW to NE.  It appeared to be very high up and shaped like a round ice-cream container surrounded by a dark aura or haze.  The duration of the sighting was six minutes.

Friday 18th December 1998, 10pm.  Richard G was looking north from Leederville, WA, and watched three star-like objects in the shape of a triangle move from east to west at about forty-five degrees.  The leading light was red and the trailing two were white.

Tuesday 15th–Wed 16th December 1998, 8pm–1am.  Mr Brian K of Karrinyup, WA, reported his son's sighting from Busselton, WA.  Apparently Chad K and a friend watched six star-like objects in the north-west sky perform unusual aerial manoeuvres, zigzagging and jumping about, for over five hours.  What appeared to be the same objects repeated the performance the following night (16th Dec).  Chad, who is an amateur astronomer,  watched the objects through a telescope.  They appeared to be triangular.

Sunday 13th December 1998, 1.05am.  Dianella, WA.  A man reported seeing a bright white fireball with no tail pass silently overhead from the NNE to the SSW.

Friday 4th December 1998, 9pm.  Mullaloo, WA Shane and two other witnesses reported an unusual 'incident' which started at 9pm and went on for some time.  A small red light was seen moving about sideways and up and down over the ocean to the west.  It also moved in close towards the beach.  A hovering helicopter had a light on the object which itself had revolving red and blue flashing lights and was disc shaped.  A jet plane was also seen flying about over the sea.  The totally silent object came in over the beach and was in the dunes for about two minutes and simply disappeared.

Friday 4th December 1998, 9.30pm.  City Beach, WA.  This sighting was reported in the Sunday Times newspaper through UFORUM, witnessed by Caspar F and a girlfriend.  A huge mid-grey triangle flew over the witnesses from the north-west, heading south-east before turning east.  Underneath the object were about twelve rectangular red lights parallel to the rear edge.  The leading part of the craft or apex was illuminated by a very bright whitish yellow light.  A low droning sound was heard.  The witnesses calculated its height as between 200–300ft.  It was travelling so slowly that a conventional aircraft would have been unable to remain airborne.

Friday 4th December 1998, 9.45pm Safety Bay, Rockingham, WA.  Helen S was looking north.  Travelling from west to east at about forty-five degrees, were three 'stars' in a triangular formation.  No sound was heard.  The objects were about a hand-span apart, and the formation "shaped like a Vulcan bomber."  There was cloud about, but the witness said the formation flew under the cloud and "just disappeared."

Saturday 14th November 1998.  A lady, Pamela of Kiara, near Beechboro, WA, inquired about our group, ASPR/UFORUM.  After a while she told how from the age of two, her son, now four, would talk about strange beings with whom he would interact, usually at two or three in the morning.  He described them as tall and skinny with big eyes, large hairless heads, thin arms, small mouths and holes for ears and nostrils.  They were a greyish blue colour and would regularly take him to 'the airport' where he would be introduced to a little girl with blonde hair.  He has suffered nose bleeds, is a high achiever and is never sick.  On the 14th November 1998, the family reported an orange light going overhead.  The little boy was clearly disturbed by the sighting and kept pointing and staring skywards for a long time afterwards.

At the time of this sightings report going to press, a very unusual story is circulating about an alleged UFO crash in Western Australia.  So much interest is being generated by the claim that even our conservative West Australian newspaper ran a feature about it on Saturday 20th March 1999.  This report is reproduced in full.  You can draw your own conclusions.  

However, the claim should be treated with suspicion, or at least healthy scepticism until more evidence is forthcoming.  One would ask the following questions:  

How did Margie Parker know of the crashed UFO, or make contact with the aliens?  
did they communicate their needs?  

Would advanced extraterrestrial beings be able to use our welding equipment on their (supposedly) alien alloys, and how would they know of such equipment? 

Would it not be correct to assume that the aliens would have a contingency plan in place for recovery in the event of such an emergency crash landing, or at the least a homing device? 

Surely NORAD, possibly Pine Gap, Nurrungar, and /or the Exmouth facility in WA, and a number of other high-tech 'monitoring agencies' would have detected the UFO entering our atmosphere and been aware of its demise.  This would have created another Roswell, with the area being cordoned off, swarming with military and recovery teams, and a cover story being issued.  Whether this case turns out to be genuine, a hoax, or something else, I hope that the credibility of ufology is not too damaged.  Time will tell.

 Sydney.  By Steve Pennells. 

The truth is out there ... apparently somewhere between Kalgoorlie and the South Australian border.  A $50,000 rescue mission has started for three stranded aliens and their 2km-wide spacecraft which allegedly crash-landed on the edge of the Great Victoria Desert.

Sydney woman Margie Parker flew to Kalgoorlie this week to organise a team of experts to find the stricken UFO.  She claims that the extraterrestrials were off-planet engineers who experienced mechanical problems while flying over WA and had to make an emergency landing in the middle of the Nullarbor, about 160km north of Haig. 

She will not say how she knows about the spacecraft but says the aliens want help to repair it so they can leave the planet quickly.  The extraterrestrials apparently need a welder, water and lifting gear.  Ms Parker's plan is to get to the stricken spaceship and have her rescue team help the aliens carry out repair work.  Offers of help have flooded in from interstate and overseas.  One United States benefactor is offering $32,000. 

Ms Parker contacted the UFO National Hotline in Melbourne to set up the rescue. 

 "We put her automatically in our 'fruit-cake' category but she is very insistent," the hotline's Ross Dowe said yesterday.  "It is not usual for us to make an expedition like this.  I don't think that we have ever been commissioned or paid to look for flying saucers before.  No doubt, it will be a real eye-opener if something is really there." 

Ms Parker has commissioned a team of geologists, including a Perth expert.  She was meant to meet him on her arrival at Perth Airport on Wednesday night.  She was booked on an evening flight but did not make the meeting.  She has reportedly begun setting up a rescue team in Kalgoorlie and has approached air charter companies to fly her to the remote location.  Kalgoorlie police also have been asked to help.  Kalgoorlie police Sgt John Hall said he had not received any report of stranded aliens.
(Article from The West Australian, Sat., 20/3/99, p.3) 
ASPR/UFORUM's Western Australian UFO Sightings & Reporting Centre can be reached
on (08) 9337 1638

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