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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Update: UFO Pilots - Are They Human? - By Diane Tessman

UFO Depiction

UFO Depiction

... convinced that some UFO occupants are of extraterrestrial origin.

Linda Moulton-Howe recently gave a "bombshell interview" to the "Dark Journalist" as a promotional for a "special extended 3 hour episode wherein she reveals some of the most controversial, stunning, eye-opening, and shocking revelations on the alien reality!"

"In this rare and revealing in-depth interview, Linda Moulton Howe explains why after 35 years of alien contact research she has now come to the conclusion that there are not only off-world alien visitors on the planet but also time-traveling human beings from a post-nuclear apocalypse future that are coming back to preserve vital DNA material for the survival of humankind!"

I am using quotation marks here because I am quoting from a sensationalistic advertisement for this interview.

Since I have championed Future Humans as the possible source of UFO occupants for over 30 years, I read this "big news" with an ironic smile. And as an individual who has been missing a membrane in her mouth for over 64 years, I also find the news that DNA harvesting is and has been underway for years--to be old news. I have no logical explanation for my missing tissue sample; believe me, I have searched. Here is the "breaking news" in the "Dark Journalist" promotional:

"By examining her research on hundreds of cases in the alien abduction syndrome, she outlines a mysterious and vast program being set up by extraterrestrial intelligence to ensure that human beings survive their own destructive tendencies with an advanced technology DNA harvesting network on a modern day Noah's Ark...(Linda) discloses publicly her own personal contact with a higher intelligence during her investigations of crop circles and their connection to UFOs and the alarming message that they telepathically communicated to her from another dimensional level about earth's future and the dangers that must be averted now so the planet can be saved from World War III!"

I wish to stress that I am not criticizing this promo nor Linda Moulton Howe's latest news, but many of us who have been convinced for many years that UFOs exist, have looked into the possibility that UFOs seem to have arrived in 1947 which marks the beginning of modern UFO era; we have all noted that this was also the year they tested the first nuclear bomb. Coincidence? I suppose I simply do not view this news from Ms. Moulton-Howe as "breaking news," but it is good to get the idea "out there" more prominently.

So, Linda also has heard telepathically from UFO occupants that we stand on the brink of World War 3 (nuclear Armageddon) and Earth's future is therefore in jeopardy. I remember discussing with Tuella that both she and I were receiving this same message from UFO occupants back in 1983. Tuella came before me chronologically and many of us have come before Linda Moulton-Howe who is apparently now receiving the same messages.

Again, I am happy she is publicizing to a wider audience the information we received all along. However, there is one difference: It is an obligation of the individual involved to make it clear that this is a subjective opinion. If this individual has a large, respected reputation like Ms. Moulton-Howe, it is her obligation to make it clear that 1) she is standing on the shoulders of others who have given the same warning for years and 2) that even though she is a respected journalist, this new information is highly subjective.

In the UFO field, we need to publically make note of when we are being objective researchers and journalists, and when we are being "space channels." Channeling is often laughed at, perhaps Ms. Moulton-Howe will add to its legitimacy but an unfortunate side effect might be that she emerges as the "bombshell messenger" while the rest of us who received similar telepathic information for decades, remain as "those new age channels who deserve no respect."

The "Dark Journalist" promo concludes, "Linda also explores "never before revealed" details from cases like the RAF Bentwaters/Rendlesham Forest UFO encounter of how an entire house that was close by to the sighting "vanished into thin air" during the incident, but was covered up by covert intelligence forces. She also discusses how an Intel whistle-blower leaked a secret report to her that the CIA had come to the conclusion that crop circles were hidden messages from a struggling humanity in the future laid out in advanced mathematical and geometrical formulas." (This is also not breaking news, it has long been postulated).

I am sure some of you will want to listen to this Dark Journalist interview although I do wish he would simply give his name in this promo which seems a bit "sensationalistic smoke and mirrors."

Here is my update on the possibility of Future Humans being the pilots of at least some of the UFOs we see in our skies.

For over 30 years, I have searched for the possible source or sources of UFO occupants. What might their origins be? Where are they from? I am firmly convinced that some UFO occupants are of extraterrestrial origin, be they from inside the Solar System, perhaps Europa or Titan, or outside the Solar System. Of course is seems most likely they are from distant planets circling distant stars.

However, I have also looked into other theories of UFO occupants’ origins and an intriguing possibility arises. It involves the concept of the probable singularity between Homo sapiens and artificial intelligence in the future. This could be a possible source of UFO occupants; they may be Future Humans, probably with the enhancements of artificial intelligence.

(I capitalize "Future Humans" because I see them as a separate tribe or species from us, and yet they are the humans of their time). I also must disclose that when I was four years old, during an encounter with UFO occupants, I was told, "We are from your future." I remember this message from them as clearly as if it were yesterday. Also in the spiritual aspect of my work, I have had it confirmed that the messages are from Future Humans; I do, however, try to keep this spiritual aspect of my work separate from my UFO research and writings.

We are told that by 2045, humankind will join with artificial intelligence; then artificial intelligence will continue to expand, faster than human intelligence. This moment of Singularity will be arguably the most important event in human history, which might be why it is usually capitalized.

In researching the Future Human/UFO theory, two problems are always presented:

Problem #1: Humans are a long way from being advanced enough (intelligent enough), to develop time travel. It might involve creating worm holes, or warping space or some quantum manipulation. After all, today we are still debating the basics of quantum mechanics. Problem Solved: However, linked into computer intelligence, we can perceive that we humans just might figure out how to traverse time. It might be a matter of sending one’s mind into time rather than one’s body, or it might mean boarding a silver starship and warping (folding) space. Whatever the specifics, enhanced intelligence should open the time travel doors wide!

Problem #2: If traveling time, backward or forward, means warping space or other incredible means, then humans will not be able to stand the radiation, g-forces, and other hardships. In fact, humans might not be able to go to space much more than they already have, due to the high radiation factor. So those UFO occupants just cannot be Future Humans, so says the argument.

Problem Solved: The Singularity will make us nearly immortal. Once linked with computer intelligence we will have beat senility; death itself will be a thing of the past. Our mind can be upgraded at any time; fresh nanobots inserted which will also knock out cancer and similar diseases. Any organ will soon be replaceable. We will fast become a race of androids, part organic, part artificial, with the organic part fading as we become artificially immortal. And so, of course we will be able to live through the radiation and other rigors of space. Galaxy, here we come!

There is a lot of evidence that some UFO occupants are Future Humans. For one thing, UFO occupants are obviously very interested in Earth and may well have been here for thousands of years. They have certainly been here since 1947, mostly observing, turning off and on a few nuclear missile codes, capturing a few humans in a “catch and release” program, taking human tissue samples, and taking environmental samples. They have never attacked us, one army to another. In fact, it seems they patrol our skies through some hidden agenda to protect Earth. Future Humans should have control of Earth skies. Perhaps they keep less friendly ET races from taking us over? Who would be concerned about Earth herself – humans or ETs?

In 1952, the year of my first encounter aboard some kind of ship, with a man who said he was a Future Human, there was also a UFO landing five miles up the road from my farm where my encounter took place. A farmer was gathering hay when a saucer landed beside the creek; two dwarf-size humans got out and dipped a vessel into the creek, filled it, then walked back to their saucer and took off. This UFO landing was kept a secret for over 60 years because the farmer feared derision from townspeople. I found out about it through his elderly cousin after the farmer died.

UFO Depiction Personal knowledge like this, as well as over 30 years of research in the UFO field, has convinced me that some UFOs are manned by humans from some other time. This time must be from AFTER a nuclear holocaust if it ever happens; if a few humans retained technology and continued to develop it, it is apparent that they would then go back in time and warn us; they would take healthy human tissue samples, and similar. Their own future might even depend on us “pre-nuclears.”

And yes, our own physical structure might begin to look like those emaciated, grey/white ETs; there would be both radiation mutation as a consequence of nuclear war and reliance on artificial intelligence would shrink muscle structure anyway. But let’s not assume there is to be nuclear war, but simply continue with the idea that we do exist as a species in the future.

"Future" of course becomes a moot point because once we have time travel; we can go back to whenever we wish. Humans would become citizens of "no-time" and "every-time in history."

Human time travelers are the ultimate practical argument because true ETs would have to have somehow traversed the incredible distances and barriers like super-high radiation in outer space, then discovered tiny Earth and decided to hang around Earth for probably millennia, or at least from 1947.

There is that enticing idea with some evidence that "they" have been here since humans emerged on Earth (whoever "they" is), so if the visitors are true ETs, they must have had the ability to travel the vast distances in space for millions of years. This gives rise to the possibility that Earth is a colony of ETs. But what if it is a human colony? Well, that's what we are!

The human time traveler concept presents a more practical picture. Humans are all over Mother Earth in every layer of time which is laid down. First, the prehistoric time-layer is still right here, in the same exact spot. To the cave men, it was the Eternal Now, just as it is to us today. We never are in the past, we never are in the future, and we only are in "the now."

So, the Eternal Now is a crowded place! The next layer which is laid down upon this infinite moment in time, is the layer of ancient times as humankind began to use its intelligence to expand, invent; curiosity and survival drove us on, and drives us on even today. Layer after layer is laid upon the same spot: Planet Earth, and by the same race of beings: Humans.

What if, with advanced (most likely) quantum technology, humans in the future find a way to drill down through those layers of time, never needing to travel the vast distances of space, and always with inherent passion and "ownership" of their Mother Earth. It is more than an interest; future humans with quantum equipment feel they have the right to Earth too. Visualize this one spot - Planet Earth - with all her layers of human civilization, all layered on top of each other. Space does not separate us, only the small matter of time.

Then one day, we find the technology to transport/travel through to those other layers. "Time is simultaneous" and "All time happens at once" becomes absolute truth, not just the ranting of a genius. Do Future Humans realize that we have done this every "time" before? Do we realize that we have seeded ourselves, perhaps endlessly, throughout time? This is one step farther and I am not embracing this as fact, but it is an interesting theory.

The time travelers have perhaps dealt with the "can't meet your grandfather" questions, have found some of these questions are silly, but have planned it out so that the valid paradoxes and problems are "handled adequately." To be frank, we in 2015 are not at the stage of having to worry about specific time traveling problems; we are at the stage of trying to figure out who the hell is in our skies. To me, the answer comes loud and clear, "We are!"

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