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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Paul Stonehill: UFO Over Riga

UFO Over Riga
ByPaul Stonehill

Note: Riga is a place where many sightings occur.  Multiple Orbs were photographed over Riga, Latvia on Wednesday, 7th April 2010.

Few rumors about this incident had circulated in the USSR. I was aware of some, but until 1996 did not have the complete story. 

In August of 1961, a test flight of the most modern Soviet fighter-interceptor jet was to take place. The top brass wanted to film everything, so as to demonstrate the might of Soviet Air Force. A film crew, headed by Victor Dudinsh, was commissioned for that purpose. They set up their equipment in the vicinity of the airplane, next to the take-off and landing strip.
Over one hundred military officers had been waiting to see the air show. But nothing happened. The jet was fine the day before, but now the pilot could not start the engine. At the same time a sinister sound pierced through the air, and a strange object appeared in the sky. 

It appeared from nowhere, and everyone was able to see it at once. They started running in every direction. Fear gripped everyone, and panic ensued. Dudinsh, a real professional, fought this fear to film the occurrence. He aimed the camera at the object in the sky, pushed the start button, and ran to the shelter. The object did not descend, but rather moved in a strange fashion. It would disappear, and reappear, but slightly further from its original position. This went on for a few minutes, and then something else took place. An entity inside the UFO moved around intensively. The object was illuminated by sun; blue sky in the background, i.e., the visibility was fine. Its shape was that of a triangle, its color violet. A few minutes later and the UFO suddenly dimmed. It remained in the sky, but became somewhat invisible. As its brightness disappeared, so did the fear. 

Paul Stonehill -- UFOS OVER YEISK, 1960


There have been a number of UFO sightings and crop circles reported in the Russian city of Yeisk during the last century. After the fall of the Soviet Union, an active UFO-research group, headed by Yuri Stroganov (now a journalist) was established in Yeisk.

Recently I received an interesting confirmation about UFO sightings from Yeisk, and a very coherent explanation as to the nature of the objects.
A prominent Russian UFO researcher, author, and journalist Mikhail Gershtein sent it to me, and I want to share it.

In 1960, a group of Soviet army cadets observed anomalous phenomena in the sky. They decided to write a letter about it to the KRASNAYA ZVEZDA newspaper.
The letter contained the following:

September 10, 1960

“Dear Editors:

We are residents of Yeisk. We are asking you to explain an unusual phenomenon. In August of 1960, by chance, twice we have observed flight of a celestial object. On September 9, at 20:15 (Moscow time), the flight again took place, from west to east. The heavenly body was of an average size. The speed of its flight was less than that of a satellite.
The flight lasted 8 to 12 minutes.

Here is what was unusual about it:
1) It flew sideways from the observers ;
2) Its luminescence was flickering;
3) Its movement was curvilinear

What could it have been? Would we be able to observe it again?

Mysterious Sky: Soviet UFO Phenomenon Philip Mantle and Paul Stonehill

Mysterious Sky: Soviet UFO Phenomenon

Philip Mantle and Paul Stonehill

PublishAmerica 2006
ISBN: 1-4241-0594-8

Review: Lee Earle, UFO Research Queensland (

At over 400 pages, Mysterious Sky is an enormous exploration of UFO and related phenomenon from one of Europe's most mysterious countries. For those of us in Australia, and probably the rest of the world, Russia is almost a complete unknown. As a direct result of history and politics, Russia's cultures, its history, even its physical environs, come to us in filtered  snippets, layered in a dense blanket of unimaginable cold and harsh extremities. Not surprisingly, Russia's UFO encounters are even more mysterious, and Mysterious Sky presents an engrossing history that more than adequately fills this gap.

Presented in chronological format, Mysterious Sky delves back as far as it may be possible to go when researching the history of UFO sightings in Russia, back to the eleventh century when signs were seen in the sky over battlefields. Interestingly, these signs were analogous to signs seen over other parts of the globe at that time - comets that descended so close to the ground that soldiers were able to fire weapons at them, serpents, and shining balls of light that in other cultures inspired entire religions. The fact that such accounts exist and were available to the authors today demonstrates the collective Russian willingness to record historical events, no matter how seemingly impossible they appear, and to accord these events some legitimacy. The cultural ability of Russians to accept the existence of the paranormal is a constituting factor in their approach to this topic, and it has resulted in quite a different set of circumstances in their encounters and interactions with UFOs when compared to the western world, all of which are explored very thoroughly in Mysterious Sky.

Of course no exploration of Russian Ufology would be complete without an investigation of the Tunguska event, and this is where Mysterious Sky really begins its journey. For those not familiar with this event, in 1908 an explosion occurred over Tunguska that completely destroyed more than 2000 square kilometers of forest. Speculation over the cause exists even today, not helped by the fact that researchers of the time didn't seriously investigate the event until many years later, hampered by the extreme remoteness of the area and the limited science available at the time. However it might surprise readers to learn that the Tunguska event was preceded by a high number of meteorite strikes in the region, unusual atmospheric events and over 1500 recorded earthquakes in the month prior. Whether any of these were a prelude to or related to the actual event is unknown, but on the day two vastly different objects were seen flying over the region, and the aftermath of the explosion resonated on a global scale. The night skies over northern Europe glowed brightly enough to read by for days after the explosion and the Earth's magnetic field was disturbed up to 900 kilometers away. Another peculiar feature of Tunguska was that afterwards numerous reports of unusual 'humans' and strange animals began appearing in the area, and it was also rumored to be the home of the 'Devil's Cemetery,' a zone where vegetation does not grow and which cannot be approached by any living creature without it being 'burned from the inside'.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Russian Cosmonauts and Their Sightings of UFOs and Other Strange Phenomenaby Paul Stonehill

Russian Cosmonauts and Their Sightings of UFOs and Other Strange Phenomena
by Paul Stonehill


Soviet, and later, Russian cosmonauts have observed interesting , unusual, and often inexplicable phenomena while in space. Some of them have talked about their experiences, although doing so is not encouraged by their space program. A cosmonaut is a person trained by a human spaceflight program to command, pilot, or serve as a crew member of a spacecraft; cosmonauts are professional space travelers.

Cosmonaut Vladimir Lyakhov once remarked about a very unusual phenomenon he observed from his spaceship looking down on Earth: two gigantic waves ascended from the waters of the Indian Ocean, and crashed onto each other. The mass of water resulting from the crash seemed to be a giant mountain that had vanished in an instant (published in Tekhnika-Molodezhi, Issue 3, 1980). Cosmonaut Vladimir Kovalyonok reported a very similar water pillar of over 100 kilometers in height in the Timor Sea near Australia (NLO magazine, 10/11, 1996). In an article published in Tekhnika-Molodezhi (Issue 3) back in 1979, cosmonaut and scientist Yevgeny Khrunov, remarked that UFOs cannot be denied, as thousands of people have observed them. Properties of unidentified objects simply astound the imagination. He was outspoken in another interview, a year later. It was in the pre-perestroika times, and Khrunov could not speak freely. Cosmonaut Aleksei Gubarev went a step further: he admitted that he believed in aliens. Interestingly enough, he mentioned the information that the Americans had at their disposal, information that confirmed his belief (Tekhnika-Molodezhi, Issue 1, 1980). Cosmonaut Valery Rozhdestvensky, a cosmonaut who does not believe in the presence of extraterrestrial civilization anywhere in the close vicinity to us, at the same time revealed knowledge about secret rumors or information that those outside of special circles (the Soviet space program and their military) could not know. In the article in Tekhnika-Molodezhi (Issue 10, 1980) he stated that he did not believe that a “small green man” actually knocked on the porthole of a Soyuz spaceship.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Русская -- Космическое Раскрытие: Season 2, Episode 4 -- В поисках утерянной технологии (Full Episode)


Космическое Раскрытие: В поисках утерянной технологии

Интервью с Кори Гудом

Вторник, 27 октября 2015 года

Д.У.: Здравствуйте! Добро пожаловать на еще одно интервью из серии Космическое Раскрытие, поскольку для нас важно, что вы хотите об этом знать. Начнем с того, на чем остановились в прошлый раз. Мы имеем честь и удовольствие беседовать с замечательным инсайдером, ни с кем иным, как Кори Гудом. Он утверждает, что работал в чем-то, что называется Тайной Космической Программой (ТКП). Это военно-промышленный комплекс, строящий колонии в нашей Солнечной системе и за ее пределами.

Это потрясающая история, поскольку она увязывается с информацией,  полученной от инсайдеров, с которыми я общался около 20 лет. Большинство таких людей никогда не выходили вперед. Большую часть информации я извлекал из Интернета, поэтому очень легко определить (с целью проверки), когда появляется кто-то еще и рассказывает о том, что я уже слышал, но не публиковал. Сейчас я рад, что могу, наконец, говорить о многом, о чем не позволялось говорить раньше.
Кори, рад Вас видеть!

К.Г.: Спасибо.

Д.У.: В предыдущем интервью мы обсуждали Операцию Высокий Прыжок. Мы говорили об усилиях, приложенных для того, чтобы попытаться разрушить немецкое поселение в Антарктиде, и о том, что, прибыв туда, американцы под командованием Адмирала Берда столкнулись с ожесточенным сопротивлением. Полагаю, начнем с того, чем вначале воспользовались немцы, чтобы совершать полет в космос?

К.Г.: В начале они преуспели в том, что с помощью уже существующих открытий немецкие инженеры развили соответствующую технологию. Также немцы буквально прочесывали Восток в поисках древних текстов, о которых получили информацию из ченнелингов тех, кого считали внеземными существами. Позже они узнали, что пребывали в контакте с людьми, живущими под землей (Сеть Агарты). К Агарте начали проявлять интерес некоторые немецкие тайные эзотерические общества. В свою очередь, это привело к тому, что и другие тайные общества и группы начали посылать экспедиции в поисках древних восточных текстов.

Д.У.: Где, по их мнению, находились эти тексты? В разных местах?

К.Г.: Да, в разных местах. Например, в Тибете и в Индии. Многие слышали истории о древних летательных устройствах, оснащенных очень продвинутым оружием, – виманах.

Такие истории считались научной фантастикой, но ей десятки тысяч лет. Западные ученые списывали такие сообщения на научную фантастику, но она намного опережала свое время. Немецкие группы больше верили в союз науки и эзотерики. Они решили следовать подсказкам, полученным из ченнелингов, и разыскать эти тексты.

Д.У.: Существа, передававшие ченнелинги, указывали немцам конкретные координаты, где могли бы находиться данные тексты?

Русская -- Космическое Раскрытие: Season 2, Episode 3 -- Загадка Гонзалеса (Full Episode)


Космическое Раскрытие: Срочное донесение: Загадка Гонзалеса
Интервью с Кори Гудом
Вторник, 13 октября 2015 года

Д.У.: Здравствуйте! Добро пожаловать в мир потрясающего, странного и, казалось бы, неправдоподобного Космического раскрытия! Мы беседуем с Кори Гудом, инсайдером инсайдеров, человеком, в голове которого столько знаний, сколько у всех инсайдеров вместе взятых. Сегодня у нас воистину потрясающая беседа. Кори, добро пожаловать!

К.Г.: Спасибо.

Д.У.: Мы говорим о лейтенанте-полковнике Гонзалесе, загадочной фигуре, возбудившей огромное любопытство в Интернете. 

Некоторые люди утверждают, что он вот-вот выйдет вперед. Неужели это правда?

К.Г.: Нет, он… Его выход вперед вообще не планируется.

Д.У.: Просто, людям в Интернете хочется видеть еще одного человека, знающего то же, что и Вы. Почему раскрытие Гонзалеса – такая плохая идея?

К.Г.: На Земле Гонзалес живет под прикрытием, и вообще не часто на ней бывает. Если бы он сейчас раскрылся, то подверг бы опасности себя и весь проект. У него нет ни детей, ни семьи. Полагаю, люди могли бы подумать, что выйти вперед ему безопаснее, чем мне, поскольку у меня есть семья и дети. В каком-то смысле, это так.

Д.У.: Итак, очевидно, что Голубые Авиане помогают группе Солнечный Хранитель в раскрытии космических секретов человечеству. С чего все начиналось? Как они вошли в контакт с Вами? Я прекрасно помню тот знаменательный день, 27 февраля 2015 года, когда в беседе по Скайпу Вы рассказали, что из всего Альянса ТКП Голубые Авиане выбрали лично Вас. Как так получилось?

К.Г.: Как Вы помните, я говорил, что общался с неким существом, о котором в то время мне не хотелось входить в дальнейшие детали. Мне не хотелось даже его описывать.

Русская -- Космическое Раскрытие: Season 2, Episode 2 -- Агарта: Расширение границ (Full Episode)

Космическое Раскрытие: 
Агарта: Расширение границИнтервью сКори Гудом

Вторник, 6 октября 2015 года 

Д.У.: Здравствуйте. Добро пожаловать на Космическое Раскрытие! Как же замечательно раскрывать вам космическую информацию, срывая завесы с правительственных секретов, заговоров и затянувшейся лжи. Я хочу знать правду. Да и вы хотите знать правду, иначе вас бы здесь не было. Правда потребует гибкости вашей системы верований, поскольку, чем больше мы ее узнаем, тем больше обнаруживаем, что все, что мы знаем, – это не более чем сказка. А реальный мир намного интереснее, сложнее и чудеснее, чем мы когда-либо могли себе представить.
Кори, в прошлом интервью мы говорили об истории Тайной Космической Программы (ТКП). Вы сказали, что современная история ТКП начинается с немецких оккультных групп. 
К.Г.: Да.
Д.У.: Вы рассказывали, что немцы вошли в контакт с двумя крупными разумными цивилизациями, которые помогли им усовершенствовать космический корабль Колокол, и что это была технология антигравитации.
К.Г.: Верно. Но немцы уже и сами достаточно далеко продвинулись. И эти две цивилизации помогли немцам усовершенствовать данную технологию.
Д.У.: Еще Вы поведали, что одна из цивилизаций называется… В Космической Программе представителей этой цивилизации называют Драконами.
К.Г.: Да.
Д.У.: Вторая цивилизация называется Агарта. Вы говорили, что агартяне живут под землей, в Гималаях.
К.Г.: Все правильно.
Д.У.: Агартяне когда-либо жили на поверхности?
К.Г.: Доподлинно это неизвестно. Возможно, десятки тысяч лет назад Они живут под землей уже много десятков тысяч лет.
Д.У.: Что вынудило их сбежать с поверхности? Что-то случилось? Сдвиг полюсов или нечто в этом роде?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Roswell 1947 UFO Witness Testimony, Part 1 to 4

Roswell 1947 UFO Witness Testimony, Part 1 to 4

Publicado a 04/01/2015
Roswell Reports, Volume 2 ARC Identifier 2788762 / Local Identifier 341-ROSWELL-14. W. Glenn Dennis Interview, 11/19/1990. This video recording contains an interview with mortician W. Glenn Davis, alleged firsthand witness to events at Roswell Army Air Force Hospital concerning recovered alien bodies. Department of Defense. Department of the Air Force. Office of the Secretary. Office of the Administrative Assistant. Office of the Deputy for Security and Special Investigative Programs. Research Declassification Team. (1987 - )

Thursday, October 22, 2015

‘Millennium Falcon’ UFOs Snapped Beaming across Skies

The UFO snapped over Cody Island

The UFO snapped over Cody Island
Published: 3:48 PM 10/15/2015
BIZARRE UFOs that resemble the Star Wars Millennium Falcon have been photographed separately...

By Jon Austin

The first sighting of a strange series of lights, up to 180 metres across, was said to have resembled the back of the fictional Rebel Alliance craft while in flight.

It was seen by four people on Cony Island, near New York, and has been reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) official database.

Roger Marsh, of UFO website, said: "A New York street photographer driving to Coney Island reported capturing a disc-shaped object while taking ‘rapid fire images’ of a bridge.

What Caused the City in the Clouds?

What Caused the City in the Clouds?
UFO Depiction

UFO Depiction
Published: 5:36 AM 10/22/2015
this type of phenomenon has been seen in our skies long before NASA...

Shaun Wathey

Speculation has mounted over what caused a “floating city” seen in the sky over Jiangxi and Foshan in China.

People have suggested everything from an optical illusion known as a Fata Morgana to a parallel universe.

Watch it below and let us know what you think.

One possible explanation being discussed is that the image was a result of NASA’s Blue Beam Project.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, told Courier News Journal: “Conspiracy theorists are quick to blame NASA, but this type of phenomenon has been seen in our skies long before NASA even existed.

“For example, Dr Thompson, reported to the Transactions of the British Association for the Advancement of Science that “during the exhibition of a panoramic model of Edinburgh, in the Zoological Gardens at Liverpool, on Sept. 27, 1846, about 3 P.M., an erect image of Edinburgh, depicted on the clouds over Liverpool, was seen by two residents in the Great Park at Birkenhead, for a period of forty minutes.

“Even further back in time ‘fairy castles’ were seen in the skies over Ireland. It is still an intriguing phenomenon, and you’d think if it was due to Fata Morgana it would happen more often.

“Another problem with this type of video is that they are prone to be created and promoted by hoaxers. Hoax, mirage, NASA projection or a star gate to another dimension, you can take your pick. I go for the mirage or hoax options as the most reasonable.”

Government Condemns Property Near Area 51 And Takes Possession Of Land The U.S. Air Force Just Repossessed an Alien House

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Government Condemns Property Near Area 51 And Takes Possession Of Land
The U.S. Air Force Just Repossessed an Alien House

A family in Nevada is hoping to fight back in court after losing their property overlooking UFO hotspot Area 51 to the U.S. government.

It’s tough to lose a house. It’s even tougher to lose an alien house.

That’s exactly what happened to the Sheahan family, who for more than a century owned a mining property that overlooked Area 51. When the family refused to accept a $5.2 million government buyout of the property, the U.S. Air Force condemned the mine and repossessed it by order of a federal judge.

Now the Sheahans, who did not respond to a request for comment from The Daily Beast, have to figure out what to do with all the stuff that has accumulated in a property they’ve owned since Ulysses Grant was president. That includes, but is not limited to, human remains belonging to generations of Sheahans buried in an alien wasteland.

The mine is surrounded by a government buffer zone that is constantly guarded to keep curious visitors from gaining access to or seeing the secret test base (thinkIndependence Day) known as Groom Lake, or Area 51.

The U.S. Air Force did not respond to a question about whether it repossessed the property to conduct further alien testing.

The repossession is just the latest challenge for the hardy Sheahans, who have witnessed military planes strafing their buildings over the decades and radiation seeping in from nuclear testing in the ’50s and ’60s.

“This has been, like I said, a 60-plus year nothing short of criminal activity on the part of the federal government, the AEC, Black Ops, CIA, and you can go on and on,” Joe Sheahan told Las Vegas’s CBS affiliate.

Not to mention having to fend off imminent alien threats in their backyard. Sheahan’s father is also buried on the property, near the area where the U-2 spy plane was crafted.

The family is seeking a jury trial, but the issues of said legal battle would only pertain to compensation for the land from the Air Force and distribution of equipment left on the site.

The Air Force values the land at $1.5 million despite offering the Sheahan family more than $5 million for the property. But the owners have always been adamant about holding on to the property until they were left with no choice.

“Everyone says, ‘Oh no, you’re going to come out with nothing,’” Joe Sheahan saidin September when the Air Force first made its offer. “But I’m not going to let them take what my grandfather and father and mother worked hard for.”

“They created this problem,” Sheahan added. “The Air Force, the federal government. They created the problem.”

PRG -- October 21, 2015

October 21, 2015                                                        Archived PRG Updates HERE
Crunch Time
In 2013 Paradigm Research Group produced a mock congressional hearing - the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure - to put the Congress and White House on notice of what to expect if the first hearings since 1968 were held on the extraterrestrial presence issue. 

On November 5, 2014 PRG launched two parallel projects: the Congressional Hearing Initiative and a full engagement of the 2016 presidential campaign already underway. The progress of these projects can be followed on the status page

We are very close to forcing the extraterrestrial presence issue into the heart of the presidential campaign. Meanwhile, meetings on Capitol Hill with congressional staff are ongoing. The political coverage of the extraterrestrial presence issue over the past year is unprecedented. Disclosure is within reach. 

PRG was able to raise the funds needed to conduct these projects in Washington, DC over the past 12 months. Now $20,000 is needed to keep the pressure on both the Congress and the presidential campaign through at least February of next year.

Time is running out for those seeking the change so often promised but not delivered. The Middle East has been set afire; millions of refugees fleeing that fire could destabilize all of Europe; several more wars are on the drawing board including a new Cold War with Russia; the American political process is collapsing from systemic dysfunction; the American people are toiling to prop up $17 trillion in national debt, $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and $250 trillion in derivative exposure.

It is predicted the American people and corporations will donate in excess of $4 billion to elect 33 senators, 435 congresspersons and one president on November 8, 2016. How many people think the country will get $4 billion worth of reform and effective governance? 

 Disclosure will bring change almost without measure and a time when all things will again seem possible. The price tag might just be $20K.

There are almost 20,000 persons on PRG's Updates list. Is there at least one who understands the points being made above who can write that check?

Support PRG HERE 
Congressional Hearing Initiative Status
Status: meetings with congressional staff are underway. A new round of media coverage begins soon. Connection to the presidential campaign is developing. More info  HERE.
Secret Space Program Conference - Oct 31 - Nov 1
Travis Walton's Skyfire Summit - Nov 5-8, 2015
UFOs, Technology & Consciousness Conference - Nov 13-15, 2015
PRG executive director Stephen Bassett will speak on Friday with a comprehensive account of the Disclosure advocacy progress during 2015.


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