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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

PRG - January 3, 2014
January 3, 2014

Congressional Hearing Initiative (CHI)

The launch date for  PRG's  Congressional Hearing Initiative has been moved back to mid-February. More time is needed to complete editing and producing the CHD DVD sets. Also, the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives is making noise about forcing concessions over the next debt ceiling deadline on February 7, 2014. Whatever sturm und drang is created by that should be over by mid-February. That said, any further delay is not desirable as it will encroach into the interminably long primary election season.

CHI Advance Preparation

Over the next six weeks leading up to the Congressional Hearing Initiative there are a number of actions those interested in seeing the end of the truth embargo can take to broaden the support base for PRG's Disclosure advocacy work. These websites offer a number of options.  Obviously any and all link sharing is helpful.

World Disclosure Day
At this site you and/or your organization can endorse July 8 as World Disclosure Day.

Exopolitics World Network
PRG is seeking volunteer webmasters to acquire, create and maintain a portal exopolitics website for as many countries as possible - one per country. Site names and URLs include the country name.  Anyone interested with website skills and knowledge of the ET issues, please contact PRG.

Exopolitics United States Network
In like fashion PRG is seeking volunteer webmasters to acquire, create and maintain a portal exopolitics website for as many states as possible - one per state. Site names and URLs include the state name. Anyone interested with website skills and knowledge of the ET issues, please contact PRG. 

Fax On Washington
Drop in and visit the website that will help coordinate emails, faxes and tweets to members of Congress when the Congressional Hearing Initiative begins in mid-February.

Drop in and visit the website where Disclosure Petition VI - Congressional Hearings will be posted in mid-February prior to being submitted to the White House website.


Developments of Interest

Contact Panel - January 11
CERO International will hold its January special event at the Just Cause Entertainment studios on Saturday January 11th, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.  Door opens at 7 p.m.  $15 admission. The focus of the evening will be on the contact phenomenon with a panel of experts taking questions from the audience.  Moderating the panel made up of Yvonne Smith, Dr. Roger Leir and Steve Colbern will be Stephen Bassett of Paradigm Research Group.

Another TV Series
Animal Planet launched another series looking for "UFO" evidence on December 15. It stars Michael Bara, Maureen Elsberry, Derrel Sims and Steven Jones.  Check at Animal Planet for future air times.

Amardeep "Amar" Kaleka
The director of the Sirius documentary has officially entered Wisconsin's 1st District Congressional election. The seat is currently held by Republican Paul Ryan.


On December 9 researcher and author Lloyd Pye died of cancer at his home in Destin, FL. Lloyd was best known for his years of research on the Starchild Skull.  He was 66.
In early December artist and film maker James Allen also died of cancer. James had completed about 90% of a documentary based entirely on Mark McCandlish's testimony regarding Aerial Reproduction Vehicles.  He was 51.

Citizen Hearing Foundation and the UN Initiative

The Citizen Hearing Foundation website is up with new information regarding a multi-nation resolution to the UN General Assembly calling for a UN backed world conference on the ET evidence. This will help galvanize the political media as well as the Congress, which would not relish being preempted by the UN on the extraterrestrial issue.

Conferences Upcoming

Fountain Hills, AZ - Feb 12-16
Los Angeles, CA - Feb 7-9
Ft Lauderdale, FL - Apr 7-12 

Erie, PA - April 26
Elmhurst, IL - May 2-4
Tampa, FL - May 16-17
Philadelphia, PA - July 18-20
Joshua Tree, CA -  Aug 8-10
Pittsburgh, PA - Nov 8

PRG Projects

PRG Media and Interview Schedule - 2013/14
Upcoming Interviews/Lectures

Conscious Life Expo - Los Angeles, CA - February 7-9, 2014
IUFOC Conference - Fountain Hills, AZ - February 12-16, 2014
Royal Caribbean Seminar at Sea - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - April 7-12, 2014 
Contact in the Desert - Joshua Tree, Ca - August 8-10, 2014 

Past Interviews [included as most are archived.]

Dec 12 - 6 pm PST
Dec 5 - 10 pm PST
Dec 3 - Taped
Critical Mass Radio w/ Ben Eno 
Dec 2 - Taped
Truth Jihad w/ Kevin Barrett
Dec 1 - 7 pm PST
Jackals's Head w/ Angel Espino
Nov 9 - 4 pm PST
Night Search w/ Eddie Middleton
Nov 15 - 6-8 pm PST
Revolution Radio w/ Astrid Stromberg
Nov 15 - 9 am PST
Late Night in the Midlands w/ Michael Vara
Oct 23 - 5 pm PST
UFO Undercoverf w/ Joe Montaldo
Oct 18 - 10 pm PST
Oct 17 - 2 pm PST
Oct 16 - Taped
Oct 10 - 6 pm PST 
September 7 - 6-7 pm PST
August 28 - 3:48 pm PST
August 25 - 7 pm PST
The Jackal's Head w/ Angel Espino
August 23 - 5-6 pm PST   
Hot leads, Cold Cases, Para-X Radio, w/ Nancy du Tertre
August 13 - 5-7 pm PSTTruth Denied Radio w/ Roxy Lopez
August 3 - 6-7 pm PST 
Ohio Exopolitics w/ Mark Snider
August 2 - 2-4 pm PSTVeritas - w/ Mel FabregasJuly 31 - 8 pm PSTCA MUFON Radio w/ Lorien Fenton
July 31 - 7 pm PST 
Trev Kernested
July 28 - Noon PSTPhD dissertation research
Kai Rene Olsen
July 26 - 10 am PSTCommon Ground w/ Kimberly Jaeger 100.7 WZLX CBS Boston
July 21 - 6 pm PSTPANG Radio w/ Mike Lucas and Jamie HavicanJuly 21 - 3-5 pm PSTTruth requency Radio w/ Chris & Cheree GeoJuly 13 - 7 am PSTExpanding Awareness w/ Victor Venckus
July 11 - 1 pm PST Tape
Documentary shoot w/ L.A. Marzulli
July 10 - 8 pm PSTMike Siegel ShowJuly 7 - 5 pm PSTWorld Today Weekend w/ Sean Leslie
July 1 - 10 am PST 
We Are Not Alone w/ Dave Twitchell
June 23 - 8 pm PSTConspiracy Show w/ Richard SyrettJune 6 - 5 pm PSTGlobal Radio Alliance w/ Paola Harris
June 5 - 2 pm PSTWe Are Not Alone w/ Dave TwitchellMay 24 - 10 pm PSTCoast to Coast AM w/ George KnappMay 23 - 6 pm PSTThird Phase of the Moon w/ John Ilias
May 22 - 8 pm PSTMedia Monarchy w/ Clyde LewisMay 20 - 2:30 pm PSTJoe Rogan Questions Everything w/ Joe RoganMay 19 - 12:30 pm PSTPlanet X Radio w/ Darren Perks
May 18 - 11 am PSTFirst Contact Radio w/ Josh PoetMay 17 - noon PSTBuzzsaw w/ Tyrel Ventura and Sean StoneMay 17 - 8:30 am PSTTony Topping w/ Tony Topping
May 14 - 10\:30 AMGround Zero w/ Clyde LewisMay 14 - noon PST 
HPANWO Radio w/ Ben Emlyn-Jones 
May 12 - 2 pm PSTCKNW Radio w/ Sean Leslie

May 10 - 10 am PST 

May 9 - 2:30 pm PST 

May 2 - 6:35 pm PSTClear Channel Media
April 29 - 10:15 am PSTCoast to Caost AM w/ George Knapp
April 28 - 8 am PST 
Tercer Milenio w/ Jamie Maussan
April 26 - 1pm PSTNight Shift w/ Anthony TrupianoApril 25 - 1 pm PSTFirst Contact Radio w/ Josh Poet
April 25 - 9 am PSTPolitico TV w/ Patrick GavinApril 24 - 5 pm PSTCamelot Radio w/ Kerry CassidyApril 24 - 8:30 am PSTMorning Show w/ Andrea Roane
April 23 - 7 pm PSTNight Shift w/ Anthony TrupianoApril 20 - 5 pm PSTCKNW Radio w/ Sean LeslieApril 20 - 3-5 pm PSTTruth Frequency Radio w/ Chris and Shereer Geo
April 19 - 11:45 PSTBuzzsaw w/ Tyrell Ventura and Sean StoneApril 18 - 5-7 pm PSTThird Phase of the Moon w/ Blake CousinsApril 14 - 9:30 pm PSTPhonetics Radio w/
April 5 - 10 am PSTKate Valentine Show w/ Kate ValentineApril 2 - 5:45 pm PSTArgentine Radio w/ Sonia PicoletApril 1 - 5 pm PST 
Jerry Pippin Show w/ Jerry Pippiin
April 1 - 10-11 am PSTGalactic Roundtable w/ Beth TrutwinMarch 30 - 11 am PSTFirst Contact Radio w/ Josh PoetMarch 25 - 9 am PSTWashington Examiner w/ Nikki Schwab
March 20 - 3:30 pm PSTw/ Azaria McClentonMarch 16 - 4 pm PST 
Night Search w/ Eddie Middleton
March 3 - 10 pm PSTConspiracy Show w/ Richard Syrett
February 13 - 9-10:30 pmCA MUFON Radio w/ Lorien FentonFebruary 7 - 4 pm PSTThird Eye Talks Event w/ Chris RussakJanuary 15 - 5:30 pm PSTMysterious Universe w/ Ben Grundy
January 12 - 9 pm PSTStarseed Radio w/ Jonah BoltJanuary 10 - 4:30 pm PSTGlobal adio Alliance w/ Race HobbsJanuary 8 - 3 pm PSTThird Phase of the Moon w/ Blake Cousins
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