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Sunday, November 30, 2014

UFOs and the National Security State - Richard Dolan LIVE

Carregado a 11/11/2010

LIVE at the 6th Annual X-Conference, held in 2010, Historian Richard Dolan presents an analysis of the patterns of UFO secrecy since the 1940s. Focusing on the national security aspects of the UFO phenomenon, Dolan explains how it was a key factor in the creation of the U.S. "black budget," and hence a subversion of the traditional American political system. He also discusses the paradox of how an end to UFO secrecy is both impossible and inevitable. Finally, he outlines the challenges and probable shape of a post-disclosure world. In other words, "life after contact."

UFO Engulfs Witness In White Beam of Light

Sunday, November 30, 2014
UFO Engulfs Witness In White Beam of Light

Artist Illustration
A Randle, Washington, witness reported watching a disc-shaped UFO hovering under 500 feet and just 1,500 feet away that was first noticed when the object projected a light to the ground level, according to testimony in Case 61695 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The events unfolded beginning about 6:55 p.m. on November 25, 2014, when the witness went outside with a flashlight to check a nearby creek level as there were flood warnings in the area.

“It was very quiet with the sounds of the creek water coming to me,” the witness stated. “Looking south I was moving my flashlight from side-to-side, trying to see the water on the fields more clearly when suddenly a very bright light from the southwesterly sky was upon me.”

The Truth About Alien Underground Bases Told By Phil Schneider

November 27, 2014
The Truth About Alien Underground Bases Told By Phil Schneider

Phil Schneider died in 1996. Previous to his death he had been on tour across the United States speaking out about various subjects including his involvement with building a secret underground base in Dulce, New Mexico for the military. 

During this time, he said to have had an encounter with a violent E.T race in the late 1970's which would change his whole world reality immediately after. This documentary explores some of the information Phil Schneider spoke about to the public in the 1990's by examining each claim in detail with expert opinions from Richard Dolan, Richard Sauder, Neil Gould and Cynthia Drayer (Phil's Ex-Wife).

In this documentary you will find never before published photo's of Phil's Autopsy, documents about the Philadelphia Experiment from Oscar Schneider's files (Phil's father) and a very well explained background about Underground Bases.

UFO Sightings 2014 -Uncovering Evidence

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Posters Comments

Best UFO Sightings! UFOs And Aircraft: Uncovering The Evidence. There have been many UFO sightings involving UFOs And Aircraft worldwide, and we wanted to present this evidence by highlighting the UFO phenomena involving many UFO videos featuring aircraft to our most loyal viewers. These worldwide UFO And Aircraft sightings have been caught on video time and time again. We also included never before seen footage of UFO and Aircraft footage in this exclusive presentation. These UFO And Aircraft videos are from various places throughout the world. In this video you will see some of the most amazing mysterious UFO videos involving aircraft sightings that were made public here on LookNowTV first!

Posters Comments Continued

The mysterious Area 51 graveyards where secret military technologies go to die.

Saturday, November 29, 2014
The Secret Graveyards At Area 51


Top secret aircraft, even those that have been publicly disclosed, remain mysterious long after emerging from the black world. When – and if – secret planes are declassified, they’re treated differently from other military aircraft, and the specifics of their hardware may remain under wraps for decades. While some ultimately go to museums, others are placed into storage well away from prying eyes, awaiting a fate that may take years to arrive.

One such fate that has befallen crashed, retired or failed projects over the decades is burial. Aircraft have literally been dragged into deep pits miles from public land, often near the enigmatic Groom Lake test site in Nevada, famously known as Area 51. Not only does Groom serve as a testing ground for the U.S. government’s most advanced programmes, it also serves as the final resting place of many of its most secret aircraft. Some of these classified planes have never been publicly acknowledged.

Marilyn Monroe UFO Mystery - Government Cover-Up

FIFTY YEARS AGO, during the most amazing flap of flying saucer sightings in the USA (and the world), the Air Force ALMOST admitted that at least some sightings of UFOs/saucers were sightings of objects not made here. However, when that opportunity arose during a large press conference in late July, instead of admitting that the Air Force couldn't explain all sightings and that some "high officials" were seriously considering the "interplanetary hypothesis," the Air Force (General Samford) said everything could be explained as natural phenomena, effectively slamming the lid down on the UFO subject. But what the Air Force said privately was a different matter. This report tells the story of what happened in that amazing year.

The world became aware of flying saucer sightings in the summer of 1947 with the nationwide/worldwide publication of the report by Kenneth Arnold on June 24. In the subsequent weeks hundreds to thousands of sightings were reported in the local press throughout the USA and in other parts of the world. The Air Force quickly became involved because some of the AF pilots (and many commercial pilots) were also witnesses. The Air Force quickly and publicly denied having any secret projects that could account for UFO sightings. This denial was made privately to the director of the FBI at a time when the AF asked the FBI to investigate sightings (yes, there was an "X" file). The FBI found no evidence of communist subversive activities or communist sympathizers involved in saucer sightings and stopped actively investigating in the fall of 1947. The Air Force carried on, however, compiling collections of sighting reports by AF pilots and other qualified observers. By the fall of 1947 the Air Force Air Materiel Command (AMC) at Wright Field (Wright Patterson Air Force Base) had concluded that flying saucers were "real and not visionary" (statement in a report by General Nathan Twining, head of AMC at the time) and required a special investigation group to determine what they were and where they came from. In early 1948 the investigation group, called PROJECT SIGN was set up.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

UFO video archives -- October 27, 2014

UFO video archives -- October 27, 2014

Alien spaceship - UFOs in solar space on NASA satellite images in the review of the October 26, 2014

Mini Sphinx Statue Found On Mars?
UFOs captured over Vulcano Popocatepetl Mexico 26.10.2014

UFO Seen During The Release Of The Space X Dragon Cargo Craft By The ISS.

'Flying Man' UFO baffles aviation experts - Spacing Out! Ep. 94

Bomb Shell UFO Footage!! Major UFO Event Over India October 2014

10 mile spacecraft & 120 mile highway appear in 1968 moon photo

UFO Video Archives -- November 3, 2014

 UFO Video Archives
 -- November 3, 2014

Two UFOs Found In Bermuda Triangle? 



Large UFO Anomaly captured over the Philippine island.30. 10.2014.

DSW74 Live From Area 51 (3)

Captan OVNI En Chile muy estatico☻UFO Over Chile very static 31102014

Theory States Roswell UFO Was a Nazi Wunderwaffe (Wonder-Weapon) - KOB 4

Best UFO Sightings October 2014 Amazing Worldwide Sightings

Orb UFO 40 Feet Over Pennsylvania House

 Lockheed Martin scientist: 'There are ALIENS and UFOs at Area 51' - Spacing Out! Ep. 95


MARS: Mask & UFO?

UFOs over Huntsville, Texas Caught on Video

Best UFO Sightings From Around The World October 2014! Over 13 UFO VIDS=)

Campaign for extraterrestrial disclosure underway


Posted by: Alejandro Rojas November 25, 2014 0 1,191 Views
The man who brought us the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure has now begun phase 2 of his campaign to get the President to admit that the government is aware of an extraterrestrial presence on earth.

Stephen Bassett was the organizer for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. He brought dozens of presenters to testify in front of a committee of former members of the US Congress “about events and evidence indicating an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.” The event was held April 29 to May 3, 2013 at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.

His event garnered a lot of media attention. As usual, a lot of it was tongue in cheek and made fun of his efforts, but some of it was less critical. Either way, the event was praised by the UFO activists. He was even awarded the researcher of the year award at the International UFO Congress.

Now, over a year after the mock-congressional hearings, Bassett is moving forward with the second phase of his effort. This phase is called the Citizen Hearing Initiative.
On his website, Bassett says on November 5 he sent 538 copies of a 10 disc DVD set that includes all of the testimony from the Citizen Hearing to every member of the United States Congress. He then asked supporters of his cause to engage members of the congress via social media requesting them to view the videos and hold congressional hearings on “extraterrestrial related phenomena.”

He says, ” This will be a concentrated three-month effort accompanied by substantial media coverage.  If congressional hearings are held, it is quite likely the truth embargo will collapse.”

Thus far there has not been a lot of media attention, although The Washington Times did post a short write-up yesterday.

Bassett is also hoping to leverage the power of the tweet and hashtags. He is hoping that supporters will help create a “Tweet-Email Storm” by tweeting and emailing members of the house and the senate. He asks that tweeters send messages using the hashtag #Disclosure.

If you would like to help Bassett “make it rain,” you can find more information on his website.

Aliens are certainly a hot topic in Washington D.C. right now. However, congress is having a hard enough time deciding what to do about the terrestrial type. Will a twitter storm be enough for them to put those concerns aside and tackle aliens of an extraterrestrial nature? It might be a task that even tweetin’ can’t accomplish.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Activist demands congressional action on aliens — of the extraterrestrial kind

Activist demands congressional action on aliens — of the extraterrestrial kind

While Congress and the White House argue over illegal aliens, Stephen Bassett — founder of Paradigm Research Group and a registered lobbyist - continues to demand that lawmakers, the White House and assorted officials tell what they know about aliens. As in extraterrestrials.
The determined Mr. Bassett has already organized a “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” last year at the National Press Club in the nation’s capital. A DVD of the 30-hour close encounter between witnesses, six former congressmen, law enforcement, experts and journalists was sent to all members of Congress on Nov. 5, as a matter of fact.
Mr. Basset now says he will “renew direct engagement” with lawmakers and has organized an aggressive social media campaign among like-minded voters who also want answers about UFO sightings, alien technology and other matters. He offers a dozen sample tweets for interested folk, a #disclosure hashtag and a mission statement: “Dedicated to ending the government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.”

Congress last addressed the issue formally in 1968, Mr. Bassett says.
There is some transparency afoot, though. In 2011, the FBI released a limited number of documents - immediately deemed the “X-Files” by the eager press - still found in what the agency deemed its online “vault.” In 2009, the NSA also declassified some historical information and made it public online, right alongside material related to POWs and the Kennedy assassination.
Other governments have embraced transparency even further; Britain’s defense agency released 52,000 pages of formerly classified material simply titled “UFOS” to the public in 2013. Millions of curious viewers from 160 nations promptly visited the archives site online.

Mr. Bassett, meanwhile, is ready to rumble.
“This will be a concentrated three-month effort accompanied by substantial media coverage. If congressional hearings are held, it is quite likely the truth embargo will collapse,” he predicts.

AncientEgyptian Book Of Ritual Spells Deciphered - Love, Exorcisms and Cures

Ancient Egyptian Book Of Ritual Spells Deciphered - Love, Exorcisms and Cures

Ancient Egyptian Handbook of Spells Deciphered


An Egyptian Handbook of Ritual Power (as researchers call it) has been deciphered revealing a series of invocations and spells. It includes love spells, exorcisms and a cure for black jaundice (a potentially fatal infection). Written in Coptic (an Egyptian language) the 20 page illustrated codex dates back around 1,300 years. This image shows part of the text.

Credit: Photo by Ms. Effy Alexakis, copyright Macquarie University Ancient Cultures Research Centre

Researchers have deciphered an ancient Egyptian handbook, revealing a series of invocations and spells.

Among other things, the "Handbook of Ritual Power," as researchers call the book, tells readers how to cast love spells, exorcise evil spirits and treat "black jaundice," a bacterial infection that is still around today and can be fatal.

The book is about 1,300 years old, and is written in Coptic, an Egyptian language. It is made of bound pages of parchment — a type of book that researchers call a codex.

"It is a complete 20-page parchment codex, containing the handbook of a ritual practitioner," write Malcolm Choat and Iain Gardner, who are professors in Australia at Macquarie University and the University of Sydney, respectively, in their book, "A Coptic Handbook of Ritual Power" (Brepols, 2014).

The ancient book "starts with a lengthy series of invocations that culminate with drawings and words of power," they write. "These are followed by a number of prescriptions or spells to cure possession by spirits and various ailments, or to bring success in love and business."

For instance, to subjugate someone, the codex says you have to say a magical formula over two nails, and then "drive them into his doorpost, one on the right side (and) one on the left."

The Sethians

Researchers believe that the codex may date to the 7th or 8th century. During this time, many Egyptians were Christian and the codex contains a number of invocations referencing Jesus.

Object 2014-28E – Space junk or Russian satellite killer?

Monday, November 24, 2014

UFO, Space Junk Or Russian Satellite Killer - Seem Right Out Of A James Bond Novel

It appears to be out of a James Bond Novel, a Russian Satellite Killer
It is a tale that could have come from the cold war. A mysterious object launched by the Russian military is being tracked by western space agencies, stoking fears over the revival of a defunct Kremlin project to destroy satellites.

For the past few weeks, amateur astronomers and satellite-trackers in Russia and the west have followed the unusual manoeuvres of Object 2014-28E, watching it guide itself towards other Russian space objects. The pattern appeared to culminate last weekend in a rendezvous with the remains of the rocket stage that launched it.

The object had originally been classed as space debris, propelled into orbit as part of a Russian rocket launch in May to add three Rodnik communications satellites to an existing military constellation. The US military is now tracking it under the Norad designation 39765.

Airbus Wants To Revolutionise The Future Of Flying With A UFO-Shaped Plane

Airbus Wants To Revolutionise The Future Of Flying With A UFO-Shaped Plane

The image  is not a UFO or a prop design idea from the new Star Wars movie — it's a patent for a new commercial aircraft. 
The patent application from France-based Airbus SAS, an aircraft manufacturing division of the Airbus Group, was published last month, according to The Financial Times. It shows an elaborate design with a circular passenger cabin, tucked behind the plane's nose and between its wings. 
It's been drawn up by listed inventors Patrick Lieven, Romain Delahaye, and Catalin Perju, who propose an aircraft with a cabin that "extends over 360 degrees around a space defined outside structure". 
The shape tackles a problem in the airline industry. Cylindrical shapes are better at dealing with pressurised cabins, but at the front and back of these structures there needs to be strong reinforcements to counter stresses, the FT writes. The circle alleviates this issue.
"The purpose of the invention is particularly to provide a simple, economic and efficient solution to these problems," the application says.  
Airbus says it invests around €2 billion every year in its research and development, and submits more than 500 patent applications every year. Although its patented the UFO-like design this year, it probably won't be put into motion anytime soon. 
But the company, which has a fleet of more than 600 planes, has lots of other futuristic projects in the works. In a statement, Airbus talks about a "whole new way to fly", discussing its Airbus Concept Plane and "radical Airbus Concept Cabin". Look at what the cabin could actually look like:
The company wants to improve flight times, reduce aircraft emissions, and better preserve energy sources. It says gliding capabilities, 3D printing, and even holographic technology could all one day be used in its planes. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

UFO Sightings Of 2014. (November) Part 1 - VIDEO

Clear Intriguing Daytime UFO Footage - Romania - Enquiring for more details

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Clear Intirguing Daytime UFO Footage - Romania

Well, I checked the video channel and there was a site mentioned on it. Then I searched the site
and I found out the following:

Report from the witness: "I live in Romania, Europe and some parts of our country are surrounded by mountains and have very strange stories about aliens activities."

"As we know, in the Carpathian Mountains, not so far from cities and Busteni Azuga is even a secret army base."

  "But the reason I am writing to MUFON is that a few years ago at a summer camp with children not so far from the mentioned mountains' area, I took random pictures without a purpose. "

"When I went home I started to erase the bad images and when I opened the photo, I thought my monitor had some dust on it, but then I realized that I made a picture of something I have not seen and that I did not wait for the moment. "

"I sent my photo to a UFO Romanian society, they said that I photographed a UFO. But since they do not have the technical support to erase the image, they advised me to send the photo to a German company UFO but they never responded. That's why I am asking you (MUFON) if you can explain to me what I saw. "MUFON Case 61511.

it was the translation of the site that was in French and read as such:

Rapport Témoin: "Je vis en Roumanie, Europe et dans certaines régions de notre pays sont entourés de montagnes ont des histoires très étranges au sujet des activités extraterrestres."

"Comme nous le savons, dans les montagnes des Carpates, pas si loin des villes et Busteni Azuga existe même une base secrète de l'armée."

 "Mais la raison pour laquelle je vous écris (Mufon), est qu’il y a quelques années lors d'un camp d'été avec enfants jusqu'à les montagnes pas si loin de la zone mentionnée, je prenais des photos aléatoires sans fins."

"Quand je rentre chez moi je commence à effacer les mauvaises images et quand j’ai ouvert la photo, j’ai pensé que mon moniteur a un peu de poussière sur elle, mais ensuite, j’ai réalisé que j’ai pris une photo de quelque chose que je n’ai pas vu et que je n’ai pas attendu le moment".

"J’ai envoyé ma photo à une société roumaine OVNI, ils ont dit que j’ai photographié un OVNI. Mais comme ils n’ont pas le soutien technique pour effacer l'image, ils m’ont conseillé d'envoyer la photo à une société allemande UFO mais ils n’ont jamais répondu. C’est pourquoi je voudrais vous demander (Mufon) si vous pouvez m’expliquer ce que j’ai vu. "Cas Mufon 61511.

Well, I asked them the following:

Dear Sirs,
Can you state precisely the day, hour , year, site/place whenre this vídeo was recorded as well as how many people  had witnessed it?
Thanking you in advance, kind regards,

I hope they answer, and I think it could be a manmade UFO, as you know they are already made by some countries.

I will keep you informed, in case some answer comes.



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