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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sleeping out under the starsin Southern Utah by Mike Clelland!

What I saw throughout the night from where I slept

What I am sharing here might be nothing, but I have made a pledge to post anything odd on this blog, so here goes.

I've just returned to my home after two weeks away. I spent most of that time at a UFO conference near Phoenix and then visiting friends in Sedona and Flagstaff.

When I drive around the west I try to sleep out under the stars and avoid getting a hotel room. This is what I did on Sunday night (the night of March 10th thru the morning of the 11th).

I slept along side Utah Highway 20 just a few miles away from I-15. It is noted as Buckskin Road on google maps. I pulled into the spot around 9:PM and walked around a little bit with a headlamp to stretch my legs. The area had low bushy trees (Junipers I think) and there was a series of beaten down roads and little turn outs. Typical of this part of the west there was some litter and evidence of campfires. Plenty of people had been here before. This was a cold Sunday night so I wasn’t really worried about anyone else pulling in. This was a perfect spot to sleep out. I set my sleeping pad down in the dirt near my little Subaru. I climbed into my sleeping bag and went to sleep.

Richard Dolan / audio conversation

Richard Dolan / audio conversation
author and historian
Richard Dolan steps out of his role as academic historian, and gets down to the challenging task of trying to untangle the frenetic weirdness that permeates the UFO abduction lore. This was a really fun  and untethered back and forth conversation. We were all over the map at we attempted to dig into the stuff that too many want to ignore. We tried to examine the gulf between the Nuts and Bolts crowd and the Love and Lighters. Each divergent side of the UFO community is easily praised and ridiculed (and we do a little of both).
  one-click audio download HERE  

Topics include, UFO abductions, meditation, mystical experiences, Kurt Vonnegut, time, consciousness, high strangeness, the "maybe" people, astrology, Elaine Douglass, Kim Carlsberg, Anya Briggs, UFO conferences, owls and MUFON.

Richard's website is HERE.

His just released new book, UFOs for the 21st Century Mind, is linked HERE.

His weekly radio show is HERE.

An, here's his 2011 interview about the book A.D. After Disclosure, co-authored with Bryce Zabel, is linked HERE.

The possible unsettling implications of UFO sightings


Posted by: Mike Clelland July 30, 2014 0 3,992 Views

There are some unsettling conclusions reached by abduction researchers that are rarely mentioned in mainstream UFO reporting. Abduction researchers suggest, often based on decades of research, that there may be more going on with most UFO witnesses than simply seeing something unusual in the sky.

UFO hovers over Hearst Castle in tourist photo


Posted by: Roger Marsh July 30, 2014 0 2,870 Views

A California witness at San Simeon reported photographing an unexplained object while touring the famous Hearst Castle, according to July 30, 2014, testimony in Case 58513 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Witness photograph. (Credit: MUFON)
Witness photograph. (Credit: MUFON)

The witness was touring the property designed by architect Julia Morgan for newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst and was taking photographs about 11:15 a.m. on July 25, 2014. Two days later while reviewing images on a computer, the witness noticed an anomaly in one photograph.

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 05:00 AM PDT

Dark Journalist interviews former USAF Sergeant Niara Isley for a fascinating in-depth discussion of her terrifying and transformative experiences as a UFO and Military Abductee (MILAB). 

Together they will recount her earth-shattering encounters with the Grey aliens and their experiments to develop alien/human hybrid children using her as an unconscious vehicle!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gli UFO in Italia

casi presentati da Alfredo Lissoni

Gli UFO in ItaliaClicca l'UFO per la casistica generale - Nei riquadri i casi più recenti 
Piemonte | Val d'Aosta | Veneto | Friuli | Trentino | Lombardia Liguria Emilia Romagna Toscana | Umbria Marche Lazio Abruzzo | Molise |Campania | Puglia Basilicata Calabria | Sicilia Sardegna |


UFO su Torino
Sigari su Alessandria
Avvistamenti ad Arona
Il mostro di Anzino
BL a Caselle
Oggetto su Castellazzo
Dischi volanti a Gozzano
UFO in Piemonte
UFO a Verbania
Impronta a Trana
Val d'Aosta 

UFO su Aosta

UFO a Tezze 
Il triangolo di Bassano
I Grigi a Sottomarina
UFO a Vicenza
Ondata UFO in Veneto
UFO a Chioggia
UFO? No, era un IFO
Il getto verde
Triangolo a Padova
UFO sul radar
Poliziotti avvistano UFO

Rapporto su Aviano
UFO su Aviano
Ed un filmato
Palla di fuoco

UFO su Bolzano
Disco sul Tel
A Trieste
UFO vacanziero

Ondata 2000
L'UFO dell'astrofilo
Milano, via Bassi
IFO a Brescia
Nel comasco
Luci a Cremona
Su Fagnano
Il triangolo del Ticino
Luce su Mantova
UFO a Clusone
L'articolo su Clusone
Il filmato di Clusone
3.8.04 Brianza
UFO a Stradella
I filmati di Melzo
Dopo Desio... 
UFO sul Bernina
Filmato a Pantigliate
In 50 vedono gli UFO
Sul lago di Varese
UFO su festa paesana
Il diavolo di Viggiù



Inediti documenti ci costringono a riscrivere la storia ufficiale e conosciuta dell'ufologia. Una scoperta di Alfredo Lissoni e Roberto Pinotti 

Comunemente si colloca la data della nascita ufficiale dell'ufologia nel 1947, negli Stati Uniti. Ma questa ricerca, sfociata poi nel libro "Gli X-files del nazifascismo" (Idea Libri, di Alfredo Lissoni e Roberto Pinotti), dimostra che l'ufologia governativa, fatta di commissioni d'inchiesta segrete, insabbiamenti e retroingegneria aliena, è nata in realtà nell'Italia del Ventennio...

Documenti inediti costringono ad una profonda revisione storica. Ed una rocambolesca ricerca d'archivio, sulle tracce degli X-files fascisti disseminati e sparpagliati nelle biblioteche di mezza Italia.

Da quest'indagine ben tre romanzi di Mario Farneti (ai quali è seguito un comic), decine di articoli su riviste e giornali sia storici che generalisti, una recensione nel sito della Regia Aeronautica Italiana, su "Storia del Novecento" e sulla prestigiosissima "Flying Saucer Review", un servizio a "I Fatti Vostri" (nella foto a lato, Pinotti e Lissoni da Giletti, 12.4.00), uno al Tg3 Leonardo (il tg scientifico Rai), due servizi per Telepadania, una lunga diretta su TeleNova (l'emittente ecclesiastica) ed uno special su "Voyager" di Roberto Giacobbo (RAI Due), un lungo servizio su "Mistero" (ItaliaUno) più altre citazioni in trasmissioni RAI (es., lo speciale "Spaghetti UFO" o "Enigma", di C. Augias). Un sequel della storia dei files fascisti si trova nel libro "UFO", scritto da Lissoni per Anima Edizioni. 

Una riedizione riveduta e corretta del libro di Pinotti e Lissoni è attesa per il 2011. 

Accedi alle sezioni
La storia degli UFO fascisti
Il Duce e il marziano

I dischi volanti del Terzo Reich
Dischi volanti nazisti |

Le discussioni


PA witness describes rooftop UFO as size of above ground pool

Posted by: Roger Marsh July 29, 2014 0 1,831 Views

A Pennsylvania witness at Lewistown reported watching a “silvery-blue, disc shape” hovering right above her neighbor’s roof about 1 a.m.  on July 28, 2014, according to testimony in Case 58468 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The Lewistown, PA, witness described the object as blue-white energy hovering just over a neighbor’s rooftop on July 29, 2014. Pictured: Lewistown, PA. (Credit: Google)
The Lewistown, PA, witness described the object as blue-white energy hovering just over a neighbor’s rooftop on July 29, 2014. Pictured: Lewistown, PA. (Credit: Google)

The witness had just stepped outside with her dog when the animal ran off and she heard a neighbor’s dog inside a pen whimpering – and then looked up and noticed the object.

Posted by: Alejandro Rojas July 28, 2014 1 Comment 2,295 Views
david-paresOpen Minds UFO Radio: David Pares is an adjunct professor at several colleges, including the University of Nebraska where he is the faculty adviser for their Mutual UFO Network student organization. He has degrees in geography and engineering science, and teaches classes in meteorology, physics, astronomy, geography, geology, statistics and physical science. Pares believes he has unlocked the key to warp technology, and that he and his team of engineers and graduate students have constructed a working warp engine that demonstrates the technology.

Last time we talked with Pares he had tested the warp effect on lasers. However, now he has an engine, and is building a UAV that he hopes he will be able to propel with a warp engine. He has patents on the warp technology, and has formed the company Space Warp Dynamics, LLC.

For more about Pares’ space warp project, visit

UFO videos over Toronto cause online furor

Posted by: Alejandro Rojas July 29, 2014 0 1,771 Views

UFOs were spotted by numerous residents in Toronto last weekend, causing many of them to turn to social media for answers. Toronto police confirmed they received calls about the UFOs as well, and one constable participated in the online conversation and tweeted about it.

Toronto police told local newspaper The Star that they began receiving calls at around 7 pm Saturday night. People reported seeing the lights near Yonge St. and Empress Ave in the North York section of Toronto. Police Sergeant Barry White told The Star, “[Officers] were stopping to talk to people, and we did hear from others on the street that apparently there was something up there.”

However, White says he was not sure how they were supposed to respond to UFO sightings. He said, “If it was something dangerous and we could do something under the criminal code, we might. Police would go try and check it out, but to actually go and investigate it further as a UFO — I don’t think we would. I’m trying not to laugh!” White did acknowledge that officers had reported the sightings themselves, but they were not sure what they were. Some officers suggested that they were perhaps remote controlled quadcopters. Police constable Craig Brister tweeted, “I’ve been a police officer for 15 years. Tonight I have a first! My first report of a UFO!! He was serious! 

The Best (Real) NASA UFO Footage

Posted: 28 Jul 2014 07:23 AM PDT

When it comes to real footage of UFOs (unidentified flying objects), film from the 1991 NASA STS-48 Discovery Space Shuttle mission is definitely one at the top of the list. This footage is real, well documented, and has been the subject of rigorous scientific investigation by multiple researchers and institutions.(1)(2)(3)

The video below shows as many as a dozen objects moving in unusual fashion. Apart from that, the most fascinating part is when we see one object at a point near the horizon, as a flash occurs, followed by another object or stream that moves rapidly across the field of view, the object shoots off into space.

Posted: 29 Jul 2014 04:00 AM PDT

Over the past decade there have been countless reports of UFO’s over the skies of Cyprus. In December, a resident of Limassol was left stunned after spotting a "strange light hovering on the sky which changed colors."

His footage was just one of many incidents of unidentified objects in our skies.

In 2007, a local TV cameraman also posted a clip he filmed on the Youtube of a strange craft' in the skies of Limassol.

The three-minute video, which was viewed by over 100,000 people showed a circular object hovering over the city.

The UFO was a bright orange orb, which later changed to a rugby-ball shape.

One of the earliest accounts of a UFO in Cyprus was in 1950, when two American soldiers described a "small, round, bright object flying fast, straight and level for 15-20 seconds across Nicosia".

In 2002, the self-styled Egyptian UFO Hunter, Dr Ibrahim shot a five-minute video of a UFO above the car-park at Larnaca airport. The film shows a green 'shaking' object and can be seen on his website.

 UFO 2012 


Posted: 29 Jul 2014 04:30 AM PDT
Searching for alien life in the universe? Don't look for E.T. just yet

It's more likely we'll discover single-celled microbes than other forms of alien life, but even this discovery would raise the chances for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.
Artist illustration of an alien planet

WASHINGTON — For the first time in history, humanity is within reach of finding Earth-like planets where life exists, but these extraterrestrials may not take the form of intelligent beings, experts say. 

NASA's next-generation James Webb Space Telescope — set to launch in 2018 — and its larger successors will give scientists the opportunity to look for signatures of life in the atmospheres of planets outside the solar system, known as exoplanets. But these telescopes won't be capable of detecting whether the life forms are brainy beings or single-celled microbes.

Inside Every Being is The Ability to Transcend the Physical Form - OBE, NDE
Posted: 30 Jul 2014 05:00 AM PDT

Dyson (name changed) remembers “everything” about the accident 20 years ago. There was his bike, the car that had screeched to a stop ahead of him and that sickening moment he went headlong into glass and metal.

“I have never been able to properly describe what happened that night. I have however, recounted the story at least 5,000 times to friends, family and experts. Seconds after the crash, I felt myself floating into a sleep…I guess my body had given up. And then suddenly, I was hovering a few feet away from the scene and looking at the crowd no smell, no breathing but surrounded by throbbing lights and a strange humming.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

What Will It Take for UFO Disclosure To Start?

Posted: 27 Jul 2014 05:00 AM PDT

Disclosure is certainly in the cards (at some point) but there is a critical component that must be addressed before Disclosure can be discussed. First and foremost is the issue of amnesty for the secret keepers. As objectionable as we may find it, outright  amnesty is the only way this information will start to come forward. Over the last 50 years crimes have been committed on an unimaginable scale, the least of which are trillions of dollars being subverted and directed towards unapproved black projects. Fraud, theft, character defamation and even homicide are sins of the secret keepers that must be forgiven.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Grandmother says Wright-Patterson UFO and alien stories are true

Grandmother says Wright-Patterson UFO and alien stories are true

Posted by: Roger Marsh July 24, 2014 0 6,485 Views


Tales of crashed UFO parts and alien bodies have been told about Wright-Patterson Air Force Base since the 1947 Roswell incident and now include a secondhand report filed today as Case 58327 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Top UFO cases from 2013 identified by MUFON’s science review board

Home / Featured / Top UFO cases from 2013 identified by MUFON’s science review board


Top UFO cases from 2013 identified by MUFON’s science review board

The second highest number of UFO sightings were reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in 2013; a total of 6,448 reports.
MUFON employs trained field investigators with backgrounds in science and law enforcement that interview witnesses to “identify” UFOs.  Although most of the reports are identified as known celestial objects, aircraft, meteors, etc., there are always a small percentage of the cases that remain as true “UFOs.”  These latter cases are carefully reviewed by a science board.
MUFON’s Science Review Board (SRB) consists of scientists with degrees in physics, chemistry, geology and electrical engineering. Their work experience includes NASA, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Advanced Mico Devices, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and France’s national space program, CNES.  The SRB has reviewed the best cases from the year 2013 and have identified the strongest cases that cannot be identified as any known object.
Like in 2012, a triangular/boomerang-shaped craft that became translucent made the list of interesting cases. This type of report that describes a craft that can cloak is increasing in frequency and could potentially be a new type of military craft. But other reports describe flying craft that cannot be explained by a new type of military aircraft. As one witness stated:
I’m a disabled Vet with over 30 years experience on military aircraft. I have worked everything from old Huey’s to T38C Apache Long Bows and Black Hawks. My friend (name removed) has a few more years experience but much the same background. He was Air Force and I was Army with some time in military intelligence. We both have clearances. I know aircraft when I see them, been in enough in night under combat. However, I have no idea what this [boomerang-shaped craft] was.
MUFON was founded in 1969 and is the leading civilian UFO investigating body operating in the United States.


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