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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Has crop circle near Forest Hill on July 16, 2014 anticipated the tragic shooting-down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 on July 17

Forest Hill, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire. United Kingdom. Reported 16th July.

Map Ref: SU224685

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Updated Sunday 20th July 2014



A new crop picture near Forest Hill on July 16, 2014 anticipated the tragic shooting-down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 on July 17 by one full day: yet why show 135 days in total, if they only wished to tell us about MH17? 

A new and spectacular crop picture near Forest Hill on July 16, 2014 seems to have anticipated the tragic shooting-down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 on July 17 by one full day. That historic event was reported on Reuters news only hours ago (see us-ukraine-crash-airplane): 


The crop artists seemingly knew of this tragic event on July 16, one day before. They can only be time travellers: 


Many other crop pictures have “predicted the future”, but not in such a dramatic fashion (see for example japantsunami 2011).
Still it may not be all “bad news”. If those time travellers wished only to tell us about flight MH17 on July 17, they could have drawn a simple series of circles such as “13-14-15-16”. Why did they draw a complex series of circles as “13-14-15-15-15-15-16-16-16”, unless the total number of days as “135” is somehow important?  

Are they subtly suggesting some “good news” in the future? Might this have something to do with missing flight MH370? 

A “spiral” from the new crop picture resembles another spiral which was drawn in crops at Hackpen Hill on July 9, 2014: 

All of those 13 to 16-day series of circles may represent “phase cycles of our Moon” as seen at midnight, from somewhere on Earth. Their previous crop picture on July 9 showed a “Man in the Moon”, looking with surprise at a nearby “spiral”. Following on from the full Moon of July 12, the next two crescent phases will be on July 20 to 22, then on August 1 to 3. 

This new crop picture matches how someone on Earth would see nine successive lunar phase cycles at midnight. Each set of 13 of 16 circles rotates by 30o around the “spiral” from its predecessor, equal to one month of rotation for any lunar cycle as measured against background stars. Its 135 circles have been drawn on a circular grid with 36 x 10o divisions. When our Moon follows a path of high altitude across Earth’s sky, we may see it for as many as 16 days above the horizon. This is just its 29.53-day phase cycle, divided by two to give 15.26 days, then rounded up to 16 days because of its finite size. When our Moon follows a path of low altitude through Earth’s sky, we may see it above the horizon for only 13 to 14 days.

Three famous crop pictures from Stonehenge 1996, Avebury Trusloe 1996, or Milk Hill 2001 showed similar 13 to 15-day phase cycles of our Moon, just as drawn in crops on July 16, 2014 at Forest Hill. The same crop artists seemingly made them all, whether in 1996, 2001 or 2014.

Who could be “watching our Moon at midnight for 135 days in the dark”? Once we study the landscape features around this new crop picture, we find some remarkable images, which suggest that “good news” may lie in our near future. Nobody really knows what will happen next, except for time travellers, but we will report further observations about the Forest Hill crop picture over the next few days.

P.S. More discussion of the cryptic “135” number

The crop artists drew a fairly complex series of numbers (13)-(14)-(15-15-15-15)-(16-16-16), to suggest that the next two numbers should be (17-17) for “MH17” and “July 17”. The total equals 135. If they had wished to tell us only about MH17, they could have drawn a simple series of numbers (13-13)-(14-14)-(15-15)-(16-16). Now the total equals 116. So that “135” number may be important! 

Looking at a series of 13 circles near the edge of the crop “spiral”, we might assign the full Moon of July 12 to its large central circle. Twelve small circles on either side would then extend from July 6 to July 18. Proceeding further along the spiral, we can see the next crop tramline where our Moon would be located on July 21. At Hackpen Hill on July 9, they drew our Moon “looking at a spiral” when it goes into crescent phase, say from July 20 to 22. 

The outer series of 13 circles (“days”) matches the low altitude of our Moon in summertime England. It was drawn within a 36-circle grid, and extends for 36% of that grid. Our Moon will be 36% illuminated on July 20. We can count from July 21 backwards by 135 days to March 8, or forward to December 4. We should learn soon whether any of these concerns are relevant to what happens in the real world.

Red Collie, Dr. Horace R. Drew (like “Walter Bishop” helping “September” in Fringe)


Artworks WJ.

Forest Hill, Marlborough, Wiltshire

This amazing crop circle may depict the internal energy pulse required for a space vehicle to achieve time-space displacement during the travel in space.

The phenomenon of internal energy pulse was first observed in the UFOs while they were watching the STS-75 “Tether Incident” in February 1996.

The black region around the center shows the radiating energy pulse from the center of the craft. Of course, NASA defined (all of) the pulsating and moving objects in their original video as “space debris”!

The original footage from NASA has been analyzed by many people. There are many video clips in YOU-Tube showing these analyses. This one is one of them: where you can see that some of the pulsating “debris” has some intelligent flight paths.

Berat Sancar

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