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Monday, July 14, 2014

Incredible Interdimensional Travelers and Their Stories

Posted: 13 Jul 2014 07:42 AM PDT

Lessons From Interdimensional Travelers  

No matter how savvy an Inter-dimensional Traveler you may already be, the journey across dimensions can still be a rather scary and perplexing process. This series of stories which contains insights gleaned by a fellow Inter-dimensional Travelers, is offered in the hope that it can provide some assistance to you on your travels. 

As of 2012 portals have moved from theoretical to reality. A NASA-sponsored researcher at the University of Iowa has developed a way for spacecraft to hunt down hidden magnetic portals in the vicinity of Earth. These portals are linked to the magnetic field of our planet. The existence of portals would go a long way in explaining the erratic and very bizarre stories that some people have been telling for hundreds of years, they have become known as Inter-dimensional travelers. 

Here are some of their stories:

1. Carol Chase McElheney - Riverside,  USA

In 2006, as Carol Chase McElheney was driving from Perris, California back to her home in San Bernardino, she claims she decided to stop in her hometown of Riverside. It didn't take long, however, for Carol to realize she wasn't in the right town, although its geographical location was correct. 
“I’ve been going to Riverside since I was a baby,” McElheney said. “I’m real familiar with the city. I know my way around. I knew where my grandmother lived. I've been to the cemetery. I knew where I was going.” 

She couldn't find her childhood home,then she drove to the street where her grandmother once lived, stopped the car, and looked around in amazement. “It was totally different,” she said. “None of the houses were anything like I remembered. No tall trees, her house wasn't there. The numbers were in the same range, but the houses were all new. Grandma’s house and my aunt and uncle’s house next door were gone.” All the homes on what should have been her grandmother’s street were modern ranch-style houses lined by bushes, nothing like her Grandmother’s big, Tudor home with towering eucalyptus trees in the yard. “It was just gone.”

So was the cemetery. 
“The cemetery where my grandparents were buried was just not there,” McElheney said. “I drove around the block where it was supposed to be, and it was just fenced off with weeds inside. No gate, driveway or anything.”
She claims she couldn't find her childhood home or those of other family members. In fact, she didn't recognize any of the houses, even though all the numbers were still correct. Even the cemetery where her grandparents were buried was just a fenced lot full of overgrown weeds.

Was she simply in the wrong town? This would be a strong theory had she not found some landmarks that were familiar, such as the college and middle school. However, her relief in finding something recognizable was short-lived, as she soon noticed the eerie vibe surrounding the Riverside residents who were walking around. She soon left, afraid to approach any of these sinister beings.

Carol believes she had stumbled upon a parallel dimension, in which Riverside was a much darker place. Her story can’t be confirmed because when she returned to Riverside a few years later for her father’s funeral, it had reverted back to the town she knew as a child. She never encountered the alternate dimension Riverside again.

2. Green Children of Woolpit - UK

The village sign still in place today
greets visitors as they enter Woolpit.
One day at harvest time, according to William of Newburgh during the reign of King Stephen (1135–1154), the villagers of Woolpit discovered two children, a brother and sister, beside one of the wool pits that gave the village its name. Their skin was green, they spoke an unknown language, and their clothing was unfamiliar. The children were taken to the home of Richard de Calne. The pair refused all food for several days until they came across some raw beans, which they consumed eagerly. 

The children gradually adapted to normal food and in time lost their green color. The boy, who appeared to be the younger of the two, became sickly and died shortly after he and his sister were baptized. 

After learning to speak English, the girl explained that they came from a land where the sun never shone and the light was like twilight. William of Newburgh says the children called their home St Martin's Land and that everything there was green. According to William, the children were unable to account for their arrival in Woolpit; they had been herding their father's cattle when they heard a loud noise (according to William, the bells of Bury St Edmunds) and suddenly found themselves by the wool pit where they were found.  

The Green Children of Woolpit
They had become lost when they followed the cattle into a cave and, after being guided by the sound of bells, eventually emerged into our land. The girl was employed for many years as a servant in Richard de Calne's household, where she was considered to be "very wanton and impudent". William says that she eventually married a man from King's Lynn, about 40 miles (64 km) from Woolpit, where she was still living shortly before he wrote. Based on his research into Richard de Calne's family history, the astronomer and writer Duncan Lunan has concluded that the girl was given the name "Agnes" and that she married a royal official named Richard Barre.

The village of Woolpit is in the county of Suffolk, East Anglia, about 7 miles (11 km) east of the town of Bury St Edmunds. During the Middle Ages it belonged to the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds, and was part of one of the most densely populated areas in rural England. Two writers, Ralph of Coggeshall (died c. 1226) and William of Newburgh (c. 1136–1198), reported on the sudden and unexplained arrival in the village of two green children during one summer in the 12th century.

3. Pedro Ramirez - Seville, Spain

At around 11:00 PM on November 9, 1986, Pedro Oliva Ramirez claims he was driving from Seville, Spain to the town of Alcala de Guadaira. Being no stranger to this trek, it came as a shock when he allegedly went around a curve and found himself driving on an unfamiliar, straight, six-lane highway. He was surrounded by foreign structures and bizarre terrain. He felt a sensation of heat while a chorus of voices rang out in the distance. 

One voice stood out among the others, telling him that he had just been teleported to another dimension. The cars around him, which passed at intervals of exactly eight minutes, were outdated and either white or beige with dark, narrow rectangles for license plates.

After about an hour of confused driving, Ramirez found a turnoff to his left, where signs stood pointing to Alcabala, Malaga, and Seville. Ramirez began driving toward Seville, but when he stopped, he was astonished to find he was looking at his home in Alcala de Guadaira. When he retraced his steps, he could not locate the crossroads, the road sign, or the six-lane highway again.

4. Gadianto Canyon, Utah, USA

In May 1972, four girls were allegedly driving back to Southern Utah University after spending their Saturday at a rodeo in Pioche. While crossing the desolate Utah-Nevada state line at around 10:00 PM, they came upon a fork in the highway, where they veered to the left and began driving through Gadianton Canyon. Suddenly, the black pavement turned to white cement. Believing they had simply taken a wrong turn, the girls headed back the way they came, but to their surprise, they were suddenly driving past grain fields and ponderosa pines with no desert in sight.

They decided to stop at a roadside tavern to ask for directions but quickly changed their minds after one of the girls began screaming hysterically. Four egg-shaped vehicles mounted on tricycle wheels with bright lights shining from the top of them began speeding after them. The petrified girls sped back through the canyon as the white cement changed back to its normal black asphalt, leading them into the familiar desert. After wrecking in a creek, leaving them with three flat tires, they waited until morning to hike to Highway 56, where they flagged down an obviously skeptical state trooper.

As outlandish as their story seemed, the tire tracks they left are difficult to explain. The only tire tracks left by the girls’ Chevy ended abruptly only 200 meters (about 600 ft) into the desert, which leaves the mystery of how the girls ended up over 3 kilometers (2 mi) north of the highway with no physical evidence of their travels. The car was also missing a hubcap that was never located. Maybe it got lost somewhere in the Utah desert, or maybe it’s being displayed at a museum on the parallel Earth.

5. The Man From Taured - Tokyo, Japan

On a seemingly normal day in 1954, a seemingly normal man allegedly flew into Tokyo, but upon landing at the Tokyo International Airport, his seemingly normal trip had taken a very drastic turn for the weird. When he handed over his passport to be stamped, the man was immediately interrogated as to the whereabouts of his origins. It wasn’t a case of racial profiling: While his passport looked authentic, it listed a country no one had ever heard of called Taured.

The mystery man claimed his country was located between France and Spain, but when he was asked to point it out on a map, he pointed to the Principality of Andorra. Insisting he had never heard of Andorra and that Taured had existed for 1,000 years, he claimed that he was in Japan on business, something he had been doing for the past five years. His passport seemed to back up his story, as it was covered in previous customs and visa stamps, and he carried with him legal currency from several European countries. He even had a driver’s license issued by the mysterious country and a checkbook containing checks from an unknown bank.

After more interrogation and confusion for both parties, the traveler was sent to a nearby hotel until an official decision could be reached. There, two immigration officials stood outside the hotel door until morning. It was then that they discovered the mystery man had vanished without a trace, which was troubling, since the only possible exit was a window with no ledge 15 stories above a busy street. The Tokyo police department conducted an extensive search but continually came up empty-handed. Hopefully, if he really was from a parallel Earth, he was able to find a way back to the comforts of his home in Taured.

6. The Beatles

While many have attempted to recreate the famous stylings of The Beatles, none have been able to match Fab Four’s unique vibe that made them so revolutionary. But you don’t have to feel bad if you missed out on the ’60s—all you have to do is take a trip to an alternate universe where John Lennon and George Harrison never died and the group is still making music.

A man who has adopted the pseudonym of James Richards claims he was chasing his dog through Del Puerto Canyon in California on September 9, 2009 when he tripped in a rabbit hole and knocked himself unconscious. Upon waking up, he found himself in a room next to an unrecognizable machine with a man who introduced himself as Jonas. According to the strange man, while on a work-related trip for a dimensional travel agency, he had used the machine to transport the unconscious Richards to a parallel Earth in order to help him.

Of course, the logical thing to do in this situation was to start discussing pop culture, which led Jonas and Richards to the topic of The Beatles, a band both dimensions shared. To Richards’s surprise, in this alternate dimension, The Beatles were all alive and still creating music. Richards brought back a souvenir cassette tape entitled Everyday Chemistry that was composed of Beatles songs never released in our dimension, which he helpfully uploaded to his website. If you are interested here is one cut from the Beatles other dimensional album.

7. The Markawasi Stone Forest - Lima, Peru 

The Markawasi stone forest lies in the Andes Mountains in Lima, Peru. The stones are almost like sculptures, taking eerie shapes like human faces, but no one is sure how they formed. As if that isn’t spooky enough, the real mystery is the possibility of a dimensional door that is said to be located in the forest.

According to Dr. Raul Rios Centeno, an investigator of the unexplained in Lima, a patient came to see him about her extreme case of hemiplegia, a disorder that results in a complete loss of motor function in half of the body. When he inquired about the woman’s condition, she revealed that she had been camping with friends in the Markawasi. According to the patient, they had gone out exploring late in the night and happened upon a torch-lit stone cabin filled with dancing revelers in 17th-century attire. The woman said she felt an otherworldly pull toward the cabin, but she was yanked away by one of her friends before she could fully enter. The incident left the side of her body that had entered the cabin paralyzed.

Her test results revealed no discernible cause for her paralysis. Centeno believes the woman experienced a dimensional shift, producing a change in her nervous system’s energy flow. Many natives as well as scholars believe that a dimensional doorway exists in the stone forest of Markawasi, which the woman and her friends may have unknowingly crossed. Hemiplegia may not be a great consolation prize, but had she not been pulled away, the woman may have been lost forever.

8. The Shadow People - Distant Galaxies

According to Albert Einstein, there are four dimensions, three of space and one of time, with the special property of the ability to bend light. Stephen Hawking furthered this theory by questioning the possibility of many more dimensions existing in the realm of our universe. However, according to Hawking, matter and light are confined to the “membrane” of the dimension, making interdimensional travel impossible. Because space-time has the ability to bend light, however, there exists the possibility that we can see the shadows of people and even galaxies from other dimensions in our own, and they ours.

Supposed encounters with these “shadow people” are common in North America.One tale describes a woman’s meeting with the mysterious entities as a little girl while living in Dorchester, Massachusetts during the mid-1990s. During her first night sleeping in a new room, she claims to have seen a tall and unnatural shadow on the wall. To her surprise, the shadow stepped off the wall and glided around the room, wearing what appeared to be glasses. She saw three more of these shadow people near her closet. She eventually realized a large shadow was slowly enveloping the entire room, leaving her in pitch darkness before she leaped from her bed to take comfort in her grandparents’ room. She believes that what she encountered that night were dimensional travelers, who most likely saw her as a shadow person.

9. The Montauk Project - Long Island, NY

Based out of an abandoned Air Force radar station on the eastern end of Long Island, the Montauk Project was a series of top secret United States government experiments following the Philadelphia Experiment, whose purpose was to create the technology to render ships invisible to radar detection. The 1943 project was almost too much of a success, as the USS Eldridge supposedly went literally invisible before being teleported into another dimension, eventually reappearing off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia.

Because many of the crew died when the project went wrong and those who didn’t were driven to the brink of insanity, official funding for the Philadelphia Experiment was pulled. However, scientists and military officials were fascinated with the experiment’s results and wanted to continue exploring the possibilities of teleportation and interdimensional travel, so the Montauk Project was launched in the 1960s.

Headed by Dr. John von Neumann, the Montauk Project focused on examining the psychological changes of those who traveled through dimensions and determining why the Philadelphia Experiment was a disaster despite its achievements in teleportation. According to their theories, humans are born with a time reference point that is linked to the electromagnetic fields unique to this Earth and dimension. This is why such a dramatic jump to another dimensional plane was detrimental to so many of the crew, causing insanity and death. During the Montauk Project experiments, Von Neumann solved this problem by creating a computer-simulated Earth and altering the body’s time reference points.

10. Ong's Hat - New Jersey, USA

Joseph Matheny was an occult scholar and an expert on the Elizabethan sorcerer John Dee, well-schooled in a vast range of esoteric subjects. In 1987 a physicist friend gave him a list of very rare texts about parallel worlds, quantum mechanics, and such. This photocopied catalog was titled "Incunabula". Matheny already had most of these texts in his personal library, but an unfamiliar one snagged his attention: Ong's Hat: A Color Brochure of the Institute of Chaos Studies. He somehow managed to obtain a copy of the pamphlet, and it launched him on an investigation that led to the following story:

In the 1930s, a clique of physicists from Princeton's Institute for Advanced Studybegan using the Ong's Hat Rod and Gun Club as a pretext for gathering in secret. There, they met up with members of a strange commune or ashram (some would say a cult) that had evolved from an heretical Islamic sect founded in the early 1900s by a circus magician, Noble Drew Ali. 

These people practiced ancient tantric sex magic, but were also centuries ahead of their time technologically. They had in their possession an egg-shaped device, looking not unlike a Faberge egg, which enabled them to travel through a gateway into other dimensions and parallel worlds. One world they explored was identical to the New Jersey pine barrens, minus any inhabitants. They established a small settlement there. On another world they encountered a benevolent race of humanoids descended from Javanese lemurs, who had mastered dimensional travel sans machinery and had been traveling to other worlds for thousands of years.
The scientists and a few other unconventional people continued to frequent the Ong's Hat ashram right through the '60s, a time when their eclectic blend of mysticism and time travel would have been extremely popular.

Matheny was able to locate and interview the surviving members of the commune. They even allowed him to examine the Egg. Sadly, the ashram itself no longer existed; sometime in the '70s or '80s, the area was bombarded by black Delta Force helicopters, and at least seven of the commune members were reportedly gunned down. The commune itself was burned to the ground. The survivors apparently dispersed and have remained underground.
Matheny himself recounted his experiences in a book, Ong's Hat: The Beginning (1999). Later, Peter Moon (co-author of a seminal work on the Montauk Project) updated and republished the book. He claimed that a friend had been in contact with members of the commune prior to its destruction.

What resulted from the Incunabula and Ong's Hat was an enduring mystery, and a fascinating one. It had absolutely everything aconspiracist could want: a secret society, mind-blowing technology, occultism, mad scientists, and even a little sex.

Ong’s Hat, New Jersey was founded sometime in the 19th century by a man named Ong after he threw his hat up in the air and lost it to a tree branch.

11. Lerina Garcia

In July 2008, a well-educated 41-year-old woman named Lerina Garcia woke up in her bed on what seemed to like an ordinary day. However, as she went on with her normal routine, she claims she found small details that seemed peculiar. For example, her sheets and pajamas were different from what she remembered wearing to bed. She resolved to brush off this curiosity and drove to her place of work, where she had been employed for 20 years. However, upon arriving at her department, she realized it wasn’t actually her department, despite being in its usual location on its usual floor.

Having decided that something weird was definitely going on, she returned home only to find the man from whom she says she had separated six months before, who acted like the separation had never taken place. Her new lover, whom she claimed she had been seeing for four months, was nowhere to be found. Even after hiring a private detective, his whereabouts remained unknown. There was no trace of him at his alleged residence nor any trace of his family.

While it seems more likely that Garcia’s perceptions are the result of some neurological malfunction, she believes she woke up in a parallel universe. Unfortunately for the alleged dimensional traveler, Garcia has not been able to return to her normal universe, leaving her stuck in a dimension where she doesn’t belong with a boyfriend she can’t get rid of.

12. The Mound - Pennsylvanian

In the spring of 2006, I was walking around my childhood neighborhood during a visit to my small hometown in Western Pa. I climbed the hill down the block from the old house, going to the very top of what had always been called The Mound...or The Indian Mound, as I remembered it from the 1950's. Word had been, many years ago, that someone had become interested in this mound, wanting to dig into it, but that the project came to an abrupt end. 

I always loved simply standing on top of the mound. When the trees were bare in the cold months, I loved to look out over the mountains, and, indeed, it seemed as it was a perfect vantage point for watching all around for a good distance.

The day I last went there, I parked my car at the old corner store, where the proprietor was just putting on a fresh pot of coffee. She invited me in for some when I got down the hill. 

Once at the top I looked over the old neighborhood, and the surrounding hills, recalling all sorts of good memories of the place...and then started down. I suddenly realized I must have gotten turned the wrong way, because the neighborhood I was heading for was, in no way, familiar. I headed back to the top, and began to walk around it slowly, checking often to see the usual way down to the little store, my car, and a neighborhood so familiar I could draw it in my sleep. No matter which way I went down the slope, nothing was familiar. Homes were there, but they were entirely different from those I knew were "really" there. The little grocery store was nowhere to be seen. 

By my third turn around the top of the hill, trying desperately to orient myself, I began to feel panic, and even began to formulate what I would say if I had to knock on one of doors of those unfamiliar houses. I made a fourth turn, and suddenly everything was perfectly the way it should be. The houses I grew up with, the store, my car. Being no spring chicken, I considered it a miracle to have gotten to the bottom of the hill in one piece, because I ran to the bottom.

I never had coffee with the nice lady in the store, because I jumped in the car, peeled out, and drove back to the house where I was visiting. 

I have tried to reach out to people in the old hometown who might be able to tell me a little about that hill, but have never received a reply. So I shelved it under my "oops" category...until I read your site today. So, for what it's worth...this has been my 2-cents.

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