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Sunday, July 27, 2014

What Will It Take for UFO Disclosure To Start?

Posted: 27 Jul 2014 05:00 AM PDT

Disclosure is certainly in the cards (at some point) but there is a critical component that must be addressed before Disclosure can be discussed. First and foremost is the issue of amnesty for the secret keepers. As objectionable as we may find it, outright  amnesty is the only way this information will start to come forward. Over the last 50 years crimes have been committed on an unimaginable scale, the least of which are trillions of dollars being subverted and directed towards unapproved black projects. Fraud, theft, character defamation and even homicide are sins of the secret keepers that must be forgiven.

Secondly, most people believe that if/when disclosure happens we will get a full accounting of the secrets that have been kept from mankind over the last six decades. That is very unlikely, the best we can hope for is some limited or partial disclosure that will confirm the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence in the universe.

Full Disclosure Is Coming As Secretive Information Cannot Be Hidden Any Longer. What Will This Mean For The World?

We are evolving at a very rapid rate in today’s era of technology and information. Taking a look at technology such as cell phones we see in only a short decade how far cell phones have advanced. You can literally do anything via a cell phone and cell phone technology is only going to get more and more advanced as we proceed into the future. Taking a look at information, we are more connected than ever (thanks to those cell phones) and websites such as Facebook and Twitter. So many of us literally have any information we want at our fingertips almost instantaneously via the internet.

We are evolving in all aspects of life at a very rapid rate due to all of these technology advancements and pieces of information coming out. You can clearly see that more and more people are coming across information that for years was “hidden” or was kept away from the general public. What one needs to understand is that all along a lot of information was always known, just not shared because an avenue like the internet wasn’t around. We as individuals and as a collective are becoming more aware and this is causing a fast changing world! Evolution is happening every day, every hour, every minute and yes, every second!

What does this all mean though, with technology and information coming into public knowledge at an enormous rate? You can see what it is doing around the world, more and more people are becoming aware and awakened. Truth is subjected to the reader and individual as we are all perceiving our realities differently and like technology and information is evolving, we are all evolving at different rates depending on our perception of what all this means!

On The Cusp of Truth

From my perspective this all means we are coming into an era of TRUTH and we are on the cusp of it. Today we are living in a world of cell phone cameras, video cameras and with the likes of Facebook and Twitter anyone can spread a message around the world with the click of a button. We are coming out of a “dark age” in a sense, we are coming into an age of personal responsibility and that is all part of the evolution we are headed towards.

Just in the last few years there have been countless Marches Against Monsanto and other large corporations, many countries have overthrown their governments. It seems that once a country’s population really figures out what is going on within the government, the general public no longer stands for any form of suppression. Many facts and truths are coming out in all aspects of life, from governments, to religions, to alien life, to who we truly are and what our history really was. Once again though personal truth is subjective to the individual perspective, however this is what is all changing very rapidly.

Full Disclosure is coming because no longer can information and technologies be hidden from the general public. One must really take things into their own hands and research and discover for oneself what is happening in this ever-evolving world to see what I am speaking of. In my opinion Full Disclosure is going to happen very soon as the TRUTH can no longer be hidden.

What Will Full Disclosure Entail?

From my perspective full disclosure is going to be an era where everything is out in the open and no more lies or holding truths from the general public will or can occur. Full Disclosure is a very welcomed time, it is a time we are truly going to understand who we are as individuals and as a collective population. Full Disclosure is going to bring many truths out in the open that many people already know today, yet the masses will get a big dose of “reality.” Reality is going to change forever and it is one heck of an exciting time to be alive witnessing all of this change occurring.

Conspiracy theories, corruption, deception and influence by control are all going to soon be issues of the past. When one tells the truth, it cannot be misinterpreted and it cannot be twisted into a self-fulfilling prophecy. I see Full Disclosure coming very soon, within the next few years as the information is just coming at too fast of a rate to cover up or mislead the general public.

One must see through all the deceptions and illusions that are being spread today that are keeping people in the reality of Fear, when one chooses to look at the world through Love, then one will fully understand what I am speaking about. Many truths are going to come out that are going to rock a lot of people’s boats. Many people don’t know what to believe anymore because of all past lies, cover-ups and misleading information, however just know that with the speed of our evolution that is happening, we are on the verge of something massive happening that will be the event that will lead to Full Disclosure!

You cannot keep truth suppressed in an era of evolution like we are experiencing. It has been part of the divine plan all along, so sit back and enjoy the ride! 

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