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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

UFOs and Space Travel: How Do They Get Here And Where Do They Come From?

19 August, 2015

Ellen Lloyd - - One of the most interesting aspects of the UFO phenomenon focuses on the origin of extraterrestrial craft. Whether you are new to the UFO phenomena, or have studied the subject for years, you cannot help wondering: "If UFOs are real outer space craft, then where do they come from and how do they get here?"

It is a simple question and yet it is very difficult to provide an intelligent and solid answer to this query.


  • What is the place of origin of these intelligent alien beings? 
  • Can we find them in the cluster of the Pleiades, in the constellation of Orion, or do they perhaps exist much closer to home? 
  • Could it be that the aliens are in fact visitors from the future? 
  • Are the aliens perhaps living in a world next to our own, a place that is invisible to the naked eye, a parallel world or another dimension? 
  • Do UFOs use hidden inter-dimensional gateways to reach our world and enter our reality? 

Before I continue writing, it is essential to point out that the purpose of this article is not to prove the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects.

It is not my intention to convince skeptics that we are and have always been visited by extraterrestrials. Although it is fair to say this is a complex subject, any curious investigator will discover that a comprehensive and objective analysis of the UFO phenomenon clearly shows that we are not alone in the universe. It is correct to say that a number of UFO sightings can be dismissed and easily explained away, but let us not forget the unexplained cases. Countless UFO reports, photographs, world-wide mass-sightings, testimonies from high-ranked officials, photographs taken by NASA astronauts sightings obviously speak for themselves.

Even if the modern UFO era began with Kenneth Arnold sighting in 1947, the UFO phenomenon is nothing new in the history of planet Earth. On the contrary, readers of my book "Voices from Legendary Times"are familiar with ancient records of spacemen.

The existence of strange, alien, glowing craft can be tracked down to the dawn of our civilization, but the question remains - how do they travel through the galaxy?

A Journey to the Stars

Those who maintain that UFOs cannot possibly be extraterrestrial spacecraft, often base their "proof" on the great difficulties and improbabilities of interstellar travel. However, in the last years, our scientific knowledge has increased a lot, and it is therefore time for all deniers of the UFO phenomena to re-examine their beliefs. Critics of the extraterrestrial hypothesis frequently repeat that the enormous distances separating the stars are an immense problem to any race wishing to explore the galaxy. This is of course true, but this argument can only be applied to races, which are on the same technological level as humans. As soon as we begin considering highly advanced alien races, we must calculate some significant factors into our equation.

Do some UFOs come from the Orion constellation?

To begin with, we must look at the civilization's age. Furthermore, we must take into consideration the aliens' possession of knowledge, which is unknown to us. The aliens' technical knowledge is determined by the civilization's age. It is logical to assume that an alien civilization that is thousands or perhaps even millions of years ahead of us is in total control of its existence. It must be immune to natural catastrophes and does not fear its own self-destruction, otherwise it could not have survived for so long.

The technological capacity of such an advanced civilization most likely surpasses our current scientific understanding. It is possible that highly advanced alien races control the energy of entire stars and therefore there are virtually no limits to what these beings can achieve, but how exactly do they get here?

Our galaxy is vast and the distances between the stars are enormous. The nearest star to our solar system is Proxima Centauri, a dwarf red M star in the constellation Centaurus. It is lying at distance of 4,26 light years away from us. That is not far. A journey to Proxima Centauri would take four years for us, if we were traveling in a spaceship that was going as fast as the light, which is 17,000 times faster than the spacecraft Voyager 11 is traveling now.

If we wished to travel to Schedar, a very bright star in the W-shaped constellation of Cassiopeia, we would be facing a problem. Even if we traveled at the speed of light, we would not be able to arrive at our destination, at least not alive. Schedar is lying 230 light years away from our Sun. The travel time clearly extends a human's life span. The entire crew would die long before reaching Schedar. For an extraterrestrial being having a much longer average life span, this must not be much of a problem, but for us it is definitely out of the question.

Gazing up at the sky on a clear night, we can admire a small and young cluster of stars, called the Pleiades. We find these stars, which are also known as the Seven Sisters, in the constellation of Taurus. This could be a very interesting region of space. However, even if we wanted to, we could not explore the Seven Sisters because they are 400 light years away. The problem is the same with the bright constellation of Orion, one of the most intriguing objects in the sky. Unfortunately, even though we can observe the stars Mintaka, Alnilam, and Alnitak, which together form Orion's belt, the distance between Earth and these stars is enormous, 1,300 light years.

Warping Space-Time

As we have just seen, even if we possessed spaceships traveling as fast as the light, we would be able to explore certain parts of the galaxy, but far from every corner. So what options do we have? Logic dictates that a spaceship must exceed light speed. However, modern physics tells us that nothing can move faster than light, and even if we could break the light barrier, we would find ourselves traveling back in time, to the past. Is there a solution to our dilemma?
Warping space-time in the vivinty of a black hole. Artistic impression. Credit: NASA

Faster than light travel is, according to the General Relativity theory actually possible under certain circumstances. This could be achieved by expanding space-time behind the ship and contracting it in front of the ship. By warping space-time in the region of a spaceship, it is possible to break the light barrier as seen by observers outside the disturbed region, without violating the velocity of light constraint within the region. This means that if you are onboard a warp-driven spaceship, you would normally watch the motion of the stars, thinking that you are traveling slower than light. Nevertheless, once you arrived at your destination and checked the time it took to get there, you would discover that your ship was actually moving faster than light because it warped space.

It is highly probable that UFOs move across the galaxy by distorting space-time. Another option to travel vast distances very quickly is to use short-cuts through space and time, so-called wormholes.

Traveling through a Wormhole
Spaceship entering a wormhole. Artistic impression. Credit: NASA

Wormholes are hyperspace tunnels that connect either remote regions within our universe, or two different universes. Wormholes also act as tunnels connecting different dimensions. The traversable wormholes described here should not be confused with a non-traversable Einstein-Rosen Bridge that is formed from collapsed stellar matter (Black Holes). A black hole is surrounded by a "point of no return", (the Schwarzschild radius) which means once any object, like a spaceship for example gets in the vicinity of the this radius it will be sucked into the hole. The gravitational field is so powerful that nothing, not even light can escape the vicinity of a black hole. 

At the center of the black hole is a singularity where matter is crushed to infinite density and the gravitational pull is very strong. A spacehip captured by a black hole would therefore be crushed into pieces. Traversabel wormholes on the other hand do not have a "point of no return" or a singularity. A craft could enter the wormhole through an opening, travel through the tunnel and exit on the other side.

Traversable wormholes offer an opportunity to explore vast regions of space in a practical and fast way. If UFOs originate from the constellation of Orion, the Pleaides or other parts of our galaxy, then it is possible that they solve the problems of interstellar travel making use of traversable wormholes.

Einstein believed that communication between these two universes was impossible because any spaceship entering a black hole would be crushed inside. Recent discoveries show that traveling through the bridge can be extremely difficult, but perhaps possible.

Travel to Parallel Worlds through Stargates

The belief that many worlds beyond our own might exist is not a new idea. The scientist, philosopher, and theologian St. Albertus Magnus (1206-1280) once wrote:

"Do there exist many worlds, or is there but a single world? This is one of the most noble and exalted questions in the study of Nature."

In modern times, it was physicist Hugh Everett, who advanced the many worlds theory in 1957. Everett suggested that numerous universes equal to our own surround our universe. His theory did not win much support among other scientists. Although an infinite number of universes could not be ruled out, it was commonly agreed upon that communication between different realities was impossible. The existence of parallel worlds could not be proven and thus the theory should be put aside.

Perhaps Everett was not so wrong in his assumptions. Perhaps it is possible to communicate with entities living in alternate realities.

Stephen Hawking's theory based on the wave function proposed a solution to the many worlds problem. According to Hawking, wormholes connect an infinite number of self-contained universes. Tunneling via the wormholes is possible, but Hawking maintains the wormholes are so small that a human cannot travel through them.

Yet, according to Dr. David Deutsch, one of the world's leading theoretical physicists we live not in a single universe, but rather in a vast and rich multiverse. More and more scientists are convinced that our universe is only one among multiple of other universes.

As mentioned earlier, traversable wormholes connect different universes, dimensions, times and space regions within the same universe.

Are some UFOS using stargates?

Stargates are traversable wormholes that allow cosmic journeys to other worlds. Now suppose that a highly advanced alien civilization thousands of years ahead of us exist somewhere near Earth, in a different dimension, or a parallel universe. The aliens' technological skills would allow them to set up a stargate near the Earth's orbit or perhaps even on the planet. A spaceship could easily pass through and come out on the other side, entering our dimension or a remote section of galaxy.

Stargates offer a solution to interstellar travel. The advantages are obvious. It saves time. A craft traveling through a stargate can travel much faster than the speed of light and avoid time travel and time dilation. The crew does not need plenty of life support provisions and there is no need for large quantity of propellant. It is possible to send probes and small spaceships. Afterall, no journey requires the crew to leave the home planet for longer time. 

Could UFOs come from another universe or a parallel world? It is possible. It is often pointed out that UFOs can break the laws of physics, but our laws of physics are relevant in our world and must not apply to other dimensions.

Visitors from the Future

As soon as a spaceship, or any object for that matter, exceeds the speed of light, it finds itself moving back in time. It might sound strange how a vehicle that goes faster than 186,000 miles/second can travel backward in time, but it is perfectly logical. An increase of motion slows time. When a spaceship approaches C, the speed of light, time slows down until at C time stops. It is obvious that a spaceship cannot go faster if time has already stopped. However, when the vehicle crosses the light barrier, time goes even slower on the other side, thus the spaceship has entered into the realms of negative time and find itself traveling back in time.

Some ufologists have suggested that Unidentified Flying Objects might actually be spaceships coming from the future. This could be the case. However, personally I doubt the crew of the UFOs could be of human origin.

The UFOs show few, if any, signs of wishing to communicate with the human race. Supporters of the "UFO future human vehicle theory" will object by saying that communication with the present human species is not allowed, because it would interfere with our timeline. Of course, we are living in a world where anything is possible.

Are these alien visitors from the future?

Readers familiarized with ufology are aware of the fact that a small number of UFOs have crashed on Earth or has been intentionally shot down by the airforce. The extraterrestrial spaceships and their crew have been secretly recovered by the military. So, why is it unlikely that the UFOs are future human craft? Well, for one thing the physiology of the captured alien beings is by no means similar to that of modern man. The obvious objection to this argument is that UFOs are probably thousands of years ahead of us technologically.

This means that the people would also be just as much ahead of us in the evolutionary process and during all those years the human physiology could have changed greatly. That is naturally true, but up to now there has been no indication whatsoever that the alien species are related to humans. Granted, there are several types of UFOs visiting our planet, which suggests that our extraterrestrial guests could be members of different races. One of them might be the future human race, but at this point, it is only pure speculation.

The absence of humans onboard the alien vehicles, can still be explained without necessarily rejecting the time travel scenario.

It is a great technological challenge to build a vehicle that can manipulate time. Unfortunately, unless a miracle occurs, the construction of a time machine is beyond our reach for a very long time.

These are gloomy thoughts, if our civilization will last long enough to build a time vehicle we can never welcome our future human tourists.

Moreover, even if we survive and finally succeed in building a time travel machine, then according to the general relativity theory you can only go back in time to a period when the time vehicle was created. If a time machine is constructed in 2050, it cannot be used to transport you back to the year of 1960. Therefore, since no one has built a time machine yet, no one can come back to this time and it could account for the lack of humans from the future.

This was just a short introduction into a complex subject explaining in simple terms how advanced alien craft can conquer vast distances in space. 

As you have seen there are several possibilities explaining from where UFOs can actually originate. Far away, from Orion, the Pleiades, Cassiopeia, Sirius, a parallel world, or perhaps they are located just around the corner on the Moon or Mars. In any case, if they come to us from a remote region of the galaxy, then they most likely travel through wormholes.

Written by Ellen Lloyd -

Copyright © & Ellen Lloyd All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of and Ellen Lloyd

About the author:

Ellen Lloyd - is the owner of and an author who has spent more than 20 years researching ancient mysteries, sacred texts, and the existence of extraterrestrial life. She is the author of Voices From Legendary Times in which she demonstrates that races of men have inhabited Earth for millions of years, but not all of them were human.
In addition, Ellen has written many articles about prehistoric alien visitations, ancient mysteries and alternative history.

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