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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Corey Goode and David Wilcock -- Episode 3: Lunar Operations Command

Monday, August 24, 2015

This week Corey and David discuss the Lunar Operations Command and the history behind the SSP Alliance. They also discuss what the intention of this group is, and what the world may look like should their goals come to fruition. There are several key points about the relationship between the Sphere Beings and the SSP alliance which has caused confusion of late. Hopefully this will help make things more clear to those wondering about an ET savior scenario.

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The summarized notes will be in black, with our commentary in [green brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

  • DW - We're discussing the secret space program disclosures with Corey Goode. I want to warn you this information is highly controversial. I have researched this field for many years, and had conversations with several insiders with classified clearance. And my conclusion is it does appear that our solar system, and beyond, has been industrialized for many years, by the government or military. Seems like from what you're saying Corey, that the LOC, Lunar Operations Command, is a focal point for how Earth is connecting out to the greater space program and the cosmos in general. Can you tell us more about the LOC? What's it like when you fly into it?
  • CG - I can tell you its been built and added on to since the 50's. It's built into craters and rocky areas so it blends in some what. Some part of it is built into the rock, but very little of it is above ground. Most of the LOC I have not had access to. I have seen a diagram that it is in the shape of a bell, with only the surface levels on the surface.
  • DW - Even though it's a bell shape, you don't actually see that looking at the surface of the Moon?
  • CG - Right. If you were looking down at the top of a pyramid or the bell, like an iceberg, you'd just see just the tip, and it spreads out as you go down. The LOC is like that.
  • DW - If there are that many craft going to and from the LOC, which is on the dark side of the Moon, how could it possibly been kept secret from us? Can't people with telescopes see ships coming and going?
  • CG - People do see them. [The following video was captured by an amateur astronomer in September of 2014. It shows a small craft lifting out of a crater moving towards the dark side of the Moon.]

[In this next amateur video the presenter, Crow Tripplehorn, does a wonderful job of explaining the difference between a UFO flyby of the lunar surface and a meteor or satellite. By all accounts the object captured is not natural and is a UFO. Skip to the 4 minute mark to watch the flyby.]

[These 2 videos were just a few that I found.]
  • CG - There's actually another base on the backside of the Moon, which belongs to one of the other space programs called Dark Fleet that a lot of people see craft coming from.  [The Dark Fleet, according to previous disclosures by CG, is an alliance of humans and ET's and could also encompass the Nazi secret space program as well as other human 'breakaway' groups. The complexity of these human and ET alliances can not be over stated. As outsiders trying to understand the exopolitical landscape, it appears that there are many overlapping agendas and relationships. It is very difficult to paint any one group as being 'all bad' or 'all good']. If your looking at the Moon, its at about a 10 o'clock position. People have filmed and seen flurries and storms of craft coming form that area. Amateur astronomers with video cameras hooked up to their telescopes have captured these.
[I found this video from 2012, with a 'fleet' of UFO's moving outwards from the position CG just described.]
  • DW - Is there anything on the side of the Moon facing us of interest or is it being kept on the back so that it's less visible to the Earth's surface?
  • CG - Most of it is on the back. There are areas on the front side where space craft come out from, as there are entrances there. Additionally, there are areas used by ET groups covered with holographic shielding, so we can't see it. Most of it is on the back side for obvious reasons, so most of us on the Earth can't see it.
  • DW - When was the LOC actually built?
  • CG - The LOC was built onto an existing Nazi facility, that had been built in the later part of the 30's and 40's. Once the industrial might of the US got involved, they built it up 'like crazy'. They really started building it up in earnest during the late 50's.
  • DW - I want to get a lot more into the history of the space program in other episodes. If we had this all the way back in the 50's, why did we do the Apollo missions, why did we land on the Moon at all, what was the point? [In my view, this was done to create a normalization point in the collective consciousness of humanity. Because our minds are far more interconnected than modern science acknowledges, we can literally receive intuitive data from the consciousness of other humans, including those 'in the know', which would eventually culminate in a conscious recognition of a project the Cabal is trying to keep secret. By creating a 'false' version of something in the public domain, in this case the Moon landings, this literally 'blocks' the conscious mind from associating any intuitive data received to the full breadth of activities taking place on the Moon. If one were to track secret government projects, when they developed and what their activities were, in relation to the release of fictional and other official information, there would be a huge amount of correlations. One of the best examples, which David Wilcock made light of in his 2012 Enigma talk, is the Looking Glass Project and the film Contact. See the following video:
Another reason for doing this is to use the collective consciousness of humanity at large in their so called 'black magic' rituals. Predictive programing techniques can be subliminally seeded into the mind which will then tailor the individual to suit the ends of any given agenda. Lastly, these disclosures in fiction also act as a self policing social sequestration system, or a way to prevent secrets from being released into the public consciousness. The 'average Joe' who has no research into these topics, will dismiss any notion of a legitimate project as 'conspiracy theory' due to an unconscious fictional association within the mind. In the case of the Looking Glass project, there are various components disclosed in the Contact film, which is consciously acknowledged as fictional. This creates a bias towards judging similar data as fiction at an unconscious level, meaning when someone tries to tell another about it, their first reaction is to dismiss it as 'bogus' without even making an association to the film which is the source of their bias. In this way films under the banner of 'fiction' can reveal a huge amount of truth, that will now be completely ignored and dismissed by the sleeping masses.]
  • CG - There are various of levels of programs. There are some in NASA, and there are NASA equivalent military programs, where people in them think they are at the very cutting edge of technology and are 'at the top of the totem pole' as far as security clearances and 'need to know' in the solar system. There's people who would literally get into a fist fight with you if you were to challenge them and tell them they aren't. So the lie has many levels, and the people at each level are told they are at the top. And people believe it, but that's not the case. These programs are heavily compartmentalized, in each compartment everyone thinks their doing the most important cutting edge work, and have the broadest knowledge; with all the other programs or groups below them. [This technique works by creating a belief system and ego identity which the individual invests emotionally into. It works by catering to the deep desire to be of service and have purpose; one of the core spiritual archetypes latent within each being. Because we have a deep drive to find our purpose and enter into co-creation with others, the Cabal offer a story tailor made for each compartmentalization program, and the individual accepts this as their identity. Going against this program means being shaken to ones foundations, and since the people recruited are usually right brain imbalanced (emotionally motivated), it will be very difficult to break out of this mindset without a large emotional storm created as a result. Can you imagine being told your helping humanity, you're very special and your work is of great importance, only to have someone else say its all a deception?Right brain imbalanced individuals will almost always defend their reality bubbles to the point of death, hence the Cabal's use of these types of people in the programs.]
  • DW - I guess if you can get people to believe that their special then people will work much harder because they think they're the cream of the crop. Do you think the Apollo mission was a money laundering operation?
  • CG - Very well could have been part of it, to channel a lot of that money in the secret space program. The people that were running those programs (Apollo programs) at lower levels really thought they were using the highest technology we had to at the time.
  • DW - Do you think employee's could have had information withheld from them about how expensive everything actually was?
  • CG - Yes. They were deceived on all levels.
  • DW - Do you think it could be maybe 10% as expensive as we were told it was?
  • CG - That would be speculation, I don't really know.
  • DW - But it could have provided black cash to develop the space program even more?
  • CG - Yes, they have all kinds of ways, using drugs, many ways for coming up with cash to build out the infrastructure.
  • DW - Do you think NASA knew anything at all that we in the mainstream don't know about the Moon?
  • CG - There was a lot that was discovered during the Apollo missions. In the beginning they discovered it was not a really good idea to slam one of their landing modules into the Moon to test for Moonquakes. The Moon is a very neutral space, like Switzerland, and hitting it with a projectile is a very bad idea. From what I read, they were warned not to come back. [CG mentioned in another episode and elsewhere on his website, that he had access to 'Smart Glass pads' much like an iPad, which contained a library of information available to SSP assets.]

  • DW - People may have a hard time accepting that the Moon is like Switzerland, a neutral space. Since the Moon is right next to the Earth, wouldn't that make it ours?
  • CG - No. The maps of Antartica, where it's sliced up by all these different nations. The Moon is the same, its all sliced up for each faction and group. There are some groups that have warred with each other for many, many, many thousands of years, but they have installations that are right next to each other. They have been there for many thousands of years in peace.
A map of the 7 claims on Antarctica, 
frozen since 1959 (picture: 
Mount Holyoke College)
  • DW - There are a lot of moons in our solar system, why is our's so important to these groups?
  • CG - Its a perfect observation and launch site to come to the Earth and back for their experiments. [CG and Dr. Michael Salla discussed several more Moon related points in this article: Analysis Of Part 2 - Multiple Moon Bases & U.S. Military Space Shuttles As Cover Programs Dr. Salla Q and A May 20th 2015 | Corey GoodETxSG]
  • DW - So a lot of what people would consider extraterrestrials are not very far away, and are coming and going from a place thats right near by. Does this get into what you were talking about in another episode where this delegation is taking part in an experiment with genetics in 22 different programs?
  • CG - Yes. All the different ET's, including human types and none human types, that don't really like each other very much. They have a diplomatic agreement to use the Moon, there is something very special about it. None of them will violate that agreement.
  • DW - In this super federation conference, with over 40 different groups, they are not in agreement within the programs, but have their own agendas. This delegation is a way for them to work out their arguments?
  • CG - Yes. So they won't step on each others toes with their different agendas.
  • DW - How is it that all these different unfriendly groups are able to inhabit such a small space for so long? The Moon is only 2160 miles wide, how could they tolerate that?
  • CG - It's something that has been ongoing for thousands of years. They have set up this diplomatic neutral zone, that not even the worst of them will violate. I've heard it said 'it is not done.'
  • DW - Is there some sort of enforcement or police that keeps the peace?
  • CG - No there doesn't have to be any external enforcement. It just isn't done.
  • DW - That would imply that something in the past happened that was so horrible that they learned from their mistakes.
  • CG - Yes. There are places on the Moon filled with debris of other battles, and things from ancient times.
  • DW - They didn't clean it up?
  • CG - No, they left it their for posterity, as a memorial or testament to what happened. It's still there, and is usually off limits.
  • DW - It might be the idea of a nuclear arms race, where nations have enough nukes to blow up the world a few times over.
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - So these guys would wipe each other out if they ever went to war?
  • CG - Yes, they can destroy entire planets.
  • DW - So the LOC just one small part of all the habitation that's on the Moon? It's not really a focal point except maybe for us from Earth?
  • CG - Right, its a focal point for human activity. [As in the LOC is not a multi group facility, like the 'UN' of ET groups. It is a human base for human activities.]
  • DW - So other ET groups would have their own version of the LOC for them on the Moon? Not using our LOC as their focal point.
  • CG - No, no. I have not seen ET's at the LOC other than when members of the Sphere Alliance that have appeared.
  • DW - What is it like when you're in the LOC? Do they have apartments you can go to when you're inside, are there just conference rooms? What's it like in there?
  • CG - Until very recently, I had never been to the VIP area, I had only been to the other area. They have small apartments, 2 bunks, hallways are very narrow. In the VIP area its much nicer, wide hallways, they even have wood panelling on the walls, like cherry wood. Very upscale. Dramatic change from one area to another.
  • DW - Could you wander around and find a restricted area, or are their military escorts with you at all times?
  • CG - Well your allowed to access certain area's. There are lines on the floor with different colors that lead to different areas.
  • DW - So the color red will lead to one area, that kind of thing?
  • CG - Yes. As I said, I have only been in the top floors, where most of everything takes place. The next 2 floors are medical and more advanced medical stuff takes place. I have never been further down then those. There are some people recently that have been taking on a tour that have gotten to see a lot more then I have.
  • DW - One of the things that's interesting to folks is the idea of an alliance. We covered that briefly, but can we talk about this in more detail? What is the alliance, was it there at the beginning of the space program, what are their goals, etc?
  • CG - The alliance formed slowly over time. Solar Warden(more on Solar Warden) was more of a group that dated back the SDI era, The Strategic Defense Initiative or STAR WARS, going back into the 70's and 80's. They were getting upgrades until the early 90's. They were more of the aging fleet.
  • DW - And what was Solar Warden's responsibility?
  • CG - They police the solar system from intruders.
  • DW - That would be groups that are not part of these 40, the super federation?
  • CG - Right. And they are a type of 'space traffic control'.
  • DW - Couldn't some ET group with vastly superior technology invade? How could a group from the 80's hope to police our solar system against potentially anybody that could try to invade here?
  • CG - They wouldn't be able to hold their own against a large invasion force, but most of the groups they encountered were small and just passing through. May be one to a handful of vessels. There are so many groups that pass through our area.[According to episode 7, summarized here, there is a 'galactic gate' very near our solar system (think Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), making our 'neck of the woods' a high traffic area. There is also heavy trading between the ICC program (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate) and over 900 ET races due to the advanced technology we have been producing.]
  • DW - I would guess the 40 some odd ET groups with long term installations on the Moon and elsewhere also probably police the area and gang up on any group who enters the solar system.
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - Solar Warden is not necessarily meeting a tactical need of force, or are they?
  • CG - They would engage small numbers when they had to, but they were not ever a huge force to be reckoned with.
  • DW - Most of these unwanted entrances into our solar system are by ET groups that are trying to sneak in?
  • CG - They were little marauder groups coming into do hit and runs, to take things and leave.
  • DW - Where does the alliance come into play?
  • CG - The Solar Warden group is the 'root group' that formed the alliance. Now they're made up of defectors from the other secret space fleet groups. Some are from various black ops military space programs. You have the ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate) they are the largest group, owning most of the infrastructure in the solar system. These corporations include just about every aerospace company you can think of. It's a huge amount.
  • DW - Lockheed, Bowing, Hughes Air Craft...?
  • CG - Yes. All of the above. Not just American corporations. Then you have the Dark Fleet, a very secretive group with highly advanced technology, mostly outside of the solar system. Then there is the UN type fleet [Global Galactic League of Nations], with just about every country you can think of. They are more laid back, not really a huge militaristic group. Solar Warden started a cold war by breaking away and they began to fly in front of the International Space Station (ISS) to show their vessels. Little things like that in the beginning.
  • DW - If Solar Warden is going to try to create disclosure, where other programs don't want it, wouldn't that lead to a shooting war between factions?
  • CG - It was on the brink of that when the Sphere Being Alliance went into an active mode, making contact with the SSP alliance, which just started accepting defectors.[Based on this discussion, the Solar Warden group had already made moves to breakaway from the control of the Cabal programs before working more closely with the Sphere Being Alliance. This means human elements within the Solar Warden program were already working towards freeing humanity, meaning, it is not the Sphere Beings which are working to end Cabal rule, it is the human alliance.] The SSP alliance is a 'hodge podge' of defectors from other space programs, with a common goal of ending the tyranny on Earth. To end the secret Earth governments, which controls the babylonian money magic system, and to bring to Earth the technology of free energy, medical advancements, clean up the environment. Over night this technology would collapse the present financial system, and remove the need to have it in the first place. The SSP Alliance wants to bring this to Earth, and to do a full disclosure of all the crimes against humanity that all of these elites have been doing. This is their goal.
  • DW - When did the SSP Alliance start to have these goals in mind and start to take action on them?
  • CG - To my knowledge, they started forming these ideas in the late 90's, and were really starting to act on it in the early 2000's. They were really trying to cause 'accidental' disclosures by flying in front of NASA lives feeds, trying to get the people to ask questions.
  • DW - How much contact does the SSP Alliance have with people on Earth? Do they have cable television?
  • CG - Up until a certain time period, there was zero. All communications were blocked. When the internet came out that was blocked too, but now it is broadcast into the solar system.
  • DW - Do they have a military internet too?
  • CG - Yes they have a military version and the normal internet, but often times its read only.
  • DW - I'd imagine only the most trusted people would be aloud to upload something to the internet?
  • CG - Right. Back when I was assigned to the research vessel, radio and TV was blocked. We weren't allowed access to any news.
  • DW - So the SSP Alliance is aware of what is happening on Earth? Some people at least know whats going on.
  • CG - When they finally got to a point of defecting away, they opened up information so that people in the SSP Alliance had access to certain sources about what is happening down here. This gave them even more incentive to want to bring the truth and technology to humanity.

  • DW - What would life be like if the SSP Alliance met their goals? What would life on Earth be like?
  • CG  - It would be no different than a Star Trek era.
"Star Trek: Enterprise" cast, wearing
jumpsuits similar to those described by CG.

  • DW - So could people have a portal station, so that instead of flying around in airplanes, they may be able to take a star gate type system to wherever you want to travel.
  • CG - Yes. There would be replicators; no more starvation. Literally deserts could be turned green, we could desalinize water.
  • DW - What about all the plastic floating in the ocean, or waste material?
  • CG - Matter is easily changed into something else. Its just about knowing how, and we have that technology, its just not being shared.
  • DW - Some people may not like the idea of not having money anymore, they will say its socialism or communism. That we would be under even more control because we wouldn't have any money to resist this new thing they're trying to do.
  • CG - That's the way we're programed. I mean if you want 'money' that badly, you can go to the replicator and replicate up some gold or a $100 bill and put it in your pocket if that makes you feel better. There would just be no need for that kind of financial give and take.

    [In this clip from Star Trek: The Next Generation you will see a replicator being used and listen to what has happened to money and material possessions:

We have discussed the psychological principles behind a moneyless society several times on the blog. Review these articles for more on this:
The question of money, what it is, where it comes from and why we need to use it - goes largely unanswered in our modern world. We are indoctrinated into a system that is so fundamental to our way of life, with little to no intrinsic knowledge of why. There is a very good reason for this and can be understood once the context of who we are within the legal system is acknowledged.

Our Incompetence To Co-create

Our incompetence is the primary mechanism for establishing the basis of money. An inherent right of consciousness is the ability to choose - a fundamental aspect to life itself is free will. But in order to exercise the will, awareness must come first - how can we make a choice about a thing without being conscious of it?

Governments, religious institutions and society at large presumes humanity is unable to make decisions on its own; that we are incompetent to manage our own affairs. Money serves as a control mechanism, a tool to facilitate the flow of creative energy between two or more parties.

Co-creation - The Effects of Our Actions

In cultures devoid of money, each individuals creative powers and abilities are recognized and trade systems are developed to facilitate the flow of goods and services. In tribal cultures some people hunt or gather, with others staying behind in the village to maintain the shelter - everyone has their unique place in the community working as a whole to ensure all are provided for. The effectiveness of this money free system varies, but the general principle of personal creator-ship yielding goods and services that benefit others is always in place. This aspect of co-creation, that what we do affects others is fundamental and immutable. Harmony within a community is a measure of how well a people is able to recognize the effects of their actions, learning to limit harm and honor the choices of others. This has been called Natural Justice or objective morality.

But what happens when a people forget that their actions affect others? What happens when people loose touch with the co-creative nature of reality and seek to only service their own needs, even at the cost of others? If one makes clothing while another grows food, and they refuse to negotiate a trade between then, the conditions are ripe to introduce a technology to facilitate trade; enter money.]


  • DW - I would think that the old school mentality if you gave everyone on Earth this stuff, they would not want to do anything productive, and it would ruin their lives.
  • CG - I think there is going to be a transitional period.
  • DW - But when people win the lottery it's not good for them.
  • CG - Well right, but if everyone wins at once? Everyone will get a replicator, and be trying different meals. Everyone is going to want to go all over the world, and once its cleared, the solar system and see all the ruins out there. There is going to be a lot that is going to be opened up. But first we have to deal with our past.
  • DW - Can you replicate weapons with a replicator?
  • CG - That's what buffer technology is for.
  • DW - What is buffer technology?
  • CG - They have that on temporal drives to keep people from traveling through time.
  • DW - So you can't just print a nuke with a replicator?
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - What does the SSP Alliance want to do as far as the secrecy and occultism. The weird stuff thats happening.
  • CG - They want to shine a light on it. They want to bring the truth, the information, to every human being at once on the planet. Not just certain people so they can gain an advantage over others. They want to give everyone access.
  • DW - No more cover ups at all.
  • CG - No. They want to bring it ALL to humanity.
  • DW - Incredible.

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