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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Celebrities Tell Of UFO Encounters and Alien Abductions

Celebrities and Alien Close Encounters

These celebrities all claim to have lived through a real-life "X Files" episode with tales of UFO sightings and even alien abduction.
Here are their out-of-this-world stories:


Robbie Williams
CLOSE ENCOUNTER: The former Take That singer says he's seen a UFO three times in his life: Once when he was a kid growing up in England, the other time in Beverly Hills and the third allegedly occurred just after he wrote a song about aliens. Hmmm. Williams even took a hiatus from the entertainment industry in 2006 to join journalist Jon Ronson in the Nevada desert to help him gather evidence on alien abductees.

Olivia Newton-John
CLOSE ENCOUNTER: At 15, the singer/actress claims she saw a UFO that appeared as a silver object flying across the sky. This sparked a lifelong interest in extraterrestrials.


Dan Aykroyd
CLOSE ENCOUNTER: Aykroyd has some strong opinions about aliens. He claims to have seen two UFOs hovering over New York City on 9/11 and believes they haven't made contact with us Earthlings because we are not advanced (read civilized) enough to warrant contact.


Sammy Hagar
CLOSE ENCOUNTER: The rocker and former Van Halen lead singer wrote in his autobiography "Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock" that aliens hooked up to his brainwaves and tried communicating with him while he was asleep. "I saw a ship and two creatures inside of this ship," he wrote. "I couldn't see their faces... They were connected to me, tapped into my mind through some kind of mysterious wireless connection." As far-fetched as this sounds, Hagar insists he wasn't dreaming all this up, or stoned. 

John Lennon
CLOSE ENCOUNTER: Lennon told his friend Uri Geller that he was once jolted awake by a bright light coming outside his bedroom and when he went to check out where the light was coming from, he found four strange beings with "big bug eyes and little bug mouths" scuttling around his New York City apartment. According to Geller, Lennon claims the aliens gave him an egg-like object that he carried around with him.


Fran Drescher
CLOSE ENCOUNTER: Drescher told the Huffington Post she saw aliens when she was in junior high while driving with her father. She claims they implanted a chip inside her that left a scar.

Baron Davis
CLOSE ENCOUNTER: NBA basketball player Baron Davis told his story of alien abduction while on a comedy podcast, but insists his close encounter is no joke. Davis claims he was kidnapped during a drive from Las Vegas to L.A. and ended up in a steel contraption with humanoid-like beings poking his nose. 


Muhammad Ali

Ali Jogging in New York's Central Park and one day, boxing legend Muhammad Ali saw a brigh light appear over his head and start moving along with him. But this was no big deal for the greatest, who claimed to have seen many UFOs in his lifetime. "If you look  up in the sky in the early morning, "he once said "you will see them playing tag between the stars."

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