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Thursday, December 11, 2014

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE NEWS -- still in doubt ...

Dear Readers,

I have received this comment from one of my translators, that in fact, was the one that called my attention to this article and I must say I agree entirely with his point of view.I will reproduce it here:

“…I am not at all satisfied with this last explanation provided by P. The article she suggests refers to a near to the see area (the Yorkshire wildlife park) and this thing with the whales rolling around inland could be quite possible. 

But Utah is miles inland with huge mountains in between Utah and the Pacific ocean and as you have said, no whales live in the extra salty waters of Salt Lake which is also verified by this article from the University of Utah:  

May it be one of those Australian whales still living there that rolled inland? But according to the police no traces or marks of transportation where found around the animal. Wouldn't it leave substantial traces on the land and on the ground if it rolled so far inland? And it's not a skinny animal. It weights tons, and the traces  all around should be huge!

Just think of this if you may. It was as it was put there. And as you say these are also spiritual beings, no wonder if that, that we do not yet see, did a kidnapping and disposed off after finishing whatever they did.... It could also be an experiment by the dark ones. We've been said that they have advanced technology and can do extraordinary things. Why not this? According to channelings they are responsible for disappearing a plane! A whale would be a piece of cake.”

Being so, I will do all research possible but I ask above all, to our American readers, if they can confirm the veracity of this news, location, police statement, etc. because if it is a true news I am sure it must have been posted in other webpages and even in local newspapers.

Please help us to clarify this matter. I will keep you informed with the news I will received about it.

Many thanks in advance.

The truth about this news is:

Marine experts have been left baffled after a rare whale was found over 800 metres from the shore in the Humber Estuary, Skeffling, East Yorkshire.

The 33ft mammal is thought to have died after getting caught in shallow waters – rolling onto its own blowhole before getting swept inland by the tide.  Experts are “95 percent sure” the whale is a female from the rare Sei species – only three of which have been found stranded on the British coast in the last twenty years.

 “It is sad. It was in shallow water of about 4ft to 5.25ft, making contact with the bottom,” said Andy GibsonYorkshire Wildlife Trust. “This was about 800m offshore. When it gets in that situation it rolls onto its side and it can cover its blowhole.”

“Sometimes whales come into shallow water looking for food and get stuck,” added Kirsten Smith, North Seas manager at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. “With the high tide the whale probably got carried up on to the salt marsh, got pushed back further in shore and then got stuck when the tide went out.” 

Earlier this month a fin whale washed up dead near Spurn Point, North East Lincolnshire after getting stranded at Immingham. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has seen a rise in whale sightings over the last year but are unable to explain the increase in the North Sea. 



Farmington| A dairy farmer from a small town near the Great Salt Lake in Utah, made an incredible discovery on his property while he was looking for one of his cows that had not returned. 69-year old Michael Woodson, found a 12 meter long humpback whale laying lifeless in the middle of one of his fields, hundreds of kilometers away its natural habitat.

The Farmington City Police was called on the site to investigate, since the farmer thought that the cetacean could have been left there as a creepy prank by some neighborhood youngsters. The investigators rapidly dismissed the possibility however, as no traces of vehicles or machinery large enough to carry it were found anywhere near the animal. The police admits that they are almost clueless at the moment as to how the marine mammal found its way on Mr. Woodson’s property.


“We have to admit that we find this case very puzzling” said Captain Terry Dawson from the Farmington police. “It is certainly the first time that we see anything like this in our city, and we have very little information for now as to how the animal got there.”

A few witnesses have reported seeing some strange flying object in the area over the last two days and the authorities have confirmed that the 911 operators have received a few dozen calls from all over the region reporting such sightings, but they refuse to link both events for the moment.

“We are verifying every clue and information that we have, and I assure you that we will explore every other possibility before we conclude that a UFO has anything to do with the case” added Captain Dawson.

Michael Woodson found the gigantic animal in his field

Michael Woodson still believes that some neighbourhood youngsters placed the 25-ton animal there as a prank.

A team of biologists from the University of Utah have already been called on the site to examine the body of the whale and realize various tests and analysis before it it removed from Mr. Woodson’s property. The scientists are trying to determine if the animal could have actually lived in the Great Salt Lake which is only a few kilometers away from the farm.

The various police forces of the area are now asking the public to report any information that could prove helpful in solving this strange case. Anyone that might possess any information on the case is asked to contact the  Farmington City Police, which is in charge of the investigation.

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