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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Locust Grove, Georgia Man Describes UFO Sighting

LocustGrove, Georgia Man Describes UFO Sighting

Man in Locust Grove, Georgia Baffled by Night Lights

Lights in the Sky - B J Booth

We have a recent sighting report to share with our readers. It occurred the first part of November, 2014, in Locust Grove, Georgia. Lights in the sky are the most commonly reported type of UFO sighting. The lights can be almost anything: sky lanterns, balloons, remote-controlled toys and vehicles, fireworks, and so on.

Normally a sighting of this type gets reported for one reason. The observer has seen something in the sky that is not familiar to him. Naturally, the more experienced one is with the view of the sky, the more weight goes on the report. Unfortunately, many of these types of reports are never solved.
Locust Grove, Georgia - 11-04-14
Shape: Light - Duration: 30 seconds - Three lights, one object, hovering on the northern horizon. Possible UFO Sighting, Tuesday, November 4, 2014, Locust Grove, Georgia, 30248 05:45 P.M. (17:45 hours). The sighting lasted roughly 30 seconds.

Driving northbound on Georgia State Route 42, Locust Grove – McDonough, I observed what at first appeared to be a large commercial aircraft flying southbound, in my line of sight, above and to the right – due northeast – within the vantage point of my vehicle’s windshield. And (though I cannot confirm), it appeared to be traveling towards me, due south, some ten to fifteen or so miles in the distance, but bright enough for me to take notice. 
Attention Grabbing Sight
Though I was busy concentrating on the road, this apparition of light commanded my attention. I thought it odd that a commercial airliner was traveling due south over Henry County, as this flight path and direction is rather unusual for the local airspace (most commercial jets descend through Henry County on their approach into Atlanta-Hartsfield Jackson Airport, either from the south, east, and occasionally, the west, but rarely from the north. 
Henry County is located south of the airport. I assumed it was a commercial jet because of the pattern of lights – three concentric circles of white light, indicative to me of the two lights that appear on both wings of an airliner, and the center light that appears beneath the nose of an airliner.
However, there were no other visible lights, red or green, colors that are clear markings of the wing tips of commercial airliners. I merely concluded that perhaps it was a jet that had taken off from Atlanta’s airport, and was traveling due south, though there was no visible or recognizable movement.

Lights Simply Vanished
However, in just under 30 seconds or so later, the lights simply vanished. The sun was setting at this point to my left, but it was still considerably bright enough to have noticed if this craft made any turn, the sunlight allowing for the possibility of identifying the shape or color of this craft; but no, all I had seen were lights, with no apparent movement. 
It was hovering in the distance, and in under a minute, they were gone. It was akin to the lights atop a water or radio tower, such lights that brighten, then fade, brighten, then fade; these lights definitely were bright, and definitely faded, but did not brighten again. It did not move or maneuver to another location in the horizon. The lights simply went out.

I have never observed this kind of phenomenon before. Thank you for considering this eyewitness account as evidence of a possible UFO sighting.

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