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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Question & Answer Interview-UFO Guide Billy Booth

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Question & Answer Interview-UFO Guide Billy Booth


You will find below an interview I did for a school project on UFOs. I thought our readers might find it interesting, as it reveals some of the reasons why I believe as I do about UFOs. Some of the questions are the same ones I receive on a regular basis.

Questions and Answers with UFO Researcher Billy Booth

Question: Can you first tell us a little about yourself?
I am a sixty-year-old man who has studied the mystery of UFOs and aliens for over 4 decades. I became interested as a teenager when I was exposed to many of the 1950's science fiction movies about flying saucers. I have written numerous Ebooks on the subject, and over 300 articles which have been published on the Net. I have made contributions to many books on UFOs, including comments, photographs, and 3-D graphics. I have done numerous radio shows, and made several television appearances on various UFO cases.

Question: Do you believe in aliens?
Yes, I do, but let me qualify that statement. There are many reports, photographs, and video footage of aliens that are hoaxed. There is always a faction of people who seek attention, and / or financial gain by creating or embellishing accounts of UFOs and beings from other worlds. We have to carefully analyze the evidence, and study a specific case before rendering a conclusion. Each case must be assessed on its own merits, and not compared to other cases until all the evidence is examined.

Question: If so, why do you believe in them?
There are about 50 well documented cases of alien abduction, and also alien contact cases which have been reported by sane, responsible individuals. Some of these are multiple witness cases. Many of those who have reported these events continue to promote their story as legitimate for decades after the event, and the cases have never been debunked.

Question: Were you always sure they existed, or have you had some doubts?
No, not always. When I was younger, I was very skeptical about the stories of little men flying space ships around the universe. Science tells us that the vast distances between habitable planets and ours are so great, that such a voyage is impossible. But, as I grew older, I began to understand that we only judge situations by the knowledge that we currently have. Many early scientific beliefs have changed through the years. The laws of science are always expanding. Let me be clear on this: UFOs may not be coming from great distances away. Many researchers believe that these unknown objects carrying other worldly beings may be coming from another dimension, or alternate realities.

Question: Do you know many people who believe in them?
Not personally, but recent polls show us that approximately 70% of Americans believe in UFOs, and the number of people who have seen UFOs is growing each and every day. Even the mainstream media is beginning to take the subject of UFOs more seriously as time goes by.

Question: We read on your web site that you have researched many UFO sightings and crashes. How many of them were real for sure? Or, were there many fakes?
I would estimate that about 80% of UFO sighting reports could be resolved by an "earthly" explanation, if all the circumstances of the particular case were known to us. As to the crash reports, the majority of them fall into the category of "folklore" more than reality. However, there are those which have much documentation as to their reality. I don't know that there are that many "faked" reports, but mostly misidentification of conventional objects is probably what we are looking at.

Question: Can you tell us a bit more about crash cases which are real for sure?
Here are some of the cases that I believe are the real thing. There are three of them.

Question: Have you ever spotted a UFO yourself?
No, I have never seen a UFO.

Question: Do you believe that there are people who have been kidnapped by aliens?
There is no doubt that there are some people who have been abducted by beings not of this world. The cases are very well documented, and in some cases there are corroborating witnesses to the event. Here are some of the best abduction cases:

Question: Have you ever met someone who said he was kidnapped by aliens?
Yes, I have met and talked to a number of individuals who claim to have been abducted. I have also interviewed several of them. The stories told by many of them are so intriguing, it is hard to believe that they are making them up. There could always be an alternate explanation, but answers are hard to come by in these cases.

Question: What did you think when they told you their experiences?
Well, some of them were suffering from psychoses, like sleep paralysis, or even vivid imaginations. But, I have spoken to three or four people that were legitimate abductees. In these cases, there is just too much evidence to discredit their story. Some of these cases had other witnesses who had seen the abduction, and the abductees passed lie detector tests, and their experience was verified as real by regressive hypnosis. Always remember that there are abduction cases that are never made public.

Question: What do you want to say to the people who don't believe in UFOs and aliens to convince them? What are your best arguments?
I don't really try to convince someone who does not believe. If they seem inquisitive, and want evidence, I point them to the right documentation. But, a person who is dead set against believing will not believe no matter what they are told, or what evidence they are shown. There are many close minded people in this world, and I don't want to be one of them... I have changed my mind about certain cases as more evidence was revealed about them.

Question: What is the closest encounter with aliens you have heard of, which you know for sure really happened?
Some the cases I mentioned above, and all of the abduction cases I listed previously. Again, there are some I have knowledge of that are compelling, but have not been made public, due to either the reporter's request, or other legalities.

Question: What do you to think that an alien looks like?
Well, this question cannot be answered entirely, but just like the residents of our planet, there are probably differences in alien species. But the preponderance of the evidence available tell us that alien beings are spindly, with small body frame. They are light or gray-skinned, with a large cranium, large eyes, small ears, and mouth. There are mentions of several different types of aliens: reptilian, Nordic, human-like, and more. But the so-called "grays" are by far, the most mentioned in case files.
Mr. Booth, thank you for your time and information.

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