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Sunday, December 14, 2014

UFO expert reveals his top five unexplained events in Scotland.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Top 5 UFO Sightings In Scotland

UFO expert reveals his top five unexplained events in Scotland.

Ron Holliday, Author of several books on UFOs and the paranormal, he tells STV what he thinks are the top five UFO unexplained events in Scottish history. Here are his top five:

5. The Slogett family
The Slogett family case in 1992 is recognised as one of the incidents which sparked the widespread interest into the UFO hot spot of Bonnybridge.

At around 7pm on a March evening, the family were walking towards Bonnybridge when they saw a circle of light. The light appeared to land in a nearby field. The family continued their journey but were soon stopped by a football-sized blue light hovering above the road ahead. Isabella Slogett was later reported to have said: "My daughter Carole and I saw a UFO land right in front of us. A door opened and there was a howl-like sound. I screamed and ran off terrified."

 UFO: James Black painted this picture of a UFO he saw over Edinburgh in 1958. One of many unexplained incidents.
4. Andrew Swan and the electrical storm

Andrew Swan, a cable-layer with Scottish Power, was intrigued by an electrical storm on July 30, 1994. He drove to Armadale Academy in West Lothian - only a few minutes from his home - to get a better look over the school playing fields. There, he encountered a large UFO behind a row of trees. He went round to take a closer look armed with a spotlight from his car. When he tried to shine the light on the object, the bulb immediately exploded. The UFO flew off "at breathtaking speed" a few moments later.

3. The A70 abduction

One UFO incident which has received a great deal of media attention is the apparent abduction of Gary Wood and Colin Wright on the A70 in August 1992.

Mr Wood and Mr Wright were delivering a satellite TV system to a friend in Tarbrax. They travelled on the desolate road when Mr Wright noticed a very large UFO flying about 20 feet above the road.

Mr Wood, who was driving, accelerated and as their car passed underneath the craft the pair - in Mr Wood’s words - experienced a "void of blackness". What seemed like moments later, they were on the same road as if nothing had happened.

When they got to their friend’s house, they realised their journey - which should have only taken them 30 minutes - had inexplicably taken them two hours and 45 minutes. In an effort to discover what had happened to them, the pair went under hypnosis. It revealed they had been abducted by small grey extraterrestrials while a tall, skeletal being communicated with them through telepathy.

Last year, during an episode of The Hour, it emerged a film about the A70 incident is currently in production. It is expected to be released next year.

2. Pat Macleod
Portabello woman Pat Macleod is absolutely convinced she saw a large UFO as she drove to the health centre one morning in October, 1992. The policeman’s wife described seeing a bright light flashing in the sky before the object landed in open ground called Niddrie Burn.

Ms Macleod said the object looked like the planet Saturn. However, the incident was not spotted by anyone else even though Niddrie Burn is easily seen from many houses. Nevertheless, there were other unusual sightings on the day in the area and the case featured in television programmes about UFOs.

So, what is UFO expert Ron Halliday’s most baffling UFO incident in Scottish history?
1. Bob Taylor and the Dechmont Law abduction
Robert Taylor never changed his story 
for the remainder of his life
It will come as no surprise to those interested in UFOs that the Dechmont Law incident was voted by Ron Halliday as Scotland’s weirdest. On November 9, 1979, forestry worker Bob Taylor was shocked to discover a large circular craft in front of him in an area of woodland known as Dechmont Law near Livingston.

As he approached it, two objects which looked like naval mines from World War Two seemed to drop from the larger craft. The ‘balls’ rolled towards Mr Taylor and attached themselves to his trousers. They started to drag him towards the now hovering UFO. Mr Taylor then became aware of an acrid smell which made him choke.

The next thing he remembers is waking up, face down, on the ground. His legs were aching and a disheveled Mr Taylor abandoned his truck and walked a mile home. His trousers were cut and his legs were bruised.

Police launched an investigation and detectives found several ladder-shaped impressions in the area, while evidence on the ground concurred with Mr Taylor’s explanation that the mine-like devices had approached him and dragged him towards the craft.

Police could not solve the mystery and the file remains open.

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