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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Former Skeptic Sees the Light, Literally in Texas

UFO over Forest - B J Booth


This sighting report comes from a part of Texas I know very well. Sparks and Holland are two very small towns located just a couple of miles apart on Highway 95, very near the house I grew up in. I have been down 95 a million times. The people there are mostly 'good ole boys,' the kind that the term seeing is believing means something, and conjecture and theory are usually not in their vocabulary.

We have listed reports from Texas many times, and our site has all of the best-known cases from the Lone Star state. 
Holland, Texas - 11-01-14

On the morning of Saturday November 1st 2014 between 6:40 am and 6:45 am, I was traveling south on Texas Highway 95 approximately between the towns of Holland and Sparks, Texas and probably less than ten miles south of the town of Little River Academy, Texas (Bell County). 

I was wondering that morning if it would rain and kept looking at the sky to see if I spotted rain clouds but the sky was clear and I managed to see an aircraft in the distance coming from an east direction.

All of a sudden right above to my right and almost in front of the road at a height which I calculated visually to be between 15,000 feet or maybe less a combination of lights traveling in unison appeared. 

Editor's Note: We often see the term 'traveling in unison,' regarding an unknown object sighting. This can be explained in several different ways; one is that the witness is actually seeing separate objects that are flying in formation, keeping the same distance apart and traveling at the same speed.

The unexplained object could also be one bigger UFO with several lights. This would explain the equal distance between the lights. We would have one object which no matter how fast it flew, the lights would remain the same distance apart, irregardless of its distance from the witness.

Lights on a Structured Craft
The lights appeared to be part of a structured or craft that had some sort of magnetic field that appeared to make half of it invisible to the eye or was blending with the sky and the rear part of it was visible and the lights were white, bright green, blue and other effects that I would say are not made by any known human technology.

I would have to admit this was a shocking as well as a life changing event, as I have been secretly a skeptic with this type of phenomenon.

Beautiful Lights
The lights from this craft were absolutely beautiful and something I have never seen in my life. It took me a moment to register what I had witnessed and I had dangerously lost focus of the road I was driving on and calculate I slowed my vehicle from 65 mph to about 30 to 35 mph in a 70 mph road. 

Afraid I would cause a traffic accident I gradually brought the vehicle to an appropriate speed and looked to my right to see if the object or craft would reappear again, but it was gone and I decided to continue my journey home from work.

I work the overnight shift at a correctional institution as a correctional officer and I was glad as I thought about this incident that it did not happen during Halloween night or the hours of 12 midnight and 5 am with no sun about to appear it would have been a terrifying experience.

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