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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Early UFO Reports -- 1967-The Falcon Lake UFO Encounter

1967-The Falcon Lake UFO Encounter

Falcon Lake UFO - UFO

One of the best documented cases of physical trace evidence is known as the "Falcon Lake Encounter." Occurring on May 19, 1967, the lone participant was Stephen Michalak, who was a mechanic by trade, but his hobby was prospecting for silver. He was enjoying his favorite pastime when he encountered two UFOs, and actually touched one of the unknown flying objects that had landed in his vicinity.

Falcon Lake Quartz::
Michalak was a resident of Winnipeg, Canada, but had taken a short vacation in The Whiteshell Provincial Park. He was quite familiar with the area, having prospected there on a number of occasions. He had been told that there were veins of quartz to be found near Falcon Lake. He was up early on May, 19, and after a couple of hours had found a vein of the precious material, stopped for a lunch break, and then resumed his digging.

Two Red Glowing Objects:
Shortly after the noon hour, he heard the sound of geese. Looking up to see them, he was surprised to also see two elongated objects which were descending toward the ground. They were glowing a reddish color. The closer they came to him, the more they took on a disc-shape. While he was watching in awe, one of the UFOs hovered in mid-air.

Object Lands on Large Rock:
The second UFO continued to descend until it finally landed on a large rock about 150 feet from him. The hovering object moved away, changing from red to orange, and finally gray before disappearing into a cloud bank. The landed UFO then began to change its colors in a like fashion. Ultimately, the gray appeared as "hot stainless steel."

Craft From Another World:
As he watched this strange flying object, he saw brilliant purple lights coming from openings in the front of the object. He was already wearing protective glasses, and they helped shield his eyes. The smell of sulfur was now unmistakable. He also heard a hissing sound from this craft which must have been from another world. His curiosity was running wild.

Door Opens in Craft:
Gaining his composure, he did a sketch of the UFO, yet never moved from where he stood for a half-hour. Then, an opening appeared in the object. He was able to view inside the craft. The inside was lit up like a Christmas tree. His curiosity got the best of him, as he moved ever closer to the UFO. He was now about 60 feet from it, and decided to go even closer.

Panels Hide the Door:
Finally, he was at the door. He looked in, and saw panels of different colored lights, and light beams crossing each other like security laser beams. The panel array was similar to a display on a computer. He could not see any living beings in the craft, and decided to walk back out of the UFO. Compare Michalak's description with that of Dr.Botta Three panels quickly closed, and the door was gone.

Vent Catches Shirt on Fire:
Examining the exterior of the craft, he reached out to touch it. He described it as "highly polished colored glass with no breaks or seams in its surface." When he made contact with the craft, his glove was melted from the heat. Then, the object moved! He could now see a vented opening about nine inches tall by six inches wide. The heat that came from the vent caught Michalak's shirt and undershirt afire. Pulling them off quickly, he was in extreme pain.

Severe Illness:
He could see the craft as it ascended in the skies above. A rush of air could be felt as it left the ground. His most immediate need at this point was medical attention. Before leaving the area, he tried to make a landmark by piling up debris, rocks, anything he could get his hands on. He now was suffering from a bad headache, broke into a cold sweat, and vomited.

The Aftermath:
He eventually made his way to a hospital, where he was treated for his severe burns on his chest, and his nausea. Was his experience the real thing? There is no reason to believe that Michalak made his story up. He was known as a reliable, honest man who was not given to creating tall tales. He paid all of his own expenses, including a visit to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. He attempted to recover some of his costs-he did write a booklet on his experiece at Falcon Lake, but it lost money.

The place of Michalak's encounter was investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Royal Canadian Air Force, and other governmental and civilian UFO groups. Also, the Condon Committee did an investigation. There was actually nothing left to investigate, yet nothing was found to debunk his story either. Michalak is one of the few people to claim injury from contact with a UFO, and his account is considered legitimate.

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