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Monday, September 14, 2015

Unknown Ancient History Of Antarctica & It’s Lost Civilization – Secrets Beneath The Ice

Unknown Ancient History Of Antarctica & It’s Lost Civilization – Secrets Beneath The Ice 

Unknown Ancient History Of Antarctica & It’s Lost Civilization – Secrets Beneath The Ice  September 07, 2015 

Ellen Lloyd – – Does an ancient lost city exist on the shores of Lake Vostok?

It is possible that a remnant of a highly advanced civilization still remain in warmer underground caverns of Antarctica?

Why did the Nazis launch an expensive expedition to the South Pole in 1938?

What shocking discovery did the British soldier make when they found the entrance to an ice cave?

Have Antarctic scientists discovered an inhabited lost city under the ice?

Join us on a long journey to Antarctica, a continent full of secrets…

According to the teachings of conventional science, Antarctica has been embedded for millions of years under ice layers that are more than a mile thick.

However, modern, as well as old discoveries give us several reasons to question this theory.

If Antarctica had been covered under ice for millions of years, how could American scientists fish up from the bed of the Antarctic oceans specimens which show that in recent times the rivers of Antarctic had borne down to the sea the alluvial products of an ice-free area?

Officially, Antarctica was discovered first in 1820. At the time, the entire continent was already covered with ice.

Yet, thousands of years old maps prove an ancient unknown civilization did visit an ice-free Antarctica much earlier…

Cartographers have long been baffled by the astounding map of Admiral Piri Reis. It was made at Constantinople in 1513 A.D. and discovered in 1929.

The map shows what Antarctica looks like without ice, a condition which hasn’t occurred for thousands of years!

Piri Reis cannot be credited for the original cartography of this map. He could not have obtained the necessary information from contemporary explorers because in his time, no-one knew about the existence of Antarctica.

Piri Reis’ map was a compilation of various considerably older maps.

Piri Reis map

Piri Reis map

According to Professor Charles H. Hapgood who researched the subject of ancient maps and an ice-free Antarctica in the near past, the maps used by Admiral Reis were in fact based on even older sources.

The maps had been drawn by an unknown and highly advanced civilization that used superior navigation instruments.

The map of Oronteus Finaeus, Phillipe Buache and Hadji Ahmed also show and ice-free Antarctica. All of the maps were created with help of very ancient source maps.

In addition, all of the mentioned mapmakers acknowledged that their information came from ancient maps, probably going back to about 4,000 B.C.

The idea that an ice-free Antarctica was inhabited by an unknown advanced civilization only 6,000 years ago has fascinated many people; one of them was Adolf Hitler.

Hitler and the Nazis strongly suspected that Antarctica was once home to a lost Atlantean civilization.

In 1938, Hitler launched an expensive expedition to the South Pole. At the same time, Germany was also busy with all the military preparations for launching WWII, and it is astounding that Hitler would find it necessary to explore and lay claim to a cold, frozen continent half around the world with no apparent military significance.

What were Hitler’s motives? Why was Antarctica so important to him?

According to the somewhat controversial Omega File: “Beginning in 1938, the Nazis commenced to send numerous exploratory missions to the Queen Maud region of Antarctica”.

A steady stream of expeditions were reportedly sent out from (at the time) white supremacist South Africa.

Over 230,000 square miles of the frozen continent were mapped from the air, and the Germans discovered vast regions that were surprisingly free of ice, as well as warm water lakes and cave inlets.”

One vast ice cave within the glacier was reportedly found to extend 30 miles to a large hot-water geothermal lake deep below.

Various scientific teams were moved in to the area, including hunters, trappers, collectors, and zoologists, botanists, agriculturists, plant specialists, mycologists, parasitologists, marine biologists, ornithologists, and many others.”

As soon as the Nazis reached Antarctica, they dropped hundreds of swastika-adorned flags all over Queen Maud Land to establish their claim over the area.

Queen Maud Land is part of what used to be called Neuschwabenland (New Swabia Land).

It was a title given by the Germans under Captain Ritscher, who claimed the region for the Nazis flying two Dornier Wal (Whale) float planes from the survey vessel Schwabenland. 

Some older atlases still carry the name in parentheses.

James Roberts, a British civil servant and WWII historian maintains that the Nazis succeeded in building an underground base in a massive cave.

Hitler in Antarctica

According to Roberts, British soldiers from the secret Antarctic Maudheim Base discovered the entrance in late 1945.

The soldiers “followed the tunnel for miles, and eventually they came to a vast underground cavern that was abnormally warm. Some of the scientists believed that it was warmed geothermally.

In a huge cavern were underground lakes. However, the mystery deepened, as the cavern was lit artificially.

The cavern proved so extensive that they had to split up, and that was when the real discoveries were made.

The Nazis had constructed a huge base into the cavern and had even built docks for U-boats, and one was identified supposedly.

Still, the deeper they traveled, the more strange visions they were greeted with.

The survivor reported that hangars for strange planes and excavations galore had been documented.”

Neuschwabenland was treated as part of the Third Reich. In 1942, it became a site of intense secret scientific and military research under the name Base 211.

The United States launched Operation Highjump after learning from the British intelligence about a secret underground base at Antarctica.

Admiral Richard Byrd, a legendary polar researcher was in charge of the expedition which was fully funded by U.S. Navy.

The operation force consisted of aircraft carrier USS Casablanca, an icebreaker, twelve warships, a submarine, twenty-five airplanes, and helicopters and almost 5,000 soldiers.

In a press release given on November 2, 1946, Admiral Byrd said: “The purpose of the operation are primarily of military nature, that is to train naval personnel and to test ships, planes and equipment under frigid zone conditions.”
Antarctica ice

What is really hidden beneath the ice of Antarctica?

Shortly before the expedition’s departure, secretary of the Navy, James Forrestal gave Admiral Byrd last instructions. Byrd did not reveal any details. Officially, the expedition’s goal was to find “coal deposits and other valuable resources”, an objective that was contradicted earlier in Byrd’s press release.

The White House declared Operation Highjump “the greatest polar expedition in history.”

Operation Highjump was planned by and under the command of war hero Admiral Chester W. Nimitz. This strongly suggests that the real purpose of the mission was to destroy the Nazi Antarctic base.

Highjump was scheduled to be a six-month mission, but it was mysteriously aborted after only three months.

What did Admiral Byrd mean when he warned of a “threat from the poles”?

Did Admiral Byrd and his team encounter hostile UFOs near the South Pole? Were these UFOs piloted by non-humans or were they part of the secret Nazi flying saucer program? Did the members of the Highjump expedition discover an entrance to the Inner Earth? Was it perhaps the reason why Admiral Byrd warned of a threat from the poles and why the operation was unexpectedly aborted?

The most intriguing question of all remains unsolved: Is there an ancient inhabited lost city hidden under the ice…?

Written by Ellen Lloyd –
Copyright © & Ellen Lloyd All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of and Ellen Lloyd

About the author:

Ellen Lloyd – is the owner of and an author who has spent more than 20 years researching ancient mysteries, sacred texts, and the existence of extraterrestrial life.

She is the author of 'Voices From Legendary Times' in which she demonstrates that races of men have inhabited Earth for millions of years, but not all of them were human.

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