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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mexico: Brilliant Spheres Over Yucatan

Mexico: Brilliant Spheres Over Yucatan

UFO Depiction

UFO Depiction

Published: 3:55 PM 8/28/2015
Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

By Jorge Moreno/SIPSE - MERIDA, YUC - During the past week I received three reports of UFO sightings in the port towns of Telchac, Santa Clara and Chicxulub. Given the proximity between these three communities, all seems to indicate that the same unidentified flying object is involved.

Manuel Suaste says that he leased a vacation house in Telchach to spend the holidays with his family, when he suddenly heard the cries of astonishment of his nephews. "I thought they were only fooling around, but they were calling us to come and see a sort of spacecraft. The time was around seven in the evening, it was still light, and we could see it. In an instant, it took off vertically at a very powerful, supersonic speed," he explained.

This happened on Friday, August 14. He adds: "I was left holding my camera, since when I was about to take a photo, the UFO was already gone. In truth, it wasn't an airplane or a bird or anything that has a common explanation, much less given the fact that it shot away upward."

Moreover, Eloisa Valdez points out that she was on the road to Santa Clara in the company of her boyfriend and her sister-in-law when they suddenly saw what they believe was a spacecraft: "We left Dzidzantún heading for Santa Clara on Saturday, August 15, and suddenly, just as we were reaching the town, an object flew past at low altitude and crossed the road. Then it began to zig-zag. My sister-in-law said that it might be a drone, but I don't think so, because it began rising very high until it vanished into the heavens, and I know that these objects [drones] do not fly so high." Finally, former municipal policeman Arturo Vaca informed me that he was on business at the port of Chicxulub on Wednesday, August 12 when he suddenly saw a sort of glowing sphere, but at low altitude. "Just as I became aware of it, it had already risen vertically in a 90 degree angle until it vanished in the sky. I do believe it was a spacecraft. I saw this right on the beach near the Casa de Cultura, that is to say, in the downtown area itself." It should be noted that sightings also occurred in the area last year. Alexis Uicab, a correspondent for De Peso [newspaper] in Dzidzantún, reported a case involving a couple of youths who photographed and filmed an alleged spherical UFO in that municipality. This was in early January. They said that it flew at low altitude, coming from the northeast and heading southeast. They were in their father's ranch and while trying to saw off a tree branch, noticed a circular, glowing object plowing the skies. They decided to record and photograph it with their [Samsung] Galaxy cellphone.

While no conclusions can be reached from analyzing these photos, it is remarkable to learn of other similar reports in nearby municipalities like Temax and Cansahcab.

In Temax, the authorities interviewed prefer to remain anonymous. They state that several isolated UFO reports occurred over the past year, but not conclusive proof or photos, and no measures were taken, as this was only considered idle talk among the population.

The exception was the 29th and 30th of December, when the presence of circular spheres in the skies caused a certain amount of concern. It gave many people something to talk about, and they were seen by at least four, but no photos or videos were taken.

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Jorge Moreno (SIPSE) and Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO)]

posted by Inexplicata (IHU)

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SIPSE and Planeta UFO

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