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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Metallic Dragons - Ancient Flying Machines Of The Gods

31 August, 2015

Ellen Lloyd - - These so-called ancient dragons were equipped with weapons that could destroy a target instantly...

The weapons had different names and area of use...

According to an ancient story, one of the Chinese rulers ordered to construct a control tower in the middle of an artificial lake...

They observed closely the flying maneuvers of the dragon...

These bright metallic, ancient dragons were powerful and dangerous flying machines of the gods...

Various flying craft of ancient China are mostly associated with a dragon.
According to Chinese mythology, the gods came down in the bellies of the dragons. 

There are many myths about gods' flying dragons. During the Emperor Chin Yao there was a certain fiery dragon with nine heads, which the Emperor tried to kill several times, each time unsuccessfully…

Ancient Chinese flying dragon chasing a pearl.

According to the ancient story, the dragon stood still and did not breathe. When it was moving, it was breathing deeply and there was a hard wind… Was the ancient dragon one of many advanced flying machines of the gods?

Now, let us consider a launch of a rocket. When a rocket stands prepared for launch, there are no movements in the air, assuming the weather conditions are normal of course. When the rocket starts and takes off, the wind increases. Was the deep breathing dragon perhaps a launched rocket?

The legendary hero No-cha defeated his enemies by using bright, metallic flying dragons. These dragons were equipped with weapons, which could destroy a target instantly. The weapons had different names and area of use. With the "wheel of the fiery wind" he killed his worst enemy Chang-kuie-feng, and with the "bracelet of heaven and earth", No-cha got the Earth's surface to tremble.    
The story of the nine-headed dragon continues with that the frustrated Emperor orders his "heavenly constructor" to get rid off the dragon. In order to do so, he builds a control tower in the middle of an artificial lake. He stands there and observes all the flying maneuvers of the dragon.

Finally, one day, he manages to get the dragon down to the ground.
Ancient accounts of flying dragons can also be found in the mythology of Japan.

The Yellow Dragon is the dragon that symbolizes the emperor, as well as the center of the four directions.

In the Japanese chronicle Nihongi, there is a description of how the god Ninigi-Ni-Mikito landed on the Earth on a "floating bridge". Upon doing that, he was suddenly and surprisingly confronted with the god Sarute-Hiko. 

It was a very unusual creature who had seven nasal cavities and a very bright light shone from his mouth. Could this "floating bridge" have been a hovering spaceship? Is it not likely that the god Sarute-Hiko was not a person, but rather a flying machine?

There is also another type of strange prehistoric flying objects seen over China. These are the so-called "flying bells". In the western part of the Chinese Kunlun Mountains, people often observed flying objects shaped as a bell. These flying vehicles appeared out of nowhere, were visible for a longer, sometimes shorter period, and thereafter they disappeared mysteriously. Once again, this is a very common behavior similar to what we call modern UFOs that are seen today all over the world.

China must have been a very busy spaceport in ancient times. The behavior of the flying bells angered the Lord Chang-ty, a king of the divine dynasty, who felt that his people were loosing morality because of these repeatedly occurring space visits. In order to put an en end to the traveling, he commanded to cut away every communication between heaven and earth. There should be no more going up and down. It is an interesting expression, "going up and down". It reminds of the ladder seen by Jacob in his vision, as described in the Holy Bible.

Jacob's vision.

Genesis: 28:12 And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the Earth, and the top of it reached to heaven,, and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it. And behold, the LORD stood above it..."

Was Jacob describing a spaceship that landed on Earth? It seems so. The angels were members of the crew, who were climbing on a ladder leading from the ship down to the ground. The Lord, meaning Jehovah was the commanding officer of the ship.

Ancient myths and sacred texts are filled with wonderful descriptions of ancient flying machines which roamed the skies in prehistoric times…

Written by Ellen Lloyd -

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About the author: Lloyd - is the owner of and an author who has spent more than 20 years researching ancient mysteries, sacred texts, and the existence of extraterrestrial life. She is the author of Voices From Legendary Times in which she demonstrates that races of men have inhabited Earth for millions of years, but not all of them were human.
In addition, Ellen has written many articles about prehistoric alien visitations, ancient mysteries and alternative history.
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