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Monday, September 28, 2015

Enemy of the Deep State - A Conversation with Dark Journalist aka Daniel Liszt - Video interview

Enemy of the Deep State 
A Conversation with Dark Journalist aka Daniel Liszt  

Publicado a 25/09/2015
Enemy of the Deep State - A Conversation with Dark Journalist aka Daniel Liszt (S05E01) regarding:

- Generations of Alternative Media
- How Daniel became a Dark Journalist
- Inspiration for Dark Journalism
- Patterns in the news
- Blind alley trends
- Omissions & taboos in the Mainstream Media
- Definition of Dark Journalism
- The hierarchy of censorship
- Journalist Jefferson Morley
- Intelligence influence in the media
- Junk conspiracy disinfo & misinfo as 'Third Force' operations
- Daniels background
- Katherine Alberecht
- Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell
- Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts
- Hacker Gary McKinnon
- Dr. John Edward Mack
- Elite & Covert powers, The Cabal, NWO, Shadow Government, Breakaway Civilization, Deep State vs Public State, Mr. Global
- The Nazi influence
- Investigative journalism is following patterns
- Media as a tool in the 911 cover up
- Third Force activity in JFK assassination
- Second Force uncovering is Dark Journalism
- Third Force activity in the Virginia Shootings
- Professor James Tracy exposes the crisis actors
- David Seredas "Evidence - The Case for NASA UFOs"
- "Illuminati" as a third force planted conspiracy distraction
- Carroll Quigley & Conspiracy analysis
- CIA & The Cult of Intelligence
- The Sacrifice of Journalist Gary Webb
- Movie: Kill the Messenger
- Peter Dale Scott & Deep Politics
- Danny Casolaro & The Octopus Research
- Tony Scott & Enemy of The State
- Director Ridley Scott
- Dr. Bruce De Palma & Free Energy
- Director Brian De Palma
- Director Stanley Kubrick
- Journalist Carl Bernstein
- Black-ops "Booz Allen Hamilton Inc"
- Journalist Michael Hastings
- Richard Hoagland as a pioneer
- CIA ops in the German media
- Story Tellers Everette Howard Hunt, Ian Flemming & Chris Kyle
- Archetypal False Flag stories
- Need for information filtering / discrimination
- Richard Dolans scholarly approach
- Social Engineering
- Mass Murder A.B. Breivik as a genuine lone madman
- Extreme Right Wing "Knight Templars" influences on Breivik
- Intelligence traces on Breivik
- Watergate & Iran-Contras
- The Media failure is our main democratic crisis
- Marketing tricks in media
- Monsantos strategies & tactics
- Scientism becoming public religion
- Owners vs Players
- The Public, The Oligarchs & "The Others"
- No central hegemonic cabal, but a coalescence of interests
- Where did the advanced technology come from?
- The Nazi Bell
- Postwar Nazi International power player
- What does the modern Nazi power ideology look like?
- The Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries on Fascist hands
- Who is doing the protecting and who is protected?
- Media as prime protector
- Western society declining into full Corporatism
- Globalism triggering "Third Way" reactions
- Fascism from above creating fascism below
- Goebbels propaganda operating on behalf of Corporatism
- Forced multiculturalism serving The Third Way fascism
- Constructed Crisis accumulates refugees and Right Wing extremism
- Providers of Crisis & Solutions (aka Shock Doctrine)
- Right Wing false system critic decoys
- Post Alternative Reporting on false paradigms
- Alternative media needs to mature
- Own the Culture!
- Growing polarization among people
- Islamic State (ISIL) smoking out who is who
- The Classified Space Fleet
- The Transhumanism agenda
- HAARP influence public through the Ionosphere
- Brainwave entrainment technology
- Carl Jung & the concept of the Collective Unconscious
- The Internet as a tool in the battle for liberation
- Burnt Earth Tactics
- The non terrestrial UFOs
- Is Earth a prison planet?
- UFOs Nuclear interest
- Where did the Nazi HQ in South America go?
- What values do the power elite have?
- Underground bases
- The Secret Space Program & Breakaway Civilization Conference in Austin, Texas, 31 October 2015
- Daniel as current host
- This years Conference Speakers
- Broad focus on the Black Economy
- Walter Bosley & the Airship Mystery
- Olav Phillips and interplanetary anomalies
- Conference to be live streamed
- The Internet as an X factor
- The risk of investigative and dark journalism
- Douglas Caddys confessions
- JFK & Nikita Kruschev
- Kudos exchanged
- Front line alternative media
- Importance of a critical & fact based alternative media
- Commercialism vs Viability
- Donations not sustainable
and other obscurities...
+ who would be the first to go between Al and Daniel?

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