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By Chris Holly - 5 days 19 hours ago

A few months ago I was sent an email by a woman who was furious at me for writing about aliens due to the fact that she felt that contemplating the idea they existed would mean there was no God. Frankly I could not wrap my head around her logic but knew she was not alone in this thinking as it was not the first time I heard this confusion or ideas very similar to it.

Over the years I have discussed this subject with many people I respected including iat length with the group of Real Time Abductees I interviewed and remain in contact with who had strong opinions on this subject.

Of course I had my own ideas but felt it was not something I felt comfortable discussing in fear of insulting people.  I did not know an easy way to suggest a different angle to their thinking on something they may become outraged by instead of considering another point of view on the matter. I decided to try my best to give my opinions and hope others will respect mine as I do theirs.

I am not a religious person in the sense of belonging to any form of manmade organized religion. I have spent years reading and learning as much as I could about man made organized religions and found them lacking what I needed or believed to be true in my heart. I am a very spiritual person and believe deeply in a purpose to each and every life as well as a creator of all things that fill our universe. I do not think I am able by the mere fact I am only a human to even begin to grasp the true meaning or concept of how enormous, how absolutely extreme a creator of all things or God as many refer to it could possibly be.


I do not think I am capable with my human size brain to comprehend anything that could be as amazing as a creator that incredulous and can only think of it all with respect and awe. I also firmly believe that each of us has been given a soul and placed in a life form in order to experience and grow within a large system of life forms to learn all that is required for us to learn. I do think some souls learn certain lessons quicker than others.

When considering all of this I understood that my thinking obviously includes our souls living multiple lives in order to grasp and encounter all the experiences that living as a human will encompass like happiness, sadness, success, failure, love and hate. You cannot fully understand the pain of being tortured or the thrill of love and happiness unless you have at one time or another actually lived it. You can read about it or be told but nothing teaches ones soul like experience and this I believe is the reason we live in our human forms on this planet. Some souls take a few life times on earth to learn what we need to from being human others many times or lives. How many visits each soul needs living as a human on earth would depend on the soul I think and if there are lessons they struggle with.

I am sure many of you will think I am insane to believe in this system but for me it explains the world around me. I watch as we spin upon the crust of this planet and live out many things that would seem truly insane if we were honest with our actions as beings. We live in a swamp of a mixture of love, hate, war and peace mixed with starvation and disease for many while others know only excess and abundance. It does not seem that we are close to any balance and often wonder if there are other places in this universe as out of balance as our planet and the chaos of the earthlings life as one among the many living a human experience.

Thinking of it as a school for our souls  to experience many different events in the spectrum of being human helps me to understand why so many things on so many different ends of this spectrum from the horrid to the supreme all exist at one time on one planet. I can hope one day we remove the horrid and attain more of the supreme but I do not see that as happening for many more soul trips as it seems we need this swirling pool of good and bad to build our spirits as they travel through their fated journeys.

With all of this said let me now approach the subject of aliens in the mix of this thinking, I believe what ever created us also created everything else in this universe. I think in this vast arena of space and time there has been a massive amount of life in different forms created for specific reasons all of which are far too complex for us to understand.  I do not think it is by accident or that it is at all possible by scientific complex needs for anything in this universe to exist without the perfect hand of an overall creator molding it with great care to be what we see before our eyes today. I think we were all set in to motion and given our paths to follow for reasons we do not understand but are without question with meaning and intention. 

We are part of this plan but we are not alone in it. Other life forms with other forms of existence that they need to experience are also out there living as they are meant to do as they share this great universe with us. They also have been given a form of what we think of as our soul and they too are living what they need to in whatever form they may be. Once they compete the lessons of that life form as we do in our human form our souls may move on to experience other spices life encounters until our souls have learned all the lessons placed before us by that which created all that is and will be.  

That does not mean an alien will learn the same concepts humans do just as we are not learning what they are meant to understand. We may all live many lifetimes as many different forms of life until our souls journey is complete.

It could be that all life in this universe or under the teaching knowing hand of the creator of all things may be doing as their souls must in order to be what it is we have been send to ultimately do or be. We may rampage through all the experiences of all life forms he has created quickly or take our time and rest our spirits before moving to the next chapter of learning that is all far too big for me to try to understand.  What I am saying is I believe in a God or creator of all things and I believe he has given all life a mission and journeys that we follow on our way to our final destination.

Understand this does not mean that an alien life form would not visit here take a human and eat it for lunch nor does it mean they are a loving life form or kind. It means they are out there living as they are supposed to in their life form learning the lessons they need to learn which is exactly what we are doing. Just as we have kind caring people we also have murderous cruel vicious people.  It is all part of the mix of what we need to negotiate as we travel our given roads experiencing and learning the things our souls need to grow to be what we will one day hopefully achieve.

So I think aliens are part of this big confusing ball of life that has been set in to motion by something so great we just do not seem to be able to fully grasp its plan or power.

I think some aliens  have souls equal to ours and others may have ones more developed as well as others less developed as ours leaving them starting out and possibly very cold of heart and closed to any of this thinking.

Remember because a being may be born or placed in a place more advanced in science that may not mean their souls are also advanced. It may not be a case where the technology of a species matches the development of that species soul or it may be the opposite in cases.  A life walked on planet earth may be far harder than one lived in a more advanced civilization. It may be that we cycle through the easier roads before taking on the confusion and difficulties needed to make the hard choices of living a life on planet earth.

I think the human life is filled with choices between good and evil on a constant basis and living a good human life a difficult road.  This planet makes it easy to give in to living as a self-centered self-serving being which is of course the first task you are given to face. I watch as mankind lives to own and gives little to live to love and fear for those doomed to return over and over to learn the error of that way of life. The entire system is extremely complex.  Only our creator understands the how or why of things. However I get the idea of it all and know my soul will travel endless roads on the way to completion of its journeys.

I know there are people who refuse to digest any of these ideas as they are angry at what they see on this planet with war and unjust events breaking out daily including horrid things that may have happened to them in their own life, 
I understand this pain and anger and wish they could consider that the real base of their anger is at the choices that those with free will are making taking dark paths and doing self-serving things that may hurt others.

 I get it that watching your fellow humans do awful things is hard to do and can be crushing to a human soul to watch however it is not the creator of all things that are making the decisions to do harm and hurt it is the choice of those walking the paths and choosing   the wrong roads that seems to sour so many.

The anger is at our own species for the poor way they have used their free will that breaks us away from believing in something greater that has placed all things in this universe in motion, Bad things happen to children and those we love which also brings us to detaching from any kind of belief in the journey of our soul and that may be our greatest lesson.

 I live in a family that has suffered the loss of young ones and I think that their journey on this planet was one that only needed a short trip to fill a need for their growing spirit while teaching those who loved them that life has many meanings and many hardships and all are needed to keep our life force energy, our souls growing and learning as we journey through our days and face all the experiences your human soul needs to learn.

To fill with anger and shut down is to shorten your purpose in this human form and add yet another trip around the block in another life time until you start to understand you are on a journey and you will walk it be it now or at another time. Making it a long or short adventure is a matter of your own will and how you use it. This is why I take the high road and try to be a good human and not harm or close down to any idea that may explain our purpose our living at all in the first place , what is thought of as the meaning of life,  

I am aware there are people who believe that life is nothing more than a computer game of sorts played out by an extreme intelligence to see what we would do if created and left to our own free will, Others think we are controlled or fated by this master of all things and are living only as game pieces controlled by those playing the game called earth.

Of course anything could be possible in matters that we do not understand but my instinct tells me that is not the case and we are living souls and our lifetimes are important steps in the evolution of all energy or part of a huge creating force.
I do believe we have free will of the soul and shown the light and dark , good and evil , day and night , kind and cruel of things and set loose to find our paths and sent to walk our roads and find our journey to what it is we are all meant to be.  I also think many use that will to do the right things and walk a good road and others to walk a more selfish darker path. That free will is what determines our overall fate as our souls are given choices and we spend lifetimes in this universe in all shapes and forms learning what we are set out to learn,
I try hard to walk the right path and keep an open mind as I want one day to know all my journeys will finally bring me home.

So yes I think aliens and humans and all things that may exist under the umbrella or our creator fall under his domain.   I hope one day all beings understand and try to be the best whatever it is they are being so we can all move on to the next part of our journey.  

 Copyright © 2011-2015 Chris Holly's Endless Journey with the Unknown

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