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Friday, January 23, 2015

The Enigma of the Black Helicopters

Friday, January 23, 2015

What’s behind the black helicopter phenomenon?

What exactly is the strange enigma commonly known as the black helicopter phenomenon, or BHP for short.

For decades, these strange, unmarked aircraft have been seen flying through the air in a number of countries including the USA, France and the UK.

I was once fortunate enough to see three of them myself.

Nothing is known about the origin of black helicopters or their purpose, although rumours abound.

One common denominator is that none of them seem to bear the legally-required registration marks, which is in itself disturbing.

So, just what do we know about black helicopters?

Well, we know that although they can appear at any time of day or night the most popular time seems to be around dusk.

Often they will travel in flights of two or three, although on some occasions up to 20 have been reported.

Sometimes they will fly at high speed on a straight trajectory.

On other occasions they will circle a specific area, as if looking for something.

Another observation made by witnesses is that they often travel at a very low altitude, sometimes only 50ft or so above the ground.

Some observers have said that as soon as they try to phone the police the helicopters fly off at high speed, as if they knew what the witnesses were about to do, even though they were indoors.

Black Helicopter have been witnesses during
UFO sightings flying at low altitude

One interesting fact is that black helicopters have been known to harass UFO investigators. 

Some of these craft are reported to have strange appendages or devices attached to them that even aviation experts are at a loss to explain.

Sometimes they will emit a strange noise which sounds like loud static.

There’s no doubt that some black helicopter sightings are connected with covert military activity, although for obvious reasons this is often denied.

However, other sightings indicate that something far, far stranger is going on.

Black helicopters are often seen hovering over areas where cattle mutilations have taken place, and few investigators now doubt that the two phenomena are intrinsically connected.

An interesting video said to have been shot in Argentina in 1983 caught what looks to be a cow being levitated into the sky underneath a saucer-shaped UFO.

No black helicopters, but quite a mystery. Well, it was until the truth surfaced.

It was actually a segment of unused footage from an advert for a Japanese dairy farm, which you can see 

The black helicopter phenomenon is no hoax, though, as thousands of witnesses will testify.

In the USA, only military helicopters are allowed to be painted entirely black and their presence at the scenes of both cattle mutilations and UFO sightings has led to much speculation.
men inJust what does the military know that it isn’t telling us?

A balanced overview which offers a number of plausible explanations can be found on good ol’ Wikipedia 

But the question remains; why do black helicopters seem to take such an interest in the activities of UFO researchers?

Men In Black 

Some claim that shortly after seeing the helicopters they were visited by dubious-looking “men in black” or military officials advising them that talking about their experiences “may not be in your best interests”.

It’s possible, of course that chatting in the bar about covert testing of advanced aerial prototypes would be discouraged on the grounds of national security.

But if that’s the case, why would the military fly them in areas where they would undoubtedly be seen?

It’s a mystery, for sure.

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