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Monday, January 5, 2015

Billy Booth -- Three Friends See Bizarre-shaped UFO in Albuquerque

sine-wave-ufo.jpg - B J Booth

By Billy Booth
UFOs/Aliens Expert

The sighting report below contains one of the most bizarre objects I have ever heard of. I thought I had heard it all until this one came through the National UFO Reporting Center just recently, occurring the first week of December.

A sighting from the state of New Mexico is no surprise, but this strange 'sine wave' shaped object takes the cake. When I created the 3-D image for the report, I didn't get it right, but I got as close as my abilities allowed me.

Albuquerque, New Mexico - 12-03-14
Shape: Other - Duration: 15 seconds - Aircraft shaped like a sine curve with a green neon light tracing its edges. Around 11:00 pm on December 3, 2014, I was hanging out with a close friend and his girlfriend at a park on the east side of Albuquerque. We were walking around the park and heard something that sounded like a mixture between a jet engine and a helicopter. 

We all looked up and saw a fairly large, slow moving craft flying pretty low. We can only describe the craft as a black object with the shape of a sine curve, or something like a Pringle chip with upward arches as the wings.

Neon Lights on the Edges
Although the craft blended in with the sky, we could clearly see its shape due to a smooth, bright green, neon light tracing the edges in that exact shape. The final detail was a large, orange, slow blinking light on the back of it.

We were near my house and I was headed home a few minutes after the sighting and I told my mom about it because it had been heading in the direction of our neighborhood. She said that a few minutes before I had arrived she heard the exact same sound and that the noise had shaken the whole house. She described the sound as a plain about to land right above our roof. I have been doing research since last night on any aircraft with that sort of shape but have found nothing.

Additional Responses from Witnesses
#1 Thanks for the quick response! The only lights were the large orange one and the solid green light tracing the shape of the craft. I am an art student fortunately, but don't have much experience drawing vehicles. I will definitely do my best to include an image by this weekend if not tomorrow. 

#2 This is basically what it looked like from our perspective with a neighborhood across the road and the faint outline of the mountains in the background. It seemed to be less than 1 or 2 miles away and fairly low to the ground considering it shook our house. 

Again I believe the craft was black because it blended in to the background but the green and orange lights were what we could see perfectly. Not sure if it is some sort of military aircraft or anything but I couldn't find any sort of craft with that shape. 

#3 Great! That's fine with me. I don't have really any knowledge of planes or military aircraft but the three of us got a little freaked out and couldn't think of anything it could have been. 

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