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Monday, January 5, 2015

Billy Booth -- UFO Sighting Reports from Vermont, 2012 and 2014

UFO Sighting Reports from Vermont, 2012 and 2014

Vermont Triangle - B J Booth

By Billy Booth
UFOs/Aliens Expert

Here is an extremely interesting report sent to MUFON from a man who is a biomedical lab tech, who along with his wife, had a UFO sighting. The man's mother, a PhD research scientist, also had an encounter two years previous, and this is also detailed here. 

Fairfax, Vermont - 12-04-14
Letter to MUFON: First, let me tell you that I am deeply grateful for all of MUFON's very important work. In addition to the cases presented in your reports, I have studied several hundred similar cases and I am therefore more than a little familiar with the UFO phenomenon. 

However, only beginning this week can I say that I know with 100% certainty that highly advanced beings, piloting incredible and terrifying aircraft, are conducting some kind of research in Vermont. Based on everything I have learned, I am also convinced that these beings number in the thousands or tens of thousands globally and that their research is being conducted all over the world on a massive scale.

The Eyewitness
Now about myself: I am in my mid-thirties and live with my wife in Franklin County, Vermont on a hill overlooking a small valley of trees and cow pastures, which rests between the towns of Milton, Saint Albans and Cambridge. I am a well-educated, rational biomedical laboratory technician.

My mother, who lives in a neighboring county, is a PhD research scientist who I would consider to be extremely rational and never prone to hysteria or exaggeration. My wife is also well educated, and very practical - even stubbornly skeptical - about strange phenomenon and other events which have no bearing on her life. 

Two years ago, my mother was walking with a friend, who is a radar operator for the Air National Guard. The path they were walking is very near the downtown area in our largest city, about 25 miles south from my house. She tells me the sky that evening was dark, except for the many stars which were at that moment unobscured by clouds.

An Odd Feeling Preceeds Sighting
She felt something odd and was compelled to look directly overhead. She and her friend then saw a very large, black, triangular craft with faint orange lights, one at each corner of the craft. She said that the craft was so dark and so quiet as to seem as if it was absorbing light and sound. They watched as the craft moved slowly from north to south and finally disappeared from view after a few minutes.

Apparently, my mother's friend was at least somewhat familiar with similar objects, but provided no information. My mother told me about this experience immediately after it happened because our close relationship and mutual respect permit this.

Sighting of December 4, 2014 
This week, I had my own amazing experience, and my wife shared it with me. On the evening December 4th, 2014 at approximately 9 p.m., I was exercising in our basement and noticed a very bright light which I could see through our basement window. I ran up our first flight of stairs, opened the front door and stood on the porch. Before noticing any detail I felt an intense sense of dread.

I looked up toward the sky at a 45 degree angle, directly away from our house, toward Vermont's highest mountain peak. In the near distance, perhaps a half mile from where I was standing, I saw an extremely bright object, pulsating red and blue lights, bouncing around slightly. I stood for perhaps 30 seconds or a minute watching this object, feeling transfixed but also very fearful. 

I recalled in that moment some of the stories of abductees who were paralyzed prior to their close encounters, and screamed at myself mentally to turn around and go back inside. I walked quickly inside, locked the door and ran up the next flight of stairs to our living room, where my wife was sitting and watching television. 

I turned off all the lights and then the TV and told her, "You need to see this." I brought her to our picture window, oriented precisely eastward in the direction of the object, and asked, "WHAT IS THAT?" She leaned toward the window, squinted her eyes and her mouth dropped open. At the same moment I noticed another similar bright object to the north, but this object became a secondary consideration to us because it was partially obscured by tree branches near our window and appeared to be farther away and at a higher altitude. 

Seen Through a Telescope
I asked her to stand there and continue to watch the object for unusual flight patterns if it began to change position. As she did this, I ran to my office to retrieve my Celestron Model #21035 travel telescope. 

When I returned, I noticed a light on the ground directly below the UFO, in a location that I know to be a patch of cow pasture void of any structures. I quickly found the UFO in my telescope lens. What I saw shocked me down to my core. The object was disc-shaped, bright, colorful, pulsating and bouncing. 

The pulsating red and blue lights appeared to come from within the craft, passing out through its walls. I then found the light on the ground below the craft and saw that it was cylindrical, orange-yellow and was illuminating a white angular object which sat closer to my house on the grass. After two or three minutes, I decided that I would not see enough detail in the light and turned the telescope back toward the UFO. 

When my wife again examined the craft, she asked, "What is that other thing... in the air, closer to us, in the bottom right corner of the view?" I looked and saw the corner of another, mostly black and camouflaged object, perhaps two or three hundred yards closer to us. 

I watched this object for ten minutes or longer and noticed that it was slowly rocking around and up and down. On several occasions, I could clearly see that the bright, pulsating disc was casting enough light on the angular craft to illuminate two corners of what appeared to be a triangular black craft. 

"I feel weird... I'm scared"
My wife paced around the house, communicating irritation with me for looking at these objects with such interest at first, but eventually, after at least a full hour, parked herself on a chair near me saying, "I feel weird... I'm scared... I don't like this." 
At some point, I noticed that the light on the ground had vanished. Then, I noticed that the pulsating disc was calmer - more stationary and less bright. The red light, especially, was mostly or entirely gone and the craft appeared to settle into a lower-energy state. The triangular craft remained in the same position for another thirty minutes.
Immediately prior to going to bed, I saw that the disc and triangle had both changed positions. The disc was now higher, perhaps directly above the triangle, which was now oriented with a single corner pointing downward. Suddenly, I saw the full form of the triangle, which was hovering with its underside pointing directly at my window. I saw one faint, circular orange light at each of three corners. 

A Corroborating Witness
The next day, I bumped into a resident who lives on the road directly opposite my house from the previous evening's activity. This individual informed me that she had seen an object that matched my description of the bright object at 9 p.m. on December 3rd and 4th. I knew this meant that the object might return soon, and watched from my window throughout the night of December 5th.

Two bright, pulsating objects appeared shortly before midnight, at least one half mile farther from my house than they had been the previous night. I watched for over an hour as they appeared to follow a grid pattern slightly above the tree tops near a river. 

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