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Monday, January 5, 2015

Billy Booth -- Woman Oil Inspector Encounters UFO in Canada

Pink-colored UFO - B J Booth

By Billy Booth
UFOs/Aliens Expert

Here we have a very recent report of a UFO encounter from Canada. The female witness was traveling as part of her duties as a maintenance worked for an oil company. Her account is quite detailed and compelling.

Canada has always been well represented in the UFO field. Several of them are among Ufology's best cases. Check out Falcon Lake EncounterThe Shag Harbor UFOChevron-shaped UFOs and one of my favorites, The Klondike Highway Encounter. Now to our case.

Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada - 11-30-14
Shape: Unknown - Duration: 10 minutes - I was driving to a remote oilfield site by myself (which is very typical) to do maintenance work. I am a very practical person, I handle panic situations very well, 26 years old, female, electrician by trade. So, I am traveling southeast on the main freeway/highway between Valleyview, Alberta, towards Fox Creek, Alberta.

I scanned the horizon out of boredom, as it was a nice day compared to the last few, the sun is shining so I wear my polarized sunglasses, also typical. This first part may be of absolutely no connection to the rest of the story, but I am including it just in case.

I looked at the sky and saw what looked like a small trapped amount of rainbow in a cloud. I thought it was pretty, or visually appealing, and as I drove I could tell I was seeing slightly less and less of it. At its clearest definition, it looked like it was caused by the sun shining directly into a funnel like shape in the cloud. I thought it was probably just some natural phenomena of the sun and color spectrum and shape of the cloud/moisture in it. Totally explainable, but just beyond my understanding or comprehension of science/nature/or physics.

Unknown Object Falls
Suddenly, as I pulled into a straight section of the highway, the colorful cloud disappeared and at a different location in the sky what looks to be about 4 feet upwards from the horizon, at a distance of roughly (going off of odometer distance at the time from Fox Creek 40-60 km, rough estimate I know, sorry). Anyway, it just appeared at this location ahead of me, with a short white tail much like a comets, but it was too short, it didn't look like any jet stream/tail that i have ever noticed before, and the object appeared to be falling at a rapid speed. 

I concluded it must have been a comet, headed somewhat towards my direction and that was why the tail appeared short, must have been due to my perspective/angle to the object. I had trouble making out the shape of it, but there was definitely some sort of head of the “comet-like object” that had sharp edges that stood out against the tail in the background of it.

Object Sits in the Sky
The next second I look up, it just stopped its rapid descent and sat in the skyline radiating a very small pink light in the distance ahead of me, about 1 foot up from the horizon from my current position, driving rapidly towards it at 100 km/hour. I am going back and forth between driving safely (as it's icy winter conditions) and watching this happen on the horizon, and it is easy for me to continue looking at the exact spot in the sky because i am driving in a straight line and there are structures in the distance in which to reference it by. 

When I next look up, there is a very short horizontal line appearing to the bottom right of the pink dot in the sky, that was NOT there a moment ago, and in the time span I watch it move (speaking from my driving perspective) what appears about a inch across the sky, then the next second I look up, both the pink dot and short horizontal white dash across the sky have vanished.

I don't think I'm crazy, I have no history of hallucinating or psychological disorders, or even making up stories, though I do believe in the possibility of other life somewhere in the universe, but I don't believe I was desiring there to be so much that I made it up in my sub-conscious for whatever reason, at first I really was just scared that it was a comet or asteroid, and was actually going to hit the earth, until it stopped, and sat there, glowing pink. 

I do a lot of troubleshooting and observation due to my job, so it is easy for me to observe a process without involving any bias or personal feelings into it. And it was broad day light, I had just been driving for an hour on my way to work, after a good night's rest and a normal breakfast. I don't know what I saw, but there is no part of what I saw that resembled a plane, jet, or helicopter.

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