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Thursday, January 1, 2015

G S G -- Brits Release More UFO Files

Brits Release More UFO Files

 1990s UFO
UFOs/Aliens Expert

As promised, the British Ministry of Defence has continued to release UFO sightings, drawings, sketches, and more. The latest release covers files from 1987-1993. As to be expected, some of the files are just sighting reports, but there are some that are quite interesting.

One of the most compelling cases comes from an area near the A9, in Calvine, just north of Pitlochry. This is probably the highlight of the release. Two individuals witnessed the 1990 event.

The witnesses reported a diamond-shaped UFO hovering during daylight hours. The UFO allegedly hovered for 10 minutes. This span of time allowed at least one Harrier jet, and possibly two, to reach the area. This means that other witnesses also saw and reported the incident, or that the military had picked up the object on radar.
The jets were reported to make several low level passes in the area of the diamond-shaped object. After a short period of time, the UFO sped away to be seen no more.

You would think that the fact that at least six photographs were taken by the two witnesses would be enough to sufficiently validate the incident, but for reasons unstated, the photograph has never been released to the public.

Another strange fact about the case is that the Ministry of Defence states that they have no idea where the Harrier jets came from. This seems to be the case also in the United States on occasion, where the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.

The information on the photographs is vague. Reportedly, the photos showed a "blurry" diamond-shaped object close to one of the Harrier jets. However, despite this description, well known UFO investigator, and former Mod servant, Nike Pope, made these comments:

"... [it was one of the] most impressive photos ever shown to his department."
He also said: "The MoD has all sorts of equipment and expertise that we used to analyze and enhance imagery to tell whether there were any signs of fakery. "This picture was assessed by our digital experts, who concluded it was a real photograph showing a solid-structured craft which was estimated as being around 25 meters in diameter."

In a striking description of the craft, he added: "There were no wings and no visible signs of any propulsion system. "It was exotic and unknown in a way far beyond even the most modern stealth aircraft being trailed at that time."

Pope also related details of a meeting he attended with the defence intelligence staff. The Pitlochry photograph was shown and discussed. One of the members stated that it was not an American craft, and not from the Soviets either. He then said that only left one option... pointing his finger straight up to the skies, indicating it came from outer space.

Pope also said that an enlargement of Pitlochry photograph once hung on his office wall. His superior removed it, however, and stuck in his drawer.

Pope does not what happened to the mysterious photograph of the diamond-shaped UFO over Pitlochry in 1990. It could have been lost, or secreted away, to keep it from the eyes of the public.

It would be a great addition to Ufology to obtain a copy of the Pitlochry photograph, but it seems that it will remain another pieces of the hidden files of UFOs.

Possibly one day, a government official will come forward and release this photograph, and prove that we are not alone.

Governmental Study Groups

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·         The Robertson Panel
·         Project Blue Book

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