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Monday, January 5, 2015

Billy Booth -- Recent UFO Sighting Reports from California

UFOs in the Water - B J Booth

By Billy Booth
UFOs/Aliens Expert

We are visiting some high-reporting states for a time. This article will detail some recent events from the state of California, which is through the years, one of the states with the most reports. You can check out some great cases from California at Pilot Account Identifies Orange GlowUFO Sighting over Huntington Beach, CaliforniaUFO Crash & Retrieval at Needles and one of the states most well-known cases, The Battle of Los Angeles

South Pasadena, California - 11-02-14
Object larger and brighter than a star observed: The eyewitness statement: As I was getting ready to go to bed and turned off the lights I looked up into the sky out of my windows and saw an unusually bright object that seemed to change colors. It was brighter and bigger than any planet or star, and after a few minutes of observation I realized it was moving. It was fluttering and flashing different colored lights.

Recurring Object
I have seen UFOs before and this one was very similar to the one I saw when I was a teenager. I went outside on my balcony and watched if for a while but I had to go to bed so I went back in. I had a feeling it was going to be back, so next night about the same time I saw the same object, this time it was a little brighter and seemed a little closer to me. I have a feeling I'm going to see it again tonight.

It appears right above tree line and it's right below the Orion constellation. It appears to be somewhere above border of South Pasadena, San Marino and Alhambra. I see helicopters and blimps flying by there sometimes, and I know that the object I am describing is neither of them, nor is it an airplane.

Stockton, California - 11-16-14
Shape: Disk - Duration: 10 minutes - Late at night, dogs in the neighborhood were barking up a storm, so I went outside to check what was going on. I shined my flashlight around property and couldn't see anything. I went back inside to relax, and all the dogs started going crazy again; I looked out window and see these three objects with lights on them flying around the neighborhood.

Not Like an Airplane
At first my wife thought it was a helicopter or airplane so I watched it and I know how a helicopter and airplane look and what kind of lights they have and how long it takes for them to accelerate in the air. So I waited and watched these things go up in the sky and accelerate and go up fast and disappear in the sky not like an airplane or a helicopter.

Then about 3 minutes later I went out to sit on my front porch they came out of nowhere again and hovered over our neighbor's house across the way from us. I used my binoculars this time and see a saucer-shaped flying object with red lights around it like a ring; a glass-shaped top and silver color type ship. I watched it about 30 seconds, and then it drifted up in the sky again and disappeared.

Temple City - Arcadia, California - 10-08-14
Shape: Circle - Duration: 10-20 seconds - Northeastern evening sky, two objects appear and disappear like the Phoenix lights; all in about 10 to 20 seconds. On Wednesday evening, I decided to water my lawn in the backyard. I sat down in my chair, which faces east, as my two labs were tracking the stream of water from the water hose in right to left direction.

I gaze up into the heavens and directly to my left, in a northeast direction, I noticed two bright stars, at the moment that is what I thought I was witnessing. Distances are hard to estimate, but if I were to guess, I would have used my thumb to equate about an inch of separation between each.

Immediately I thought, "Damn, it reminds me of Orion's belt stars, except one is missing." As I reached for my cell phone to record what I was witnessing, the two objects began to disappear like the Phoenix Lights incident. I was shocked and called my brother to describe my experience.

Further statements from different witnesses suggest that the object was stationary in the sky for a while and then it slowly moved to the west without a sound. Following the UFO sighting, a helicopter sound was heard. The residents are still baffled by the incident, as the area is said to be usually very quiet with minimum air traffic.

November 8, 2014 - UFO 'Fleet" Observed
Spring Hill, Florida - 11-08-14 - Shape: Formation - Duration: 5 minutes - Witness to FLEET of UFOs over Spring Hill, Florida. On November 8th, at approximately 10:15 pm in Spring Hill, Florida, on a clear weather night, I was outside to check the wires for the cable company because we had lost net and phone at 10 pm EST so we called them from our cell phone.

When I looked into the sky I saw a FLEET of unusual objects traveling southwest at about four thousand feet high and close to 50 or 60 of them. There was no sound coming from them they also had no exhaust or tail to speak of. They moved at a medium speed across the sky. They were a red-yellow color.

They was lined up in a row but not a perfect row; at first two rows that became one row. They did not lose altitude nor was gain a big amount of altitude as if you’re looking at a plane traveling, but these not any aircraft! They stayed the course of southwest with difference in space between them.

The strings of objects lasted about 5 minutes. The length of string of objects would be approximately 2-4 miles from first object to last. Two strings one on top of the other was the first mile worth of the objects, again not in a perfect formation.

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