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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Two Veterans Talk About Ellsworth AFB UFO Invasion of Missile Silos - June, 1966

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Two Veterans Talk About Ellsworth AFB UFO Invasion of Missile Silos - June, 1966 


Map Showing Location of Ellsworth Air Force Base

In April of 2004 the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) received a report from a veteran who had been stationed at Ellsworth AFB (South Dakota) in 1966.  The veteran reported that in June of 1966 UFOs invaded security zones and hovered above and actually landed on Minuteman missile silos.  This sparked a scramble of security personnel to the silos.  Apparently the visits by the flying saucers occurred for about a week before subsiding.

Peter Davenport of NUFORC appeared on a radio talk show shortly after receiving this report.  He interviewed the veteran on the talk show.  The veteran actually never saw the saucers, but was privy to the information and talked to several of the personnel involved.

Subsequent to hearing the case discussed on the radio talk show I attempted to gather some information relevant to activities at Ellsworth AFB in 1966.  I contacted two agencies that store historical information for the Air Force.  I contacted the Air Force Materiel Command at Wright Patterson Field in Ohio and Maxwell AFB in Alabama.  The Wright Patterson archivist had some helpful suggestions regarding the type of information to ask for, but stated that his group did not store this information.  He referred me to the archivist at Maxwell AFB.  I subsequently submitted a request to Maxwell AFB for historical information for Ellsworth AFB in 1966.  My response was delayed several months due to preoccupation of personnel with the war in Iraq.  Finally I received a response on October 29, 2004 stating the records were classified.  (
See copy of response letter - ADOBE PDF format.)

I subsequently submitted a FOIA (Freedom of Information Request) directly to Ellsworth AFB inquiring about the alleged "saucer incident in June of 1966).  On November 12, 2004 I received a response from Ellsworth AFB stating that a thorough search revealed no records. 

Important Update:  On April 18, 2005 I received a call from a veteran who was at the Minuteman missile silos when the UFOs were present at Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota.  He is the third independent witness to this event to step forward.  He thought that the events occurred around May of 1966.  I mentioned one of the other witness names and he knew the other witness and even mentioned his "nickname."  He said that was in command of four other airmen and that the UFOs approached the silos on two nights.  The objects were picked up on radar.  He and the men under his command saw one of the objects up close and saw "shadows" moving inside of the object. He added: "I was so close to the craft that I could see the rivets and hieroglyphics." He also said that an aircraft landed at the base and confiscated all of the evidence.  When I told him that I had written to three agencies for information about the incident he responded by saying that you will get nothing because all of the evidence is "gone."  The important aspect of this veteran's story is that he was at the silos.  Some of the other witnesses were not at the silos, but were privy to the happenings. This witness says that he has a report filed away and is trying to locate it.  I will post this report, if received.

Update 2: Another witness saw the above report on this web site.  This witness stated the following (in his own words): Mr. Puckett; The information you listed in your research concerning the episode of UFOs at the Ellsworth Missile complex is very true. I did not see them , but some of the stories that circulated the work force at that time, are not forgotten. It is my understanding that a security team was on site B-10 , near Wall S. Dakota. Their camper was placed on this site because of security problems, which was a normal sequence of events. All events of this episode were were classified and individuals involved where transferred to other duty stations ASAP. I was not aware of any other incidents except that one in 1966. This is for your information and request my email address be excluded from this info. Thank You Former Maintenance Team Chief 44th Missile Maintenance Squadron.

Comments: UFOS Northwest wishes to thank the Air Force archivists for their response to my request.  They are only acting under orders to withhold classified information. It is not our intent to point fingers at individuals, but to show that information regarding the UFO phenomenon continues to be withheld by the U.S. Government.

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