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From David -- Higher dimensional physics associated with UFOs by William C. Treurniet

SummaryQualitative analyses of UFO photographs taken over many years found that a toroidal pattern is often in the space near the UFO. Other features in the photographs suggest the pattern is associated with strong magnetic and gravitational fields. This visual pattern may be part of a higher dimensional construct analogous to a wormhole. We know that the torus is a three-dimensional projection of a four-dimensional cylinder known as a duocylinder. The UFO may be able to restructure space to create such a duocylinder. Since the device would permit instantaneous movement in three-dimensional space, it could be called a "duocylinder bridge". Such movement has been observed in many sightings of UFOs where the objects disappeared and instantly reappeared in other locations, apparently without traversing the intervening space. In one case, the instantaneous disappearance of a departing UFO was associated with a strong, slowly decaying, oscillating magnetic field emanating from above the tops of nearby trees (Maccabee, 1994). This suggests the deployment by the craft of a magnetic duocylinder bridge that takes time to disappear after use. As observed in one of the photographs, the magnetic field altered the refractory property of air where the duocylinder projects onto three-dimensional space. A sequence of events consistent with the creation of a duocylinder bridge was found in a video of the failed launch of a Russian rocket in May, 2014.

1. Introduction

For many years, people have taken photographs of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). These photos are an unexploited resource which may hold important information. Examination of a sufficiently large set of photos may find that many of them have one or more visual features in common. A property associated with multiple UFOs may tell us something about what they are, perhaps a natural phenomenon or a technology of some kind. Even if some photographs are of unidentified man-made objects, these need not overwhelm the identification of a real phenomenon.

It would be ideal if all available photographs were taken under similar conditions. This has obviously not happened since the UFOs seen in photos are superimposed on a variety of backgrounds. Since we have no control over the conditions present when the photos were taken, any analysis is limited to the photographs that happen to turn up. It is proposed that a feature appearing in a significant proportion of the photos may have some physical relationship with the UFO. The correlation would not be proof of association, but would be sufficient reason to propose and possibly test theories about the nature of the UFOs.

2. Observed optical effects in photographs

Subtle features in photographs of UFOs can be rendered more visible with the well-known procedure of image equalization. A suitable FREEDescription: equalization plugin is available from Mehdi which is compatible with Photoshop as well as with the freeware Irfanview program.

Photographs of UFOs from multiple online sources were analyzed as they became available. The photos were taken with older film cameras as well as with modern digital cameras. Over time, it became clear that a significant number of the UFOs were accompanied by one or more toroidal or donut-shaped visual patterns nearby. In almost all cases where the patterns appeared, the UFO was positioned on the ring of the donut or just outside it. Since the torus is a three-dimensional object, it was often seen as elliptical in shape when it was not parallel to the frontal plane.

The photographs were all taken in the "wild" where the photographer had minimal control over the setting, so it is not surprising that the tori in some photos are clearer than in others. A selection of images is presented in the following figures. The left panel in each figure shows the UFO cropped from the original image, the centre panel shows the enhanced version, and the right panel shows an added graphical overlay to mark the location of the torus. The dates of theses photographs range from 1952 to 2013.

The usual focus of interest in Figure 1 has likely been the four large objects in the lower left quadrant of the image. However, there is also a small, relatively bright UFO near the upper right corner. The enhanced image shows that this object falls on a toroidal pattern in the air beside it.

Figure 1. UFOs from Project Blue BOOKDescription: Case No. 1501, Salem, 1952

In Figure 2, a small torus is positioned just beneath the UFO.

Figure 2. UFO photographed by Paul VILLADescription:, NM, 1963

The enhanced image of Figure 3 shows the UFO positioned over a toroidal pattern behind it.

Figure 3. UFO photographed over Torrance, California, 1967

In Figure 4, a UFO is positioned on the outside of a comparatively large toroidal pattern.

Figure 4. UFO over North Canterbury, NZ, 2008

Figure 5 shows a UFO just below a torus that has very well-defined inner and outer boundaries.

Figure 5. UFO over Brazil, 2011

In Figure 6, the visible part of a torus has very well defined inner and outer boundaries as in Figure 5. In this case, the UFO is outside the torus and is clearly not in contact with it.

Figure 6. UFO over Silbury Hill, UK, 2012

The UFO in the NASA Hubble Space Telescope image of Figure 7 was thought by NASA scientists to be the result of an unusual collision between two asteroids. It is included here because the debris near the object is organized in a partial toroidal pattern, suggesting that the object is in the same class as those in the other photographs.

Figure 7. UFO in a NASA Hubble Space Telescope image, 2010

The image of Figure 8 is a crop from a photo of the moon taken from the Apollo 9 spacecraft in 1969. It is on a page entitled "Astronaut Photography of Earth" and "(NASA Crew Earth Observations)". However, in the Identification section it is labelled "LUNAR VIEW", so it seems that the astronauts took the time to shoot a photograph of the moon with the three cylindrical objects superimposed. These objects are all associated with one or more toroidal shapes.

Figure 8. UFO in a NASA photograph of the moon, 1969

In the image of Figure 9, a UFO is fortuitously positioned next to a rainbow. In the enhanced image, we see red light reflected from the right end of the object. The only nearby source of red light in the photograph is THE RAINBOWDescription:, so the red colour from the rainbow appears to be displaced to the left at the level of the object. A toroidal shape overlays the object at that point, and it may be related to refraction of the red colour from the rainbow toward the object. Similarly, a strip of violet colour overlays the red colour of the rainbow at the top of the torus. Here, the rainbow colours appear to have been refracted to the right by the torus. Displacement of the rainbow colours in different directions suggests that the torus defines a region of space with a variable refractive index.

Figure 9. Light refraction near a UFO over South Dakota, 2010

2.1 Discussion

These images, as well as additional examples in a picture gallery, show that a UFO is often accompanied by a toroidal pattern nearby. The torus is present under a variety of conditions, and so appears to be a robust phenomenon. It typically appears adjacent to a UFO inside the atmosphere, while the photographs in Figures 7 and 8 indicate that it can also appear in airless space. Further, the torus in Figure 9 appeared to have a refractive index different from air.

In empty space, the optical effect could be caused by something like a gravitational lens which affects the path of light by bending space. In the atmosphere, the observed difference in the refractive index of the air near the torus suggests the presence of a strong magnetic field. This could produce the Cotton-Mouton effect, a double refraction caused by the alignment in the field direction of magnetically anisotropic molecules (Jenkins and White, 1957). In Figure 9, the direction that light was refracted at the bottom of the torus was opposite to the direction at the top. This would be expected if the magnetic field had a toroidal shape with opposing directions at top and bottom. It seems, therefore, that both gravitational and magnetic fields participate in the creation of the toroidal pattern.

The fields producing the toroidal distortion should also influence the position of particulate matter. Indeed, several of the above figures show cloud material shaped in the form of a torus, and the Hubble photograph in Figure 7 suggests a similar effect on debris in space.

Since the torus in many photos has a precise, clearly-defined geometry, it is unlikely to be a natural phenomenon. Further, the consistent proximity to UFOs suggests that field effects are produced by a technology associated with the UFO. It seems reasonable to conclude, therefore, that such UFOs are craft under intelligent control.

3. Speculations on possible technologies

The photographic evidence indicates that there are unidentified craft in our skies which use a novel technology that leaves a visible toroidal trace adjacent to the craft. Could any of the following theoretical technologies for travel through space ACCOUNTDescription: for this observation?

3.1 Alcubierre drive

One hypothetical idea is the Alcubierre drive proposed by Miguel Alcubierre (1994). He proposed that by "local expansion of spacetime behind the spaceship and an opposite contraction in front of it, motion faster than the speed of light as seen by observers outside the disturbed region is possible." The theory would place the ship somewhere near the centre of the field between the regions of contraction and expansion. However, this is not consistent with the evidence that the UFO is always positioned outside the observed toroidal region. For this reason alone, the idea that the UFOs use this form of the Alcubierre drive can be rejected.

3.2 Einstein-Rosen bridge

Another concept suggests traveling through a wormhole connecting two volumes in 3D space, also known as an Einstein-Rosen bridge. According to the theory of general relativity, a tunnel through hyperspace can theoretically be created, perhaps by placing huge gravitational fields at entry and exit points a great distance APARTDescription: in 3D space. Hyperspace is a hypothetical higher spatial dimension. The seemingly insurmountable technical problems inherent in implementing such a process are summarized on a NASA webpage. Besides the huge engineering obstacles, the writer observes that "you already had to be where you wanted to go" in order to build the required infrastructure. The gravitational effects needed to create such a system are not observed near UFOs, so the presence of a wormhole cannot ACCOUNTDescription: for the observed toroidal optical distortions in the photographs.

3.3 Duocylinder bridge

There is an alternative hyperspace construct which appears to ACCOUNTDescription: for the observed toroidal optical distortions. Like the Einstein-Rosen bridge or wormhole, it would provide a shortcut for traveling arbitrary distances. The method involves the creation of a cylinder in 4D space. By analogy with a 3D cylinder, a volume of 3D space from Plane A parallel to Plane B is rolled up in a fourth dimension into what is called a duocylinder. A craft at a location on Plane A would step across the "seam" of the duocylinder to arrive at an adjacent location on Plane B. It is a small step to cross the seam in the fourth dimension, but when the duocylinder is flattened again into three dimensions, the craft will have moved the length of the duocylinder circumference.

duocylinder is "an object bounded by two mutually perpendicular 3-manifolds with torus-like surfaces". This means that projection of a 4D duocylinder onto a 3D space at a suitable angle would appear to us as a toroidal shape. This is analogous to the circular projection of a 3D cylinder onto a 2D surface at the correct angle. The online reference shows an animated graphic of a rotating duocylinder, with toroidal shapes appearing at two perpendicular angles of the projection. A similar demonstration may be seen in a video of a rotating duocylinder.

It is easy to see that the toroidal pattern seen near UFOs could be a projection of what we may call a "duocylinder bridge" generated somehow by the UFO. The duocylinder bridge would enable the UFO to move almost instantaneously from Point A to Point B. These points could be far apart in 3D space but adjacent in 4D space. Like the Einstein-Rosen bridge, creation of the duocylinder bridge requires knowledge of the start and destination of the journey. Although we do not know how to construct a duocylinder bridge, the photographic evidence presented here strongly suggests that they do exist from time to time. Further, creation of a duocylinder appears to disturb only the local physical environment.

4. Further evidence of a duocylinder bridge

As noted above, the duocylinder geometry has two 3D projections that have perpendicular orientations. This property can be seen in Figure 1 where the torus on one side of the small UFO has an orientation orthogonal to the torus on its other side. Other examples from the picture gallery that appear to have this property as well are shown in Figures 10 and 11.

Figure 10.  UFO with orthogonal tori, Argentina, 2008

Figure 11. UFO with tori that may be orthogonal, Orlando, 2014

The three-dimensional relationship between the planes of the two tori in each figure is difficult to determine accurately from a two-dimensional drawing. The orthogonality seems relatively clear in Figure 10, but less so in Figure 11. We can say, at least, that the tori of Figure 11 could be orthogonal.

If a UFO were using a duocylinder bridge to travel, what might we expect an observer to see during a sighting? If the distance traveled were not too large, the object should disappear from one location and reappear some distance away. It would not traverse the three-dimensional space between the two locations. In fact, there are many sighting reports in which the observer sees a UFO disappear and almost immediately reappear at another location. Appendix A contains brief excerpts from 30 such reports. Combined with the observations of the toroidal shapes, these reports are consistent with the view that the UFOs are intelligently guided craft that move by generating a duocylinder bridge in four dimensions.

Another instantaneous disappearance of a UFO was observed in 1992 in Gulf Breeze, Florida. The round object was brownish-grey on top and bottom with a pinkish-red line around the circumference. As it rose from the ground, the centre of the bottom appeared to be glowing. It then flipped over and was visible for three or four seconds before it suddenly disappeared in a clear sky. Its appearance and behaviour suggest that it was also a craft using a duocylinder bridge to leave the area. The case was studied by Bruce Maccabee and colleagues who measured unusual magnetic anomalies (Maccabee, 1994). The sighting occurred at 18:20, and magnetic gradient measurements were taken the following morning. A magnetic source oscillating at about 10 Hz was identified somewhere above a clump of pine trees. Since there was nothing there except air, Maccabee concluded that "a large magnetic field was clearly present in an area where there should have been no such field". It seems that the space above the trees was somehow affected by exposure to the craft the day before.

In the discussion concerning Figure 9, the existence of a toroidal magnetic field was inferred from the apparent changes to the refractory properties of the air near the visible torus. A sufficiently strong field could have caused birefringence in the air known as the Cotton-Mouton effect. The refraction of the light from the RAINBOWDescription: at the location of the toroidal distortion suggests the presence of a magnetic duocylinder bridge. Since air cannot be magnetized, the magnetized space found by Maccabee above the trees may also have been caused by a duocylinder bridge created at that location. These cases suggest that the magnetic field is a property of a duocylinder where it projects onto 3D space. The gradual disappearance of the magnetic field gradients reported by Maccabee indicates that the 4D geometry takes time to revert to the original 3D state. It shows that the magnetic field was a property of the space itself and did not emanate from the craft.

In May, 2014, a video from a Russian news source showed the failed launch of a Russian Proton-M rocket carrying a communications satellite. Just prior to the loss of control of the rocket, a ball of light (BoL) was seen racing to intercept it. A second video subsequently became available showing the contents of the first video magnified so that more details could be seen. Figure 12 shows images cropped from the same relative position in three frames of the latter video. Frame 1 shows the BoL after it stopped abruptly near the rocket exhaust seen on the left of the image. In Frame 2, the original BoL has been replaced with two lower luminance BoLs. Significantly, the left BoL in Frame 2 was positioned on a toroidal shape visible in the rocket exhaust, and this configuration lasted about 80 msec. In Frame 3, the torus and two BoLs were replaced by a triangular object which persisted for about 160 msec.

Figure 12. Arrival of a pyramidal craft via a duocylinder bridge

The sequence of events can be understood as the duocylinder bridge in action. In a likely scenario, occupants of a pyramidal-shaped craft at some distant location prepared to move the craft to a location near the Russian rocket. To do so, they sent a remotely controlled probe (the BoL) to obtain the coordinates of the rocket position. When the probe was near the rocket, it stopped and communicated its position to the craft (Frame 1). The craft then created the duocylinder bridge, indicated by the torus in Frame 2, using the craft's location as the start point and the probe's location as the endpoint of the journey. The appearance of the craft at the location of the probe (Frame 3) coincided with the removal of the BoLs and the duocylinder bridge.

5. Conclusion

The qualitative analysis of UFO photographs yielded interesting insights. In a significant number of these photographs, a toroidal pattern appeared in the space beside the UFO. From the information in the photos and the measurements reported by Maccabee (1994), we can infer that the toroidal pattern is associated with a strong magnetic field and possibly a gravitational field. Further, the appearance of a torus is consistent with the presence of a four-dimensional duocylinder. The duocylinder projects onto three-dimensional space as a torus. This implies that the associated UFOs are technologically advanced craft able to create a "duocylinder bridge". To do this, three-dimensional space is restructured to form a four-dimensional cylinder. The latter appears to have a strong magnetic field where it projects onto three-dimensional space. The duocylinder bridge enables a craft to move instantaneously from one location to another without traversing the intervening space. Such movement has been mentioned in many UFO sighting reports itemized in the appendix. Evidence of the construction and use of a duocylinder bridge was captured in a video of the failed launch of a Russian rocket in May, 2014.

6. References

Alcubierre, M. The warp drive: hyper-fast travel within general relativity, Classical and Quantum Gravity, 11(5), L73-L77, 1994.

Jenkins, F.A. and White, H.E., Fundamentals of Optics, McGraw-Hill, NY, 1957.

Maccabee, B. Strong magnetic field detected following a sighting of an unidentified flying object, Journal of Scientific Exploration, 8(3): 347-365, 1994.

Appendix A

Reports of disappearing and re-appearing UFOs

A valuable source of information is the description of the UFOs' behavior during a sighting. Of particular interest here is the ability of the object to disappear in one location, only to reappear immediately in another location. The following are excerpts of sighting reports that emphasize this phenomenon. The item numbers are associated with links to the source documents.

1. 6/24/95 Fitchburg - Three witnesses in a car saw a silvery cigar-shaped object at a high elevation that disappeared, then reappeared in another part of the sky.

2. Several of us were at Lake Mission Viejo, CA, when we saw a bright light in the eastern sky at 10:30 PM. This light was hovering and moving slowly to the south. This light would disappear and reappear in a different spot on several occasions. The most we saw at the same time was 2.

3. Radar Post Log - 2140 hrs. Alternate appearances and disappearances of an object with white lights, range 40 to 100 km, azimuth 250-270 degrees, etc. Richard H. Hall, The UFO evidence: A thirty-year report, Vol. 2.

4. One eyewitness, Barry D., said he had seen three objects flying over, with flashing red lights. They disappeared, and reappeared almost immediately, but somewhere else. This happened about three times.

5. The children said that they had first seen three objects in the sky. These objects would disappear and then reappear in a different location.

6. Beauford E. Parham was returning home late on the evening of June 29, 1964. "I spotted a very bright light in the sky . . . coming directly toward my car," the witness said in a letter to a NICAP member. "The next instance it was directly in front of my headlights SPINNINGDescription: like a giant top... Disappearing in a flash, the strange object reappeared a second time... After disappearing, the UFO reappeared for a third time, again heading directly toward the car. The vehicle's motor began to miss and the driver stopped the car. After "SPINNINGDescription: like crazy," the object took off and disappeared in a "split second."

7. Talking on the PHONEDescription: to my brother, half aware, I watched without thinking about it, a white pulsating light from my kitchen window, which made it directly East. It sort of 'appeared' and hovered in one place, then, blinked off, then reappeared some miles from where it first appeared in the east, then, seemed to dance from side to side, then, it was gone.

8. It looked almost like a star, but it wasn't because whatever this UFO was, it hovered in all kinds of directions and it had what looked like a blue/red blinking light to the left of it. Due to my insomnia, I proceeded to watch it in which it would occasionally disappear and reappear in another location. It repeated this process many times and eventually stopped about half past 4.

9. 15 - 20 orange/reddish orb type lights "floating" south then disappearing and reappearing. There was no sound whatsoever. Smaller orbs were breaking off some of the larger orbs. They were all moving in a similar pattern. Some higher than others. They were moving together in a line but it was not a perfectly straight line.

10. Texas - 2011-02-10 - City of Dublin - Summary: multiple lights with sporadic flashing no consistency. Would disappear and reappear. 4 bright orange lights would slowly appear and then disappear... there were strange flashing lights that appeared to be bouncing and extremely inconsistent.

11. Project Blue BOOK'SDescription: chief also reported that when the pilot of the F-94 locked on the UFO with his radar, the UFO would instantly disappear - literally - then reappear either directly behind the F-94 or miles in front of it.

12. 11-Mar-2012, Naramata, BC: (8:00 pm) - Two bright lights, one smaller one bigger and they hovered and then they would disappear, then reappear out of nowhere and extremely bright.

13. I could see the UFO, as both an object and a light. It would appear and disappear, never reappearing in the same place twice. The places that it would disappear from, and then reappear in, were less than a split-second APARTDescription: Yet, the UFO appeared to disappear and reappear over vast distances near instantaneously.

14. What mesmerized the couple was the way the lights would seemingly disappear only to reappear very close to where it disappeared, a second or two before... The five lights seemed to be at different altitudes, but all of them flashed either red or white. They did not flicker like stars, they flashed and none of them were in sync... each of the twenty celestial lights were located throughout the sky, widely separated from each other and each doing their own maneuvers. The couple says that entire sighting event lasted for nearly ninety minutes.

15. During the night of April 29, 1990 when the Belgian F-16s made radar contact with the UFOs, the contacts usually lasted only a few seconds, and the UFO would disappear from the screen only to reappear somewhere else a few moments later... And there were many people who say the object simply disappear in an instant, often only to reappear a moment later in a blinding flash of light." ... An Officer Turnbull of the Greenburgh Police, and his wife, saw a UFO and the lights went out suddenly. It was "as if the object had become invisible". Officer Turnbull searched for the shape behind the lights but could not see it. "About 40 seconds later, the lights suddenly came back on, but in a different section of the sky not far from their original position." Since Officer could not see any shape where the lights had been perhaps we could conclude that the UFO DID disappear, and then suddenly reappeared... It would seem that UFOs have the uncanny power to simply pop into our universe from another dimension, and, at will, pop out again.

16. The object did not descend, but rather moved in a strange fashion. It would disappear, and reappear, but slightly further from its original position. This went on for a few minutes.

17. I ran inside to grab my camera but when I got back out they had disappeared, my neighbor said she saw them go out like someone switched out the light. After a few minutes she went back inside, I continued to look for them and saw them reappear in a different part of the sky... Around 3:30 they both disappear as a plane approaches and then one of them reappears in a different spot.

18. It was on the morning of the 30TH October 2010 at approximately 9-45 AM when both myself and a fellow police officer were driving around on routine patrol when we witnessed the UFO. Suddenly we both noticed a large black triangular shaped UFO in our line of vision, this was witnessed by both of us at the same time through the windscreen of the patrol vehicle. The UFO just seemed to materialise, I mean one minute it was a normal empty cloudy sky, then suddenly out of the blue this huge thing just appeared. The UFO was at some distance and some height, but it still appeared to be a very large craft to the naked eye, the UFO would disappear and re-appear in different parts of the sky, some times it looked like it had covered several miles in an instant, the UFO also performed aerial manoeuvres unlike anything we have both ever witnessed before, it was like the UFO could simply perform any kind of manoeuvre and turn it liked, and some of the speeds we witnessed the UFO perform were just simply mind boggling. After what was roughly 2 minutes the UFO simply blinked out and was not visible. After roughly 1 minute the UFO re-appeared, we pulled the patrol vehicle over and got out to have a better look at what we were confronted with. The UFO was now much closer and at a much lower altitude. What we saw was a huge black triangular shaped UFO still at considerable distance, just completely frozen to the sky. The thing never moved for about 45 seconds and then suddenly started to slowly move from right to left. We watched as the UFO slowly drifted across part of the sky before suddenly just blinking out and completely disappearing. The thing never shot of or took of at great speed, it just simply wasn't there anymore, almost as though someone had switched off a light.

Comment by Grady... Hello, I saw two huge ufo's at night seemed to be made of glowing golden material not triangle more sphere shaped but it performed all of the moves described by the police officer. I watched it for almost a half hour and they would disappear and reappear a few hundred feet away in an instant and it would move up on an angle then disappear then appear in a different spot and move down on an angle and disappear then they both appeared and moved side to side.

19. A Twitter user called @lincssimon tweeted yesterday: "Did anyone grab a video of the strange dancing lights over Sleaford last night? Then last night he tweeted: "Has anyone got a camera handy. There's strange lights in the sky over Sleaford right now, followed by: "They disappearedthen instantly reappeared halfway across the sky. It looks like they can also come to an instant stop".

20. "My 2 oldest sons (17 and 19) and I were fishing at the Cresson Sportsmans CLub in Cresson PA tonight, and around 10:05 P.M. we saw a bright light appear high in the sky. It zig zagged around, and disappeared. Over the next 4-5 minutes, it happened 4 more times in the same area. It was not a plane or chopper. It was very high and moved in sharp angles back and forth faster than any aircraft I've ever encountered.

21. Around 11:30 p.m. on May 17, 2010, a resident of Jesup was in his kitchen when he felt "a low ringing or pressure in my ears." When the feeling persisted in the living room the witness walked outside and looked into the sky, where he saw two lights, one green, the other orange or red. The object hovered silently, ruling out the possibility of its being an airplane or helicopter. Abruptly the UFO "disappeared and reappeared closer over my head." It then crossed in front of the witness "extremely fast," so rapidly it was "hard for me to track it with my eyes." The motion was "like if you moved your hand in front of the TV." The object repeated that motion and "suddenly shot off," disappearing into the distance. The encounter "had characteristics of a ghost," the man declared, and left him "terrified."

22. It involved a jet chase of a pair of UFOs by a two-plane flight of interceptors, apparently scrambled out of Selfridge. The radar showed the UFOs disappearing and then reappearing behind the interceptors.

23. Hendricks said they both saw a white light similar in appearance to a star move across the sky from the southwest. She said it tracked like a satellite at first, but then made some impossible course changes. "All of a sudden it made a horseshoe-shaped, 30-degree maneuver," she said. "Then it dimmed and went dark." She said the object reappeared, hovered, then starting moving. It suddenly made another dramatic course change and left a flame trail before appearing to leave the atmosphere. Hendricks said she leaped from the swing bench in surprise. Then she and her husband watched in stunned silence as the object reappeared. She explained that the light changed directions again. Most surprising of all, she said, the object started to pulse brightly. She said it was about half the brightness of the moon. The light dimmed to nothing again, but reappeared about 10 seconds later and once again changed course and pulsed light. Hendricks said the light disappeared and reappeared four times.

24. My last sighting occurred May 17th 2001 aboard a TWA flight to St Louis. I was looking out the window of the right side of the aircraft when suddenly appeared a very bright light about 2000 feet above us and it was traveling about the same speed. All of a sudden it disappeared and thenreappeared about a hundred or so miles away and then it appeared to be moving very fast.

25. While running miles at a time, you tend to start dazing off into the sky; this is how I spotted a UFO. I wasn't alone either; two others witnessed this sighting with me. It was just like in the movies, circular with a dome at the top. We tried to follow it but it would suddenly disappear andreappear in the sky.

26. Fulham knew that the UFOs were not from our dimension because they were doing things that were against all our third-dimensional physical laws. UFOs would appear on radar and they would suddenly disappear, then reappear. They would be seen by fighter pilots and commercial airline pilots doing strange things. UFOs would fly at tremendous speeds directly into a mountain without crashing and then re-appear hovering over the mountain. (Stanley A. Fulham, author of Challenges of Change, 2010)

27. I ran inside to grab my camera but when I got back out they had disappeared, my neighbor said she saw them go out like someone switched out the light. After a few minutes she went back inside, I continued to look for them and saw them reappear in a different part of the sky and that's when I started filming. Around 3:30 they both disappear as a plane approaches and then one of them reappears in a different spot further east.

28. I lived near Bromyard about 2 years ago. Me and a friend saw these very same lights late at night before I moved away. They had the exact same movements of going off and reappearing in different places in the sky. I know for a fact these are not any aircraft of this planet, as I am a helicopter pilot, and so am used to seeing craft fly, but I have never seen anything move as quickly and stop so precisely as these lights do.

29. I live on Shoto Road about a half mile from where I saw the u.f.o. It was a constant light with no blinking lights or anything of that sort. I actually pulled over on Shoto Road to watch as I was a little bewildered. There was a high flying plane in the same direction as the u.f.o. I could see the two crafts out my left window as I pulled over. On the plane I could make out the two flashing wing lights, but the u.f.o. was a constant white light. I watched it above the tree line for about 3 to 4 minutes then it seemed to disappear, only to reappear not far away.

30. Driving home on A11 my partner and I saw a two ring shapes rotating with tubular shaped lights, an inner ring and an a larger outer, hover form above us to ahead of us then disappear after around 20 seconds then reappear a moment later, disappear again after 20-30 seconds thenreappear to our far left only to disappear again. We both clearly saw it although there was no definable craft shape the lights were very distinctive and with elongated tubular shaped lights, not round, around the length of a large jets wingspan across its circumference and low in the sky. It was totally silent and SPINNINGDescription: all the time, the inner ring had a cluster of around 10 lights and the outer a lot more.

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