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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ellsworth Air Force Base SD, UFO Incident 1977 or, was it really 1970?

"Report of Inquiry, Nuclear Incident, Bent Spear, Minuteman II Missile Site, Delta 4 at Ellsworth AFB SD, 17 January 1970. At 0340hrs, 17 Jan 70, Lt Michael Sehorn, 68th Strategic Missile Squadron, Launch control facility, reported an outer zone alarm at Delta 4. Security Alert Team observed a large object resting on the ground Northwest of the missile site. At 0431hrs, an inner zone alarm was detected by Lt Sehorn. At 0510hrs, Lt Sehorn reported the missile Launch sequence panel was reset to zero, thus disabling the missiles in his squadron. A second panel light indicated that Delta 4's warhead was not responding according to specific levels. It was determined that the upper hatch had been opened and a person was climbing down the ladder to the second hatch. Security police challenged the individual who did not respond. It was determined that the detonator of the warhead had been removed. The detonator was found lying on the bottom of the silo." For the whole story please see the 2 page document below.

EllsworthIncident70pg1.jpg (207140 bytes)     EllsworthIncident70Pg2.jpg (212832 bytes)     

The Ellsworth story was investigated thoroughly by Bob Pratt Editor, MUFON UFO Journal and found to be a hoax see, Bob Pratt, Ellsworth. However, in 1999 a series of documents were "leaked" to us, one of which detailed a UFO incident at Ellsworth AFB in 1970, see above two pages again.

The story in these two pages is close in some cases and completely different in others than what was contained in that 1977 OSI Incident Report. What about the two page document? Besides the obvious "blackened out areas" and very dark quality there are a few other things for the reader to notice. One example is the word "Missile." Throughout the 2 page document the letter "i" is missing from that word. The word "Strategic" is spelled once as "Stratagic" and at another place in the document you see "Stratigic." The word "Launch" is seen once as "Lanch." Are all these "mistakes" indications of a fraudulent document? This could be except that it's well known within counter-intelligence circles that "grammar errors" are used to track "sensitive documents." Especially one of this nature. Also, this document does not have that "pristine", "pretty" look that you would expect if someone were trying to pass off fake documents.

Counter-intelligence is known to take information on "real UFO events" and change the information putting it back out on the street in some legitimate "official form:" The 1977 OSI Incident Report is an example of such or disinformation. 

For Ellsworth and other AFB Missile Silo-UFO events please see UFO Sightings at ICBM sites and Nuclear Weapons Storage areas , The Malmstrom AFB UFO/Missile Incident 1967 and for a ICBM being destroyed by a UFO see, Confirmation, ICBM Filmed Being Destroyed By UFO.


According to Michael Rowe, a former SAC Intelligence Officer and one who spoke at a UFO Seminar in Dallas a few years ago, the Air Force made up the 1977 story (see Bob Pratt, Ellsworth again) to cover up a real incident that occurred in the same area. Apparently, a missile was struck by lightning in 1973 or later? (MIRV, contained three warheads-W-62s). The lightning caused one of the W-62s to fuse its firing system, thus almost enabling the warhead (470 KTs) to detonate. An EOD team defused the W-62, coming within 54 seconds of a detonation. This was known within top secret circles as the "54 second incident." If true then the fake 1977 story closely matches in some cases what reportedly occurred in January 1970.


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