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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

If Your Going To Visit Area 51 - You Need The Free Area 51 Viewers Guide

Posted: 16 Sep 2014 05:00 AM PDT

Area 51 Viewer's Guide now available FREE online

For the first time in history, my Area 51 Viewer's Guide from the 1990s is available FREE to anyone who cares to download it. This is my visitors guide to the secret military base in Nevada, home of UFOs, government conspiracies or anything else you care to imagine. (Okay, I don't take you inside the base itself, but I tried to catalog and collate all the information we did have at the time.) This guide was instrumental in bringing legitimate press attention to the base and making Area 51 a public phenomenon.

Here is the 120 page 
Area 51 pdf file

I am the author and publisher and I am authorizing its free release (superseding the copyright statement in the book itself). Before you download it, however, please read my terms, conditions and warnings below...

I am authorizing any member of the human race (and alien races with PDF capabilities) to copy, download and print this document for their own personal use. However, I still retain my copyright to this work. I do not authorize reproduction, modification or excerpts for any commercial purpose. You can not sell this document or steal passages from it and claim them as your own.
I'm pretty sure Edition 4.01 was the final one.

Although 17+ years have passed since the last revision, little has changed in the area. My Area 51 Research Center no longer exists (now an empty lot), but most everything else is as it was. (July 2011 was the last time I visited the area and hiked Tikaboo.)

The most important change for the traveler to be aware of is THERE IS NO GAS IN RACHEL. Be sure to gas up a Ash Springs or Alamo. The Quik Pik convenience store is closed. The Tikaboo hiking advice at the end of the book remains current. You can ignore the "unauthorized duplication" warnings in the document itself, since I am now authorizing duplication. You can also ignore the copy number on the front cover. (That was a made up number anyway, to make you THINK I was keeping track of all copies.)

I'm not really sure how many copies of this document I published and sold, but I guess it was something around 10,000. (Modest for a "book" but remarkable for a self-published document.)

I assume no liability if any of the info in this book is out of date. Needless to say, I will not be updating it. If you get in trouble because of any outdated info in this publication, that's your problem!

If you want to tell people about this document, please give them the 
address of this blog entry (not the document address) so they have a chance to read these notes (which could be expanded later).

My Desert Rat newsletter that accompanied the Viewers Guide - sort of an ongoing update of it - has always been available online at

I am grateful to David Mallinson for scanning this document for me. I would have made it available earlier, but I didn't have such advanced alien technology myself. (It was originally written in MS Word, but I long ago lost the original files.)

As of Feb. 2013, this version is now searchable, replacing the non-searchable version originally released, although they should look the same when printed. This just means that you should be able to search for keywords in the document.

If downloading and printing this document yourself seems like too much work, you can buy the same thing from an Amazon seller for $50-500 (
Amazon's entry &screenshot). Your choice!

Glenn Campbell

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