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English -- JEREMY THOMAS -- About Anomalies --Three key steps for systematically observing anomalies.


Best viewed in HD. Redland FL 33187.



The reality of autonomous anomalous flying objects in the atmosphere, anomalies for short, is supported by an overwhelming amount of consistent observational data.

Three simple key steps for systematically observing anomalies:

1- Infrared spotting, anomalies move usually beyond naked eye spotting distances.

2- The use of very high optical magnification equipment able to resolve the details of distant objects.

3- Direct signaling to the anomalies spotted. Anomalies will respond to "smart" signals changing their behavior and body geometry.
Watch this:

Some anomalies behave like living beings and are intrinsically polymorphic/shape-shifters.

The continual denial of this reality by the "scientific community" can be considered as the biggest blunder ever done by Official Science in modern history.

As the great german mathematician David Hilbert said:

Wir müssen wissen, We must know,

Wir werden wissen. We will know.



0.0 – Three key steps for observing anomalies

0.07 –The three basic key steps/points needed to be able to systematically observe anomalies are:

              1- Infrared Spotting.

             2- High optical magnification to be able to resolve a distant object in its                        details.

              3- Active direct signalling.

I will be explaining each one of them next in more detail.

0.37 – 

              1- Infrared spotting:

All accumulated observational experience shows that almost all anomalies are visible to naked eye if they are close enough, as any other "normal" object, but as any other normal object when it is beyond certain distance in the atmosphere in daylight, it will be masked by the sky scattering of visible light, many small objects in the atmosphere are not visible to naked eye when just a little far away, like bugs, small birds, etc. But almost all of them will be spotted in infrared.

1.07 - Anomalies are usually small and bright, many have colors very close to the blue sky color, they are very hard to spot with naked eye when relatively far away and experience shows that anomalies usually move at high altitudes, so they will be beyond naked eye spotting, but they will be easily spotted in infrared, not because they are "cloaked", that is a myth, simply because they are masked by the sky scattering of visible light in daylight exactly as the stars are.

1.37 - So to spot anomalies in daylight infrared spotting is a lot better than simple naked eye spotting in the same spotting method that man had used forever, technology is here so we should use it.

Now to do an effective infrared spotting a "modified" digital camera is recommended and the use of a 850nm or 950nm IR pass filter.

A cheap cs-mount security camera will be perfect; I had used very successfully a LG LCB5100 modified security camera.

2.07 - Now together with this camera some lens are required, experience shows that a 20x optical magnification will be very good to spot many of the small objects that move inside the atmosphere, if using a standard 1/3 sensor size (6mm) security camera as the LG LCB5100 a lens that reach around 120mm focal length will be enough, experience also shows that zoom lens are very good for this. I use regularly a 16mm-160mm zoom lens, that will give a reach of 160/6=26x optical magnification.

2.37 - Two anomalies, we need to "resolve" these dots structure details to be able to start making any educated implications about their nature; so far the only thing that we can say is that they are "anomalous".

2.56 - 

            2- High optical magnification to be able to resolve a distant object in its details.

The infrared spotting part will usually provide just dots, small dots moving in a black background as in the previous segment, the same dots at lower magnification than even this spotting part that many still call UFOs, or "crafts" without really knowing what is behind the dots. So we need a high magnification scope that will be able to "resolve" the details of these dots.

3.26 - Estimates and experience show that a 150x optical magnification will be almost always enough to resolve the details of many small objects moving inside the atmosphere, anomalies structure details will be almost always resolved using that kind of magnification. Remember that the "optical magnification" of a given telescope-camera combination is equal to the ratio between the scope focal length and the camera sensor size, so cameras with smaller sensor sizes will be better for obtaining higher magnification.

3.56 - That is why the superzoom cameras as the Canon sx50 or sx60, or the Nikon p600 or p900 all of them have a sensor size of 7.6mm, compare that to the DSLR cameras sensor size of more than 20mm usually and that will give you an idea why DSLR cameras are not really good for obtaining high optical magnification with scopes or lens with relatively low focal length.

But even when the superzoom cameras are very good for recording anomalies at naked eye distances, they falter on the anomalies that are beyond that distances.

4.26 - The combination of an infrared spotting and a high magnification scope is called a dual optical system; dual optical systems were already recommended by Project Blue Book to systematically observe the unidentified objects reported.

4.46 - The camera on the right is the spotter camera using a 950nm IR filter and the system on the left allow to have 140x optical magnification, or 280x optical magnification, or 280x optical magnification with a 2x extender, using a camera with a 7.16mm sensor size.

5.06 - 

               3 - Active direct signalling.

By this we mean any direct "physical" signals that we can send directly to anomalies. Experience shows that anomalies get "interested" in "smart" signals, if the signals are send to an area of the sky before seeing any anomalies, after a while anomalies may appear in that area, but even more if signals are sent to anomalies directly after they have been spotted then their "interest" in your location will increase and their behavior will change.

5.36 - In daylight in a clear sky the simplest way to send signals is to use a mirror, something that had been used by man for hundreds of years, simple, effective. Also short radio waves can be used.

The extraordinary thing about anomalies is that by sending direct signals to them consistently, I always sent them sequence of *prime numbers, you can "modulate" their shapes, anomalies are intrinsically polymorphic, they shape shift/morph continuously, that allows them to "mimic" many things, almost anything.

6.06 - Experience also shows that anomalies that are beyond naked eye distances will have a more shape-shifting/morphing state, perhaps a more "natural" state for them.

But also experience shows that when anomalies get closer to human naked eye spotting distances they adopt "mimic" shapes that allow them to be almost unnoticed by unsuspecting human observers, the "usual" shapes that they take are "balloons" or "plastic bags".

6.36 - But we already have solid footage showing the "transformation" of an amorphous anomaly to a mimic balloon-shaped anomaly.

It appears then that there is like a "twilight zone" beyond naked eye human sight capabilities were anomalies can be observed in their "natural" polymorphic/shape-shifting/morphing states, but when they "cross" into potential human naked eye sighting capabilities they transform usually into mimic shapes.

7.06 - When studying anomalies a strict objective approach is needed without any preconceived ideas about the nature of anomalies.

Consistent observational data is king and we must accept what that data dictate.

Many "scientists" had failed in that basic scientific tenet of accepting what observational data commands; they simply had rejected the data and had not done any observations of their own, the old unscientific reaction to new ideas and facts all over again.

7.36 - As we had said before nothing can replace direct experience, you should not take anything that is claimed here on faith, nor you should take on faith anything that "experts" may say, anomalies can be observed by anyone and nobody is stopping you from doing just that.

*prime numbers

Transcriber: Maya Benmergui

Best viewed in HD. Redland FL 33187.

In the same way that stars are masked by the sky scattering of visible light in daylight many small objects in the atmosphere are also masked. This masking effect is lower in the infrared portion of the spectrum and even lower in the short radio wave portion, so scanning the sky in the infrared or in the short radio wave(radar) portion of the spectrum is a lot more effective than scanning the sky in visible light. Dual optical systems exploit this fact: Dual optical systems are to anomalies what microscopes are to microorganisms.

After observing anomalies systematically the idea that they are living beings is a natural one.

Some anomalies respond with bright flashes to direct light signals in daylight or at night showing with that clearly their anomalous nature. Some anomalies had responded by morphing into digit shapes correlated to the signals sent to them:

From a scientific point of view the strongest possible evidence for any fact or theory is observational data consistent/recurrent across multiple independent observers, anomalies have plenty of that, so the reality of anomalies is based on very solid scientific grounds, the fact that this reality have not been acknowledged still by "scientific circles" is really irrelevant, they will be forced to recognize that sooner or latter in the same way that the Church was forced to recognize the heliocentric worldview.

Seeing UFOs as "crafts" is a myth nurtured by people expectations and media abuse of that expectation. There is also a widely believed myth of only or bigger nighttime UFO activity. Using low optical magnification equipment for atmospheric observations is obsolete, night vision spotters are of low optical magnification so their use alone is inadequate for atmospheric observations.

Two cameras used:

1- A modified LG camera, 1/3"CCD, standard definition, with 16-160mm motorized lens and 950nm pass IR filter. Magnification up to 26x.

2- An IP 10 megapixels camera, high definition, on a 2000mm Celestron no filters, manual focus. Optical magnification: 280x.

) is used as a viewer/recorder of the two side by side viewing windows and to overlay on the footage in real time the current date/time of recording and the azimuth/elevation position. All footage is time stamped in real time, PC synchronized using Dimension 4.

I use the word "Anomaly" to denote unidentified objects with resolved structural details that usually are polymorphic behaving in an "anomalous" way, i.e. in a way that appears to defy known ideas/concepts. I am not a "UFO believer" but I am not a "close-minded" debunker either. I only deal with observable facts in our atmosphere or near space.

This channel is directed to active observers or people with little or no preconceived ideas, debunkers/science types with a very simplistic, dogmatic, cartoon-like view of the world will not feel comfortable here, this is also an uncomfortable place for ufo believers("the fanatical "nuts and bolts" ET believers") the mechanical artifacts that they want to find are nowhere to be seen. I am using this channel as an output for my observations and ideas in this topic, this is a free Ads channel.

If you are looking for Hollywood style entertainment you are in the wrong channel.

Anybody using foul/vulgar/personal attacks language in this channel will be banned without any warning.

This footage and any footage in the raw video archive is exclusively copyrighted for this channel, you cannot use it without asking for permission.

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Transcriber: Maya Benmergui

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