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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Billy Booth - -UFO over Oregon Affects Witness

UFO over Oregon Affects Witness

Strange Feeling for Man who Witnesses UFO


Orb in Sky - B J Booth


This report deals with a man who is very familiar with the night skies, and finds himself seeing something unusual. The sighting or the object caused the man physical and emotional trauma.

The sighting occurred in Oregon, which is no stranger to UFO reports.
Klamath Falls, Oregon - 04-12-15

I went outside my Apartment building to smoke a cigarette. This is normal because of my fascination and love of the universe. I walked out the door and observed the entire sky from the East to West horizons. I usually look for any recognizable constellations.
At this time Orion’s Belt was about two hours or less from the West horizon. I was outside approximately fifteen minutes in which I first initially see a blink or flash from my peripheral (often how I notice them. So I studied toward the direction of Southwest, which from where I’m located is in the direction of Stukel Mountain in Oregon and Lava Beds National Monument in California. 
I saw a star-like object in the sky at about a 40-60 degree angle, and it was hovering. I was flashing the same similar colors as I had seen the night before. Yes, this is my first report of a similar object I had seen in the sky in two different nights. 
Object Moves in Strange Way

I was watching this star-like object flashing its blinks lights from the sky as it started to ascend up but from my angle it would look as if it was going up, may, have been just been coming North.

The only problem is that it didn’t go in a straight line. It kind of moved in a swirling or helix direction. 

It also seemed to have characteristics when I would focus my attention to it; it would act as if to hide behind the tree that was also in the direction of the object. It did that for about five minutes. Finally, I said the Lord’s Prayer and ask for protection as well as understanding. That if they are not of the Lord, and are different (beings), then I want nothing to do with them. 
As I was watching this object, it had flashed at me while I was looking in its direction. I had two things going on physically. First I kept getting this prickly feeling all over like tingly hairs on neck stood up and a shiver, but like a natural sensation.
Intense Buzzing Feeling

I also had an intense and constant buzzing or vibrational feeling going through me for the last week. I feel the ground move all the time but this is intense; a lot stronger. And people that come around me constantly start to feel uneasy or even comment how chaotic and strange the atmosphere has been intensifying rapidly locally. 
I kept talking toward the object and stating if it had bad intentions to leave me alone. I never lost sight of it, I simply stated what I needed to and finally broke free internally and went back inside.
It was still in the sky when I went in. In the first sighting, the day before I had seen a similar object in the sky closer to county airport/air Force or National Guard Base. That object lasted ten minutes in the sky and disappeared. I had the same vibration feeling; intensely.

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