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Monday, April 20, 2015

A Day at Disclosure Vancouver April 20, 2015 By Steve Beckow

A Day at Disclosure Vancouver

Stephen Bassett
Stephen Bassett
I’m writing during a break in Disclosure Vancouver, a day-long series of lectures on where Disclosure and the Truth Embargo are, held Sunday, April 19, 2015.
The speakers included Paul Hellyer, Stephen Bassett, and Richard Dolan.
On one of the breaks, I was able to talk to Stephen and asked him, when the galactics are communicating with us so accessibly, why don’t the “insiders” read and cite them?
Stephen was very candid, which I appreciated. I can’t remember his exact words but the gist of what he said is that the insiders have no way to confirm the bona fides of any one message or the likelihood of it being accurate, especially about the future. Well, I can appreciate that.
He added that, when the nuclear missile is coming down on us, he’s not sure if he wants to be in the position of saying that the extraterrestrials will save us. He suggested that the extraterrestrials have not saved us in many situations and how is he to know? Yes. When they would and would not intervene is a complicated area of study. I get his predicament.

He said it would not cut it with Congressional leaders to be talking about channeled messages. It would invite a loss of credibility for him.
I understood what he was saying and his position. I said I thought his was the right course for him, viewed from the vantage point of who he was talking to and what circumstances he had to work with.
We do different jobs. He works with the “real world” of face-to-face contact and I work in a virtual world of communication, of ideas. I don’t have to shake hands on Capital Hill. I don’t have to persuade anyone in person of anything. I’ve been spared having to do that. I do my part via print journalism.
Stephen has to walk a fine line between (1) talking about something outside of most people’s normal frame of reference (UFOs) while (2) continuing to resemble a sane, sensible and grounded human being in their eyes; i.e., credible.
That’s a tough job.
I’m sitting in the lobby at the moment, taking a break and typing this out, and I can hear Richard Dolan criticizing the “love and light people” who talk about friendly extraterrestrials when there are so many abductees in the audience who will smack us up and down the side of our face for saying that.
There was no distinguishing between the galactics who were doing the abductions (the little Greys) and the galactics who are around the Earth now and have banished the Greys and other “negative” ETs. The situation is easily sorted out. And that’ll come, I’m sure. Bump on the road.
I very much enjoyed Paul Hellyer’s talk. He’s gone from galactic disclosure to disclosure of the Illuminati’s takeover of the economy. I believe he’s 92 and has all his intellectual powers.
However, I’d like to take some of the things he said and illustrate where our stories differ, pretending that his viewpoint can be made to represent insiders generally, which it probably can’t. But just for the sake of discussion….
He talked about the threat of the deep underground military bunkers, as if they still existed. Our sources – primarily Matthew Ward and SaLuSa – tell us that they were destroyed in 2011.
He spoke about HAARP as if it still existed, but our sources say that it’s been decommissioned for a few months now. (At least the Alaskan HAARP.)
He talked about chemtrails as if they were still a great threat, but we’re told that the galactics have been neutralizing them for a couple of years. They don’t talk about it much because they don’t want the Illuminati to change their plans or methods.
He talked about the economy as surely crashing whereas we’re aware of a new economy beneath the old which will replace the one that’s coming down, like shark’s teeth. There will be some dislocation but not a market crash, etc.
He said the galactics were stopping nuclear explosions because they would not allow us to destroy ourselves with nuclear bombs. We also know that they came in large measure because our nuclear weapons destroyed some of their planets. And Gaia called as well, but try selling that to Congress.
He spoke of global warming as a great threat to civilization, whereas our sources tell us that global warming is intentional, designed to create a universally-temperate climate. So these are examples of areas where our stories differ.
There was an awful lot of fear being expressed at the event. The U.S. military-industrial complex was being discussed as if it still had the power to put us in FEMA camps or enslave us by other means. That will never happen, again according to our sources.
So the “insiders” do the yeoman work of dealing with people face-to-face and clearing the way for the galactic presence to be acknowledged.
And we do our part by getting the galactics’ message out in detail and with interpretation to as many as are ready to listen.
I absolutely get the different roles each group plays and the dovetailing of both in the overall collaborative effort.

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