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Monday, February 9, 2015

Paradigm Research Group Update -- February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015
Congressional Hearings Initiative (CHI) Status

Since November 5, over 1,000,000 Twitter, Facebook and email messages have been sent to congressional offices announcing the CHI and Citizen Hearing on Disclosure DVD set deliveries.

The CHI was covered twice on November 23, 2014 and January 20 in the Washington Times fruther announcing it to congressional staffers.

The Disclosure Petition VII - Congressional Hearing ended its run on the White House website on February 5 with 13,897 signatures. Of the 68 active petitions it was #3 at that time. The petition accomplished its mission to inform the White House of the Initiative. [Why send a letter or email to the White House few if any will see when you can post your message on its website for a month?] 

For the record: the petition had an interesting run at We the People. The important short promotional link broke for two days, the petition site itself was down for three days and someone posted approximately 1,000 obviously 
fraudulent multiple signatures. None of this affected the basic strategy. Further, PRG views such interference, if that is what it is, favorably. It means someone is paying attention and cares enough to disrupt.

The 114th Congress convened on January 3. Since then 160 congressional offices of Members sitting on relevant committees have received verbal requests to meet with the appropriate staff. Also, 70 offices of Members sitting on four key committees have received faxed requests to meet. Another fax request will go out next week.

There has already been three dozen alternative media interviews and more requests are coming in each week.

The mainstream political media have been contacted but have been slow to engage the CHI as news. This is not surprising given that two simultaneous crises have been escalating over the past five weeks - ISIS and a civil war in Ukraine. The desired media coverage may take time but will come.
CHI Press Releases
CHI Media Coverage
01/20/15 - Lobbyist buzzes Washington over extraterrestrials & a government "truth embargo"
               Jennifer Harper, Washington Times
01/12/15 - Road without End, Billy Cox, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
01/11/15 - Group petitions White House over UFOs, Michael Brown, Full-Time Whistle
01/09/15 - New White House Petition Could See Full Government Disclosure Of E.T's, Steve
               Thresher, Neon Nettle
01/08/15 - Alien UFO, ET Disclosure: Group Petitions White House To Support Open
                Congressional Hearings, Inquisitr
01/08/15 - White House petition calls for hearings on alien lifeAir Force Times
01/07/14 - Petition seeks presidential support for congressional hearings on alien life, Jason
                McClellan, Open Minds
12/22/14 - UFOs, a demand for transparency, Elias Hazou, Cyprus Mail11/25/14 - Compaign for extraterrestrial disclosure underway, Alejandro Rojay, Open Minds
11/24/14 - Activist demands Congressional action on aliens - of the extraterrestrial kind
               (expanded article), Jennifer Harper, Washington Times
11/24/14 - Inside the Beltway: Aliens from Elsewhere, Page 2, Washington Times (print)
11/23/14 - Inside the Beltway: Aliens from Elsewhere, Jennifer Harper, Washington Times
CHI Lectures
04/19/15 - Disclosure Canada Tour - Vancouver, Canada
04/18/15 - Disclosure Canada Tour - Calgary, Canada
04/11/15 - Disclosure Canada Tour - Toronto, Canada
04/04/15 - Disclosure Canada Tour - Montreal, Canada
03/28/15 - Sonoma International Film Festival, Sonoma, CA

01/21/15 - McClendon Group, Washington, DC 7 pm EDT
01/20/15 - Library, Radnor, PA, 6:30 pm EDT
01/18/15 - Enchanted Cafe, Red Hook, NY, 6 pm EDT
01/17/15 - Pittsfield, PA, 7 pm EDT
11/14-16/14 - Back to the Future Conference, Acquarius Hotel, Laughlin, NV

CHI Media Interviews
03/21/15 - Earth Sky People Radio w/ Victoria Khoung, 10 am PDT
03/09/15 - Spaced Out Radio w/ Dave Scott, Blog Talk Radio, 10 pm PDT
02/10/15 - Skywatcher Radio w/ Angel Espino, Dark Matter Radio, 10 pm PDT
02/06/15 - The Unexplained w/ Howard Huges,
02/05/15 - UFO Conscience w/ Oliver de Sedona, noon, PDT
02/02/15 - X-Zone Radio/TV w/ Rob McConnel, 5 pm PDT
02/01/15 - Capricorn Radio w/ James Swager, Dark Matter Radio, 9 am PDT
01/22/15 - Podcast w/ CsiJuan, Ivoox, 11 am PDT
01/20/15 - Paranormal Podcast w/ Jim Harold, 3 pm PDT
01/13/14 - Fade to Black w/ Jimmy Church, Dark Matter Radio, 4:30 pm PDT
01/10/15 - Roundtable Discussion w/ Andrew Fisher & Elizabeth Mulligan, 11am-2pm PDT
01/07/15 - Face to Face w/ Sacha Stone, CCN Media Network, 1 pm PDT
01/04/15 - Jamie Havican Show w/ Jamie Havican, KGRA, 6 pm PDT
12/29/14 - Morning Show w/ James Clary, KSFG 104.1, 7-9 am PDT
12/22/14 - Coast to Coast AM w/ George Noory, 10 pm - 2 am PDT (last two hours)
12/22/14 - Live at Breakfast w/ Liz Green, BBC Radio Leeds, UK, 8 am UK time 
12/21/14 - Jim Paris Live w/ Jim Paris, Blog talk Radio, 7 pm PDT
12/17/14 - Nature of Reality w/ Andrew Fisher, Blog Talk Radio, 5-7 pm PDT
12/12/14 - TMV Cafe w/ Ed Bradfute, 7 pm PDT
11/26/14 - altPOV TV w/ Jack Roth (podcast)
11/25/14 - HPANWO Show w/ Ben Emlyn-Jones, Block Talk Radio, noon PDT
11/23/14 - The Conspiracy Show w/ Richard Syrett, Zoomer Radio, 8 pm PDT
11/20/14 - Late Night in the Midlands w/ Michael Vara, LMN Network, 6:30 pm PDT
11/18/14 - ROAM w/ John Ilias, Dark Matter Radio, 6-7 pm PDT
11/16/14 - Common Ground w/ Kimberley Jaeger, WZLX, Boston, 6-7 am EDT
11/15/14 - Sacred Matrix w/ Janet Lessin, Aquarian Radio, 6 pm MDT
11/10/14 - The Lantern w/ David Weis, Talk Center America, 7 pm PDT (postponed)
11/08/14 - First Contact Radio w/ Josh Poet, KCAA AM1050, pending
11/07/14 - Myth and Reality w/ Alan Plamer, KNXT, Las Vegas, 9-10 pm PDT
11/07/14 - Universal Spiritual Connection w/ Lailani Graham, USC Radio/TV, 6-7 pm PDT
11/07/14 - Short End of the Stick /w Mike Harris, Revolution Radio, 11 am PDT
11/06/14 - Fade to Black w/ Jimmy Church, Dark Matter Radio, 8 pm PDT
11/06/14 - Capital City Recap w/ Mike Cohen, WILS AM1320, 3:50 PM PDT
11/05/14 - Mike Siegel Show w/ Mike Siegel, National, 9-10 pm, PDT 
Disclosure Canada Tour
The Black Vault Project Blue Book Website Status

The Black Vault's Project Blue Book (with Projects Sign and Grudge) website was taken down due to copyright issues raised by While the documents datamined from the website were in the public domain, challenged the transfer based upon compilation copyright under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This is complicated law, and the Black Vault's John Greenewald, Jr. is in no position to contend with, a $500 million company. However, the opening of this site received great media attention due to the fact many reporters working today were not born when Project Blue Book closed down in 1969. As a result they mistakenly thought there was a new release of 130,000 documents by the Air Force. Hundreds of articles were published world wide, and important files, which contain much evidence the White House says doesn't exist, were reintroduced to the public at a propitious time vis-à-vis the Congressional Hearing Initiative.
Other Developments
The final verdict is in - a verdict science fiction readers arrived at 50 years ago via simple common sense. There are billions of Earth-like planets in our Galaxy. Rare Earth fanatics, read this and weep. As for the rare life fanatics? You're next.
Conferences Upcoming
Los Angeles - Feb 6-9
Fountain Hills, AZ - Feb 18-22
Montreal, Canada - Apr 4
Eureka Springs, AR - Apr 10-12
Toronto, Canada - Apr 11 
Calgary, Canada - Apr 18
Vancouver, Canada - Apr 19
McMinnville, OR - May 15-16
Erie, PA - May 16
All Conference Links Here 
Joshua Tree, CA - May 29-31
Toronto, Canada - Apr 11
Langhorne, PA - Oct 8-10
Laughlin, NV - Nov 13-15
Pittsburg, PA - Nov 14 

PRG Projects
UN Resolution Initiative
Congressional Hearing Initiative
Paradigm Research Group | (202) 215-8344 | | 4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814

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