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By kind courtesy of Kerry Cassidy/Jo Ann Richards

This is my 3rd interview with Captain Mark Richards from the Secret Space Program.

Mark Richards is in prison in Vacaville framed for a murder he did not commit. He has been in prison for 30 years and I am the only journalist to interview him up to this time.

These interviews are therefore my recall of my 3-4 hour conversations with him. I am not allowed to use any recording devices on site. The most I am allowed is a pencil. I am accompanied by his wife, Jo Ann Richards who assists me by taking notes during the interview.

To see a copy of our notes see below.  At the end of this interview I do a commentary on the playing field and circumstances surrounding the interview.


Much of this information has never been released to the public. 

Narrative of The Mark Richards Interview with Kerry Cassidy
Introductory Remarks by Kerry

Hi, I am Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. I have just returned from interviewing Captain Mark Richards from the Secret Space Program. This was my third interview with him, at Vacaville, Northern California, at the prison where he is currently being held. 

I was accompanied by his wife Jo Anne Richards, and though it is actually not that fun to go to prison, as you can appreciate, at the same time it is worth it because Mark Richards is an amazing man, and has a huge amount of information about the Secret Space Program and what's really going on.

What follows is my overview, I guess you might say, of my total recall of this particular interview. As recording equipment is not allowed in the prison, what we do is, we have a pencil, so Jo Anne takes notes, and I take some notes, and basically, I then compile a written transcript which I will also post (on The Project Camelot website). What follows here then isthe transcript of the video overview of the entire interview. 

If you watch all three of the interviews, you will be able to see a progression of information that is substantial, and paints a picture that can give you a better understanding of what is really going on.

On Robin Williams’ Death (July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014)

First of all when I arrived, we talked about Robin Williams’ death, and that was a very key area, because Mark and Robin Williams were good friends. They went to college together as it happens, and he was in correspondence with Robin up until when his current wife stopped the correspondence. 

I do not know exactly why she did this. Mark said that she did not want Robin to have anything to do with him, or perhaps writing to someone in prison - I am not sure. But it was very unfortunate, and he basically said that it was very suspicious - Robin Williams’ death - that Robin was never suicidal even when he was very depressed. That he would not kill himself because of his children for one thing, and also because he wanted to protect his own personal image of who he is. And so he simply wouldn't kill himself. 

He said that he was not the kind of person to go to bed mad. He was doing things financially, like supporting SETI in the background, and that he knew ‘a few of the secrets.’ He also said that he was a very enlightened soul in general, and that the reported information on his death did not add up, and he said that if he really was going to kill himself he would do something much more flamboyant, like jump off the Golden Gate Bridge; but basically… he wasn't going to kill himself. So that is really crucial, and I would say that that substantiates the notion that this was an illuminati hit.

Mark also wanted to say that there were other people that were in the know, like Lauren Bacall [famous actress: 16 Sept 1924 – 12 Aug 2014]. He knew Lauren, and danced with her at a Mark Hopkins event in the past when he was six years old. His father was good friends with both Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall [Bogart & Bacall were married: 1945 – 1957].

Artificial Intelligence & The Spaceship Minerva

One of the things that Mark talked about that I mentioned in the past in the prior interview is that he flew an artificially intelligent - biologically intelligent - spaceship called Minerva, and he was one of the few people, if not the only person, who could fly that spaceship. She comes from another solar system altogether, and she considers herself to be a biological creation, the way we are, although I guess in essence she is what you might call artificially intelligent.

Artificial intelligence can infect things even if they are not mechanical. Mark says the government keeps wraps on this and does not want - does not think - the public can cope with this information and the ramifications of it. He said that he thinks that it is not an immediate threat on a mass scale; and he described an energy field coming down and infecting a car - a modern car with an on-board computer - that can be infected and then sent back to an artificial intelligence source.

He talked about the battle of the AIs (Artificial Intelligence), and basically Mark Richards says that yes, that is a reality… that it is very possible that that is going on.

The Galactic Centre Gas Cloud Threat

Mark talked about the gas clouds in space. I had talked previously to Paul LaViolette and asked him about that, and I wanted to get Mark’s take on the matter. Now Mark says that there is actually a gas cloud that is moving at this time into our galactic centre, that is being swallowed - the way you might say a baby would swallow Gerber baby food - and that there was a chance that ‘the powers that be’ running the Secret Space Program, are concerned that it might ‘burp out’ at some point, and that this energetic [burst] would or could threaten us or our planet. So, there was concern about that.

He also said that there are some natural protections around Earth like the Van Allen belts. Mark does not feel that we are going to be protected by ET's if this should happen. 

Pyramid Energy, HAARP & the ‘Super Wave’

On a related matter, I asked him about this energetics coming from the pyramids - the top of the pyramids. That there is, what I observed in Egypt at the top of the pyramid, energy going in to The Great Pyramid and/or coming out, and apparently there have been photographs of pyramids with energetics around them and coming out of them recently. And in fact, I think they have a photograph of the Bosnian pyramid which Paul LaViolette visited, as well as another group of investigators recently. 

Moreover, there is a person on the Internet who talked about the possibility that these pyramids around the world might be being ‘activated’. That made sense to me, and I also think because I had seen this energetics coming out of the pyramid, although Paul LaViolette, when I told him that information, seemed to think that it was impossible to photograph that, or he has not seen that evidence, whereas I have seen it with my naked eyes, so I know that it is real.

Now, I can say that some people do not have what is called etheric sight, but I do have that, so I don't know what other people would see. I do believe that it is possible, like Kirlian photography would photograph energy coming out of the pyramid.

When I ran this by Mark he said that this is similar to HAARP, in that HAARP is actually a pyramid under the ground, and he thought that the idea that pyramids around the world might be being ‘activated’ and linked in a sort of protective shield through energetics might actually be something that is going on, or something that the Secret Space Program is working on. So that did make sense to him, but as they say, this is an area that still needs further investigation. I am going to run this all by Paul LaViolette to get his further take on it but it is quite interesting.

There is no evidence at the moment in the mainstream - as far as I know, no known evidence - about what is in essence the ‘super wave’ that Paul LaViolette talks about. Now Mark is familiar with Paul LaViolette’s work, and I have gotten a validation on the super wave concept as being real. But we do have energetics that are happening to our planet at this time. Obviously we have got an active Sun and solar flares are ‘activating’ as we speak, and we don't really know what the future holds in that regard. But I will say that it is very possible that they are doing various things to try to combat what might be extinction level events; for example, if triggered with regard to our earth. 

Now I do not feel that what has been called the ‘kill shot’ is accurate. In fact, it appears that, it is more happening from the galactic centre, and not from the Sun itself. And that has been posited by others as well.

Mark says that the galactic centre is known as Sagittarius A, and this gas cloud as he calls it contains what he called proto-planets, which are birthing planets and stars the size of Jupiter, several light years across, being ‘eaten’ by the black hole in the centre of our galaxy. And this is happening as we speak.

The Falklands War (2 April – 14 June 1982; lasting 2 months, 1 week and 5 days)

I also asked Mark about the Falklands war and the ‘black goo’ which had been discovered there by the Marconi scientists, at least 25 of whom died in very mysterious ways surrounding that story. I have done a number of live stream interviews with other people including investigators such as David Griffin on the subject.

Now Mark did acknowledge the black goo, and I have had the testimony of another witness behind the scenes talking about it being artificially intelligent, and it is also what the Gulf [of Mexico] oil spill was all about as well. And what they are really combating is this black goo apparently, which by the way is why they are using COREXIT. Now this is not from Mark himself. This is from other witnesses I have. 

However, I have talked to Mark about the Falklands war. He basically said that that was right around the time when he wanted to retire from the Secret Space Program. He had lost one child and what he said was a great love of his to the Secret Space Program by that time, and he was very fed up and tired, and very exhausted, and he wanted to resign from the Secret Space Program. It appears though that they did not want him to, and this is part of the reason why he was framed in this murder charge that he was not involved in.

Government propaganda

Now Mark talked about wreckage; actual evidence of the incidents that he has talked about in prior interviews with me. He said that planets, such as the Mars moon [Phobos] and others have evidence that you can even see in telescopes. So that if you train your telescopes you can even see debris there. 

The government counts on the masses to forget what they see because of fear - especially fear of not fitting in, and of being seen as crazy. And they don't worry so much about programming them on a mass scale simply because the desire to fit in and not to be seen as crazy is what keeps them from investigating the truth in our world. He also says that the CIA relies on the same energetic and desire of human beings to fit in, and so they use this basically to control us. Now obviously movies, TV, and the lies in the news, are contributing to this overall mass amnesia, and a fear-based paradigm. 

Mark’s Family Connection to The Raptors

Mark also wanted to remind me that he said in a prior interview that Raptors are funding movies and television. There is this latest dinosaur travelling event that is called “Walking With Dinosaurs.” That is an event in which small dinosaurs like Raptors are mixed in with other dinosaurs, and he said that some real Raptors are actually showing up and participating. Obviously they are not going to have the ones with human feet moving the mechanical object, but they look very real and people are not able to tell the difference. It is just something that they like to do that they consider fun. By the same token they show up at places like Comic Con every year apparently, and he says that a lot of ET's show up at Comic Con. It is considered to be great fun. Obviously some are in disguise; some are covered by hoods - that kind of thing.

On 28 August, 1953 there was a major UFO sighting in San Raphael where the Raptors conducted what was in essence a ‘christening ceremony’ of sorts to celebrate Mark’s birth. They believe that for the first two months of life the spirit or soul is not present, and they waited until this date to have a ceremony around Mark’s birth. I asked why Raptors chose Mark and his family. He said that they appreciate humans with raptor like courage. 

His father, whose name is Ellis Lloyd Richards, also known as ‘The Dutchman,’ was a combination of highly admirable qualities: courage, intelligence, and honour. And the Raptors apparently appreciate that, so they contacted him. Mark's father was also deeply involved in the Secret Space Program and highly regarded there. He said that his father was his role model and that his father has passed on. The Dragon leader, a Raptor, met with Ellis Richards at Hamilton Air Force Base in August 1952, and at that time they were very impressed with his honourable qualities as a military leader.

The Raptors & Human History

He said that the Raptors rent castles in the United Kingdom, and that the Home Office there negotiates with them. And that they choose ones that are in ‘out of the way places’ like Scotland and/or that are heavily guarded. Mark also said that the guards don't see them, or often don't even know who they are guarding. They may form a perimeter on the outside, but he said that the Raptors have a sorcery – as he called it – that can basically cloud the human mind and make them forget what they have seen. They do not like to go interdimensional. He said that they are very much here in this dimension. I was very curious on this point as there aren't that many sightings of Raptors, and wondered if they went interdimensional. But, apparently not so much.

He said that Earth is the home planet of the raptors, and that 65 million years ago they left Earth during a cataclysm to colonize space using stolen technology from another ET race. He said that they didn't totally understand the technology that they were using. They spent a very long time being caught on the inner ring of the galactic center - Sagittarius A. And in fact just recently the physicist Stephen Hawking talked about there being an inner ring to the galactic center, and he said they actually stayed with a ship poised on that ring for quite some time. In other words, possibly for even thousands of years, our time. Finally, they figured out that they needed to voyage further. They selected a home world in the Draco constellation, and it is now called ‘Dragon world.’ Apparently we have not found that planet yet.

Now the Princess of the Raptors according to Mark, and the Raptors themselves, are the only reason we are still in existence, because she decided to align their race with ours. Now I have to say that I personally don't think that this is quite true because we have multiple layers of ET's and higher dimensional beings that are also very interested in keeping this human experiment going. But he seemed to think that we owe a great debt to the Raptors for keeping us alive at this time and protecting us from a lot of other beings that basically want to see our demise.

On The Different Reptilian Classifications

There are four species of reptilians: the Ciakar, which have wings and are considered to be royalty, the humanoid type with no tales, lizard-like beings that do have a tail, and then the Raptors that are on Earth, which are actually the Reptoids; the Reptoids being another species of Raptor that remained behind apparently, or actually went to the moon and Mars, terraformed those bodies, and stayed there for quite some time and came back to earth, and then also went out and settled other Moons and planets in various solar systems. Mark said that our earth-like germs are very deadly to reptilians, but that anybody on earth has developed some immunity.

We talked about the ‘Blue-Greys’ that are near New Zealand. He said that they are not robots and that they normally live under the sea in undersea bases, and that they currently have a positive relationship with humans. There is however a very strong large contingent of Greys that are robotic and reptoid. Mark basically discounts them however. And he does not spend any time dealing with them. I can though say that there are other kinds of Greys and that some of them are actual biological entities that have a history, and so on, including the Blue-Greys.

Now as far as the Reptoids are concerned, they are descended from the Raptors. They developed on their own bases on Mars and the moon. They look like tall basketball players. They come from royal bloodlines. They can hide their tails or have none. They eventually left for further out in space from Mars and the moon, and they are more susceptible to human germs than we are. I think that it is possible that the Japanese royalty, as well as the royal bloodlines, are also possibly related to those particular Reptoids.

On a side note, Mark also referenced that there had been what he called several cases of ‘first contact scenarios’ here on planet Earth with various ET races. More even than people would imagine. He said that sometimes they show up at places at night, like car lots, and that they are interested in meeting the humans. But then what happens, is that it ends in a shootout, and that our relations are soured with whatever race it was. He said that that happens many times on our planet.

War Between the Reptoids & Raptors, & Human Involvement

Now the Raptors say that there is a serious agenda apparently, according to Mark. He believes that Ebola is all about eradicating large numbers of Reptoid species. And just to clarify – the Reptoids and the Raptors are at war with each other, and that is part of why the Raptors have aligned themselves with us. They also looked into the future, and this is on my prior interview. The Princess looked into the future of their race and saw that if the Raptors aligned themselves with humans they have a very positive future. If they don't, their future is less positive. So at this time they are honouring their treaties, and they are basically siding and working with our military.

The Ebola virus, Mark believes, is all about eradicating large numbers of Reptoid species. He believes that they have large bases in Mali in West Africa. And he thinks a West African base was recently decimated by Ebola. He also said that the Reptoids backed Hitler, the Japanese, and are also backing ISIS. They break treaties, and they are still involved in the Dulce Base. They have one base in Iran and three bases in Africa. Moreover, they meet in grottoes under The Vatican, which is an alien ambassadorial colony under the protection of the Vatican and the Swiss guard. There are no weapons allowed. They use agents within the human race to weaken humans. Now regarding the Swiss guard, it is important to understand that the Swiss are therefore very much read-in on what is going on; obviously working closely with the Vatican in this case.

Mark said that in 1961 the Tsar Bomba nuclear device tested by the Soviet Union [trans. ‘King of bombs’ – officially, the most powerful nuclear weapon ever tested with a yield of 58 megatons] was used to blow up an alien base in Russia and the Arctic. He also said that Hiroshima and Nagasaki (5 Aug & 9 Aug 1945 respectively, Universal Time) were blown up because of a huge Reptoid base underneath those cities, which is crucial information that I don't believe has ever been put out in any other form on the Internet. He said that the Japanese believe that their royal bloodline comes from the stars and he says that it is related to the Reptoids. 

Mark does not believe that the Reptoids are directly involved with the US military, but I would put a caveat here because he has been out of the loop for 30 years. He does get information as he still has contacts in the military, yet I also will say that his contacts and his back channel information will come from what we know as ‘white hats.’ I believe that the US military is infiltrated by Reptoids at this point and the Nazi bent of the US government, and the laws that have been passed indicate that, but that is not something that Mark is really exposed to at this time.

The Manhattan Project & The Nazi Bell (‘Die Glocke’)

He did say that Von Braun (23 March 1912 – 16 June 1977) is and was a devoted Nazi and that he never severed ties with them. He said that Reptoids don't get involved in missile technology. They consider that old school and very antiquated, and that they have only been helping with flying saucers and the Nazi Bell (The Bell = ‘Die Glocke’). 

Now back several years ago in Camelot, Bill Ryan and I flew to Poland and went to visit one of the Nazi sites: ‘The Henge,’ where one of ‘the Bells’ could have been constructed. We shot a video there and interviewed Igor Witkowski, a German investigator into the Nazi Bell - that is a time travel device, and so pertains to Montauk. We talked about the Nazis, Operation Paperclip, and the atomic bomb, and he said that by the time we cleared the NASA scientists via Paperclip, that the work on the Manhattan Project was pretty much done, and that most of the Nazis did not leave prison camps in Europe until December of 1944. He said that the Germans would not have been told what the nukes were for. 

So we are talking here about the three main original nuclear devices that were created. Further to this he said that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were carried out without their knowledge, but that they got involved later in mass producing nuclear bombs. Moreover, he said that the Japanese couldn't continue the war at that time without the superior help from Reptoid groups. He said that they desperately needed fuel, nuclear power etc. And that three countries during World War II had deals with the Reptoids: Italy, Germany and Japan. He said that the Reptoids had bases above and below the ground.

The High Price Of Alien Help

I was very interested in why Japan continues to be targeted a la Fukushima (11 March 2011), but Mark was very reticent to talk about what was really going on there apparently. He tends to be willing to talk about historical events but he tends to not talk about current events as much. He said that the Japanese and North Koreans are very involved with many groups including the Reptoids, but he won't say any more about that. He said that the Chinese are working with the three groups, and that there are groups of Chinese that are trying to save their country. 

He said that the price for alien help is high. They want humans in exchange for help, for food, breeding, work, and to use them to fight ‘off planet.’ He said that human soldiers are being recruited to fight off planet; that they are basically being given a kind of a ‘paradise’ in space in exchange for doing farming, mining and fighting. They are able to live in beautiful cities off planet on various terraformed planets, and have luxuries etc. in exchange for fighting for them.

He also said that there were many soldiers that were being utilized in our military that have no idea that they are going off planet. Their minds are wiped multiple times. They think that they are going to Afghanistan or Iraq but in reality are going off planet.

He was hesitant to say why the United States and Israel hit Fukushima, but he did say that the Royal family was related to Reptoids.

Aldebaran Aliens and Africa

Regarding the beings from Aldebaran (a star system located some 65 light years away in the constellation of Taurus) who helped the Nazis and Africa, Gordon Duff (Senior Managing Editor of Veterans Today online magazine – had been claiming that Africa had been given to a race from Aldebaran who worked with the Nazis, and he said that they had destroyed their home planet - in fact two of them - and they needed a place for their people to go. Mark says that we are not giving all of Africa to them, but just creating very large bases for them in Africa and Siberia. He said that they looked Nordic. 

I have a secret witness that claims that they were changing the colour of their skin as they were landing in places like South Africa, and that immigration roles were showing an influx of black Africans that were highly educated that they had no way to trace where they were from. I ran this by Mark, and Mark thinks that though we have the technology to change our skin colour, he does not believe that the Nordic race from Aldebaran would maintain this long after arriving, even if it is happening. Mark did say though that we had beaten them back from our shores before. He furthered that Africa had been the site of several battles with off planet races, and that much of the violence in South Africa is alien induced due to mind control or buying off of people. In other words paying them for violence.

Now regarding mining the Earth, some people wanted to know, why bother? Why would aliens want to mine the Earth? Mark said that the Earth is very easy to mine in large quantities. It is resource rich and has gravity, which in contrast to asteroids for example, makes it far less difficult to mine. He said that oxygen, food, and gold, and the fact that the temperatures are not as harsh here, makes the Earth a good solid base for mining. Also he said that it is easy to relax here for the alien species. That is how he put it.

Val Thor From Venus & The UN

I asked Mark about Val Thor who came from Venus and who was said to have gone to meetings in the Pentagon many years ago. He said that Val Thor was a legitimate visitor from space; that he was from Venus, and that he met a female from that group and got to know her a bit. Moreover, that Venus was a great place in 65 other dimensions but not in this one, and that the Venus that Val Thor came from is in another dimension.

He also said that they wanted to move their species here to colonize, but Mark said that he was somewhat suspicious of their actual intentions beyond that, and that he did not think that they necessarily had our best interests in mind.

We talked about the UN and a specific body within the UN called UNESCO, and also the head of the UN. He said that since 1947 it has been involved in negotiating with aliens in regard to setting up bases on earth, and that certain international corporations demand to be represented in those meetings, including companies like Bechtel and others. One can extrapolate and imagine others such as Lockheed Martin etc. Certainly aerospace companies, but I am sure there are others. Perhaps Westinghouse, and the ‘usual suspects,’ one might say.

Gary McKinnon, Solar Warden & The Internet

Mark said that no one person knows everything, and that it is a constantly changing picture. Regarding his security oath, he said that many security agreements now state that if the information is on the Internet and known by the public, that it is okay to talk about it. So I guess that he uses that somewhat as a barometer for what he can and cannot talk about.

We talked about Gary McKinnon. I have interviewed Gary and I wanted to talk to him about Solar Warden which Gary McKinnon found evidence of, which concerns fleet to fleet transfers and lists of non-terrestrial officers. Mark said that he knows Solar Warden by the name Pine. I did not get what those initials stand for unfortunately, but I will try to do in the future.

Gary did find evidence, and he said that the evidence that he found was due to security being very lax. He said that back in those days military computers were unreliable and that certain security was lax in both the Pentagon and NASA, in part due to their arrogance, in that they thought that humans as a rule would simply not be able to figure it out and be able to hack their computers.

He said that Ellis Richards - Mark's father - was involved in setting up the Internet relays to universities back in the early days.

Bill Cooper (Milton William "Bill" Cooper: 6 May 1943 – 6 November 2001)

I asked him about Bill Cooper because I wanted know if maybe they knew each other, and sure enough he said that he was friends with Bill Cooper; that he knew him for a very long time and that they attended the same naval classes in Hawaii. Mark spoke very highly of Bill Cooper.

I ran a story that John Lear has told us about Bill Cooper basically ‘going off the deep end’ and ultimately getting something called ‘UFO disease’ where he said people start running out of stories so they start making things up. He says that he does not believe that Bill Cooper would have done that. He said that Bill Cooper was killed. He was set up, and that it is very possible that he was mind controlled towards the end of his life to reverse his position on the ET question, as a result of mind control.

Mark said that Cooper knew a great deal and that he was very dedicated as a whistle-blower and that he started out very carefully, and that he eventually widened the amount of information that he was giving to the public basically because he began to understand the deeper service to humanity that he was part of. I think that Mark also sees himself in that light.

Bill Schneider, MJ12 & Project Moondust

He did know of Bill Schneider (Dulce underground base whistle-blower) but he did not know him personally, he said. Regarding MJ12, he said that it is made up of the existing power structure. Sometimes they give orders to other organisations, but MJ12 has many people above it as well giving orders to them.

Mark said that Truman established in 1947 something called I.S. that was supposed to be a fast acting international organisation to deal with the alien civilisation and the ‘off world threat’ as he called it. He said that he did not call I.S. the same organisation as MJ12 for what it is worth, and seemed to infer that that was a different organisation altogether.

Project Moondust – Mark was part of Project Moondust - which is the crash and ET retrieval and reverse engineering of off planet spacecraft. He said he was involved in that, and that a lot of reverse engineering is handled by corporations not controlled by Congress, and that he was involved in tracking ET's and possibly securing them similar to Torchwood (A Sci-fi series created by the BBC in Britain which is a ‘spin-off’ from the long-running series Doctor Who), and information related to what Tony Dodd, our Camelot witness who came forward talking about Torchwood and the truth regarding those agents that are going around arresting and picking up ET's that are walking among us.

Now Mark also talked about the TSA scanners, and said that the dogs that are supposed to be smelling for drugs are actually looking for ET's. They are not looking for drugs. And so contrary to what people think, the TSA scanners are actually used to determine whether or not you are human - not for all the other reasons they say they are used for.

In addition to this point, there are many androids that represent a risk; most especially by way of replacing those in power. Mark acknowledged this risk, and said that the Joint Chiefs are checked weekly and give up biological material to verify that they are still human. He said that there are also androids in the Congress; that certain members have been ‘transitioned’ into androids or replaced by them - however you may want to put that.

ET – Corporate Links

I asked Mark also about Danny Casolaro (16 June 1947 – 10 August 1991) and PROMIS software, and “The Trail Of The Octopus.” He said that he knew Danny Casolaro, and he said yes he was set up and he was killed, but that he was on the right track with regard to his investigations. He talked about corporations supplying parts to the military. And how they cannot be trusted as a lot of corporations are working with various ET groups, and there could be back-doors, and the parts could be designed to fail at some critical juncture or have a built-in obsolescence. And that there are many ET-Corporate alliances in the background.

Mark said that there were numerous electromagnetic entities that are vast and seem to run things on planet Earth. He did not seem to be referring to an artificial intelligence when he reported this so I am not sure what he meant by that, and I will have to delve deep into that statement. He said that he knew Ben Rich of skunkworks (Lockheed skunkworks) and he also worked with him.

The Archons & ‘Tall Whites’

Now I asked Mark also about the Archons. Specifically the ET that ran the Dulce Base that was talked about in Sean David Morton's excellent book, The Sands Of Time, which was the compiled testimony from a whistle-blower put into fictional form to protect that whistle-blower’s family (NB; the whistle-blower himself/herself has already passed on).

Mark has read the first book and liked it very much and said that it is mostly accurate. I asked him whether the ET that was running the Dulce base was actually an Archon, because the description of him sounds very much like the description that I understand to be of the Archons as described in the Nag Hammadi texts and elsewhere. He said either that or an Aldebaran. He said that it is from a race that claimed to be from two Royal Houses that claim to run our solar system. He himself does not necessarily ‘buy that’ though; that the Royal houses are running our solar system.

He talked about the lumping together of all one species - of various ET species - under one, and that that does an injustice to many of the species and to our understanding of about what is really going on. And one example of that I brought up was the ‘Tall Whites,’ because there have been a lot of articles recently talking about the Tall Whites, even on Veterans Today (, that have a misconstrued notion that the Tall Whites were working with the Nazis. In fact, they were not. Rather, they are a different group. They have bases in Nevada, and they do work with our militarily from time to time. They are a non-aggressive race of beings; very well described in the books of Charles Hall (the Millennial Hospitality series of three books). He said that the Tall Whites keep to themselves, and are not threatening to humans unless provoked. Therefore, lumping them in with those from Aldebaran - linked to the Nazi group - is a great injustice to that particular race of beings.

Mark was present at the interstellar treaty conference, but he considers himself to have been the soldier. He does not know all of the ET races or committees that were present however. Now this I believe is referring to the Exeter conference which he reports on in his written reports that are published on the EDH website (Earth Defence Headquarters website), which was created and is maintained by his wife Jo Anne Richards. She is also a speaker on the circuit talking about Mark, and compiling of those reports. They are excellent reports that I highly recommend for those interested in Mark Richards and his testimony. They are very good reports worth getting hold of. There is a small charge to purchase them, but it does take a great deal of work and trouble to create the reports. The money obtained though does help support Jo Anne while Mark is in prison and to keep their operation going.

Stargates & ET Cover-up from Ancient Times 

I asked him about Amarna in Egypt, which I believe is the site of an atomic bomb relatively recently in history to cover up evidence of the kingdom of Akhenaten and Nefertiti (NB: The reign of Akhenaton as Pharaoh has been determined by scholars to be from approximately 1354 BC to 1336 BC). I went there in person and saw the devastation, and also have recall of the beauty of that place from the past. Mark agreed that King Tut is not their legitimate biological heir and that Akhenaten and Nefertiti were of two different ET races, which is something that I personally came across on a psychic level, and I was curious whether or not he would substantiate that from his own knowledge.

He said that the New World Order destroys and covers up ET evidence from before 10,000 years ago all over the Earth to keep humans in the dark about their history. Along those lines we talked about Zep Tepi (transcribed from zp tpj) which he said is an almost undisturbed ‘gate system’ - a system of ‘Stargates’ - and that there are carvings on the various pillars there depicting beings from various planets. Many are not human; some in full space suits and armour. The Raptors in particular are depicted on the pillars. Mark said that it was once buried 8000 years ago by the humans, and that it might be buried up again in the near future, and that if that happens humanity will be set back significantly. He wanted to make very clear that it was a gate complex and not a temple, and that there are active gates leading to multiple off planet destinations and home worlds of various races.

He said that governments and the New World Order do not want people to know about this place, and that there are many other important ancient sites in Turkey that they would like destroyed or hidden, that contain a great deal of important knowledge for humanity.

Mark also spoke about the Zimbabwe ruins and said that they were of ancient origin. And that is an amazing site, which Michael Tellinger refers to as being a former home of Enki.

He said that there was a large non-human ruin in France some distance from Paris that has 90 foot walls, and they tell people it is a Roman ruin. It is actually from an off planet race.

There are two different races from Sirius (8.7 light years away). They are the ‘blue humanoids’ that are a positive race, being very tall, that I tapped into when I was travelling through India when I was able to travel back in time to see that Blue Race in abundance there at that time. And then, there are the reptilians, also from Sirius. Now they can be difficult according to Mark, but they helped the Babylonians way back in time. This basically sounds like a branch of the Annunaki, that sounds like the Syrian Annunaki, and those Reptilians are depicted on the temples in Egypt.

Mark talked about three authors: Gene Roddenberry, Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov. They were all read-in on the secrets and wrapped them into their novels. He said that his father knew all three, and that he himself knew Arthur C. Clarke.

With regarding dimensional travel through portals and wormholes, Mark said that we have the technology to travel through them, but that he doesn't think that we necessarily have the technology to do what is called ‘quantum teleportation,’ because our ships are unable to interact - unless they are artificially intelligent - with the wormhole. That said, he did say that our bodies could travel because we have an intelligence that allows us to assist in reconfiguring our physical body and atomic structure on the other side. He said that another way of travelling is time shifting or sliding in which we take our body with us.


With regards to Phobos (one of the 2 moons of Mars) Mark said that it was in non-human hands and that it is two thirds artificial and hollow. He acknowledged that there was a race of non-humans that run it, and that they are supported by some humans in positions of technology, using computers, and also security.

He referenced the recent comet flyby of Mars, and stated that actually it was in fact targeting Mars - being deliberately aimed at the planet. However, the comet itself was shot at from the surface of Mars and pushed further away, and that that is the bright flash that some people have seen captured in images of the passing event. The base thus targeted on Mars was not affected. I also tapped into that information psychically before talking to Mark, so it is interesting that he substantiated that.

The Vatican, Israel & Middle East Stargates 

He said that Israel is run by one race of beings, The Vatican by another, and that the two races are at odds with each other and wish to wrap humans into fighting their battles on the ground. He did not however want to name the race that is backing Israel. He was quite careful about that. My own interpretation is however that the race in question is the Annunaki. Indications are that this is a ‘Sitchin’ Annunaki race i.e. the Annunaki as spoken about by Zechariah Sitchin in his books (see: The 12th Planet & other books of his ‘Earth Chronicles’ series).

He said that ISIS is being backed by the New World Order and the reptilians. We are attacking Syria due to an active Gate System there. The Israelis bomb the gates to close them. There was one in Iraq that Saddam Hussein was allowing humans to jump through, and that is why it was closed and he was ‘taken out,’ among other things. He also said that the US military will never leave Iraq, and that they must secure the gates, and that there is a gate complex (as discussed in interview 2) in the mountains between Iraq, Iran, and Syria. Those are a moving gate system, apparently.

On a related note, with regard to the Hadron Collider in Japan that they are currently building, he said that they were building it and they were paying to build it because they want the jump technology. 

Mark’s Time in Prison & Threats to His Life

I asked Mark about the nine pyramids that were built several years ago outside the city of St Petersburg in Russia, and asked why they were really built. He said that that area is run by the female head of the FSB and that she is the mother of one of his children, and that he could ask her. He also said that she could get him released from prison but that he would have to join the FSB. His loyalty however is with the United States. He believes in democracy and not communism as a way of life. Obviously then they have a strong philosophical difference.

With respect to Mark still being in prison, his life is being threatened on a regular basis. Indeed, Mark confirms that there have been many attempts on his life. He is hard to kill though, and of the attempts on his life so far, he notes that “they have sent boys to do a monster’s job.” That said, he is aware that there is always the chance that sometime in the future they may succeed. He is therefore considering an offer right now which seems interesting, and could result in his release in exchange for going back to work for some faction of the Secret Space Program. Moreover, he acknowledges that there could be more offers forthcoming as part of an effort to re-recruit him and ‘shut him up.’

He said that no one except his father Ellis Lloyd Richards has ever been able to control him when he was young. Mark said that there are only two people living that can control him. Claire Booth Luce and Bobby Inman. And he has been told by the powers that be that they will kill his entire family if he attempts to escape prison, and that it will not be quick.

I told Mark that I had had a psychic intuition about Bobby Inman a long time ago, and offered to interview him. He did not acknowledge my offer (as I knew he wouldn't), but I thought I would ask. He said that he knows Bobby Inman well and that he is one of the ‘in the know’ people on the planet. He is much on the level as his father ‘The Dutchman’ in terms of his knowledge and inside access, and that he appears basically to be a good guy.

Mark says that he himself is very well known within the Secret Space Program, and that he is occasionally doing jobs in the program even from prison for The New World Order in order to keep them happy and to keep his family alive.

Captain Kaye/ Randy Cramer Testimony

Regarding Captain Kaye/ Randy Cramer who I recently interviewed; I wanted to get Mark’s take on some of his testimony, so I described where he was based on Mars and his level of knowledge. Mark is sceptical that his commanding officer would support his disclosures, although he does acknowledge a huge problem with the VA (Veterans Association) and soldiers in large numbers that are unaccounted for in years of service and not reflected in their books, and that they may have been serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, and basically going off planet. Many were likely to have been ‘mind-wiped’ multiple times, and thus as a result are very ‘screwed up.’ They actually had been based off planet and don't realise it. This would indeed relate then to Captain Kaye and his recall, and does explain some of his sketchy recall in certain areas. 

In light of this it would be great if we could get Randy Cramer and Mark to meet at some point. NB: Project Camelot has done a live stream interview with Randy Cramer and it is accessible via the Camelot website. Cramer himself was a Marine based on Mars for 17 years, and then three years on the moon.

Space Shuttle & Plane Crashes

I also talked to Mark about the recent crash of the space shuttle, and he said that there are other vehicles including the space shuttle that had crashed, and that had been interfered with in order to put a dampener on the public attempts at a space program, to create fear in the masses.

We also talked about flight MH 370. He said that it was pushed into a dimensional shift because four people on board - and one in particular - were building a time shifting machine that was too accurate. They had to take them out because they didn't want them or their work to get into the hands of the Chinese.

He said that they take out commercial airliners with impunity. They consider it to be worth it regardless of the collateral damage to other humans. As a result, Mark said that if he ever got out of prison he would never fly commercially because it is far too easy for them to take him out. He also urged me not to fly commercially for what it is worth.

Mark said that six commercial planes were taken out in the last few years, including Swiss Air and John Kennedy's plane. He was killed by a nearby plane that had laser technology on-board and that it had nothing to do with his personal life. He said he was an excellent pilot and that he and his wife were very good people.

Alien Involvement with Finance

I also talked with Mark about the banking collapse after 2008. He said that all of the small banks were taken out because they keep good records, and that the New World Order doesn't want evidence of alien investment in banks to surface. He said that there is more alien money than drug money, and that sometimes as much as 300 million or more a day is coming into banks.

We also talked about the Iraqi dinar slightly. Though he is not familiar necessarily with what is going on concerning the matter, he likened it to what happened in Lebanon. He noted that that situation went on for 20 years. He therefore acknowledged that it is probably not going to pan out the way that people think it is. That was a somewhat cautionary note.

Final Remarks

I also want to say that some of the letters that I have written to Mark have never been received. Also, that Mark has written a number of replies to various letters but that they themselves have never been received by me in the mail. He thus believes that they are attempting to cut off his access to outsiders and being able to talk to people via the mail.

I want to thank Jo Anne Richards for making this all possible and for her excellent website: Earth Defence Headquarters ( that contains many wonderful reports written by Captain Mark Richards.

LIVE INTERVIEW —NOTES FROM MARK RICHARDS III == 11/1/14 Compiled by Jo Ann Richards and Kerry Cassidy

-Mark and Robin went to College together. They were good friends and up until his current wife stopped him, he kept up a steady correspondence with Mark in prison. Robin was never suicidal ... as depressed as he got. 

-Robin was not the kind to “go to bed mad” 

-He quietly financially backed SETI project - He knew a few of the secrets -So much of his death doesn’t add up... 

-His image was important to him and if he was going to commit suicide would have done something like jump off the golden gate bridge... but he wouldn’t do this to his children 

-His death had to have been a hit... likely an illuminati hit to keep him quiet 

Others in the know: Lauren Bacall — knew some of the secrets. She and Humphrey Bogart were friends of Mark’s father. Mark danced with her when he was six at the Mark Hopkins. 


-AI can infect things even if not mechanical -MINERVA - is a biological creation, created in act of need (presumably from some race of beings in “need” of AI 
-Government keeps wraps on it, they doesn’t think the public can cope with ramifications of it... 

-Mark believes it is not an immediate threat on a mass scale -for example if an energy field comes down and infects a car.. modern car with onboard computer can be infected and send info back to the AI source

—Agrees re ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE:  BATTLE OF THE AI’s is probably going on... Note: this is something I already tapped into psychically and wrote about in my article about the AURORA COLORADO SHOOTING called "Dark 'Night' the Battle of the Robots": Link to my article:


— If there’s an intelligence based intergalactic storm it can flow over our planet and study it 
—the natural protections over Earth are pretty fierce - i.e. the Van Allen Belt —Mark doesn’t believe at this time that a superior intelligence of this type is a big threat 

SUPERWAVE / GAS CLOUD — A gas cloud containing photo planets being swallowed by Galactic Center which is aka SAG A (Sagittarius A) ... 



BLACK GOO / Falklands War — doesn’t know much about this because it was right around time he left the program 

—Mark wanted to retire right around the Falklands war — Wanted to retire from space program, exhausted and wanted out but they wouldn’t let him 

—He had lost a child and great love to the SSP (Secret Space Program) — There is wreckage... evidence on planets such as Mars, Moon and others that prove that incidents had happened there —Government counts on masses to forget what they see because of fear and fear of not fitting in.. being seen as crazy 

—CIA counts on drive to “fit in” don’t even need much mind control electronically speaking... Note: however movies, TV and lies in news clearly supports this amnesia and fear based paradigm 

—Raptors are funding movies and tv and latest Australian Dinosaur traveling event — “Walking with Dinosaurs”) contains real raptors (the small dinosaurs) mixed in with fake... they are trying to reverse the bad reputation that Dinosaurs — dragons have had over time 

— August 28, 1953 — Major UFO sighting in San Rafael — raptors “a sort of christening ceremony” to celebrate Mark’s birth (they believe first 2 months of life the spirit/soul is not present)... So they waited until this date to have a ceremony around Mark’s birth. 

—Why did Raptors choose Mark and his family? They appreciate humans with raptor-like courage. Mark’s father, Ellis (the Dutchman) Lloyd Richards was a combination of highly admirable qualities).. courage intelligence, honor etc 

—Mark’s father was his role model and still considers him superior to himself — Dragon leader (Raptor) met Ellis Richards (the Dutchman) at Hamilton Air Force base in August 1952. They were impressed with the honorable military leader. 

—Raptors rent castles in UK ... Home office negotiates with them... they choose ones that are in out of the way places or heavily guarded. Even guards don’t see them — don’t know who they are guarding. 
Their “sorcerers” can cloud the human mind so they forget what they’ve seen. — Raptors don’t like going inter dimensional... they are very much here in this dimension. 

— Earth is home planet (homeworld) to the Raptors. 65 million years ago they left Earth to colonize space using stolen technology. They didn’t totally understand the tech they were using. They ended up in the Draco galaxy because they lost communication with their homeworld. They were caught on the edge of the inner ring of the Galactic Center or Sag A and stayed there in a ship poised on the edge for thousands of years (our time) ... finally figured out they needed to voyage further... 

—Their homeworld now in Draco constellation is called by us Dragonworld... we haven’t “found” the actual planet yet. 

—The Princess of the Raptors... Mark believes is the only reason we are still in existence because she has decided to align her race with ours.. (this seems to contradict other beings that are perhaps operating from higher densities and dimensions that have more to do with keeping worlds and beings such as us alive...). I have not had a chance to ask Mark about his more spiritual beliefs... 


—4 species of REPTILIANS 1. Ciakar — have wings, considered to
be royalty 2. Humanoid type — no tails 3. Lizard-like 4 legs but can stand on 2 
feet and have a tail 4. Raptors from Earth (Reptoids / and Raptors) 

Our germs are very deadly to reptilians... anyone on Earth has developed some immunity 
4 species that live on Earth have been here a very long time.. most will be friendly if we live them alone 

BLUE GREYS NEAR NEW ZEALAND... — not robots — live normally undersea — currently have positive relationship with us

REPTOIDS — descended from Raptors —developed on their own on bases on Mars and Moon —look like tall basketball players 

— royal bloodlines, can hide tails or have none —they eventually left for further out in space (from Mars and Moon) 

—they now have several planets and moons — more susceptible to human germs than Raptors 

—Serious agenda behind Ebola; Believes Ebola all about eradicating large numbers of Reptoid species. Believes exist in MALI and WEST AFRICA ... large base decimated by Ebola... 

—Reptoids backed Hitler, Japanese and ISIS —Breaking treaties —still involved in Dulce Base —They have 1 base in Iran, 3 bases in Africa — Meet at Grottos under Vatican — which is an alien ambassadorial colony — under protection of the Vatican and Swiss Guard — no weapons allowed —They use agents within human race to weaken humans — A tsar bomb was used in 1961 to blow up alien base in Russia and the Arctic... —Hiroshima and Nagasaki blown up because of huge Reptoid bases beneath the cities 

—Japanese believe their royal bloodline came from Stars... related to Reptoids — Mark doesn’t believe Reptoids are involved in US military (note this is because he has been out of the loop for 30 years during which the infiltration of Nazis (with reptoid ties) increased)..

—Von Braun was a devoted Nazi — never severed ties with them 

—Reptoids didn’t get involved with missile tech the Nazis had because it was old technology... Only with flying saucers and the Nazi “Bell”. 


—By the time we cleared Nazi scientists (ala Paperclip) to work on the Manhattan project — it was already done — Many Nazis didn’t leave the prison camps in Europe until December 1944. 

—Germans would not have been told what the nukes were for.. they were only involved later with mass producing bombs not creation of original 3. 

—Japanese couldn’t continue war without superior help from Reptoid groups. They desperately needed fuel, nuclear power etc. 

—During WWII: 3 countries had deals with the Reptoids: Italy, Germany and Japan 

—Reptoids had bases above and below ground. 

FUKUSHIMA —Japanese and North Korean are involved with “many groups” including Reptoids... Mark will not say more about this at this time because this is current secret info. 
RE CHINA—Chinese are working with 3 groups —There are a group of Chinese trying to save their country 

—The price for alien help is high. They want humans for food, breeding, work and use them to fight off planet. 

—Human soldiers are recruited to fight off planet. They are given basically paradise in space in exchange... beautiful cities, all luxuries, etc in exchange for farming, mining and fighting 

—Was hesitant to say if that is why US and Israel hit Fukushima... but did say that Japanese royal family related to Reptoids and may still be aligned with them. 

—RE Gordon Duff claim that Africa is being “given” to the race from Aldebaran (who worked with Nazis) because he says they destroyed their home planets and need a place for their people to go. 

Mark’s reaction: —says we aren’t giving all of Africa just large bases in Africa and Siberia — they look Nordic — Kerry mentions secret witness claiming they are already landing and immigration can’t account for large numbers of well educated black men and women and so this contact thinks the Aldebaran are camouflaging themselves as “black Africans” but Mark thinks although we have the tech ourselves to change our skin color temporarily that the Nordic race from Aldebaran wouldn’t maintain this for very long after arriving... 

— According to Mark we have beat them back from our shores before... Africa has been the site of several battles with off planet races... —Much violence in South Africa is alien- induced due to mind control or buying off people 


— Mark says our Earth is very easy to mine in large quantities, resource rich 
has gravity, oxygen, food and gold and temperatures not to harsh —Makes for a good solid base for mining —It’s easy to “relax” here 

VENUS — is a great place in 65 other dimensions but not in this one (3-4D). — Val Thor came from Venus in other dimension.. was a legit visitor from space — Mark met a female from that group... They wanted their species to come here and colonize. However, from Mark’s experience their intentions were not necessarily aligned with our best interests. 

— UN — UNESCO — Has been since 1947 has been an organization to negotiate with aliens regarding setting up bases on Earth —Certain international corporations demand to be represented in those meetings such as Bechtel.

—No one person knows everything.. constantly changing picture.

— Most security agreements state that if 
the info is on the internet and known by the public— it is ok to talk about. GARY MCKINNON — SOLAR WARDEN 

— Also known by the name PINE... —Gary did find evidence of fleet-to-fleet transfers and non-terrestrial officers — Mark says the security would have been that lax because of the arrogance of the Pentagon and Nasa officials —thinking back then that the public wouldn’t be able to figure it out. —Early military computers were unreliable —Ellis Richards (Mark’s father) was involved with setting up internet relays to universities 


—Mark knew Bill Cooper, they went to the same naval class in Hawaii —Mark spoke very highly of Bill Cooper.. did not believe John Lear’s story about him having “ufo disease” in other words that Cooper did not loose it and begin telling false stories... 

—Cooper and Mark stopped communicating in 1989. —Mark said Cooper’s reversal on the ET question was probably result of mind control toward the end of his life... — William Cooper was set up and killed. —Cooper knew a lot... was very astute and dedicated. Mark says as a whistleblower started out carefully and as time went on began revealing more and more... recognizing his duty to serve the human race. 

Note: Mark Richards knew of Phil Schneider but didn’t know him personally. MJ-12 
—made up of existing power structure.. sometimes they give orders to other organizations but MJ12 has people above it. 

—Mark says Truman actually established in 1947 something called “IS” to be a fast acting international organization to deal with the alien situation (off-world threat). Mark did not call this org MJ-12 for some reason.... seemed to infer that it was a different organization. 

MOONDUST == crash and ET retrieval and reverse engineering 

— Mark was involved — a lot of reverse engineering is handled by corporations, not controlled by Congress. —Mark was involved in tracking ETs and securing them similar to Torchwood/ our witness Tony Dodd info 

DANNY CASOLARO - Promis Software - Trail of the Octopus — Mark knew Danny Casolaro — and knows he was killed. 

CORPORATIONS SUPPLYING “PARTS” FOR MILITARY — can’t always be sure the parts don’t have back doors and aren’t designed to fail at some critical juncture (built-in obsolescence) by ET contacts in civilian/corporate world 

— there are numerous electro-magnetic entities that are vast and seem to run things on Planet Earth.. He did not seem to be referring here to “AI”... need more info on this. 

—Mark knew Ben Rich of Skunkworks and worked for him ARCHONS 
ET that ran Dulce Base talked about in Sean David Morton’s book SANDS OF TIME compiled from whistleblower testimony... Mark has read 1st book and liked it and says its mostly accurate... 

I asked him about the ET that Sean’s book says ran the Dulce base being an ARCHON 
(or from Aldebaran)... Archons are described in the Nag Hammadi texts and elsewhere. He agreed it was from a race of that kind. That being claimed to be from 1 of 2 Royal houses that claim to run the Solar System... 
—Mark talked about the lumping of several species under one name does injustice to many species 


— Mark knows of the tall whites and agrees they are not related to the Nazis or from Aldebaran group that backed them. —Tall Whites referred to in Charles Hall material keep to themselves and are not threatening to humans unless provoked. They do work with our military from time to time. 

—Mark was present at the Interstellar Treaty Conference — but as a soldier didn’t know all the ET races and committees present.. See Exeter conference report by Mark Richards on EDH website. 


—There is a threat from Androids replacing people in power —say Joint Chiefs “give up biological material” and are checked weekly. 


—knew about atomic destruction of Amarna to hide evidence of Akhenaton and Nefertiti’s kingdom.. Both were from ET races.. 2 different. 

—Agreed that King Tut was not their legitimate biological heir. 

— Said NWO destroys and covers up ET evidence from before 10,000 years ago all over Earth to keep humans in the dark about their history 

ZEP TEPPI — system of stargates (almost undisturbed gate system) 

— Carvings depict beings from various planets, many not human, some in full space suits and gear. —Raptors depicted on pillars — one has Raptor suited up in full regalia 

—Was buried 8000 years ago by humans... might be buried again to cover it up.. If that happens humanity will be set back significantly. 

— “Gate complex” not a temple... active gates leading to multiple off planet destinations homeworlds of various races depicted in full armor on the carvings at entry points. Governments and NWO do not want people to know about this place. — Many important ancient sites in Turkey NWO wants destroyed or hidden... contains great deal of important knowledge for humanity. 

SIRIAN BLUES — aquatic type beings There are 2 different races from Sirius: 

1. Blue humanoids — positive 2. Reptilians — can be difficult but helped the Babylonians (these sound like a branch of the Anunnaki).. 


All were “read in” on the secrets and wrapped them into their novels. Mark’s father knew all three. Mark knew Arthur C. Clarke. DIMENSIONAL TRAVEL THROUGH PORTALS — WORMHOLES 

—We have the tech to travel (humans) but more difficult with ships to go QUANTUM TELEPORTATION because our intelligence interacts with the wormhole to assist in reconfiguring our body and self... atomic structure... 

—Time shifting or sliding— we take the body

— 2/3rds artificial.. hollow — some 
humans there but in security or sub positions

— the recent Comet flyby on Mars was shot at and pushed... 
—it was targeted at Mars base but didn’t succeed.


Those two races are at odds and will wrap humans into fighting their battle... soon. 
Mark didn’t want to name the race backing Israel — being careful. (indications are this is the Sitchin Anunnaki race) 

Misc items... Zimbabwe ruins of alien origin... 

Large non-human ruin in France a distance from Paris... has 90 foot walls. They tell people it is a “roman ruin” is from an OFF PLANET RACE. 


ISIS is being backed by NWO and Reptoids. We are attacking Syria due to active Gate there... Israelis bomb the gates to close them including one in Iraq.. Saddam was using to allow humans to jump... 

Agrees U.S. military will never leave Iraq... must secure gates.. also gate complex in mountains between Iraq/ Iran and Syria. 

THE 9 pyramids that were built outside city of St. Petersburg.. WHY? what is the real reason? He says are is run by Female head of FSB and she is the mother of one of his children. Yes she could get him released from prison but he would have to join the FSB and his loyalty is with the U.S. and believes in democracy not communism as a way of life.. (philosophical difference). – Mark will check on answer to this question. 


His life is often being threatened inside the prison... many attempts but he is “hard to kill”... one of those efforts may one day succeed. But they always send “boys to do a monster’s job”... 

Mark is considering one offer right now that looks interesting and could result in his release in exchange for going back to work for some faction of the SSP. 

Acknowledges there could be more offers coming... as part of an effort to re- recruit him and shut him up. 

But he says they know no one except his father “Ellis Lloyd Richards” THE DUTCHMAN has ever been able to control him. 

Claire Booth Luce and Bobby Inman 

Says he has been told “they will kill his entire family if he tries to escape prison”... and it won’t be quick. 
Told him about my offer to Bobby Ray Inman to interview him.. says that he is one of the most in the know people on the planet... much on the level of The Dutchman.

Says he worked for him and knows him well.

Mark says he is very well known within the SSP
(Secret Space Program)

Said he is occasionally doing jobs for SSP... NWO in order to keep them happy and himself and his family alive... 


Mark is skeptical that a commanding officer would be supporting the disclosures of Randy Cramer / Captain Kaye... 

Acknowledges huge problem with VA and soldiers in large numbers not accounted for years of service not reflected in those ‘on the books” as having served in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places on Earth. 

Many likely were mind wiped multiple times, very skewed up as a result and were actually based off planet but don’t realize it. 

Recently crash or space shuttle and other vehicles are interfering with public attempts at a space program and will create fear in the masses reaction against having a public space flight program... In other words these crashes likely purposeful.

MH 370 — was pushed into dimensional shift because of 4 people on board.. one in particular building a time shifting software that was “too accurate” ... and had to take them out because didn’t want them to get into the hands of the Chinese. 

They consider it worth the collateral damage of other humans on board to take out a commercial jet. 

If Mark gets out of prison would never fly COMMERCIAL says it’s too easy for them to take him out. 

He says 6 commercial planes were taken out in last few years including “Swiss Air” and John-John - Kennedy was killed by nearby plane that had laser tech on board. His death was not due to his ineptness or any other personal disinfo put out there. 


Hadron Collider in Japan — there because they are paying to build it because they want the jump technology... 

There have been more cases of botched up ‘First Contact” scenarios with alien races than people would imagine... example coming into a car lot late at night.. just being friendly wanting to meet the humans... and ending up in a shoot out... Ruining our relations with that race... happens many times. 

Banking collapse — after 2008 all small banks taken out because they keep records... and NWO doesn’t want evidence of alien investment in banks to surface. More alien money than drug money... sometimes as much as 300 million a day coming into banks. /END. 

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