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Friday, August 8, 2014

Crop Circle August 5, 2014 -- Dynamic Equilibrium


This crop circle was reported on August 5, 2014, at Cow Down, nearEast Kennett, Wiltshire, UK. More pictures can be seen here:

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin August 5, 2014 was a day with the Tone 6, which helps us to balance ourselves, to achieve a "dynamic equilibrium", an "organic balance".

Here a short description of the Tone 6:

Tone 6 - Rhythmic

Receptivity, ability to respond, dynamic equilibrium, roots in many directions.

Six is the ray of organic balance, the dynamic equilibrium of the foundation of self combined with the one point of unity. Organic balance is an active process, not a static or fixed state. It is rooted in the totality of who you are. Let your receptive roots run deep, grounding your ability to respond in this world. Bring your Essence Self into your present expression. Aliveness is derived from essence.

You are the unity that creates organic balance. You are free to choose, respond, give, and receive. Six asks you to respond to life with love, to bring heaven to Earth (*anacronym for Heart!) through your embodiment of the six-pointed star. Embody the Divine in your organic form. As you are infused with the vibration of heaven, heaven is brought to Earth. As you journey homeward, Earth is brough to heaven. Thus is created organic balance, heaven and Earth in symbiotic union.

These excerpts were taken from the book, "The Mayan Oracle - Return Path to the Stars" by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner


I think, on the pictogram in simple form is depicted a human: a head, the dark triangle under the head is the body of the human, the small circle in the centre of the triangle is the barycentre of the body.

The human is like an equilibrist in a wheel, plus the wheel is rolling on 2 rolls, which additionally complicates the maintaining of the equilibrium. 

The light line on the left of the dark triangle shows a previous or a next position of the body.

Above the head of the human: imagination, thoughts, wishes, intentions - like in the comics, where the thoughts are given in small bulbs. We bear in mind, that we are in the Year of the Red Solar Moon, a year with the Tone 9 – the Solar Tone of Intention.

Everybody twirls his personal “Wheel of fate”. We all are Balance-masters. We permanently learn to balance, to adapt ourselves to the changing circumstances. “Panta rhei”, everything flows, everything changes constantly.

We everyday learn to stay in balance in a changing world.

The big circle symbolizes the world around us. This outer world is affecting us continuously.

The dark triangle symbolizes also the whole humanity. We all together twirl our common “Wheel of fate”. We have a common barycentre.

The total sum of the thoughts, wishes, intentions of all people is the force, which shifts the common barycentre and tilts our “Wheel of fate”. This wheel revolves and it is upon each of us in which direction it will tilt. Each of us participates in the formation of the common vector of the intentions.

Every time, when we have a day with the Tone 6, and this is every 13th day, the energies of the Tone 6 help us to balance us in the changed situation, to find our new center of equilibrium. It depends on us to use consciously the energy of the Tone 6!

The following affirmations could help us to better absorb the energies of the Tone 6.


TODAY the energy of the RHYTHMIC Tone of Equilibrium is pulsing.

I am pulsing as the Creative energy of the Rhythmic Tone of Equilibrium.
I am pulsing the Organic balance on all levels.
I am pulsing as the force of the Dynamic Equilibrium
I am pulsing as the force of all roots.
I am creating the beginning, the root of the Essence Self.
I am creating the ability to get in resonance with the manifested world…

Source for the affirmations:

 Maya Todorova 

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