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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Posted: 23 Aug 2014 06:00 AM PDT

Artist Likeness UFO Over South Shields

I HAD an interesting e-mail from someone called Sarah this week, detailing a rather close encounter she had back in February.

Her story is an interesting one, although she doesn't want her full name disclosed as she has already been made the butt of “constant jokes and sniggers by my friends at work.” (not sure I’d be calling such thoughtless morons “my friends”, but never mind).

Sarah had been walking her dog along the coast at South Shields, and darkness was just setting in.

Her partner, who had bumped into an old friend, was lagging behind, chatting. For no particular reason, Sarah turned and gazed out to sea.

She was puzzled to see a bright, yellow-white light out on the horizon, but quickly concluded that it probably belonged to an outgoing cargo ship which had recently left the Tyne.

She carried on walking, and then noticed that the light had disappeared. Then, suddenly, it was back – and brighter than ever.

Her curiosity returned, but quickly turned to amazement when the light slowly started to drift skywards. She knew then that it didn’t belong to any cargo ship. Still below cloud level, the UFO disappeared once again. It returned a second time, but Sarah now noticed that it was pulsating rhythmically.

It continued to grow in brightness and suddenly Sarah realized why; it was travelling through the sky in her direction. At that point she alerted her partner Morris and his friend Brian. They quickly joined her.

“As we were watching the light we could see that it was slowly climbing upwards even though it was coming towards us.

“What really made me feel nervous was Tango’s reaction. She’s not a cowardly dog, and she started looking at the light and barking like mad.

“Why would she get so agitated at something like a light? It wasn't making any noise and it wasn’t so bright where you couldn't help but notice it.”

It’s not uncommon for animals to act in an agitated manner during UFO encounters, and according to Sarah her pet’s barking continued to get louder until the UFO reached a point where it was directly overhead, and then it stopped.

“As soon as the UFO stopped moving, the dog stopped barking”, she told me.

Morris and Brian didn't know what to make of it”, she added. “Morris thought it might be a helicopter at first, but I've seen helicopters in the dark before, and they don’t have just one light. And they aren't silent.”

For about three minutes the object hung above their heads, perfectly motionless, but still pulsating gently.

Then, without warning, it shot through the night sky and within a split second was back at exactly the same spot on the horizon where it had been when Sarah first saw it. It flashed briefly, and then disappeared for good.

Perturbing though this incident was, it was what happened that night when they went to bed that really upset Sarah.

“I’ll admit that I was a bit freaked out because of what we’d seen”, Sarah added, “but I wouldn't say I was exactly terrified or anything like that. But I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason and felt sick to my stomach.

“The dog was barking like mad downstairs and to this day I’m more convinced than ever that it was all connected to the UFO thing.

“What made it worse was that when I got back upstairs after settling Tango down, Morris was sitting up in bed in a cold sweat, He said he’d been dreaming about the light.

“I must admit I was really scared at that point, but nothing has happened since.”

Well, I can’t think of any rational explanation that sits comfortably with the facts, but I’m sure the nay-sayers will be able to come up with one.

A work colleague has already told Morris in all seriousness that it “must have been a firework”. Of course it was. Why didn't the rest of us think of that?

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