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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

NEW NEWS! - LIFE on MARS! No Doubting It Now! -- Part 1

NEW NEWS! - LIFE on MARS! No Doubting It Now!

Publicado a 17/01/2015

In March of 2014, a former US Marine named Randy Cramer also known as “Captain Kaye” revealed that he had spent 17 years on Mars as part of a highly classified mission called Mars Defense Force. In an Interview with ExoNews Tv, Captain Kaye reveals that about a year ago he was contacted by his superiors. He was told to make a disclosure about his covert service in Mars and time with THE SECRET Space Fleet.

In his revelations, Captain Kaye said that he spent three years of training in a secret space fleet called Earth Defense Force, a multi-national organization that recruits military personnel from US, Russia, and China. On his training, he said he flew anti-gravity vehicles throughout the solar system, and he was promoted to Captain. The training took place on a secret moon base called Lunar Operations Command, Saturn’s Moon Titan, and in deep space.

The ex-naval infantryman said he was posted to the Red Carpet to protect five human colonies from indigenous Martian life forms. According to him; the air is breathable on the surface of Mars and at times the temperature is very warm. Captain Kaye also revealed that the primary human colony on Mars is called Aries Prime that it is located inside a crater, and it also serves as their headquarters for the Mars Colony Corporation.

In his retirement ceremony after 20 years of service, he claims that it also took place on the moon, with VIP guests including ex-US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfield.

Captain Kaye said that there are two indigenous species in Mars. One was the Reptilian species, and the other was the Insectoid species, both are highly intelligent species. Reptilians are aggressive in defending their territory while the Insectoids species are equally capable of protecting their land.

However, Captain Kaye reported that there was an incident that happened that changed all combat personnel from the Mars Defense Force when they retrieved an extraterrestrial artifact from a sacred cave of the indigenous Reptilians. Over 1000 men and women were killed during the battle, and only 28 survived including him. For more information see the website link to 'Alien UFO Sightings'.

Here's a BIG hint as to where they'd live. THe fake alien is there to ease the tension on those who may find the information too terrifying. 0.0 Do you need them to come knocking at your door 'as proof?' When it comes to this video, many will just view the first few minutes and jump off the boat... but all my video's hold information that relates to one another. Think of this: If they can slam people into jail based on circumstantial evidence for the rest of their living lives, until they are deceased? I think I may have just proven there's life on Mars with the same levels of circumstantial evidence. Watch the entire thing to see if you really believe there is no life out there, on 'any planet.' What more proof do you need that there's intelligent life out there? What more proof do you need when it comes to life on Mars? Where will we be in 2023 when it comes to Mars? The answer is in this video. Where will we be in 2016, when it comes to Mars. The answer is in this video. Alien life on Mars? It sure looks like it. How did we see Mars decades ago, and how do we see Mars decades from now? All answered in this video. I hope you enjoy. After watching this video? What with water now being discovered on Mars, I believe there is life on Mars, or nearby, or underground, and was, particularly if you consider all of the odd structures that 'are' in photo's / images.

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