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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

PRG - 12 May

ANNOUNCEMENTS                                      May 12, 2014
Past PRG Updates and Press Releases are archived here.

Over the past eighteen years PRG has provided support of one sort or another to hundreds of projects launched by extraterrestrial phenomena citizen researchers/activists. In every case PRG did so because it saw the project as advancing the Disclosure process. That is certainly the case for the ongoing and upcoming events listed below.  Also, please take note of the scope and quality of these projects. The message is clear. The U.S. government policy of deceit, denial and disruption regarding the extraterrestrial issue cannot much longer stand.  SB

Lorraine Flaherty to Speak at the Institute of Noetic Sciences - May 22

Lorraine Flaherty, PDC Hyp, RT Dip, MGHR, MPLTA, one of the leading practitioners in the world of hypnotic regression as a means for study and to enhance human lives, will speak at the Institute of Noetic Sciences near Petaluma, CA on May 22.  Information about this lecture can be found HERE.
Lorraine's work has significant implications for both religion and the study of consciousness. Her principal area of focus is past life regression, but along the way she has encountered a number of persons dealing with the extraterrestrial contact phenomenon helping them to recover memories of extraordinary experiences in this life. Like Dr. John Mack, Lorraine had the courage to engage the contact issue when it presented to her.

Ms. Flaherty trained with Anne Jrsch in Future Life Progression and is a director of the Past and Future Life Society. She currently run workshops on empowerment, self hypnosis and past life regression primarily in the United Kingdom. She is a full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis,and the General Hypnotherapy Register, a Master Practitioner of NLP, a member of the Past Life Regression Academy and the Past Life Therapists Association.

She is a transformational therapist who has helped thousands of people from all walks of life to overcome their fears in order to reach their full potential. She has  worked with stars of radio, television, music and film, and through her work in past-life regression sessions, she has uncovered

many cases were her clients describe finding themselves on other what they perceive as other planets or on other dimensions, with several having reported being abducted by extraterrestrial entities both in this life or during their past lives.

Healing with Past Life Therapy, Transformational Journeys through Time and Space, her first book, is based on the incredible experiences of her clients past life sessions and the powerful healing that can take place as a result of exploring them.

"When you understand the way your mind operates, and recognize that the early events of your life, or lives, affect the way you live your life in the present you can identify the changes that are required to help you take control and then the changes you want can really happen, whether in 
 your health, your relationships or your career. "

Dr. John E. Mack Feature Film Project Launched

PRG is pleased to inform you a seven year project to bring Dr. Mack's work to theaters across America and around the world has finally broken ground. The effort is led by film professional Denise David Williams, who has acquired the rights to Dr. Mack's life story. It will be a major motion picture, and you can play a part. I personally encourage you to visit this site where the key development money is now being raised that will make this movie a reality. Thanks. Steve Bassett  

Contact in the Desert - Joshua Tree, CA - August 8-10, 2014

This new conference had a spectacular debut in 2013 and is clearly on its ways to being one of the premiere conferences addressing extraterrestrial related phenomena. PRG is pleased to announce executive director Stephen Bassett will come to Joshua Tree, CA directly from Washington, DC to talk about PRG's Congressional Hearing Initiative, which will have been underway two months by August 8.  Visit their website to see why this professionally run event should be on your calendar. 

StarworksUSA Conference - Laughlin, NV - November 14-16

CERO International Lecture - Sephenville Lights - Culver City, CA - May 30


Modern Knowledge Tour - Canada 2014

The Modern Knowledge Tour
An ambitious new program has been announced. The Modern Knowledge Tour will begin in Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 23rd and end in Vancouver, British Columbia on June 15th, a combined 11 city road trip through Canada. The aim is to have a national, public, and unbiased discussion on topics, ideas and current research in what is socially coined now as 'alternative knowledge'. The presenters on this tour are world class in their respective fields and are passionate about their work and the benefit and knowledge that it brings to our society in this day and age.

The concepts and ideas presented will not only empower individuals to think for themselves, but also inspire them to ask questions regarding our current knowledge, doctrines and dogmas. Beginning with the earliest record of humanity, bridging the chasm of time and civilizations, the Modern Knowledge Tour will address the stubborn ideologies that have held back progress. Some of the world's best alternative researchers and speakers will plot a future course for our species on this beautiful planet and beyond. 

Developments of Interest

Many of you are perhaps familiar with the history of the citizen science-advocacy work that has been underway for over six decade confronting the government's policy of disruption, disinformation and denial regarding the extraterrestrial reality in our world. If so, you will not be surprised the late Dr. Roger Leir passed having spent everything he had in pursuit of the truth.  
Ron James Film has produced a DVD set that will serve as a memorial to the great doctor's work with all profit from sales going to the family.

The collection includes:

WATCHER'S 7 - A Brand New copy of LA Marzulli's latest hit DVD, featuring amazing revelations from Dr. Roger Leir, the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and more!

A special four DVD set of Roger Leir videos that have only seen limited release. They are: 

  1. Disc 1:  Roger Leir - Contactee Research Breakthroughs.  A well produced Lecture By Roger Leir regarding the links between Contactees and Implants.
  2. Disc 2:  Alien Implants - The Tip of the Iceberg. One of Roger's last big lectures - the latest of his findings and their broader implications.
  3. Disc 3: Dr. Roger Leir and the infamous Mr. X recall their cases and experiences. Never before seen DVD.
  4. Disc 4:  Roger Leir, a Tribute. A collection of rare moments with Roger such as his Press Conference presentation, Tribute Videos from Open Minds and Third phase of moon, and various clips form other production such as inside clips and previews from his Gateway Radio project and some other surprises.  
More info and to purchase HERE.
Paradigm Research Group | (202) 215-8344 | | 4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814

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